AFL Team Sheets Round Four

Welcome back for week four of team sheets; thankfully this week hasn’t presented too much in terms of carnage, although a few missing premiums may cause headaches for some unlucky coaches. Key outs include Gary Ablett (Mid $817,000) with an indefinite hamstring, Josh Kelly (Mid $780,000) missing through groin soreness and Taylor Adams (Mid $702,000) who tweaked a hamstring at training during the week. Other players set to miss this week are Liam Ryan (Fwd $323,000)Lachlan Murphy (Def $238,000), Jack Higgins (Fwd/Mid $247,000) who has been omitted and Sam Powell-Pepper (Mid $488,000) serving a club imposed one week suspension.

Big ins this week include West Coast spearhead Josh Kennedy (Fwd $575,000), Cam O’Shea (Def $237,000), Zac Bailey (Mid $242,000) and Essendon debutant Matt Guelfi (Fwd $170,000). Darcy Fogarty (Fwd/Mid $270,000) returns for the Crows whilst Toby Greene (Fwd $659,000) comes back in this week for the Giants. Capping off this weeks inclusions is James Sicily (Def/Fwd $534,000) who comes in after serving his one week suspension for kneeing Joel Selwood in the head.

Toby Greene returns this week for GWS.

Make sure to keep an eye out as Sunday extended benches will be trimmed and final teams submitted tomorrow. Good luck to everyone this week, as always feel free to create discussion in the forum below, or you can contact me on twitter @JelmsDT if you have any questions.

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  • I was gonna trade Taranto, but with Kelly out, will he get more CBA’s?

    • You’ve got to be thinking long term. Kelly isn’t going out forever, so what are your plans for when he returns?

    • Looks like he will have a few more CBA’s than last week, but this could only be a one week remedy depending on how long Kelly is out for.

  • Jelms,
    Managed to avoid all the carnage and have 7 bench players playing this week.
    2 questions. Hold or trade Zerrett?
    Who’s the best fwd rook to bring in Waterman, Crowden Le Guelifi?
    Waterman leaves me 23k Crowden 82k Guelifi 112k.
    At this stage I’ve gone Zerrett to Coniglio.

    • With Liam Ryan gone, Waterman surely holds his spot for the foreseeable future even with Kennedy back, & he was everywhere last week. That score means a serious price increase for a few weeks. Re: fwd rooks that’s your best bet :)

    • Waterman is expensive. Sure, he’s got a 90 in his price cycle, so he might go up quickly, but the additional cost you’re paying to bring him in is less money you have to upgrade with.

    • I’m all for moving Zach on and bringing in Coniglio, great move. Regarding a forward rookie, I think Crowden and Rategulea are your two best options.

  • Mitch Duncan not good enough to make the list of big ins?

  • Not in my team, yet!!
    But Rocky picked on the ball,
    Could he be a one week experiment??
    Anyone else thinking this?

    • What I’m thinking is … you can’t keep a good Pig down!
      No doubt we all did the right thing trading him out of our teams. But I reckon he’ll build back up to good form and wouldn’t be at all surprised if he becomes a top fantasy forward 🐷

  • With SPP not playing that is!

  • Has anyone heard anything about whether Coffield is likely to make the cut this weekend? Was looking at trading out ZGL and Rayner for Ratugolea and Coffield via Sicily DPP…but if hes not playing maybe Rat and Crowden?

  • Get Fyfe and crowden, then play waterman F6
    Get Walters/McLean and O’Shea, then play Holman M8?

    Thoughts guys??

    • Now sure about Waterman on the field and you should probably have Holman on there anyway.

    • I like McLean and Holman at M8, however I don’t love O’Shea, have you got the cash to go up to Coffield ?

  • Really stuck on what trades i should look at doing this week, 41k in the bank

    Suggestions would be appreciated

    Thinking of going

    Ryan- Rata then Merrett- Lyons/fyfe

    But now with Kelly out, should i hold kelly and still do the same trades??

    Cant stand merrett anyone, saying that watch him go 120 this week

    Laird, Hibbered, Lloyd, Finlayson, Murray, Doedee( Pearce, Z.Guthrie)

    Tmitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Jelwood,Neale, Bradshaw, T. Kelly, Holman(Banfield, Barry)

    Martin, Gawn( Cameron, Meek)

    Billings, Heaney, Mclean, Gowers, ryan, Fritsch( rayner, Waterman)

  • Please help me fill a competitive league to commence this weekend… RD2TFVXT

  • Thoughts on Guelfi

    • Don’t love his JS, one of those blokes I’d like to see actually play a game at AFL level before taking the punt.

    • Bobo

      Go to the AFL site and click on the Essendon logo
      That’ll take you to the
      Worsfold says he’s a mature aged type whose played two years of senior footy at WAFL
      He’s versatile and he intends to play him in numerous roles – wing/half back/half forward
      Forward rookies are very slim pickings so worth the punt🤔
      Best of luck

  • I reckon things could get nasty tomorrow afternoon with both Barry and Fritsch both on the extended interchange bench after both having a quiet week.

    • Yeah, I quite like Barry to Coffield and playing Waterman at F6 – gets around the rookie backline merry go round if you add Coff to the mix, play the standard D4-6 (Finlayson, Murray, Doedee).

      Though if Barry makes the cut thinking Naughton to Coff, to start him might be a better move, given torrential rain in Radelaide

      Gone Kelly to Gibbs (over Danger) with my other trade

    • Both had relatively quiet weeks, but I reckon they hold their spots, surely they’re both backed in following important wins for their clubs.

  • I don’t have any real big issues this week. Should I fix up some on field players billings and Neale to Gibbs and petrecca. Or my bench players Ryan and O’Connor to coffield and ratugolea.

    • Why would you sideways trade Premiuns like Neale that are playing alright when you’ve got Ryan on the bench not making you money?

    • If u need a win go the first if ur thinking long term and hsve the bench cover do no 2

    • Fix up your bench first, a season is a long time and it’ll feel especially longer when you’re without cash generation for upgrades!

  • Thoughts on Fritsch named on the extended bench this week? Any chance he misses out on the best 22?

    • Yeah, I’m worried about that too, especially with Weideman named.

      It’s not a big deal, he’ll be back, but it has other implications.

    • Only a slight concern, should be right to go and Goodwin likes what he brings to the team up forward.

  • laird, savage, tomlinson guthrie, doodle, finlayson (pearce, murray)

    mitchell, adams, kelly cripps, tarranto, kelly, holman, barry( Banfield, brayshaw)

    gawn, Jacobs (english, cameron)

    Heeney, green, smith, christensen, fritsch, ryan (rioli, rayner)

    got a bit of trouble but have 441k in the bank do i:

    kelly adams to danger and gibbs leaves me with 272k in the bank

    adams to one of them and ryan to the rat leaves me with 419k to do a upgrade downgrade next week, dunno if i should sell the farm or not, any thoughts appreciated will give em back

    • Hold one of Kelly/Adams and trade the other to Danger/Hunter/Cogs/Gibbs/Fyfe – I would trade Adams, because I suspect that his role is less useful for Fantasy this year.

      I would then trade Ryan for someone like Franklin/McLean (depending on how much cash from trade 1) – leaves your Fwd line looking pretty. Make sure you check who makes final cut for teams tomorrow PM, as Fritsch/Barry could be in trouble.

      If so, my advice would be sideways one of those premiums, suck up playing one of Rioli/Rayner for a week and blow the farm to upgrade Barry to maybe Fyfe/Hunter

  • trade or hold merret??

  • who goes first Merrett or Treloar?

  • I’ve got Ablett, Adams & Kelly.
    Not looking for help, just wanted to whinge.
    I’m in RDT. So limited trades as well

    • Sorry to hear that Will, pretty unlucky to lose three premo mids so early in the season!

      • heh, started the year with what I thought was a decent midfield, only titch has given me no headaches so far. zerret, Kelly, mcrouch and beams.

        still have zerret, billings and b ellis I cannot trade out due to forced trades weekly.

        but on a positive note, how about this years crop of rooks?

        I can’t remember a year when we had so many choices preforming.

  • Michael Barlow still can’t get a guernsey… Geez that was a smart Rd 3 draft pick! haha

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