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2015 Prices

Gold Coast AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

For years Gold Coast Skipper Gary Ablett has been a walk up start in our fantasy teams, but should he be a member of your starting squad?

Gary Ablett (MID, $675,000)

Gary Ablett (MID, $675,000)

For years Gold Coast Skipper Gary Ablett has been a walk up start in our fantasy teams, but should he be a member of your starting squad?

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The Premium

Gary Ablett: Only injury prevented him from a Brownlow medal (again) and quite possibly the #1 scoring mantle in fantasy (again). Prior to his round 16 injury that ruined his year he’d had only 3 games where he scored under 118, yet is priced at an average of 119 at $675,000. According to medical staff he’ll be at full fitness and strength as the Suns return to pre season training and only a change of role will stop him pumping out the weekly 120+’s. Nearly $100,000 cheaper than Rocky too.

The Midpricer

Trent McKenzie:  The arrival of former Swan Nick Malceski could be the greatest thing to happen to this left footed cannon. Over recent seasons he’s struggled with hamstring injuries and even with some forward tags. So far we haven’t seen many “must have” defenders and as such the selection of the right mid range priced selections are crucial. At $398,000 he’s got just enough value in him to make him worth considering.

The Rookie

Jarrod Garlett:  He screams vest alert but if he can be free of it this $255,000 midfielder could be a game breaker for the Suns. He posses many qualities that are reminiscent of Sydney’s Lewis Jetta and all the silky skills of premiership Hawk Cyril Rioli. He finished Top 10 in a large number of categories at the draft combine and has already had a taste of senior footy playing for South Fremantle in the WAFL. Doesn’t have huge fantasy numbers at that level, so just be careful, don’t let his highlight reel sucker you in.

The New Position

Jack Martin:  This former mini draft selection was a midfielder, now a straight forward and depending on the squad set up Martin’s potential a perfect 5th or 6th forward. Priced at $285,000 he’s capable of hundreds as evidenced with his final game in 2014 a with a round 23 score of 102. He’s put on 5kg of solid muscle in the pre season and in his last 2KM time trial he ran a personal best. If some of our cheaper forward options don’t come on then look seriously to Jack Martin to finish your on field forward line.

The One to Watch

Jarrod Harbrow: This original sun has gained dual position status and is now selectable as a Mid/Def at $429,000. With the likes of fellow sun David Swallow and Queensland rival Pearce Hanley now eligible as a midfielders only we have lost some of last years best scoring defenders. Last year Jarrod was the 16th highest scoring defender and twice in his 8 year career he’s averaged over 80. Similarly to McKenzie the arrival of All Australian Nick Malceski can only help his scoring and potentially see him more permanently based on the wings.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
GaryAblettGold Coast SunsMid$675000
DionPrestiaGold Coast SunsMid$568000
DavidSwallowGold Coast SunsMid$531000
JaegerO'MearaGold Coast SunsMid$525000
NickMalceskiGold Coast SunsDef$521000
HarleyBennellGold Coast SunsFwd/Mid$484000
JarrodHarbrowGold Coast SunsDef/Mid$429000
TomJ. LynchGold Coast SunsFwd$426000
MichaelRischitelliGold Coast SunsMid$413000
TrentMcKenzieGold Coast SunsDef$398000
GregBroughtonGold Coast SunsDef$393000
BrandonMateraGold Coast SunsFwd$388000
KadeKolodjashnijGold Coast SunsDef$387000
DannyStanleyGold Coast SunsFwd/Mid$375000
ZacSmithGold Coast SunsRuck$366000
MattShawGold Coast SunsMid$345000
MitchHallahanGold Coast SunsMid$345000
AaronHallGold Coast SunsFwd$321000
StevenMayGold Coast SunsDef$315000
SamDayGold Coast SunsFwd$307000
CharlieDixonGold Coast SunsFwd$306000
TomNichollsGold Coast SunsRuck$299000
LukeRussellGold Coast SunsFwd$286000
JackMartinGold Coast SunsFwd$285000
AndrewRainesGold Coast SunsMid$282000
PeterWrightGold Coast SunsFwd/Ruck$278000
SeanLemmensGold Coast SunsDef$276000
DanielGorringeGold Coast SunsRuck$265000
JarrodGarlettGold Coast SunsMid$255000
JesseLonerganGold Coast SunsMid$253000
RoryThompsonGold Coast SunsDef$245000
ToukMillerGold Coast SunsMid$211000
AlexSextonGold Coast SunsFwd/Mid$202000
ClayCameronGold Coast SunsDef$196000
JackLeslieGold Coast SunsDef$142000
SebTapeGold Coast SunsDef$142000
TimmySumnerGold Coast SunsFwd$142000
LouisHerbertGold Coast SunsFwd$142000
AndrewBostonGold Coast SunsMid$142000
JoshHallGold Coast SunsFwd$135000
HenrySchadeGold Coast SunsDef$120000
JarredEllisGold Coast SunsDef$120000
TyroneDownieGold Coast SunsFwd$120000
AdamSaadGold Coast SunsDef/Mid$120000
KeeganBrooksbyGold Coast SunsRuck$120000
JoshuaGlennGold Coast SunsMid$120000

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