Fingers crossed for Jordan Gysberts

This was supposed to be the simple and easy trade of the round. Trade out someone like Ben Howlett who has been dropped for Jordan Gysberts ($117,500). He’s done everything he needed to as a downgrade target. He had 103 on debut vs Geelong and then a very tidy 78 against Carlton. But selection is now the worry!

The Demons play on Monday, which means they don’t need to finalise their 22 until Saturday at 4pm. This is an issue, because we are locked out on Friday night.

So Jizzy is on the extended bench which reads:

I/C (from): Colin Garland, Cale Morton, Jordan Gysberts, Nathan Jones, Jack Watts, Paul Johnson, Jamie Bennell.

Hmm… looks tough. Jones was a 50/50 chance of getting up for the game, along with Sylvia (named on the ground). They have 2 training runs coming up, Friday and Sunday, so I guess anything can still happen.

I know I will be sweating on this trade until the last possible moment. But in my opinion, he is safe.