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The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 14 edition

So this is what it feels like to be normal! A full squad of players, a bench that can back you up, unlimited captain choices!!! And most importantly no surprises on Thursday night! Could the DT world be any better? How did you go this week… Anything got you worked up? Let’s knee-jerk.

So this is what it feels like to be normal! A full squad of players, a bench that can back you up, unlimited captain choices!!! And most importantly no surprises on Thursday night! Could the DT world be any better? Maybe it’s true what they say, without first feeling pain there’s no way of knowing pleasure. All I know is it’s a pleasure to be playing DT again and if those byes had have gone any longer my interest may have dropped to worrying levels… levels so dangerous that I may have even considered going outside on a weekend. But let’s not bother contemplating what might have been, and worry about what is. How did you go this week? Big scores look to be the order of the round. Anything got you worked up? Anything made you happy? Worried about buddy’s hammy? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Legend

Obviously a high scoring round with many nice tons to choose from but can we really go past Dane Swan (172) as this week’s legend?  Just the lazy 43 possessions this time around after inexplicably not being tagged by Crowley. What makes his score even better for DT coaches is the fact that if you didn’t have Swan captain, you probably had Ablett (101) so that’s a huge leg up of 71 points for all those lucky Swan captain’ers over the poor Ablett catain’ers (like me).  At a time when teams are looking more and more alike captain choice is crucial. It was exactly this time last year that Swan got back from the bye and tore the league a new one for the remainder of the season, winning the Brownlow in the process, will history again repeat? He may well tear the league a new one again but I have a feeling a red and black captain named Watson (126) may have a nice old lead in the votes already, he just seems a class above sometimes with his sure hands around the contest and has the ‘brownlow’ look about him. The dons have 10 wins to date and you could make an argument for Watson having polled big votes in most of them.

The Sunday Chop

Rubbish scores were few and far between this week, Heath Shaw (59) was disappointing but has enough credit in the bank to allow a few poor ones, Kreuzer (53) continues to frustrate and needs to be cut free, he seems totally bereft of confidence at the moment. The 3 rucks don’t work together Carlton, ask Essendon from last year!  Ryan Hargrave (65) who would be on a lot of people’s last chance list didn’t do himself many favours; he is this week’s chop. (If you hadn’t already) Considering Carazzo (110) has reached the lowest price he will be at $374k  its last chance saloon if you want to make that switch. After watching Hargrave closely I now realise the problem. When they are winning he can put the bin out because they just play keeping’s off across half back, but when they are losing….. Which they are doing all the time lately.. He doesn’t have that luxury. Also I noticed his DT unselfishness kills him, he kicked out from full back about 8 times and not once did he kick to himself first, poor DT styling’s Gravy! Those 24 points may well have saved you!

The Clown

The clown this week has previously made this section but still nothing has changed. There must be a faulty gene floating round the Cloke family that makes them not understand the way the football world works. There is a thing called loyalty and self sacrafice that holds the fabric of the game together. First up old man David when he was playing went from club to club back to club chasing the coin, so I guess we know where the directive is coming from… but poor old Travis Cloke (42) is having a mare! He is holding out for more money and a better deal but somebody better whisper in his ear soon to tell him that for every stinking performance he has his currency must be falling like a stone! It’s hard not to join the dots and assume that all this conjecture is directly related to his poor form, hopefully he just signs on next week and goes on a run of 130s to prove me right! For what its worth he must be bloody lucky that Chris Dawes (61) couldn’t catch a cold at the moment so there isn’t a lot of selection pressure as a tall forward down the Lexus centre. So anyway in a roundabout way I’m a clown too….. I actually bought Cloke 3 weeks ago expecting him to sign on and start dominating…. Its only lucky  Zorko (69) or Treloar (82) can fill in while Cloke stews on the bench!

The this game sh*ts me

You know how it is around the home, you buy a new couch and it’s your pride and joy. It sits in the most important room of the house and is the centre of your whole life. You watch TV on it, sleep on it, entertain guests on it, it’s the number one household item…… then something happens, somebody spills a bit of sh*t on it and the love starts to wane, you stop taking care of it until its decided you need an upgrade so your poor old couch gets demoted, it goes under the verandah to be used as a dogs bed. Then a year later its time for hard garbage, the flea bitten old couch gets put on the nature strip to either get taken by a scavenger or taken to the tip by the council. This is the lifespan of the couch.  But the lifespan of the AFL Couch has been somewhat different. You bought it brand new but it sat in the spare room to begin with, it got an upgrade before round one but still just sat on the side of your lounge room unused. People were dying to sit on it; it was doing a great job! looked good, looked comfortable but for some reason home owner preferred to sit on old furniture even though it wasn’t really functional. Now has come the final indignity, Couch has again been demoted to the spare room. People have a decision to make. We did pay a bargain price for the Couch (85k) but surely you can’t just have it sitting in the spare room all year unused? What if you could trade it for another model? Maybe a Mitchell recliner for a few dollars more? Would that even get used anyway? The Gibson chaise was on sale up until 2 weeks ago, too expensive now.  This Couch has a bonus quality too, it can be used in 2 rooms, can swing from either the lounge or the family room… if only we could just use it! The vintage model of this Couch was a classic… won a few big awards back in 1989, but it doesn’t seem to matter much. What are you doing with your Couch? ……..and that’s why my Couch sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces

As we know most dedicated DT players had worked their structures around getting finished team just after the byes, using a donut dodging technique that upgraded rather than went sideways. Well not everything went to plan, and most chewed a few more donuts than we would have liked but out of all the carnage most have come close to a finished team. With all this being said I’m posting my slightly dodgy finished article. (with last weeks scores) I can see a couple of obvious flaws which I’m sure will be pointed out to me but a few trade howlers early on in the piece have hamstrung me slightly.

Obviously I feel naked without Swan in the middle, but first LTI and he’s in! I Had been waiting for a price drop that never came. Taken a punt on Griffin in an area that no player has really dominated and Hargrave gets one more chance, Carazzo waits in the wings…. And then there’s the sofa issue. So I guess it’s not finished after all! Like it or lump it I’m pretty much stuck with it though. Fire insults this way!

So that’s about it then for this set of immediate post round musings. I’m about to score just over 2300 (if Goddard pulls his finger out) Have no idea what par is but there are quite a few 2400s floating around in my leagues and i didn’t win many games with my score. If only i could nail a captain choice! How about you, happy with your score? Any legends, clowns, chops or angry thoughts to get out?  Do it now before we get serious again in time for the bullets.

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  1. Euan Bloomer

    Euan Bloomer

    July 2, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    i want to talk to CALVIN (Clavins Captains) the second time i listened to you and lost my match purely on your advice, Abletts sub standard score killed me. I should have gone Swan, or even Boyd, or Stanton, even Ivan Maric would have been better, even 3rd gamer Sam Gibson beat Ab’s. I watched the game he looked really uninterested. I realise getting it right is harder to pick than a broken nose, so i cant really balme you, but needed to vent a little.

    • Avatar


      July 2, 2012 at 2:18 pm

      See comment above, squeezer.

  2. Avatar


    July 2, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Fuck yes, Sexton gone for the season. My recruit of the season

  3. Avatar


    July 2, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    What are the wraps around Jordan Murdoch? He had a solid first DT game

  4. Avatar


    July 2, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    DEF: Delidio, Goddard, Waters, Birchell, Heppell, Hargrave, Sam Shaw, (Townsend, Spurr)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Thompson, Beams, (Gibson, Sexton)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles, (Redden, Campbell)

    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Martin, Cloke, Zorko, (Pfierrier, Black)

    7 trades left and $223,900 in the bank.

    I want to get carrazzo in for either Hargrave or Townsend. i was thinking of keeping hargrave and trading townsend but it wont leave alot of cash after the trade. By trading hargrave (which would leave me with about $100,000 odd i think) i would have to play sam shaw or townsend on the field… :/

    Some other options ive thought of is:
    Dowgrading Pfierrier to Murdoch

    Trading Travis cloke out but for not quite sure.. :/
    want to get maric but ill have to hold on that trade.

    Its looking like ill be doing 2 trades this week just a matter of picking the right players to take out and bring in.., im just about settled with my team. but as i said im not keen on cloke being in my side but i probably need to focus on my defence more.

    Sorry its a tad long..

    Thoughts on my options and overall team would be much appreciated??


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