Roy’s Real Estate: Round 5

As disciplined as I try to be, I cant help myself. Hindsight is a great thing and every year I reach round 16 with two 0’s on my field I vow to save trades. I definitely have a short memory because once again I’m looking to pull the trigger, even though I know better. I actually think we need to set up a tradaholic group because I know I have the problem, I just don’t know the next step to recovery. Anyway (licking lips) lets have a look at this weeks buy and sell.

Buy now? or give it one more week?

Dean Cox: After watching Coxy play on the weekend, its hard to think he is not back. He seemed to move freely around the ground and gathered plenty of the ball. Up until this stage he has only been playing 60% game time and that should improve with increased fitness. The big fella is priced at a bargain $380,000, well its a bargain if you think he has turned his form around. He has a break even of 105 and Sydney is a team he traditionally racks up big scores against. Are people convinced enough he is back? because if he is, he will easily reach his break even. Ps. I don’t think the low TOG is due to Nic Nat doing well, I think Worsfold is happy to play them both on the ground, it will improve in direct correlation with his fitness.

Alan Didak: Dids has been far from bad this year but try telling that to his price drop! Dids has dropped below the magic number for a premium of $400,000. Didak is down to 392,400 with a very achievable BE of 113. He has a good record vs the Dons so either this week or next could be the last chance to bring the big fella in.

Going, going… not quite gone yet:

Ryan Hargrave: Although everybody who paid full price has every right to be angry, the rest of us have every right to be licking our lips. Lets face it, Harves is an absolute jet. Any backman who is capable of scoring 150 in a game is a must as far as I’m concerned. The beauty of it is that he will end up being a straight swap for the Hunts of the world. Currently Ryno is at a price where I thought I’d be saying to pounce ($308,200) but he still has Mr BE hanging over his head saying “score 150 this week or you will drop below $300,00”. The minute he bottoms out I’m on. I don’t care how many trades I’ve burned, there wont be a better premo back for that price. I will however need to see a change of luck with injuries and role……. keep a close eye on him.

Joel Selwood:After averaging 103 last year Joel showed what an absolute gun he is. To start this year he has been well below par for such an outstanding player averaging a respectable for most 86. What this means for those coaches who don’t have him is that he has a break even of 150 and is already down to a tempting price of $407,700. To think that next week Joel Selwood will be available for less than 400 is a bargain. The hot tip however is that he has a score of 60 that will hang around for two weeks, potentially leaving him well under priced after that time. A point to be wary with is that most teams have given up trying to tag Ablett, and think they are a chance with Joel, therefore he is copping it most weeks.

Get on now or miss out… simple as that.

James Podsiadly: Pods was in everybody’s team during the pre season. Only half of those people had the guts to keep him after missing selection in round 1. I was one of those people who panicked and chased someone playing…….. thanks Relton haha. He has made and awesome start after a well overdue debut. I cant believe he has been of the bombers and pies lists, something tells me they could use him. Fair enough I make the dumb decision to drop him, but I had never seen him play, these teams have coaches that are supposed to recognise talent. Anyway, the big fella is averaging 100 and had a break even of -143. I have a feeling Pods will fill the big shoes left open by Jonathon Brown in alot of teams this week.

Tom Rockliff: The big discussion through the week is who has better job security out of the Rock and Pods. I dont have the answer for this, but personally I like the way Rock plays and where he gets his touches. He is however more expensive than Pods at $101,100 and a less attractive BE of 91. Hopefully his job is secure for the season but who would know.

Lost patience guys, they were not picked for this:

Ben Warren: Lots of people saw potential in Warren as a player to increase into almost a straight swap for a star who suffers an injury or a couple of bad games. So far he has shown nothing, averaging 56 and last week had a sub 50. His break even is 69 which looks to be out of reach believe it or not.

Jack Ziebell: I know I picked Jack as a potential 7th forward for the year and so far he has not repaid the faith. I understand the poor kid gets tagged whenever he starts well, however coaches patience must be wearing thin. He is yet to reach 100 and has a BE of 56 so should be safe for a small increase.

With injuries starting to take their toll, the trade trigger is being pulled rapidly. Are you doing anything with these guys? If not, who?