Roy’s Real Estate: Round 9

Welcome to Roy’s Real Estate for the week. Hopefully you are coming of a good week after cashing in on a record number of 100’s in round 8. This week lots of coach’s are looking at downgrade trades as well as huge upgrades to premiums. Many teams are putting the final touches on their lineups with only 1 or 2 final trades before owning a set team barring injury. I am only 1 midfielder away from my final team (before injury). I am at this point faster than planned due to using all my injury trades as mini downgrade/upgrade trades. Not ideal, but it will do the job. So here are a few names to look at, either for interest sake, or possible trade sake.

Superstars due for a further price drop:

Luke Power: Luke Power has been an underrated DT champion for years. He has a serviceable average at the moment of 85, but he will be looking to improve that by seasons end. After missing a game through injury, Luke came back 1 week early to score only 40 which has sent his price plummeting. He is down to $361,600 with a BE of 138 suggesting another heavy price drop is just around the corner.

Marc Murphy: Murphy has had an inconsistent start to the year by his standards, mainly due to the week on, week off basis he receives a hard tag. The promising thing about this is that Mark is certainly becoming more comfortable as the tagee, and his base scores are still solid. A good second half vs port got his score to a respectable 88 despite his hard tag but it was not enough to reach his BE and consequently his price is down to $409,300 with a target of 131 this week.

Gary Ablett: A shocking score of 96 last week has seen Ablett’s price drop to $548,000. He looks set for a further fall this week with a BE of 134. Pfft, yeah right! he basically averages that!! Good old Gazza wont be dropping at all.

Ryan Okeefe: ROK is an absolute star of the game, but the last two weeks he has resembled more of a pebble or really old bit of dog poo that looks hard until you pick it up to throw and realise it crumbles in your hand. His two 70 point games have seem him drop to a tasty $383,300 with a BE of 134.

Bargain Central:

Daniel Cross: In the last 4 games Crossy has averaged 108 per game, that is elite status. Many people argue that he is a poor Dter due to his high handball to kick ratio, but lets face it, he gets so much of it that it doesn’t matter. Cross is down to a bargain $408,000 with a very low BE of 68. Now is the time to pick him up, I only wish I wasn’t a few grand short or he would be warmly welcomed to destROY.

Jordan Lewis: Although he was almost dropped a couple of weeks ago, Jordan has 3 100’s out of the the last 4 games. That tells me a price of $349,800 and a BE of 49 makes him a bargain. Jordo can be a bit loose, but if he keeps scoring like that he could make alot of coaches happy.

Alan Didak: With 4 100’s out of the last 5 games it is hard to believe that Dids can be picked up for less than 400,000. He has a break even of 68 and considering they play Geelong, there may be a 2 week window before his price gets too out of hand. There is the added bonus of duel position for coaches that way inclined.

Simon Goodwin: Yes yes, I know Goody is getting old and many think he is past it but there are vacant midfield spots at the moment and the big fella is coming off back to back 100’s. As a backman with a BE of 38 and a price of $350,000 he could be a great 7th backman or small downgrade/ straight swap for Greg Broughton.

Well I’m undecided on my downgrades/ upgrades this week. In fact I may even mix it up and not trade at all. Pfft, talk about an addict in denial! Have a look at Chooks Rooks for you downgrade options and discuss your plans on here. Good-luck.