Brown OUT???????

The Brisbane Times are reporting that the big Brown-Dog is a chance to miss the clash against Melbourne due to stomach tightness. Betting agencies have suspended betting on the game due to the news and no doubt DT coaches have suspended all work at the office waiting to see what happens with the big dog…. and let’s be honest , if he was under a cloud you wouldn’t risk him against Melbourne.

Apparently he turned up to train but just chillaxed on the sidelines, watching his mates go through their paces. Just what all DT coaches need, another gun forward going down with injury. He is expected to train this morning and it is anticipated that how he travels in this session and more importantly how he pulls up will determine the big dogs fate… C’mon Browny… Get Up!

Is this a strom in a tea-cup??? Bare minimum, make sure you have cover!!!

More info from the Brisbane Times