Round 13 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The daily fantasy wagering game is going great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.

Plenty of cash to be won this weekend with Moneyball.

  • AFL $7,000 North Melbourne vs St Kilda Special
  • AFL $5,000 Saturday Slam Special
  • AFL $1,500 Richmond vs Sydney Special
  • AFL $1,500 Port Adelaide vs Brisbane Special
  • AFL $1,500 Gold Coast vs Carlton Special
  • AFL $2,000 Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne Special



  • Barrett’s turn to put in a poor rookie score?

    • Looks that way..

      At the moment, it’s a competition between Stef Martin and Barrett as to which score gets dropped off from my playing 19

  • Fuck Brisbane. Rockliff, Stef and Barrett are shit c**ts.

  • Waste of a trade based on site obsession… season defining stuff up

  • Rocky unlucky. But joel selwood for me is -3. 48 points!!!! I’ll let him off because of last week a normal player woulda called it a night after the 1st quarter when his head got opened. Man its gonna be a awful round for most

  • Zorko will be probably be tagged by GWS next week.

    • Interesting thought… that would possibly mean Rocky racks up the points.

      Zorko was the only saviour in that game. Rocky and Stef very disappointing.

  • tbh lol to all the people saying sel the farm to get the pig and doin evrything they could to get him, not the smartest move ive ever seen. Had zorko as captain so hes a jet

  • Swapped captain from Docherty to Rocky last minute, haha sums up my weekend. Time for a beer or ten !!

  • It’s incredible the hate that Rocky gets purely because Roy, Warnie and Calvin absolutely love him.

  • Loving Capt. Doc, 97 half time.

  • Doc is heading towards being snouted! What a legend, shame I don’t have him

  • Last season: don’t get rocky straight after his injury – pumps out 180.
    This season: just bring him in or you’ll miss out again, especially against Fremantle – rocky shits his pants

  • Is there a way to check your previous weekly ranking in AFL fantasy, and see how many places you have improved or dropped?

  • oh man, thought id dodged a bullet not putting rocky as cap, but i walked into another putting ablett as cap. fml

  • Fuck this game. Hall shit. Rockliff shit. Buddy shit. Barlow injured.

  • Hope it isn’t the end Barlow.

    Greatest Fantasy Rookie of all time.

  • Tough week! Par score will be about 1650 I reckon.

    • That’s what I’m on for. Hoping par’s a little lower…

      Currently sitting on 1581 with Macrae and Dahlhaus, but will drop 117 pts (assuming both my dogs get into the 60s).

    • 1650 would be a good score I think. Parr maybe 1600. I was set up really well for this round but now hoping for 1750. There is going to be some really poor scores like 1400.

  • F**K I Love Carlton!!!!!!

  • Haha everyone is so salty over Rockliff. I have him too unfortunately though, decided to keep him for the three weeks….

    • I have some major problems atm. Rockliff, Barlow and Stef to name just a few. Somehow still in top 1000.

    • People carrying on over Rockliff is pathetic, the bloke is an absolute utter gun, no respect at all towards one of the greats, he like Gablett will have a bad game now and then, it’s normal, f**k man.

      • He was on the bench for a ten minute stint in the 3rd though. Definitely not quite right…

        • Also, only 59% ToG. He’d normally be at least 75% I would’ve thought. If whatever ails him isn’t somewhat better by next week I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a rest.

        • Heard he was spewing his guts up on the sidelines at one stage, must’ve been crook, lucky we got the score we did imo.

          • Hopefully, it’s just one of those 1-2 day bugs, then he should be close to normal by next week.

        • He was crook and versing the team he scores lowest against in Adelaide. He’ll be good next week, not worth all the drama.

  • Don’t have Barlow this year but feel for those who do. And the bloke himself too… Season over, poor bugger

  • 1667 from 17 Inc ablett as cap. Just macrae to go, should go 1770ish. Ablett cap, rocky, Martin and Willis letting me down bad this week. Lucky I had zorko and docherty

  • Is there any way we can send a message of support from the fantasy community to Michael Barlow. What a guy.

  • Need more than three trades now. Can’t fix Hall, EVW or Steele with Barlow and Scooter gone. And then there’s Rocky.

    16 out 17 played for 1592. Stay safe Dahl. Thanks for the memories Micky.

  • 1353 with Hibberd, Dal, Macrae and Hannan to come. (1694 if they hit there average)

    RIP Gaz Captain (Fantasy)

    RIP Rocky Captain (RDT)

    Took Menegola over Barlow

    Good Luck in 2018!

  • Week from hell, have Rocky, steph Martin, Barlow, Scooter and buddy, what a shocking round. Should hit 1700 or just under, could have been worse I guess.

    • Brother i have Stef Rocky Bud Scooter Barlow and Hall plus bought in Newnes over Lloyd .. so yeah you could have done a lot worse..

  • I have the same set of players, except Buddy. But then throw in under-performing Newnes, Touhy, Hanneberry, Parker, Witts, Marchbank, and this could have been a really shit round.

    Thankfully, captain Docherty makes my score looks respectable.

    Heading for 1750 with Dahlhaus to come.

  • Terrible Sunday morning score after missing all the footy

    Only 18 so all scores kept and 1436 with Dahl and Hannan to come

    Doch, Newman, Danger (VC – damn greed), Murphy and Heeney held their own as well as Mountford/PP

    Thumbs down Rocky (C), Beams, Martin and Nank (now stuck at R3 with forced trades)

    Thanks and good luck on recovery to Scooter and Barlow

  • It always amazes me, the way the coaches are so critical about the players that they chose. If you bring in a injury prone player and he breaks down or is playing in safe mode, guess what you picked him. So stop complaining about it. No player is a must have, unless you are satisfied that the player, role and his team, tick all the boxes. The criticism will come, for example what rank are you, who cares. For argument sake, I was just under 10000 before the byes and after the byes should be in the top 1000. Never owned Rocky or Merrett (this week he will be). Most of the advice you will get on this site is, given with good intentions, but realistically the coaches are sheep flock minded and regurgitate word by word information. Good luck.

    • Shouldn’t be too amazed when you’re on a website that has a premise pretty much of being a place to brag or whinge about fantasy football. I mean that’s why people come here…

      • Lol ++1 so true, all i can say to ‘brag’ is to the ppl the said i was stupid not to get rocky after his bye, yeh look who is laughing now ;) Picked up zorko which has been a revelation of a move as i knew he would be a top 6 mid anyway so he has been a absoulte gun in my side as captain, everyone giving bad advice should really consider what they say before they ‘reccomend’ trades so confidently ahahaha

        • Wow man you want a medal?

          • nah just laughin at how salty u are buddy

          • How am I salty? You just sound stupid going on about how smart you are since your trades worked out for you this week… sometimes trades don’t work, sometimes they do. What was the bad advice that was given exactly?

          • um the bad advice was obviously saying its a must have to get rocky and for everyone to get him? just sayin sorry if u feel it wasnt a bad decision but that just my opinion

          • When you posted your team last week you left him off your list of 10 studs although he scored 131 and was your captain? Bullshit amigo

          • Kids. Good pick up tho

    • Mate get off your high horse. Rocky was averaging 127, and had a BE of 130. He has consistently scored BIG scores on return from injury, and there was no mention of the shoulder injury lingering (until after the game).

      This week he was crook and vomitting all game. All of that is luck and goes against previous trends. He could have easily gone 130+ in both these games and be at a price of 730k+, and unobtainable for all of you who decided not to get him. It’s a game of luck, and you got lucky not picking Rocky. Don’t act like you’re some kind of genius and saw this coming lol.

  • simon mate cmon u give out the worst advice, get walters aha how did that go big fella, um not me different guy but whatever mate ur a crab at fantasy