AFL Dream Team Chat and Discussion: Round 9

This is the round where we celebrate the unique contribution Indigenous athletes have made to Australian football and role the game plays in Indigenous communities in 2010 with the annual Dreamtime at the G match.

So hopefully the Dream Time game can be a good Dream Team game. Not that many of us would have many Bombers or Tigers.

Anyway, here’s the bit that we talk about the round… post our ongoing scores to see how everyone is doing (make sure you say how many players you’ve used… count the captain as two… and even say who you’ve had or who you’ve got to come).

Good luck!


  • Montagna you little turd! 28 points in the last 2 quarters. So much for being the best captain choice this week. I’m Eliminated also. Unless LeCrap & Montagna actually do something and Lenny Hayes does a barry hall

  • was 30 points down with Montagna(C) vs hayes at half time…

    Now the gap is out to 74 at 3 qtr. FMDT!

  • Who will win him:Gilbert +49
    Me: Cox and Waters
    ???? Gunna be tight

  • Hm…can someone remind me why I traded in Stanton (450k) over Hayes (418k) at round 4???

  • When will Andrew Strijk for the Eagles be getting a game- because apparently he’s a gun

  • dean cox is such a shtknttttttttttttt
    shouldn’t have traded hille out for him a few weeks back gayest trade ever

    hey and what do u guys reckon on browny? he’s effin pissing me of… would have been better if i played hitchcock god dam

    i sware my dreamteam next year is going to be absolutely killer

  • Ive got a hard decision to make

    got $501 000 for a midfield upgrade this week and I cant choose between 2:

    Montagna Pros- Normally a better scorer than dal santo
    Dal santo: Pros- down $80 000, awesome value, can used extra $120 000 for and upgrade later

    What you guys think, which would be a better choice?

  • triggywiggy is abusing his admin and kicking ppl for asking questions.