My Team 2018: Round 19

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1587.93.80.91612.93.61.1

Points for and against – Last 3 rounds

ADE 158530.715963.30.7

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia


  • Def: Laird Yeo Lloyd Brayshaw Howe Goddard ( O’Riordan / Smith )
    Mid: Titch Cogs Cripps Crouch Merrett Phillips Martin Rocky ( Mutch / Sier )
    Ruck: Gawn Jacobs ( Cameron/ Big O )
    Fwd: Smith Danger McLean Heeney Wingard Ahern ( Wilson / J Jones )
    Bank = $ 82k

    What should be priorty:
    1) Ahern or
    2) Jacobs

    And who should I look to bring in?

    • I’d be looking at upgrading Sauce for sure.. Maybe downgrade Goddard to Lienert and play O’Riordan at D6 for the week, then upgrade Jacobs to Grundy, should give you plenty of extra cash to upgrade Ahern at F6 or Smith at D6 (moving O’Riordan to the pine)

      • Thanks Alan. What would you think of this as another option:

        Goddard > Lienart ( O’Roirdan on field )

        Ahern > Macrae

        Next Week:

        Big o > Abbott
        Jacobs > Grundy

  • Hurn or witherden?

  • Even though ahern still may have a bit of cash left to make you can afford to trade him now if it means getting that last rookie off your field, so I’d say get rid of ahern first. I think lienert from port who debuted today is probably your best downgrade option at 199k, which would give you 288K left over if you went ahern to lienert via putting rocky into fwd line and joel smith into the mid. That will give you enough money to go jacobs to grundy.

  • Trade to sicily to:
    1. Dangerfield
    2. Clayton Oliver
    3. Patrick Cripps
    4. Jack Macrae
    5. Anyone other mids or fwds

  • Looks like Knight is really affecting Gibbs’ role and scoring.

    Without Knight in the team Gibbs averages 109, but with him he averages 85.5

    Hopefully he gets out of the team asap

  • Early trade plans:

    Ahern (last rookie on field) to Adams
    Spargo to Lienert (via DPP)

    Leaves me with basically no cash but gives me a ‘completed team’. Need to find a way to get Danger into my forward line for Taranto and upgrade Neale over the coming weeks

  • Footywire lists the probability of Heeney achieving his BE of 124 as 9%, but this is clearly wrong. It’s 0.03%.

  • grundy or martin? Obvious would be grundy, but what is making my decision hard is grundy’s high BE and the fact martin is 100k less than grundy?

    Do any of you lads have any advice of what I should do?

  • Thoughts on these trades;

    JOM to Adams
    Crisp to Whitfield

    Actually should of got rid of crisp weeks ago just looks like he is not going in hard enough.

  • Who goes first for Macrae, Sidebottom or Gibbs

  • Def: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Simpson, Whitfield (O’Riordan, Smith)

    Mid: Titch, Cogs, Kelly, Merrett, Crouch, Beams, Redden, Oliver (Freeman, Sier)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron, Abbott)

    Fwd: Smith, Danger, McLean, Rockliff, Westhoff, Menegola (Narkle, Mihocek)

    Stuck with what to do next. Thinking of upgrading Redden to Gaff for 1 trade.


    • jesus are you ranked #1? that team is perfect. i’d maybe consider trading kade if he’s a bit sore after the hip bump. damn dude you have literally the team i’m hoping to have in 4 weeks.

    • Don’t trade Redden, he’s been averaging 130 for the last 3. That is a gun team and I really wouldn’t know what to do either. Maybe just get some cash in case one of your premiums gets injured.

      • +1

        I know they have money to make still, but I can’t see anywhere that needs upgrading straight away, so cash in on Smith & Sier/Narkle/Mihocek to the cheapest playing rookies this week

  • is… is robbie gray back? did anyone see the game? need to upgrade my last rookie (ahern) at F6, my only other option is Crozier…

  • Hey all,

    Would like some advice please.

    Team is as follows.

    Yeo, Whitfield, Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Goddard (O’R, Lynch)

    Titch, Cogs, Neale, Zerrett, Taranto, Kelly, Dusty, Ahern (Giro, Clarke)

    Gawn, Stef (Cameron, Abbott)

    Smith, Westy, McLean, Wingard, Buddy, Rocky (Wilson, Lewis)

    Current trades are Giro and Ahern out for Polson and Schuey??
    Need to trade Goddard, Crisp and Taranto but feel Ahern needs to go 1st.
    Could trade both Ahern and one of Goddard/Crisp this week??


    • How about Crisp & Goddard to Witherden/Brayshaw & Lienart and play O’Riordan at D6 as he looks likely to score as much as them?

      Then you’ll have some extra cash to upgrade Ahern/Giro next week

  • Currently don’t have the cash to upgrade Ahern to anyone other than De Goey, Lambert etc. Is it worth doing a double downgrade this week and then upgrading Ahern next week with a biger budget??

  • Should I downgrade Crisp to Leinert? Or that just a silly step backwards. Crisp has been so putrid since I got him in…

  • Had a terrible week and dropped down about 500 spots out of the top thousand.

    DEF: Laird, Brayshaw, Yeo, Lloyd, Hurley, Doedee, (O’Riordan, Lynch)
    MID: Titch, Gaff, Zerrett, Neale, Whitfield, Phillips, Parker, T Kelly, (Sier, J Smith)
    RUCK: Grundy, Gawn, (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Danger, Westhoff, McLean, Wingard, Taranto, (Ahern, Apeness)
    $97k remaining.

    Pretty simples trades for me this week.

    Apeness –> Forward/Ruck rookie (Any suggestions?)
    Doedee –> Crouch (via DPP with Whitfield)

    I can’t really think of any better trades than that. Does anyone have other suggestions?

  • Coniglio, Macrae or Gaff?
    Thinking Macrae next week because of the big BE. Going Coniglio would save me some $$ but Gaff is a good POD and higher ceiling.
    Thoughts? I’ll be going to Macrae next week anyway

  • Who to upgrade first out of Sauce, Fritsch or Savage?

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Whitfield, Lloyd, Brayshaw, O’Riordan (Smith, Morgan)
    MID: Titch, Oliver, Selwood, Pendles, Sidebum, Zerrett, Zorko, Telly, (Sier, Clarke)
    RUCK: Gawn, Witts (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Danger, Heeney, Hogan, Rocky, Wingard (Narkle, Wilson)
    $344k remaining

    Banked some $$ last week to upgrade Witts & Telly to Grundy & Macrae, but the former 2 scored a lot better and have much easier games this week, so I’m going to hold off for now. Looking to upgrade Smith down back, and putting O’Riordan back to the bench, as well as getting in someone for Hogan who has 4 tough games to round out the year.

    Have 1.2 mill to get 1 DEF and 1 FWD keeper, so it’s McLean vs Witherden basically

    1 – McLean & 587k DEF (Tuohy or Crozier)
    2 – Witherden & 570k FWD (Franklin or …)

  • DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Brayshaw, Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson (Burton, Lynch)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Selwood, Cripps, McLean, Rockliff (Smith, Sier)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Jones, Abbott)
    FWD: Smith, Dangerfield, Westhoff, Menegola, Wingard, Heeney (Ahern, McInerney)

    My plan this week is Mundy and Burton out for Oliver and O’Riordan, which leaves me with $50k. I’m tempted by Gaff over Oliver, but worried that he might cop the Jacobs and Banfield tags over the next couple of weeks. Any better options?

  • Should I trade Savage to Witherden/Whitfield or Fritsch to Dunkley? Fritsch is the last rookie on ground but Savage has not been scoring any better.

  • Fooz

    Watching Doedee’s recovery closely. I would like to move on Tom Phillips, but he’s still outscoring Doedee

    ATM, without much thought
    Doedee -> Witherden
    Ahern -> Venables (if he keeps his spot).

    If there’s a FWD rookie coming through with decent JS, that’d be good, then I could go Doedee > Whitfield…

  • Stuart

    D: Laird, Whitfield, Brayshaw, Yeo, Lloyd, Savage (O’Riordan, J.Smith)
    M: Titch, Kelly, Merrett, Danger, Neale, E.Curnow, Parker, Dusty (Ahern, Sier)
    R: Gawn, Nank (Cameron, Abbott)
    F: Devon, Hoff, Menegola, Rocky, McLean, Heeney (Narkle, Wilson)

    Got $63k, Thinking Smith to Lienert and Savage to Witherden. Leaves $41k
    Barring injuries I will be looking at downgrading Ahern to go Nank to Grundy next week

  • Paddy Cripps has an easy run home for here – Why do ppl prefer Oliver? Will Cripps get rested??

  • Just realised that Tim Kelly is quietly putting together one of the greatest 1st seasons for a DT player too..

    From what I could see only Greene (96.2), Zorko (95.7), Titch (90.2) and Selwood (85.5) are ahead of Telly’s 85.2, and if he can keep up his post bye average of 107, he could almost knock Mitchell out of the top 3..

  • Down grade targets in the forward line (to hopefully play otherwise no bench cover) for Giro to make cash. Looking to make Savage either Lloyd or Witherden. Currently have 0k (literally).

  • fellas need help,

    1) Doedee –> whitifield and play mciinerney/cameron

    2) naitanui –> grundy/martin and play o’riordan

    stick in a little dilemma so help will be greatly appreciated

  • Kelly, Zerrett or Macrae this week? I hope to get all three eventually, but who is most likely to be immediate value/deliver on expectations?

    • wait a week or two on macrae, I’m thinking zerret, his BE is 99 whereas Kellys is 136

      • BE of the player is not relevant if they are gonna be keepers. Get whoever you think can score the most from here on Aaron. Macrae goes well versus Port at Ballarat.

        That said, the only argument for holding of getting Macrae might be because you intend to get him cheaper the week after. By then, who knows? You might have missed one thumping score, and have other unforeseen carnage.

        • yeah, I meant because Kelly will be cheaper hopefully to pick up later, and zerret will rise, making it harder to get him in weeks coming. But thats only if your struggling for cash

    • Get Kelly mate
      VS Saints should go well.

      Zerrett could cop a tag
      Macrae should be good to, he was very average on the weekend vs West coast tho I barely noticed him

  • Hi Everyone..I’ve got two trade ideas just not sure which to go with.

    Ive still got 2 rookies on field so my first thought was downgrade Mihochek,field O’Riordan,upgrade Sier(to Walters,Petracca)1 rookie left on field

    2nd idea..Unfortunately I’ve still got Seedsman(His low Rookie scores are driving me mad)
    So downgrade Seedsman to Lienert(bench)..Upgrade Sier to Premo Fwd or Midfilder,Field Mihochek and O’Riordan

    Help please Cheers

  • Hey lads. Sitting at 46 after jumping 50 spots. Desperate to win a hat so am looking for to the community for some much needed advice…. I have no idea what to do with this team:

    Laird, Lloyd, Bradshaw, Yeo, Whitfield, Witherden (O’Riordan, J Smith)

    Mitchell, Kelly, Merrett, Selwood, Oliver, Gibbs, Adams, Rockliff (Kelly, Freeman)

    Gawn, S Martin (Cameron, Flynn)

    Smith, Dangerfield, Menegola, McLean, Wingard, Heeney (Ahern, Wilson)


    Best to trade a forward, being rocky into the FWD line and then complete the mids (Gaff, Macrae, Crouch). Thanks

  • will ben jacobs play this week? if so what eagle will he tag?

  • Finally moved into the top 100! Rank 98.

    Team is:

    DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Brayshaw, Yeo, LLoyd, Hurn (Lynch, Smith)
    MID: Titch, Gaff, Zerrett, Kelly, Cogs, Crouch, Neale, T Phillips (Sier, Wilson)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Cameron, Abbott)
    FWD: Smith, Hoff, Rocky, McLean, Billings, Heeney (Battle, Clarke)

    Brought in Billings last week due to form, happy for now.

    Who to get this week out of Macrae or Oliver?
    Thinking towards Oliver, due to Macrae sucking on the weekend and he took a big hit from Hurn and played forward a lot after that. I think he could be sore still, thoughts anyone?

    Smith – Leinhart
    Tom Phillips – Oliver

    Then looking to get Neale to Macrae, and either Billings or Heeney to Danger.


  • Laird/ Lloyd/ Brayshaw/ DBJ/ O’Riordan/ doedee (j smith/ lynch)
    Titch/ gaff/ Cong/ beams/ yeo/ zerrett/ Phillips/ Heeney (ahern/ Sier)
    Gawn/ goldy (crossley/ Cameron)
    D smith/ westy/ McLean/ Taranto/ rocky/ Wingard (battle/ keeffe)

    268k in the bank

    Thought of doedee and Heeney out for

    1) witherden and Adams and 76k left
    2) Whitfield and Adams and 7k left

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Whitfield, Sicily (Lynch, O’Riordan)
    MID: Mitchell, Kellly, Sidebottom, Coniglio, Cripps, Merrett, Crouch, Heeney (Smith, Sier)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Dangerfield, McLean, Smith, Wingard, Rockliff, Ronke (Ahern, Narkle)

    Cash: $129k

    Currently have gone Sicily to Brayshaw and McInerney to Frampton/Abbott. Leaving $251k to get Ronke off field next week.

  • Lambert v Dunkley?

    Dunkley: 0.6% ownership. Last 5 of 74, 112, 109, 99, 104
    Lambert: 2.6% ownership. Last 5: 89, 114, 104, 80, 94

  • Who goes first lads? Boak, Tatanto or Buddy?.. Why?..

    • Great question James…I ditched Taranto 3 weeks back now. He had 2 good scores & last week back to average again. Boak seem pretty consistent 80s-90-s, but never really goes big. Bud just seems below his best, at least in fantasy terms. I’d go Bud…but there’s always the risk the moment he goes, he’ll come good and smash out some 140-150s. If you don’t think Buddy will come good starting this week he should go, otherwise, I’d lean toward Taranto.

  • crisp to witherden
    parker to pendles

    • Based on the last 3 weeks, Crisp to Witherden would’ve got you 54 more points per week.
      Parker to Pendles is a 7 point diff.

  • Crisp to Witho 100% man

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Whitfield, Brayshaw, Crisp (O’Riordan, Rice)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, J.Kelly, Coniglio, Macrae, Crouch, Beams, Martin (Sier, J.Smith)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn
    FWD: D.Smith, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Mclean, Wingard, Heeney (Ahern, Wilson)

    Cash: $29k

    Is upgrading Crisp the best option here (Simpson, Witherden, Hurn)?

    • RUC Bench English, Cameron

      • Nice team, I would agree that crisp is the lesser on field. in order I would choose witherden, hurn and simpson only as I suspect simpson may be carrying an injury this week, if he is name I would go for him 1st choice due to ceiling.

        alternatively,you could keep crisp for a week and could cash in a couple of rooks for some cash for next week in case of injury and/or reports depending on your league position?

  • Who to trade out first Giro or Ahern and who to? 254k in the bank ;)

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