AFL Dream Team Discussion & Chat: Rd 5

Round 5 is upon us and we’re ready to roll. Get some last minute advice in the DT TALK chat room and discuss the happenings of the weekend right here!


  • So which of Pods, Hawkins and Mooney will still be in the ream next week?

    • you would have thought they`d piss Hawkins off – HACK

      • there playing richmond. No one will get dropped.

      • Probs all, if they had to drop one hopefully HAWKINS! As long as they keep Pods :D

        • yeah im with you, pods is dropping marks. He needs to take the marks and kick the goal. Hawkins has been taken off and mooney is playing in the back line. C’mon pods fire up!

  • Is everyone else team below avg this week or is it just my whole league?

    • The rest of my league is more or less down, except for me
      Maybe it is a dud round?

  • Gablett (C) = 68 at half time. Fark-oath! Hoping for 120+

    Im 1786 @ half-time, with:

    Ablett (C)

  • Come on Enright and Hunt, lift! :)
    (and afl match centre too…)

  • Great battle in the eliminator still think i will get beaten but putting up a fight…..
    Me – 1725 Ablett Enright Carrazzo Betts
    Opponent – 1699 Ablett (c) Judd Pods…..

    Half way through the 3rd quarter

    I started the day 49 in front he basically wiped that away in the first quarter……half time i am about 8 in front….then as scores above show i got a bit of a lead but as i write this Ablett marks and goals (cuts the margin by 12 as he gets it twice as he has Ablett captain) and then Judd goals so he probably has me again!!!!

  • almost 1000 comments

  • CMon enright

  • lets go chapman

  • should have put abblett captain

  • wn first week eliminator

  • 1000th comment

  • Fuck Enright

  • Steve J has had a shocker

  • Wots pods on

  • made 2006, lucky to get that seeing as i had Stevie J, Enright, T-rock, Brown and Seaby

    Thank you captain Bartel

  • 2230 happy with that

  • I think anyone would be happy with 2230 – I had 2159 which I think will be marginally better than average.

  • 1965.
    Ablett makes me sick.
    Another opponent gets over the top of me on the back of captain ablett.
    Maybe I have to bite the bullet and bring in the self serving, non team player, point scorer from hell.

  • As everyone prepares to start upgrading their mid price players, I think Phil Davis from the Crows could be a good downgrade target this week as he heads into his third game. I am thinking of trading out J. Hunt making some cash and waiting for Swannie to bottom out in two weeks. Thoughts?

    • Shh, don’t let everyone know!! Very often, the moment a player gets popular on this site the start to stink… Mark Seaby, Luke Ball, etc. But yeah, Davis would be a good idea, I wish I picked Waters instead of Hunt.

  • $400 000 to spend.

    Cooney, Cross, Watson, Delidio, Selwood, Thomson???

  • do you think jarrod kayler thompson is a good pickip for banner

    • had him from the start , was getting over the hundred mark in the nab cup ,so i picked him up …kayler is still on the rookie list for the tine being ,but he will be elevated to the Senior list come round 11 …while gibson is injured he will get a game time ..another mature rookie having instant success..

  • Bloody hell, why did I eve pick Barry Hall, I never know what to do with him! Some advice please fellas.
    Out of the following 4 dodgy FWDs, which 2 would you stick on field and why?

    Baz Hall, Mitch Duncan, Podsiadly, Rockliff

    Hall shat all over Dawson last time the Doggies met the Saints, can it happen again?
    Duncan should be right and seems to do rather well against the shitter sides, this week it’s Richmond.
    Pods will probably see more of it again this week but will he be able to kick the ball straight, i mean 4 straight behinds last week was really bad news and then there’s T-Rock.
    T-Rock’s scores have been getting lower each week. What to do guys?! HELP!

    Thanks, Cam.