Lockout Week – Ep. 182

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The most popular players in AFL Fantasy Classic put together in one team.


  • good podcast boys thanks for the pointers before lock out

  • Great podcast guys!

  • Fyfe or Whitfield

    • Whitfield

    • A choice many of us might be left with as there is only so much we can spend. I am still trying to fit Ehitfield, Parker and Fyfe in but two is likely. Just for the lower risk i would go Fyfe if just one

  • Good team, that is.

  • Very competitive league.TPF6HDAJ. seeking a challenge.Fanatics!

  • I liked the way everyone avoided talking about the fact that Rocket only plays Supercoach! ;-)

    • He has a Fantasy team too!

      • I know the site is only based on Fantasy these days Warnie but can you guys do an RDT spin off?? RDTtalk has a nice ring to it ;)

        • I don’t even have time to manage my own team, let along RDT. Haven’t played for a couple of years.

          • Fair enough mate. I love ya Warnie but i dont doubt for a second that “your mum” has an RDT team ;)

          • I’ve been playing for a couple of years and it’s starting to explain the hair loss like rocket as well.

          • If Pat had a team, it’d be AFL Fantasy. Not even enough time to make that happen.

          • Hey warnie. Legend! Great podcast- but how serious do you reckon we need to be about dropping devon smith? Is the risk of more half fwd time and lower scores just too much to keep him for his under priced value?
            FYI- ive currently punted him for heeney but its created structural havoc across my other lines


  • any Doedee news ? he’s in alot of teams and word is he wont be picked ?!

  • When is the fantasy app going to work, and what does the developer do in the 5months between seasons other than not working on the app?

    • its been working for 2 months. maybe you need the new one ?!

      • New update is terrible
        Still haven’t integrated assistant coach features like they said
        Took away player name search
        Half the screen goes black when trying to swap players which is a massive pain in itself especially for coaches like me who have to have players sorted by price.

        • Yep, this “update” looks like a backwards step.

          Can’t believe they may searching for a player even harder!

          And the screen glitch is very annoying too.

      • Im running latest version of it (android) and i cant trade, view my league, plus other simple functions.

  • Elliot Yeo or Michael Hibberd?

      • I also thinking Yeo. People seem to be jumping off board, but I feel like he can be better than last year. Yes i agree West Coast as a team will do worse but Yeo has a lot of potential. And he’s very young.

        In the end I think Yeo and Hibberd will be in the top 6 backs. So toss a coin

  • Elliot Yeo or Michael Hibberd?

  • Is Fogarty worth the risk?

    If no who is a good replacement, already have Fritcsh, Ryan, Giles-Langdon & Rayner

    • Stephenson of collingwood has been strongly touted for debut rd 1 by bucks himself. Will cost 20k extra but he may have more js than fogs who will disappear once Tex returns most likely

  • Very true. Stephenson is a worry, but jacko already has all the other obvious choices for rookies in the fwd line. Not sure who else to recommend…….

  • I have waterman myself as f8. He should stay in until at least r3, so he should make some coin. Im not touching venables until he shows something solid form-wise. He really sucked in JLT. Keefe has been in and out for me. Could fill a hole in def for GWS, and score 30-50 probably. If you’ve got sic-dog in def, keefe could be a handy link-man too.
    Of all of them i’d go waterman currently, just because he is likely to play for a few weeks and make some coin. Scoring wise, who knows. Depends on his supply from mids….
    All the other names you mentioned above would be better field starters than waters, keefe or vulnerables

  • Im playing 4 rookies in backline and because of that 5 premiums in mid and 3 in fwd + Petracca,
    If it’s stupid but it works is it still stupid?

    • What are your rooks?

      Im currently playing 3 in fwd and 3 in back.

    • The issue here is that generally the midfield produces the most points and so this is where the most cash is lilely to be made from cash cows. So if making money is your goal then it makes sense to load up with rookie mids (or ones you think may be underpriced eg JOM).
      Rookies = cash (buy ’em, fatten ’em up and sell ’em!)

  • Christensen (F4) and Sicily (D3)


    Yeo (D3) and Fogarty (F5)

    • Christenson & Sicily IMO
      Yeo could be great … but he’s not called Yo-yo for nothing. And I don’t have confidence in Fogarty’s job security, not convinced he’ll be selected once Tex comes back.

  • sic +52k or smith + 0k at f3?

  • Few spots left in a RDT League if anyone wants to join.
    Code: 852001

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