Chook’s Rooks: Round 10

Like a circus lion tamer turned on by his performing pride, I feel like my rookies bit my head off this round.

The eliminator was all my Merv Gray Autos had going for them, given my poor national ranking and league position, but I was kicked out of that this week with Michael Barlow missing, Cameron Hitchcock injured, Jeromey Webberley struggling in his first start ahead of Matt Maguire and Ben Howlett following a good first half with a horrible second one.

My bad choices/underperformers aside, I still would’ve progressed to the next stage of the eliminator had my opponent not got hundreds from three rookie forwards – yes, three – in James Podsiadly, Tom Rockliff and Nathan Fyfe. Like I said, head bitten off.

I’m not telling you about my eliminator hard luck story because I’m chasing sympathy (well, not completely), but because it serves as an example of the kind of crap most of us put up with from our rook-stars this week. Lots of coaches would’ve been stung by the resting of Melbourne duo Tom Scully and Jack Trengove, especially if they also had Barlow and a Luke Shuey/Mitch Banner/Jarrod Kayler-Thomson-sized hole on the bench.

Aside from the three aforementioned forwards, there was one other bright spark, however. Jordan Gysberts made a Barlow-like debut for Melbourne, racking up 103 DTs against Geelong. Not too shabby. More about him later, though.

Three-or-more gamers

There were more price drops for Scott Gumbleton, Anthony Morabito, Mitch Farmer and Lewis Jetta, although they are merely the worst of a pretty bad bunch. So many of our rookies have now plateaued, coaches have to decide whether they’re there for the cash or as bench cover for the rest of the season. That’ll depend on how many trades you’ve got left, of course.

Owners of Pods, Rockliff and Fyfe have nothing to worry about, with the latter two joining Tony Armstrong and Henry Playfair in negative-breakeven territory. If you’re planning to milk Ben Howlett, Todd Banfield or Jeromey Webberley, then you’d do better to hang a week or two as well, with all three still enjoying low BEs.

The Dees’ decision to rest Trengove and Scully bought their owners another week before they leaked any money, but expect price drops from the top two picks after round 11. Barlow seems to have already convinced the Freo fitness staff that he’s ready to rejoin the high-flying Dockers this week, while Mitch Duncan is an outside chance to be recalled given the poor performance of Simon Hogan on Saturday.

There’s no news yet on Cameron Hitchcock‘s shoulder injury, but a berth this week seems out of the equation.

Two gamers

After attracting 12,000 new owners on the back of just one game, Sydney defender Campbell Heath is bound to prove popular again this week now that he’s on the verge of his first price rise. Heath was less impressive against Hawthorn as he was on debut, and his job security is slightly reduced with Paul Roos stating that Craig Bird should be recalled for the Swans’ round 11 clash, but he’s still the best (and only) option if you’re downgrading a defender.

For Buddy owners with little or no cover, North Melbourne forward Nathan O’Keefe is the other slightly tempting two-gamer this week, coming off games of 58 and 55. In the wake of North Melbourne’s Sunday arvo massacre at the hands of Fremantle, the Kanga fans on BigFooty were baying for blood (including that of rookie Ben Cunnington), but the majority seem to think O’Keefe deserves some more opportunities. I desperately want to sign someone who’s going to see the season out and don’t think it’s this guy, but the downgrade targets are getting fewer and farer between.

There are three other two gamers, but I’m doubting they’ll attract many suitors. Why? Austin Wonaeamirri comes at a high price ($138k), has looked slower than the 2008 version of himself and has enough injuries in his past to put most coaches off. Daniel Stewart missed five games between his first and second, posting 40 or fewer points in each. Rhys Stanley is a ruck. Wona could recapture his rookie-year form, Stewart might do a Fyfe and Stanley, well… he’ll still be a ruck, but you get the point. These guys could prosper, but I haven’t got heaps of faith in them.

One gamers

It’s a short shout down here with just Gysberts and yet another forward, Richmond’s Ben Griffiths, making their AFL debuts in round 10. We’ve already touched on Gysberts’ awesome first-up effort, which has prompted plenty of coaches to suggest he’s secured a spot for the year. I’m not so bold, and want to see how the return of Scully and Trengove affect his output. Still, it’s nice to finally see some fresh meat in the midfield bracket. Griffith scored just 19 points against Port Adelaide, but that was in only half a game after a thigh injury forced him off in the third quarter. If he fails to return, either through injury or form, he’ll be, like, the winningest Tiger of all time. The mail from most Richmond supporters is that Griffiths will get another chance, however, with the tall forward likely to be given an opportunity to show his talents in dry conditions before being written off.

Like last week, anyone downgrading at the moment is engaging in some risky business. Are you going to do a Tom Cruise? If so, let us know who you’ll you be adding to your team this week.


  • Swan or Montagna and save a bit of cash?
    Have changed my mind 10 times.

    • Probably Mont’s- Good fixture coming up, and Swan seems to be carrying a niggling knee injury. I’d love to get Montagna but my midfield is full…

    • Chappy if you can afford.

  • Injury list as of May 31
    LUKE SHUEY (virus) 1-2 weeks

    You have got to be joking? On top of that I traded in Griffiths last week and have Hitchcock.

  • i need CASH!!!!

    2 options


    1. Hunt and heath as subs (hunt will play most games)


    MCKENZIE > GYSBERTS (next week)

    1. Gysberts will probly score better
    2. Get alot more Money

    1. My bench will be Gysberts and Banner (both might not play)
    2. Gysberts might play bad next week and might not get a game then the trade wont be worth it and i wont be able to trade at all

    Please thoughts

    • Risk it. Gysberts was taken pick 11 in the draft. Melbourne have alot of faith in him, he won’t be dropped after one shit game.

  • Back: Hodge, Scotland, Harbrow, Maguire, O’Brien, Nason, Wojcinski (Dawson and Heath)
    Midfield: Montagna, Dal Santo, J Selwood, Barlow, Ball, Judd (Trengove and Armstrong)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Cox (Trengove and Roughead)
    Forwards: Daisy, Gia, ROK, Hall, JPod, Rioli, Grant (Dangerfield and Robbie Tarrant)
    $81,100 in the bank

    I didnt start the year with DT Talk so don’t bag my team too much. im thinking of trading Wocjinski out to Heath Shaw this week. Maybe next week trade Trengove to Gysberts then either Dangerfield to Pavlich or Nason to Goddard? what do you think?

    • 12 trades left

      • It sounds like your own the right track, upgrade your low performing players such as nason, wojinski and o’brien. Apart from that your team looks quite reasonable

        • You’ve got a bit of value on your bench with dangerfield. If you have no intention of placing him on the field i would downgrade him. Look to someone like Nathan O’Keefe or Woenamirri from Melbourne as a potential replacement

  • Thoughts on Heater Shaw as an upgrade in a week or two for Maguire?

  • should i hold out on trading out ballantyne to goodes for a week seeing as his playing adelaide? or just get on goodsey.

    • From what i recall, Goodes’s BE is relatively low, so i’d imagine Goodes’s value should appreciate around 10K assuming he gets a ton this weekend, Personally i’d buy goodes now at a reasonable price because i doubt weather Ballentyne will appreciate in any significantly value this weekend

      • ballatyne’s be is 48 and goodes’s is 90 not really worried about money but will ballantyne score more points this week then goodes

        • I doubt Ballentyne will score higher then Goodes.

        • if you think balla will potentially outcore goodes this wkend why are you even considering the trade?

  • Bit of help required please!

    My current team:

    B: Hodge-Carazzo-Kelly-Fisher-Waters-Kenelly-Maguire (Davis/Webberly)
    M: Swan-Judd-Bartel-Barlow-Ball-Harvey (Howlett/Shuey)
    R: Kruezer-NicNat (Warnock/Lobbe)
    F: Chapman-Pav-Gia-ROK-Goodes-Pods-Gray (Gumby/Relton)

    10 trades left, $24,900 in the bank.

    This week I’m thinking of going Gray->J.Brown and then NicNat->Mumford.
    Then locking in my team and riding it our with 8 trades for the rest of the seaason? Is that enough to get me through?

    What ya think?

  • What do people think about Tom Gillies? Sounds like he might get a chance but job security is probably not too good. And when are Retzlaff and O’Brien (Lions defenders) gonna get a game?

    • i had tom gillies at the startof the year but traded him out befor first lock out. very happy i did.
      i dont think he will play ANY in that ledgendary side. go for heath or another defender surely theres better options then him coming up

  • How will dream team work next year with 17 teams and all the byes ????????

    lets say i have 5 Geelong players in my team and Geelong dont play one week. i may loose 500 points???????

  • When is the injury list released

  • Can’t believe I got Griffiths over N O’Keefe last week after thinking about it for days. He better score 50+ this week….or I’ll….yer, you get the point.. I suppose 18 points in your 1st half in a swimming pool isn’t too bad.

    • Your fault really.. Griffiths on debut.. N O’keefe already played once or twice..

      You should have waited til third game on both..

  • Is 4 trades enough trades left for injuries?

    • If you have two bench players that are scoring each week, or utilised DPP, then yes you can survive..

      • Hey Evo,
        After this week with 2 upgrade trades i will be in the same boat as you mate.
        At the midway point of the season last year i still had about 8 trades left and did not use all of them up by round 22 so i think it will be luck of the draw going into the second half of the season with only 4 on the table.
        Like tupp said, if you have 2 bench players in each position that are scoring or a couple of DPPs you should be ok with just 4…but just make sure you don’t use anymore unless it is for a LTI ;)

  • Geez Drew Petrie has had a bad run!, had a broken left foot which kept him out for a while, then 1st game back breaks his right foot.. another 6 weeks on the sideline.

  • Hey fellas, if i were to sell Houlihan for either Nathan O’Keefe or Danny Hughes, I could put them on the bench and that will allow me put either Fyfe or Rockliff on the field. Now, the question is who is more promising Fyfe or Rockliff??

  • doesnt look good for Howlett owners…Andrew Welsh, Ricky Dyson, Kyle Reimers, Bachar Houli, Travis Coyler and Jake Melksham all knocking on the selection door…hmmm interesting to see what happens :(

    • Yeah good call! Being a Bombers fan, i am hoping that Howlett has done enough to hold his spot…he was in the best against WB! He is a little jet and with Fletcher out this week suspended, hopefully that leaves him with a place in the team (even if it is on the pine).

      • Need him in there otherwise I’ll have to start Martin. Plan is wait until J Trengrove (PA) goes to 280k then trade him for a 77k rookie as I think Warnock will get back into the team soon enough. Then I’ll upgrade Howlett (hopefully 280k) to Swanny/Monty/490k gun. Fingers crossed he stays in the side.

        • Sam Jacobs been playing well.. Warnock might not get a sniff unless injuries..

  • Should i be downgrading Jackson Trengove this week while there is the option of Rhys Stanley? or is he a permanent emergency?

    • Jacksons playing – so why bother. Getting Stanley would be of no value as he would just ride out the year on the Pine anyway – It’s not like your expecting to make Cash off him, and probably less job security.

  • Also, who would be a better buy Hughes or Nate O’Keefe?

  • 6 trades left
    My Side:

    Def: Goddard, Hodge, Enright, Carazzo, H.Shaw, Waters, Macguire EMG: Silvagni
    Mid: Swan, Bartel, Selwood, K.Cornes, Barlow, Rischetelli EMG: Howlett, Moles
    Ruck: Sandilands, Cox EMG: Lobbe
    Fwd: Brown, R.O’Keefe, S.Johnson, Betts, Mayne, Fyfe EMG: Davis

    What do you reckon about

    Moles OUT, 83 grand player IN
    then Mayne OUT D.Thomas(or some other gun) IN
    Howlett OUT, Gysbetts IN
    then Mayne OUT Pav IN

    • 2nd trade sounds alot better

      • alrite thanks mate probably will do can anyone recommend any other cheap rookies becuase im not sure about gysbetts chance of playing alot of games

        • There are really no other rookies worth considering in the midfield that you can pick up cheaply like Gysberts, even though he is a little more expensive at 117k. I know it is only his 1st game, but the normal rule of thumb with a rookie who performs well is not to drag him straight after his 1st game, especially if it is as good a game as what he played!

          I would also opt for option number 2. Moles has a minus BE (he is a def going to earn you more $$$) and should get more games, especially with Aker going out susp. and a few WB players not pulling their weight against the Bombers on the wkend. Even though Daisy has picked up his game this year and is getting more of a run in the midfield, Pavlich is so much more consistent and will move between the FWD line and MID scoring goals most games.

          Howlett BE 19
          Moles BE -19

          Good luck with your choice…but like i said my opinion would be option 2 is a much stronger choice for the rest of the season.

          • im pretty sure you shouldn’t trade with only 6 left. ive got nine and im worried…

          • Thanks mate that helps me out alot i will use that advice so do you reckon wait a week or do it now

    • 2nd definatly

      • seems like ill be doing number 2 but should i wait a bit or do it now

        • I reckon you should wait a week! Pav has another price drop to go this week with his BE above 120 and Howlett will still earn you some cash this week even though he is sitting on your bench so you will basically be saving/earning between 20-30k by waiting 1 week to do the trade. hope that helps you decide.

  • Anyone know if there is a cheap ruck/forward dpp?
    – here’s my masterplan if I can pull it off: trade little injured bitchcock out for cheap as dpp – use cash to upgrade trengove(port ruck) to sandi, (rucks then sandi,cox,tippett and warnock) initial plan was to upgrade tippet, however by next week trengove will be close in price to Tippet and I can use Tippet with dpp all year as forward or ruck backup! and it will save me a doughnut this week…
    could be crazy enough to be genius I reckon, IF there is a cheap as chips forward/ruck dpp

    • just found the complete list – and here’s the answer… LOBBE, $94,500 come on down! That will net me about $107000, so not the greatest but will still achieve what I need to complete trade, just with not much play money left over.
      Right up until now I was a firm, firm believer that dpp was a whole lot of shit and a waste of time, but now I’m an excited believer, still doughnut free this year by the skin of my teeth!

    • There is Mathew Lobbe priced at 94,500. No 77k ones though

      • yeah the extra $17k would’ve been amazing, especially since i don’t need him to play at all. but still good enough for my position…

  • Hey guys, my teams nearly set.. with 8 trades to go.. last person i need out is kenelly.

    should i go nason – heath

    and then

    kenelly – goddard

    this will put heath and webberly on my bench. is there enough job security?

    • whose in your midfield? jizberts seems like best downgrade option by a longshot? so many people feel the need to downgrade in the same postition they’re upgrading… this year I bought all rookies in my midfield as I get a better return, and I think it’s paid off. ( that been said I’m going for league win, my team is now all guns, but my ranking sucks balls, 25000! after 400 last year!)

  • i have armstrong and shuey so not much i can do there…

    • then it seems like a reasonable bet? webberly reasonably set I hope ( also on my bench – with nason, i figure two in one team, at least one will be playing!?) this will gain you extra points now, if you’re looking for league win though as long as you’ll make the 8 i’d sit on the trades till just before, Webberly will still get you points in the meantime and Goddards price shouldn’t skyrocket? less risk

  • Option 1)

    Option 2)
    Ball—-> Dal Santo

    Option 3)

    • wait till next week, see if jizzberts can keep his spot with scully and trengrove back in, plus gazza has a high b.e so he is more than likely to drop a few k!

      • What about Ball—> Dal Santo??

        • Side ways.. Ball has gotten a few hundreds in last few week and a 97 last week on the road.. He is in form..

          • Yes sideways, but trading a player at his peak to a player at his lowest(ish) point. At this time of year, not a terrible trade to go sideways.

          • Yeah I think im gunna do the trade and dont both upgrading Howlett or Shuey because my mids are good enough as they are. Thanks for the help fellas

  • Luke Shuey (virus) – 1-2 weeks f**kk

    • why couldnt he have played about 6-7 games before all this shit happened to him!, the $40k hes made us isnt worth a trade :(…if he was priced $250k boom trade, getting sick of his horror run lately

  • Saints have a wicked run home – and hopefully won’t be resting players this year ( appreciate comments on this theory ) as they’re not in as dominant a position like last year… therfor i just picked up nds, essentially in same position, saved a trade. it depends how many trades you have left and what you’re goal is. Ablett will obviously score more

    • was a response to Shaun Dawgs…

    • Yeah the only problem I have with the Ball Dal santo is that I wont be able to upgrade either Howlett or Shuey. However mids are pretty strong at the moment without Ablett:
      Swan, Bartel, Selwood, Barlow, Ball, Mitchell.
      Therefore if I do put Dal Santo in it will still be strong without an amazingly amount of money in there. Also my backs and fwds are doing poorly so the Ball Dal Santo trade will save a trade.
      Still not sure what to do though???

      • Dal Santo trade looks pretty good. You’ll save $’s to fix up backs/fwds, not to mention the trade.

  • Regarding Gysberts:

    “You could argue he was in our better players,” coach Dean Bailey said about Gysberts’ performance.

    “I’d like to think when our young players get a game, I’d prefer them to play at least a couple to see how they go before we look at whether they can play their third or fourth.

    Doesn’t instill too much confidence about his long term future. Always worries me when coaches start talking like this.

  • Isn’t the rookie restriction lifted after round 11? So clubs can pick rookies without having a LTI? Therefore, more Rook choices coming up.

  • What’s Phil Davis’ long term JS like? I’ve been planning to keep Gumby all year on the pine but If I could downgrade Gumby it allows me to do Ziebell > Pav next week.
    However don’t wanna do this if it means I’m riding nude on my fwd bench in three weeks time. Is Davis likely to play out the year?

    • I think P.Davis can be a bench keeper, his JS seems good. At least hold on until someone who’s going to play out the year rocks up.

  • im looking at bringing jarrad waite this weekend if he plays…. have p. davis in the fwd line on the pine. bitchcock on the field, making the trade to o’keefe. then in the backline hunt to waite… then using the dual position, swapping davis and waite. waite as my 7th fwd and davis to sit on the bench in the backline with marcus davies. least i’ll still have playing cover in the backline in davis.

    i think this is a good trade but guess time will tell….

  • Current Forward line is

    Pav/ Goodes/ Rok / Gia / Betts / Ballanynte / Pods / (Davis / Brennan Bench)

    Now here is my question.

    Obviously I won’t be keeping Ballantyne / betts all year is it worth upgrading Balla to Brown?

    Then I would have Brennan hopefully playing by then and downgrade Betts?

    Or is Betts good enough to keep and not bother with Brown?

    So esentially my forward line would be

    Pav Goodes ROK GIA Betts Pods Brennan
    Pav Goodes ROK GIA Brown Pods Brennan


  • Shuey has glandula fever? If thats true he won’t be playing this year… makes it interesting.

  • Whats the best trade this week for Kennelly if you can afford any backman?

    Gilbert 97 be???

    Seems like a gun but will he still score against Richmond?

  • is jizzberts gonna perform this week and keep a spot in the team to earn me some cash?

    i god dam hope so
    cos my
    then Mckenzie——->C.Judd

    better pay off!!!!

  • O’Keefe is out

    North Melbourne
    B: Michael Firrito, Scott Thompson, Brady Rawlings
    HB: Lachie Hansen, Nathan Grima, Daniel Pratt
    C: Jack Ziebell, Cruize Garlett, Ryan R.Bastinac
    HF: Sam Wright, Todd Goldstein, Brent Harvey
    F: Daniel Wells, David Hale, Lindsay Thomas
    Foll: Hamish McIntosh, Andrew Swallow, Levi Greenwood
    I/C: Scott McMahon, Ed Lower, Ben Cunnington, Matt Campbell
    Emg: Corey Jones, Nathan O’Keefe, Brayden Norris

    In: Wells, Lower, Garlett
    Out: Drew Petrie, Leigh Harding, O’Keefe