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Dream Team Stock Market – R9

It’s back! Bigger and better than ever. The #DTSM (Dream Team Stock Market), is your one stop shop, for pretty much, well, everything! Dream Team might have the Assistant Coach (for $19.95), but the Assistant Coach doesn’t have me (free of course) or twitter (also free) or have a crystal ball (umm, working on that part).

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For those of you new to the Dream Team Stock Market, quite simply, it’s the bees neez when it comes to working out and deciding how to make money for your Dream Team and help speed up the process in which you raise your salary cap to create the competitions ultimate side! Remember, at the start of the year, players (besides LTI’s, rookies or players returning from Ireland) are valued at how they performed last season. You spend the money, you are banking on that player to perform to that value. The more money you have to spend, the more money you have to spend on players that are essentially, performing! 


Big shout out to member of my DT Talk Aki League (for Supercoach) Tom Eckstein. His team the “Bye-Polar Bears” won last weeks Supercoach with a whooping 2684. Great effort mate! Also he is currently ranked 7th in the world. Keep it up Tom!!


Like I say, let’s get down to it…





Like I promised last week, here it is. I’m not even going to put these in any order, I am just going to fill you in on the DTSM view for each of these delicious looking cows (some tastier than others).


Brandon Ellis (DEF) $195,300 ($16,600) B/E: 81 AVG: 48.7 BYE RD: 13

What the f*#$ Hardwick? Remember, you are still 13th (probably the best 13th team ever I might add). Give the kid a run for longer than 15 minutes. He isn’t going to benefit much watching the game wearing a vest. If you don’t want to play him, throw him in the 2’s. At least we won’t be mind f*#ked each and every week. The view of Brandon is a little harder than in other positions. What do you do with him? He dropped $16k in value last week and if recent scenarios continue to play out, he will drop a lot more this week. But do you trade? And whom for? He is in my side, and at this stage, he rides it out till the end. Why? Well, if you have a stacked backline and have adjusted yourself to evenly ride the bye rounds, Ellis will be very handy (if given gametime) in Rounds 11 and 12 as in Round 13, he has the bye. But if you wish to be bold and get Sam Darley in, Ellis is the man to trade out.

DTSM Keep or Trade: 30/70 – trade if you need to fix up your backline.

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $78,600 in 8 games.


Steven Morris (DEF) $241,700 ($8,700) B/E: 48 AVG: 55.7 BYE RD: 13

Same deal as Ellis but with this deal, you are getting a player running around on the ground for 4 quarters. Hold on to him for now. Wait till Round 13 then re-evaluate. Unless a miracle pops up (Luke Brown?) then there is no reason to let a player go who is a very handy back-up when shit hits the fan.

DTSM Keep or Trade: 30/70 – same with Ellis.

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $137,500 in 8 games.


Thomas Bugg (DEF) $298,500 ($0) B/E: 73 AVG: 76.43 BYE RD: 11

The other side of the coin. This guy has been brilliant! Has made you a bucket load of cash, has played 7 full games and looks like being a keeper for me. Do you really trade him out for Sam Darley who only just played his first game last week? That’s a lot of risk. You will be pocketing close to $200k to upgrade elsewhere. He had a week off last week and I am sure he will be bouncing back this week. For me, he stays. Been the pick of the GWS rookies in my eyes.

DTSM Keep or Trade: 80/20 – the perfect D8/D9. But, will no doubt get a week off here and there.

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $194,300 in 7 games.


Marty Clarke (DEF) $313,100 ($18,400) B/E: 52 AVG: 73.5 BYE RD: 13

If he is your D7/D8 player and you are scoring well each week, keep him! Averaging over 73 is a fine effort. He does scare us have to death when you look at his score halfway through the 2nd and he is on 8. But, due to his fitness levels and his ability to get involved in games late, he manages to get a sneaky 70 or 80 odd out of nowhere. The defensive area of your DT is a lot trickier this year with the lack of rookie options being thrusted upon us at this stage. With the exception for Lee Spurr, whom I still doubt has much JS whatsoever.

DTSM Keep or Trade: Keep

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $171,600 in 8 games.




Toby Greene (DEF) $354,800 ($17,300) B/E: 91 AVG: 88.2 BYE RD: 11

Has served many teams very well and made you a very nice slab of cash. For me, he isn’t a keeper. He will be rested more, he is still young and plays for GWS where anything could happen. Breakeven this week has just exceeded his average so this week might be the week to upgrade him or even downgrade him and spend the money elsewhere. As he isn’t playing this, could be perfect timing!

DTSM Keep or Trade: Trade Now

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $220,100 in 7 games.


James Magner (MID) $293,300 ($11,400) B/E: 46 AVG: 88.2 BYE RD: 12

*Insert excessive abuse and frustration towards Mark Neeld here* If your a Magner owner, come on down! I’m not going to cut this nicely. Melbourne. Suck. (Yes still no Tom Couch! The guy might as well take up another sport) Brilliant Open Letter by RLGriffin earlier in the pretty much summed it up. The only bloke wanting to get in and have a crack for 4 quarters, is now told to chase tail. He can still make a few sneaky dollars for you this week, but if you wanted to upgrade this week, time to cash him in!

DTSM Keep or Trade: Trade Now or Next Week

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $207,500 in 8 games.


Dylan Shiel (MID) $280,000 ($20,900) B/E: 43 AVG: 65.71 BYE RD: 11

Back in this week after a weekend on the beers. Ok that is untrue. Really, its the same deal with most of the GWS kids. But do we trade them all out at some stage? With the exclusion of J-Mac, are even considered to be a keeper? I know Toby Greene has a fair case to suggest he is, but if you are evaluating him alongside players like Mitchell/Selwood/Thompson, you are mad. Where as Shiel isn’t going to be an on-field starter, he might be that handy M7 if you didn’t go with J-Mac and have Magner/Greene and co. to cash in?

DTSM Keep or Trade: 30/70

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $175,800 in 7 games.




Devon Smith (FWD/MID) $271,500 ($15,200) B/E: 11 AVG: 71.3 BYE RD: 11

Has been suggested to be a possibly keeper. If you have that link-up through the mid-field, then Smith is a solid choice to hold onto. With Zorko and Pfieffer possibly being in a few mids, there is the DPP you are after. If not keen on holding him, best bet is to trade him out during the bye round 11. B/E of 11 is smashable and he could still pump out a few big one’s.

DTSM Keep or Trade: Keep for now.

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $150,300 in 7 games.


Terry Milera (FWD) $234,400 ($3,200) B/E: 45 AVG: 60.1 BYE RD: 13

50/50 ball here. He has played all season, looks secure in his role and I just get the feeling he will start producing a lot more higher DT numbers soon. Might be worth holding onto whilst you upgrade others, remember the Saints have the last of the byes in round 13.

DTSM Keep or Trade: Keep for now.

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $118,600 in 7 games.


Billie Smedts (FWD/DEF) $161,200 ($21,200) B/E: 12 AVG: 39.3 BYE RD: 12

Is in and out of Geelong far too often and not putting out huge numbers anyways. Could be the perfect swap for Zorko? The link between FWD/DEF isn’t really handy at all. Better off biting the bullet on this one and get some more production/value into your side. Will be a gun in a year or two I reckon!

DTSM Keep or Trade: Trade Now

DTSM Value Meter: Has increased $57,700 in 6 games.







1. Josh Jenkins (RUC) $104,200 ($0) B/E: -76 AVG: 73 BYE RD: 11

Who? What?! Where? You sneaky russian! Ok so you aren’t russian, but talk about flying under the radar. Do you do the South Australian switch and get rid of Redden and bring in Jenkins? I have no bloody idea. With scores of 54 and 92, its worth considering. Oh he shares the bye with Giles, Cox, McIntosh, Jacobs… FML.

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$60,000

DTSM Value: $330,000


2. Orren Stephenson (RUC) $143,100 ($44,400) B/E: -58 AVG: 58.6 BYE RD: 12

What the ruck!? The big “O” makes it on to the list for the first time after pumping out a consecutive 77 (with a 4 game gap in between). Named again this week so if you need a 3rd or 4th cheap ruck choice, better get him in quick smart! I thought he had a very solid game last week in the Cats loss to Collingwood. Hoping Mr. Scott keeps giving him a gig to cover the bye rounds that are nearing us!

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$47,000

DTSM Value: $265,000


3. Kyal Horsely (MID) $289,100 ($73,300) B/E: -10 AVG: 106.7 BYE RD: 13

The Horse. The DT (w)hore. Yes, he is averaging 106. So if you don’t have him, you are missing out. Just goes and gets the footy and gets it to Ablett. Really, that’s a pretty perfect DT combo for us! Anyways, big prices still to come!

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$47,000

DTSM Value: $480,000


4. Tory Dickson (FWD) $183,300 ($43,900) B/E: -54 AVG: 59.7 BYE RD: 11

Be a lot handier for some if we manage to see this name a lot earlier. But still, better late than never! Last 2 weeks he has pumped out 105 and a 77. Very solid. Named again this week so fingers crossed for another performance based on recent form!

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$46,000

DTSM Value: $270,000


5. Dayne Zorko (MID/FWD) $104,200 ($0) B/E: -52 AVG: 61 BYE RD: 11

After so much talk about the Zorko, he is in, he played a great game last week and looks to be an inclusion for most sides, or is he? Whilst writing this, a mate of mine flicked me a text message asking if I was getting him as he wasn’t and to quote him: “I’m thinking pass, fuck brisbane”. To elaborate on that, yes, the Lions are an absolute pain in the ass for DT consistency. Rockliff has been up and down, Adcock has been up and mainly down, Drummond has been… well down. Will Vossy stick with this mature age rookie for most of the year? Because if we do get him in, he is in for good. For me, it’s a yes.

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$45,000

DTSM Value: $275,000







1. Sam Mitchell (FWD) $462,400 ($91,600) B/E: 133 AVG: 102.3 BYE RD: 13

Back again! Thank you Mitchy! Welcome to my side. I was at the game last weekend and Sammy didn’t look himself. Was he sick? Was he disinterested? Did the size of Sandilands freak him out? Regardless of the reasons, he just had a less productive game. It happens! So if you aren’t on the Sammy train, jump on! Or wait till next week as he will more than likely drop more in value.

Time To Strike: This week or next.

2. Tom Rockliff (FWD) $475,300 ($78,900) B/E: 119 AVG: 104 BYE RD: 11

Last year there was the RedRock combo. Classy name, clever, great DT output. This year, do we have a ZorKliff combo? ZoRock combo? Who bloody knows! But it’s definitley on the cards! If you have space for a Round 11 bye mid, Rockliff is your man.

Time To Strike: This week or next.


3. Brendon Goddard (DEF/MID) $411,100 ($63,100) BE: 99 AVG: 94.8 BYE RD: 13

For those who didn’t start with Goddard, you should be licking your lips with anticipation. Is surely going to hit form again soon, especially with the Saints starting to gel again. B/E matches his AVG, so the time to pounce on Goddard is upon you. Did I just copy and paste that from last weeks edition? Get outta here! Get him in already.

Time To Strike: This week


4. Lance Franklin (FWD) $440,000 ($63,000) BE: 99 AVG: 95.8 BYE RD: 13

I wish Roughhead didn’t poke fun at Franklin last week on the footy show for Lance’s buddy ball not having a “handpass” marker on it. Obviously doesn’t realise a kick is worth more DT points. Buddy needs to be in your dream team, so get him the hell in soon!

Time To Strike: This week


5. Bryce Gibbs (MID) $406,900 ($122,100) BE: 137 AVG: 85.1 BYE RD: 13

I just want to throw this out there, with Marc Murphy going down last weekend, SURELY, Bryce Gibbs has no excuse to avg over 100 for the rest of the year? I mean seriously! If he pumps out a huge score this week, I would imagine he would be a very sort after individual. If you already have him? Ouch but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Time To Strike: Next week or Never



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    May 25, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Keep an eye on Elliot Yeo at the Lions, see if he strings games together cos he is a gun and could be a great downgrade in time for rd 12.

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      May 25, 2012 at 6:49 pm

      magner to Yeo at round 12??

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    May 25, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    Robbo for captain vs Melbourne anyone? Oh so tempting!

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