AFL Dream Team Chat and Discussion: Round 12

It’s Round 12 and we’ve all got one issue or another. Hopefully we can come out of this weekend with our heads held high. Not knowing Mondays final teams sucks… especially those wanting to trade in Gysberts. But we’ve gotta be like the DT coach in Albert Lord PhD DT’s study into Dream Team addiction and see the glass as half full.

The big thing for most people now is that we wait until teams are announced at 5pm today and then pull the trigger. Fingers crossed for Jizzy, but if you are trading him out for Howlett, like me, then it’s a good gamble. If he is to be playing on your ground… well, I would think twice!

Anyway. How are you looking this weekend? Let us know after each game how you are travelling. Chuck in you score and how many people have played. Count your captain as two players, so in total, you have 23 players.

Ahh… can’t wait for Monday to roll around!


  • not likely, but if swan keeps this up he’ll crack 200

  • it looks like a week for HUGE scores !! or HUGE disappointments, im the latter with higgins/brown/hargrave/ball/maguire !!!!!!!!! shiiiiiiiiit

  • Swan gunning it…but as usual, Shaw is being a BITCH again.

    • the balls not going into the dee’s forward 50, hence shaw cant touch it…

      • that doesn’t make shaw less of a bitch though…

      • If that is the case enjay, how come Presti has smashed his way to 8pts………
        Shaw is so shit at the moment……………..

  • Gysberts and Shaw doing NOTHING! I’m in serious danger of missing 2000! SH!T

  • omg wtf is happening is didak a late withdrawal???

    • read “older comments” and have a look at the whole page of people complaining about it.

      Ive been eyeing off didak for weeks and the first week i bring him in for ballantyne he fkn pulls out shitc**t wanker, and balla does decent..
      fkn sofffffffffft
      shouldve gone stevie J f**k

  • Shaw -3 at the end of the 1st qtr. FMDT what a joke.

  • Slow down Swanny! Need you stay below 490k so I can trade you in next week.

  • Give it to Wellingham you maggots!!!

  • has anyone ever finished a game with a minus score?

  • Id love to see a “negative sausage” Haha

  • yeah good old ken megreger pulled a -3 three years ago!! the crows took this guy before pav in the draft too!! haha

    • They thought McGregor had more “upside” and that he would improve more than Pav. The insult to Crows fans was that they defended their poor decision continually in the media DESPITE doing everything to bring Pav to their club. haha The mighty Crows!!!

  • in DT too not gay SC!! SC, seriously why would u bother? in the famous lines of HJS “why have hamburger when you can have steak?”

  • Gysberts, fire up son! 50-60 point second half from you.

  • wow pendles as captain shit yer! making up for shaws and davis’s dud scores.

  • Shaw will be 250k in a couple of weeks, bargain?

    • For sure mate. Snaffle him up and put him alongside old mate Hargarave.

      • Started with his old mate Hargrave, scoring 60 must have taken too much out of him so he needed a couple of weeks rest. He has p*ssed me off since day 1. Can’t believe I decided to save 40k and get him instead of Goddard. Lesson learnt for next year.

    • Why get any player that only gets 3 to half time? Biggest waste of space with Heater. He sure has gone ice cold. One can only hope he can fire up for later. I am stuck with him now.

    • Ha… I took the punt on Shaw but he’s proven that he’s still a soft c**t who can’t/wont work hard enough to get a contested possession. And seeing as he’s getting tagged Collingwood are basically playing with 21 players.

      What’s even worse about his stats to half time is that his 1 kick is from a kick-to-self from a Melbourne behind.

  • Shaw is being outscored by presti!
    and didak, WTF with the late withdrawal

    • Last night i was looking at 2300 with swan, dids and heath to average 89 between them.
      Now dids and heath have 2 points between them (no 2nd forward reserve)

      • this is absolute bs. traded out rioli this week for didak…and what does rioli decided to do??? pull his finger out and produce a cracking 143…and didak gets zip. you beauty. fmdt

  • dayamnnn swannie was on 50pts with 5min left in the first qtr, then i turned on the tv… and he can only manage 16 more to half time.

    still, 66 is a good start, and lolz at heath shaw!!

  • Needed 237 from swan didak and shaw to win eliminator
    didak a late withdrawal still had a chance but then

    Get out of my team for f**k sake!!!!

    I’m an angry man! Swannie is doing his part!

  • Team 1 Vs Team 2
    Team 1
    Heath Shaw
    Dale Thomas
    Jordan Gysberts
    Harry O’Brien

    Team 2
    +20 points
    Leigh Brown
    Dayne Beams

    Who would you rather be?

  • Screw you Gysberts…no doubt you will get dropped next week.

  • just what you love to see…. you dreamteam players do well, and collingwood not getting a win :)

  • what a game. 22 behinds to the pies ! shit house

  • Yes had Swannie as captain over Ablett :)

    Collingwood drew :(

  • Montagna out next week unless he accepts ealry plee

    • OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luck is sooooo against me this round. OMG

      • re read what he said and calm down

        • well knowing the Tribunal they’ll probaley give him 10 weeks

          • …………..

          • your a dick head mate. ive looked here on the past all is windge, windge, windge. its not luck its the players you pick.

          • I used to hack on him bulk for his winging flat out. But if you look at his shit run hes had a crunt of a run. But im not one to judge.

          • yeah I’ve been whinging a f**k load…………If I got a par score 75% of the time I would generally be happy…………….But I’ve been pissy all year because I’ve had a shocking, disbeliving, utter disgusting, bloody annoying, torcheres, evil, rotten run of luck. Looking back on it over the last few minutes I’ve litterally laughed out loud about how bad it is.

            My Best 22 is:
            B: Goddard, Hodge, Gilbert, Enright, Carrazzo, Waters, Shaw
            (Webberley, Hams)
            C: Montagna, Bartel, Barlow, Selwood, Goodes, Ball
            (Gysberts, Shuey)
            R: Cox, Sandilands
            (Warnock, Lobbe)
            F: Pavlich, Didak, Gia, O’Keefe, Brown, Sylvia, Rockliff
            (Gumby, Hitchcock)

            It’s not a shit side apart from Shaw. Infact apart from Shaw every player is a very good chance of getting a 100 if they play good. And most do play good every week, it is just captain choice (jeez theres a story 5/12 times my captain has got a 100 or more) and a few players who bring me down badly every week.

            But looking at the side I still can’t believe I’m outside the top 10K :O It’s a side with 6 Preimums in the backs + 1 hack/6 Preimums in the mids/2 Preimums in the rucks/6 Preimums in the fwds + a REALLY good rookie.

            Injury + Bad Luck has crippled me this year

  • Mayne/Didak/Browne/Sylvia/Palmer/Webberly all outs this week…….

    fell just short of 2k, it wouldve been a huge week if i didn’t cop 4 fat ones D:

  • so what do you suppose i do
    heres my situation
    $38,300 left in the salary cap
    2 trades left
    Chris Tarrant ($173,000)
    Beau Wilkes ($212,400)
    Henry Playfair ($166,900)
    Matt Maguire ($286,600)

    IF DANIEL BRADSHAW is coming back next round then i dont have to worry about the henry playfair problem, but what do you suppose i do please