Roy’s Real Estate: Round 6

Before I became the author of a buy and sell post I used to be very disciplined with trades, at least this early in the season. Unfortunately, after writing about it for two hours each week I tend to end up pulling the trigger myself, especially if there is a bargain. In my defence however, I am usually going well at this stage of the season so I haven’t had much choice in order to stay competitive. This week I don’t have the luxury of just considering a trade as I have a big fat 0 already. Thanks to Mitchell, shuey and Mr I’m generally sore Dustin Martin. What makes it worse is that I wanted Bryce Gibbs in but a trade involving Martin leaves me 3000 short. Nothing is working for me this year, hopefully J. Brown, Stevie J, Brennan, Goddard and Enright don’t turn up hungover again this week otherwise I’m seriously considering a player curfew.

Too late to trade out, getting close to trading in:

Dane Swan: Believe it or not, there are lots of people that have wasted a trade getting rid of Dane Swan. Yes, at this stage they have saved themselves a bit of cash, but it is still a wasted trade. If people are even sillier and considered trading him now, they would be missing out on any value from the  A-grader as he has dropped well below his DT ability.  On the flip side of that, if you don’t have him, he has to be on the radar. He is down to 471,800 and has a whopping break even of 140 so it is fair to think the champion will drop even further. Although he has been down on form I’m backing the big fella to push that 140 this week….. or should I say I’m hoping. Either way, he is a  very cheap premium for non owners.

Ryan Hargrave:I think Ryan has been in a category every week for a different reason. Back to back bad games, one caused by a role change and then an injury in the first five minutes of his next match. Add all these together and Ryan is back in a category, and guess what………. he will be back next week. Once again Hargrave is a premium back that will average over 90 for the second half of the year. This, along with his price drop means if you have him, you need to stick with it. If you dont have him he is sitting on the same price and BE of last week. He is only 308,200 with a break even of 150. That’s two more weeks of price drop for a guy I plan to have as my 7th backman. BARGAIN.

Going, Going… Look out Josh Hunt, Choppers coming

Ashton Hams: With scores of 48 and 68, the mature age meataxe has shown glimpses. He has publicly stated that he is unhappy with his possession count which makes me believe we can expect an improvement in the future. 77,800 with a BE of -60.

Simon White: Another mature age backman who has shown a bit. I worry about his job security with so many Blue backmen out however his scores of 74 and 58 are very promising. The longer term loss of Andrew Walker could also buy him some weeks. Priced at 77,800 and a BE of -76.

Ready to Roll back up in price:

Jordan Lewis: Due to various reasons Jordan has had a few scores that could be considered below his par. Three below 70 scores have seen his price drop to a tasty 349,200. Last week he pumped out a nice 112 which could indicate a change in luck. His first three figure score for the year has provided him with a more than achievable 78.

Cameron Bruce: The ever reliable, ever underrated Brucey. In the last 3 weeks Cameron has not dropped below 90 which is a good sign he is back after an underdone pre season. He knocked up his first ton for the year last week, causing a BE of only 75. A go to captain a few years back, Cam still shows great value at 378,500 for a 5th/6th forward.

Domenic Cassisi: Looks to be an absolute steal after a shocking start to the year. Two scores below 60 saw a big drop in price for the Port captain and he now sits at a nice 351,000. The best part of this is the Dom seems to have returned to form with scores of 95 and 121 respectively. His BE is now only 38 and for that price I would quite happily sit him in the 5th mid spot.

Well, all my mid week plans are ruined once again so I will most likely panic and do something stupid. Do you have any plans?