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Dream Team Stock Market – R7

For those of you new to the Dream Team Stock Market, quite simply, it’s the bees neez when it comes to working out and deciding how to make money for your dream team and speed up the process in which you raise your salary cap to create the competitions ultimate side! Here’s the DTSM for Round 7!

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It’s back! Bigger and better than ever. The #DTSM (Dream Team Stock Market), is your one stop shop, for pretty much, well, everything! Dream Team might have the Assistant Coach (for $19.95), but the Assistant Coach doesn’t have me (free of course) or twitter (also free) or have a crystal ball (umm, working on that part).

For those of you new to the Dream Team Stock Market, quite simply, it’s the bees neez when it comes to working out and deciding how to make money for your dream team and speed up the process in which you raise your salary cap to create the competitions ultimate side! Remember, at the start of the year, players (besides LTI’s, rookies or players returning from Ireland) are valued at how they performed last season. You spend the money, you are banking on that player to perform to that value. The more money you have to spend, the more money you have to spend on players that are performing! That’s why it is so important to know when to jump off a player that has peaked and jump on someone at a lower than valued price.


Every once in awhile, you got to shake things up a bit. So that’s what I will do (would of shaken it harder, but technology was not on my side the past two days!) I’ll be incorporating a few rebadged segments over the next two weeks and will be including a lot more requestion information. There are so many players that could make these lists, that if I was too even attempt to do half of them, this article could probably take me 5 days to do it. So remember, I do this for the love of Dream Team and my love for all things AFL. If this was my job (always for hire) you could expect and would be delivered even more (unlike the lack of information certain paid writers do get)!

Like I say, let’s get down to it…







1. Kyal Horsely (MID) $119,800 ($0) B/E: -146 AVG: 112 LAST 2: 101, 123

We have DT Pigs (Swan, Ablett), DT Cows (Magner, McDonald), DT Wombats (anyone shit) and now we have our first DT Horse. Let’s be honest, you traded him in Sunday night just to see how god damn amazing he looked in your team, didn’t you? I know I did. The only hard part about bringing in Kyal, is who to say goodbye too. For me, it’s either Magner or Shiel, but in a perfect world it would be in another weeks time. The latter now having the better B/E btw. Don’t worry about Gazza coming back, his JS should be fine!

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$105,000

DTSM Value: $550,000


2. Taylor Adams  (MID/FWD) $125,700 ($0) B/E: -79 AVG: 81 LAST 2: 71, 91

Will probably not make it into many sides unless you are desperate for a downgrade or ever more desperate for cash (*cough* Tom Couch *cough*) Is scoring very nicely and his DPP is always handy. But now Dayne Zorko has been named, save the trade unless you really need too.

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$65,000

DTSM Value: $370,000


3. Toby Greene  (MID) $292,200 ($157,500) B/E: -19 AVG: 94.4 LAST 3: 54, 90, 122

Scored a very impressive 122 last week which will work wonders in his rolling average which the 54 will now fall off after this week. If you have held onto him, he could make you another $100k over the next 3-4 weeks if he continues. Has had his “General Soreness” week off, so might stick around till the bye round 11. Perfect timing!

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$46,000

DTSM Value: $430,000


4. Adam Treloar (MID/FWD) $163,700 ($59,500) B/E: -39 AVG: 71.3 LAST 3: 66, 85, 63

Named again this week on a HFF and ready for his second price rise of the year. Hopefully can crack the ton and really get his price soaring for all the owners out there. Has a load of potential so if you do have him, hold him for a few more weeks.

Weekly Stock Market Prediction: ↑$45,000

DTSM Value: $325,000


DTSM “Money Makers” Watchlist:

Dayne Zorko (MID) $119,800

Ryan Neates (MID) $104,200

Dayne Zorko (MID) $119,800

Andrew Philips (RUC) $115,800

Dayne Zorko (MID) $119,800 – you get the idea.








Now, please remember, I’m not telling you to trade these blokes out. I’m telling you the right time when they will peak in price. You might keep some of these guys all year! That decision is up to you. A few of these players were requested via Twitter, thanks guys for the tweet!


1. Jonathon Giles (RUC) $309,400 ($191,600) B/E: 57 AVG: 82.5 LAST 3: 101, 89, 59 

In a year in which the Ruck department has been chaotic, he has been worth his weight in gold. But is he a keeper for the year? I think the arguement is 50/50. But I needed to place him on the list as an option none-the-less. Is playing GCS this week, so could be in for a big one, or not.

DTSM Farewell Tour: KEEP or Round 8-9.

Starting Value: $117,800


2. Brandon Ellis (DEF) $233,100 ($116,400) B/E: 57 AVG: 56.6 LAST 3: 79, 47, 50

Plenty of coaches have this kid in their side. If you are wanting to upgrade him, this week or next week is the perfect time. As for being a downgrade trade, nothing is really on offer for that atm. Nothing worth jumping onto anyways. If he manages to pull some 70+ scores back out again soon his value could go a fraction higher.

DTSM Farewell Tour: NOW or next week.

Starting Value: $116,700


3. Marty Clarke (DEF) $281,500 ($140,000) B/E: 56 AVG: 71.8 LAST 3: 95, 45, 85 


Has the potential for me, to be a keeper for the year. With Collingwoods injury troubles so far and the fact Bucks loves him to death, his JS isn’t even in question. Has played some ripping games and snuck into top 5 players on game day a few times in my eyes too. Does tend to play a shutdown role atm, which always threatens scoring. But, he still gets the footy and still provides a bit of drive off half back when needed.

DTSM Farewell Tour: KEEP or Rounds 8-9

Starting Value: $141,500


4. Adam Kennedy (MID/FWD) $201,800 ($97,600) B/E: 53 AVG: 65.5 LAST 3: 58, 41, 40 

Has lost all momentum and just doesnt seem to find the footy like he promised us early in the year. Won’t be a keeper in my eyes and will be one of the first GWS to be cashed in. Could he be the man you trade out for Zorko? AK has a B/E of 53, so in a perfect world, he will crack us a couple of 80’s in the next two weeks and will be ready to trade out with a higher price after Zorko’s played 2.

DTSM Farewell Tour: 1-2 weeks.

Starting Value: $104,200


5. Terry Milera (FWD) $220,500 ($104,700) B/E: 41 AVG: 61.5 LAST 3: 52, 55, 50 

Always looks like he is going to have a big gun but his DT numbers just dont show it. I think his JS is great at the moment and will only improve. For owners of Milera (myself) the time is nearly over if you want to make some coin. Could be used to upgrade also. Nick Riewoldt anyone?

DTSM Farewell Tour: 1-2 weeks.

Starting Value: $115,800


6. Devon Smith (MID/FWD) $256,300 ($135,100) B/E: 34 AVG: 71 LAST 3: 62, 39, 97 

It’s amazing what a decent score can do for your rolling average! Many have declared Devon as a potential keeper. I’m not sold on it and while he is a fantastic player, being young and inconsistant is not something I take light hearted at the selection table. For now at least, hold him. Has a couple more games up his sleeve before the bye round to really pump his price up. Fingers crossed he doesn’t throw in a shocker again.

DTSM Farewell Tour: 2-3 weeks.

Starting Value: $121,200


6. Dylan Shiel (MID) $259,100 ($154,900) B/E: 10 AVG: 66 LAST 3: 67, 81, 80 

The kid we all raved about in pre-season is starting starting to find his feet. Gets named on the ball pretty much every week, so it’s obvious what the Giants and Sheeds in particular, see in him. Back to back 80’s has dropped his B/E perfectly. For the trade hungry (and the one’s looking to get in Zorko with someone else) the bye round might be the time to go? Could be the perfect player to upgrade by then. Watch closely.

DTSM Farewell Tour: Round 11 or slightly earlier.

Starting Value: $104,200



7. Aaron Hall (FWD) $164,400 ($65,700) B/E: -32 AVG: 55.5 LAST 3: 26, 66, 75 

I know there have got to be a few coaches out seething over him not getting a gig atm. How long can you wait before conceeding his spot in your FWD line? At some stage (probably next week) you will seriously have to consider getting him out. His spot is purely to make money. Can’t be making money running around in the magoos.

DTSM Farewell Tour: No game next week, he must go.

Starting Value: $104,200







Ok, this is now the go to section for those players you are unsure about at the moment. Looking for a bargain? Really want to get rid of that bloke costing you league wins? Take a look at these guys and see how many you want/have in your team!


1. Corey Enright (DEF) $378,600 ($76,000) B/E: 88 AVG: 71.1 LAST 3: 92, 56, 106  

Average doesn’t even get close to describe Enright’s DT output so far this year. He managed to raise the bat for the first time last week with a 106 after a solid 92 two weeks prior to that. Could be a very handy unique pick, especially that his price has dropped so much so soon. Worth taking a look at if you are in need of an upgrade.

Time To Strike: This week or next.

Starting Value: $454,600


2. Dean Cox (RUC) $432,400 ($99,600) B/E: 102 AVG: 91.6 LAST 3: 81, 74, 110 

Look, put the Nic Nat Paddy Whack talk behind you. This is Dean Cox. In a year in which has seen us been burnt by the likes of: Mumford, Sandilands, Leuenberger, Hille… You would be silly to write this superstar of the game off. Lock him in for me.

Time To Strike: NOW

Starting Value: $532,000


3. Ryan O’Keefe (FWD/MID) $382,600 ($78,300) B/E: 50 AVG: 67.4 LAST 3: 58, 98, 105  

Looking for a semi-unique Goodes replacement? Here is your man. ROK is a superstar and over the past 2 weeks he has averaged 101.5, which is roughly the same as Goodes has (yes he was subbed off last week, but can’t deny the stats). Is so cheap at this price you would be silly not to consider him. Very tempting in my books.

Time To Strike: NOW

Starting Value: $460,900


4. Nick Dal Santo (MID) $415,900 ($96,500) B/E: 122 AVG: 85.8 LAST 3: 73, 94, 59  

Must nothave liked being mentioned last week or enjoy playing after being on the Footy Show. Or simply was being a gentleman and lowering his price even more for us? He is a premium mid-fielder and he will soon start to find form again. Being tagged like a wall at a skatepark and isn’t handling it very well in all fairness. But the cream will rise to the top soon enough and you will see Nicky Dal return to his ball winning best.

Time To Strike: Next Week

Starting Value: $512,400


5. Bryce Gibbs (MID) $451,300 ($77,700) B/E: 119 AVG: 91 LAST 3: 77, 94, 85  

Ouch! Mr. Gibbs, you are killing a few coaches this year. What are you doing? Bryce was one of the first picked last year based on his DPP and the expectations he would lift his game to another level. He did just that! Now this year he is only a MID in DT and I stayed clear, plenty more MID options in front of him. Some coaches disagreed and picked him up (not mentioning any names Lady of DT). He has been nothing but s*$t. With that being said, he is averaging more than the bloke above him (who is playing even s*#tter). If you have him, you’ve got to hold dont you? Pray to the DT gods that he will find form because losing $77,000 so far, is hard… (trade for Dal Santo is a winner).

Time To Strike: Toss A Coin

Starting Value: $529,300


6. Jack Redden (MID) $438,400 ($101,700) B/E: 86 AVG: 90.3 LAST 3: 74, 84, 120  

The RedRock combo isn’t firing on all cylinders atm. One week Rockliff has a shocker, the next this bloke does! I’m sure they will have a chat soon and realise in order for the RedRock combo to be a best seller, they must turn up on the same day together. If you are looking for a unique mid that has a bye Round 11, take a look here. Last week’s 120 (in an absolute smashing) is gold.

Time To Strike: NOW

Starting Value: $540,100






1. Adam Goodes (FWD/MID) $448,400 ($42,600) B/E: 93 AVG: 91.4 LAST 3: 89, 100, 103 

Just starting to find his straps and Mr. Durable does a groin. There is no fairness in the DT land. Injury will see him out till after the bye rounds I think. So unless you have some serious back-up, you will probably have to swing the axe. Try and trade him for a guy with the same bye round assuming you studied that at the start of the year? If you didn’t, jot down how many players you have in the FWD line from each bye and make the trade accordingly.

Bye Round: 12 (Coll, Ess, Freo, Geel, Melb, Syd)

Trade Suggestions: S.Sidebottom, D.Zaharakis, P.Chapman, R.O’Keefe



Ok so that’s my done for the week. Tweet-a-trade was incorporated into a few of these players this week and i will be bringing it back next week revitalised (some technical issues at DTSM household). Also a quick shout out to my #BeastsOfTheEast who are slowly starting to climb the rankings! There will be a review next week for all to see. Also a shout out to DT Talk writer Kev (@TeeTeeDT) who managed to bag a huge 2386 last week to beat what I thought was a good score of 2296. Great work mate!


Get around me: @Aki_DT



Some think AFL Dream Team is a matter of life or death... I can assure them, it's much more serious than that.



  1. Avatar

    pickle ticklers

    May 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    DEF delidio goddard bugg mlackeski duffield hargrave clarke (morris smedts)

    MID watson boyd hayes mzungu gibbs horsley (kennedy neale) bit average mid i no

    RUCK ryder giles (redden staley)

    FWD robbison sidebum beams franklin zaha martin porps (pffiefer couch)

    do i need to make any trades not sure what to do with pffeifer and couch

    • Avatar

      pickle ticklers

      May 11, 2012 at 4:25 pm

      sorry for double post didnt relise

  2. Avatar


    May 11, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Trading Magner for the Horse but I’m not sure what to do next. Upgrade Porplyzia to ROK or trade Kennedy for Adams?

  3. Avatar

    Mitchell Edwards

    May 11, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    hall or kennedy for horsly ??

  4. Avatar


    May 11, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Let it be known I will not be one of the sheep minded DT coaches who bring in Horsley this week. He will lose midfield time with ablett and rischitelli back and become the “relton roberts” of 2012. To all of your coaches who are chopping a cash cow early to bring in this spud do at your own risk. This will be the turning point for my team as we march onto another League cup win!

    • Avatar


      May 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm

      Fair enough, but to call him the “Relton Roberts,” of 2012, clearly indicates to me that you don’t do much/any research and don’t watch too many games!!!

  5. Avatar


    May 11, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    stevie J or chappy for goodes??

  6. Avatar


    May 11, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Thinking of Upgrading Ellis GUYS! Help please, TO lake or Enright or anyone else in the DEF for $350,000 ?

    • Avatar

      Grim Reaper

      May 11, 2012 at 6:20 pm

      Slim pickings in that price range, Jack Grimes if you can trust him, Hargraves or even Jake Batchelor. Myself, i would wait and get some more cash together and go for a keeper/prem…

  7. Avatar

    Grim Reaper

    May 11, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Great article again Aki, well done…….i haven’t stopped crying since Zorko got named this week, lmfao…..Lost patience and traded him out last week for superstar Pfeifer….. What a dumb ass i am. Any advice on Capt would be apreciated, have GAJ, Swan, Boyd,Murphy, Deledio, Buddy, Goddard as candidates…Thanks in advance…

  8. Avatar


    May 11, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    hey fellas, which is the better option?
    im thinking of trading shiel to zaha and bringing d smith into my mids and zaha into my fwds, this would allow me to regain my mid/fwd dpp.
    the other one is straight trading out d smith from the fowards, to zaha
    or i could just hold my trades?
    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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