Chop’s Chopping Block: Round 4

It is now to the point where we all need to start trimming the fat and getting rid of all the passengers in our teams. Who have you picked at the beginning of the year that are not pulling their weight and who did you miss that you can do a straight swap for to either make some cash before their price rise? I’m Not Happy has a few of these as I’m sure most Dream Teams would have.

Here is my list of under performers to this point of the season and people who should be fairly and squarely on your chopping block.

Mark Seaby– OMG, if you put your eggs in the Seaby basket then you were a smart Dream Teamer that has been let down. His past 2 scores have been 30 and 55 which is average in anyone’s book. Despite averaging 73 he has let his coaches down in all but one round where he had a massive 127. It definitely looks like his role has changed and I would be getting rid of him.We are finally seeing why West Coast failed to show him any love, give me a Cox at 50% any day. His game is finally beginning to resemble that hideous had that he carries around on his shoulders. Disgusting Seaby!
Options:Sandilands avg – 105, Maric avg – 73, Hille avg – 76, Nic Nat avg – 74

Kurt Tippet – After promising so much the Tipster has done absolutely nothing (averaging 44), scrap that, all he has managed to do is piss off Dream Team coaches nation-wide. The only thing that has been more disappointing than Tippet is the fact that he hasn’t been injured badly enough which would have forced coaches to trade him out. Get him out along with all your other Adelaide players, cos they all suck.
Options: Sandilands avg – 105, Maric avg – 73, Hille avg – 76, Nic Nat avg – 74

Ryan Hargrave– There has been a lot said about the Grave Digger and he definitely has let his coaches down. Low scores (injuries don’t help) after such an awesome DT career has meant that a lot of DT coaches are now stuck with someone in their team that is simply sick of getting a kick. Ryza only averages 48ppg and has already dropped a huge amount of cash. He has dropped from $409k and is now worth $308k. If you’re like me and you don’t have him, ca-ching!!!
Options:Let’s be honest you don’t get rid of guys like this. Grin and bear it.

Ben Warren– This one is a little close to home for the C – To – Hop. The Albino from Arden Street has been a locked in player in my team right from the very start of the pre-season and after he managed to get through that without too many side-effect from UV exposure i though things were definitely looking up. It must be said that it’s not the Giant Cue Tip’s fault entirely. I watched the game on the weekend and his team mates could not hit the side of a barn with a banjo. Unfortunately for our special little boy he cant get traded mid-season, so as far as I’m concerned, BAD CALL Chop…… Ben Your’e OUT!
Options:Rockliff ($101,100) averaging – 82.5, Podsiadly ($77,800) averaging – 100,