Roy’s Real Estate: Round 12

Roys Real Estate is back for another week people, so saddle up, strap on, oops, I mean strap in and enjoy the ride. Today we will be looking for any obscurities across the DT field whether it be a gun, dud or random person of no interest, with the aim to provoke discussion in order to help us through the dreaded TRADE DAY.


Scotty Thompson: Over the years Scotty T has been a huge favourite of mine, and for good reason…. he is a gun! He didn’t find himself in destROY this year, however if you are in the market for a premium who is set to turn their season around, look no further. The first half of the year Thommo has been hampered by a dodgy calf complaint but judging by the fact he played his most minutes since round 1 last weekend, I’d say he is back! Did I mentioned he pushed out a lazy 143 in that time? Priced at a bargain $378,400 with a low BE of just 66. Pfft, 66…. he eats pieces of sh*t like that for breakfast.

Luke Power: I warned people about this a couple of weeks ago and only wished I was shopping for a mid at the time. Since talking about Power priced around $330,000 he has pushed out 147 and 105. It seems Luke’s season is on the up and with a price of $388,400 and BE of only 38, its not too late to cash in.

Aaron Sandilands:This years premium ruckmen has slipped below is lofty standards the last 3 weeks, contributing his lowest scores of the season in consecutive weeks. There is talk that this trend will continue due to his high work rate wearing him down, but for non Sandi owners the price of $383,900 must be tempting. Although I regard him at a bargain for this price, he may be even cheaper next week due to having a BE of 115. That doesn’t help me much as I am 300 bucks short of a David Hille straight swap this week. Anybody got $300 they could lend me for the weekend, I’ll pay you back!

Fargain (opposite to bargain and sounds like a rude word) Idiots:

Health Shaw: Calvin summed it up best in his attempt to chop Heater in this weeks episode. How the hell I got tricked into picking him again this year I will never know. It was one of my rules not to do it and I did, grr arg! Well, this is how Heater has repaid the faith in the last month, 50, 84, 48 and 67. For a so called “attacking” premium defender that is a disgrace. Have a look at how Sam Gilbert plays for once! Heater, you don’t even provide an ounce of warmth. $298,700 with a BE of 108. He would be lucky to reach that in 2 games.

Daniel Wells:After years of waiting it looked like this could finally be it! Daniel Wells breakout year. Well guess what, Wellsy punk’ed you and he is back to his old tricks again. The deadly combination of niggling injuries with low scores has seen Wells drop back down to $335,400 and a BE of 147. Judging by his last two scores of 49 and 55, that could be an issue.

Daniel Giansiracusa:Well who would have thought that the return of 1 gun teammate could be the end of Gia’s season. Since the return of Boyd, not only has Gia lost his midfield time, he has now resorted to a forward tag role. Needless to say his scoring capacity is way down. To think I was quoted at 3 quarter time saying, I’d be happy for Gia to reach 50 makes me sick, sick in the stomach! Down to 348,100 with a BE of $149. Fingers crossed with Higgins out, he might get a run through the midfield or off a wing.

Absolutely Smashing it:

Beau Waters: It is not fair just to talk about Beau’s awesome last game, but he has been killing it for a month. I have said from the start to pick him up, and to keep him for the long haul. I tried to warn all you dudes that traded Waters out for a “premium” defender that it is pointless and he has proved me more than right!  3 hundreds in four games has seen his price jump to $349,600 and he is carrying a BE of just  -3. If that’s not premium baby, I don’t know what is! A well deserved winner of this weeks Boags Drought Golden Stubby.

Leigh Montagna:If you have enough coin and want an absolute jet, its hard to go past Monty. The last month he has averaged 132, man I barley have a player capable of scoring that in 1 week, let alone averaging it! Back to back scores of 151 and 146 would leave coaches very happy with his work. Priced at a premium $474,400, his BE of 57 indicates that he is still a bargain!

Michael Barlow: It is nothing we don’t already know but when you look at Barlow’s last month and think, holey hat, he is averaging more than Gazza…. its kind of a big deal. Out of Barlow’s last 3 games, 2 of them have had captain written all over them. Scores of 146 and 138 have seen his price skyrocket to $421,100 with a BE of 80. Facing DT hater Clinton Jones this week will be a true test to see where Barlow sits amongst the Gods. Barlow is another player I have heard some coaches whisper of trading to a “premium”. Haha, tell em’ their dreaming!

Well that’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed the read and if you didn’t, at least it still killed 5 mins of Tradeday (10 minutes if u don’t read none good).