Roys Real Estate: Round 13

Hey, welcome to Roy’s Real Estate, in the “unlucky for some” round 13. Well all I can say is that if round 13 is any unluckier than round 12, I’m in a world of hurt! This week I am going to talk about a few players of interest that will hit the ground this weekend (or at least we expect them too, ala Didak and Brown).

Unique + good form:

Michael (Teac) Riskytelly- Ive spent weeks looking at Riskytelly and it is fair to say he is far more reliable than his old mate Teac. In the last month he has averaged 103 which has caused his BE to drop to a very low 41. As he is surrounded by some classy midfielders, copping a tag is the last thing on any coaches mind who would consider picking him up. Still priced at a bargain $367,700, he may be the right man to round out a midfield in what could potentially be a straight swap (with bank assistance).

Jarrod (All Australian) Waite-I have been a huge fan of Waitey for years, hence the All Australian tag I like to give him. If I decide to cover one of my forward or back line 0’s this week, Waite must be considered. Yes to some extent my season is so far gone I might as well get some players I love, however in this case, the numbers back me up. Since returning for injury and suspension, the big fella hasn’t missed a beat pumping out 119 and 104 taking his BE down to a low 54. Priced at $371,300 he is an absolute steal! albeit a risky one.

Jack Riewoldt- Last weeks awesome 150 was no fluke by Tassie’s own Jack. Before that outburst, Jacks last 3 games were very good posting 128, 86 and 105 for a monthly average of 117. Yes, that is a better average than everybody’s favourite forward Paul Chapman. One thing I like about Jack is that if he isn’t getting a look at goals, he is willing to run up the field to take a mark, kick 6 pointer. Priced at $395,300 and a BE of 40. So before you make a decision you must consider whether is better to have Jack on, or Jack off your team.

If only we had trades left…………Coiya:

Nick Naitanui- As much as I love Nick Nat, he just isn’t converting his freakish ability into dream team scores. In the last month, Nick has only produced one respectable score (79) which helped his average over that time reach just 66. If you are in a position where you where you need to keep starting him in the ruck, these are disappointing numbers! He has a questionable BE of 59 and is priced at $249,200.

Andrew Carrazzo- Carrots was one of the picks of the season, starting in a blaze of glory and averaging 100 or so after the first handful of games. Now, a starving rabbit would not want to take a nibble of our old mate Carrot, leaving his seemingly worthless. For some unknown reason, Ratten has been playing him as a tagger and it has absolutely ruined his DT scores. The worst thing a good player can do is actually tag well if they are ever asked to do it. Down to a price of $337,000 and his BE is and out of reach 117 (unless he is allowed to play properly this week).

Hamish McIntosh- Old H-Mac has 1 thing in his favour…… he is playing. I think many owners would have fingers crossed for an excuse to give him the chop! Once again at this stage of the year it is hard to justify a trade based purely on bad form but Hamish is pushing his luck. All indicators suggested that Mac was set of a 90+ average minimum this year, however has scored just 69 points per game in the last month. He is priced at $299,100 which with some bank assistance is within range of some big dawgs like Cox and Sandi.

Week one guns:

Luke Hodge- DTTALK’s own Luke Hodge has to be favourite for the Brownlow. As a matter of fact he would be neck and neck with Barlow for the DT Brownlow as well. If there is a back man you want week one of the split round it’s Hodgey and his whopping 121 average over the last month. This year Hodgey seems to laugh off attempted tags and has put an end to the boring Judd vs Hodge dispute, with the final answer being…… they are both bloody awesome. Priced at $437,300 as a mid/def  he is still a bargain.

Michael Barlow– Speaking of the devil I mean God, Barlow is no longer just a gun for a rookie, he is an out and out champion! The last month he has put seasoned DT veterans to shame with a month average of 118 including score of 118 and 138. This week he plays the blues where he will make Carrots wish he was back chasing the pill, not arse.

Matthew Boyd-There is no player I wish I had more than Matty Boyd. To understand what a compliment that is, you just have to look at my team and see that I am basically missing all the guns….. so yeah, its a fair pat on the back. The last month Boyd has averaged 111 and rarely lets his coaches down. He is priced at $427,200 and is set to rise this week with another big ton vs the struggling Eagles.

Well guys (and girl) assuming at least one girl will read this, there are a few names to chat about as you consider a week 1 trade. Good luck with it, I hope you are having more than me! Yeew, new week… BRING IT.