Roys Real Estate: Round 4

Well, what an awesomely sh*t week! It may sound like a contradiction but its the only way to describe it. Awesome weekend in Melbourne followed by the site crash and my teams 350+ point drop. I think its time for some retail therapy, buying some fresh meat and getting rid of the dead wood. That should make the old smile return… and hopefully a return to the 1800 club.

The price rise window is not quite closed on these guys:

Cyril Rioli:I was lucky enough to watch Cyril dominate on the weekend. He was amazing, doing a bit of everything and converting it into DT a whopping DT score of 130. This bloke had no preseason and made everybody around him look slow. He was well underdone in last weeks game and still knocked up a 70. With increased fitness, I hate to think what this bloke will do. Priced at 334,900 and a break even of 43 he is an absolute bargain. If you were to look for concerns, the only one could be that he will almost certainly start copping the tag that currently goes to Chance Bateman. On a good note, he still amazingly fits into the 3rd year rule.

Jared Brennan:This guy has been so Katy Perry over his career so the question that needs to be asked is “can he continue the best start to a season in his career?” My answer is who would know. One think I have learned is that he is an automatic 100 every time he plays Carlton so I don’t know how much can be taken out of that game. His other 100 for the year can against the lowly West Coast, however the interesting fact here is he only averages 65 in his career against them. I am concerned this week that he will have to return to his part time ruck role in the absence of Mitch Clark which he has had mixed success with over his career. Priced at 373,000 he seems a bargain on the surface, but high risk.

On the radar due to a price drop/big break even:

Ryan Hargrave: I loved this bloke last year and luckily enough I don’t have him this year. A mix of average form and bad luck with an early injury has seen Ryno’s price drop dramatically and the good news for non-owners is that there is more to come. His price plummet would be causing headaches for coaches, however their only option now is to probably keep him and hope his luck changes. Either that or swap him for a bag of mixed lollies next week. Ryan has dropped over 61,000 to this point and has a break even of 176. Call me a seagull and show me the chips baby.

Leon Davis: Neon is a very handy duel position player that proved last year he can be a DTer. After a slow start to the year he is definitely on the radar. Following an initial price drop of 41,700 he now has a huge break even of 157  leaving him as a potential upgrade early on.

Dane Swan: I bit the bullet and paid full price for Swannie, the good thing is I don’t have to worry about when to trade him in, the bad thing is everybody else is going to have the option for a lot less money. Swan dropped 14,500 in the first price change but now faces the challeng of a 175 BE. Personally I think he will give 150 a nudge this week but even with that he will drop. Nice upgrade target early on, the only question is whether the rookies can be milked enough this early to reach what will always be a high target.

On the rise and still rising:

James McDonald: A heading like this would lead you to believe that young players are about to be mentioned. This is probably the first time anybody has even mentioned J Mac in the DT world this year but you cant ignore his scores of 99, 107, 109. He has already had a price rise of 22,000 but has a low break even of 54. J Mac is solely tagging this year so it is not as though he is going to cop a tag himself. It looks like we have a reinvigorated career in the mould of Kane Cornes. Yes, I said it, Kane the man Cornes.

Nick Maceski:I did alot of dumb things this pre season but the worst to date would be getting rid of Malceski due to his pre season hamstring tightness. Nick has laughed at me the first 3 weeks with great scores and a price rise of 45,800. He looks to be a certain keeper after averaging 101 and running amuck off the back flank. It is probably the last chance to jump on for a cheap price due to his BE of 13. For me I think he is just the one that got away, then I think, why wait for Hargrave when I can get Malceski now.

I hope I’ve given you guys a few players to spark discussion, feel free to add your own suggestions and chat the day away. Also, show Warne Dawg some love for getting the site looking this good this quick. It would have been very easy for us to pull the pin completely considering the hours of work that it requires on top of full time work, and $0 return. Cheers

Ps. That probably sounded sookier than usual because my DT sucks.