Round 21 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


  • AFL $7,000 Bulldogs vs Magpies Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $5,000 Saturday Champion ($200 entry) 19 spots only, Top 10 Win
  • AFL $6,000 Saturday Slam Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $6,000 Sunday Funday Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $2,000 Saturday Specky Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Hawks vs Kangaroos Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Saints vs Swans Special
  • AFL $1,000 Power vs Demons Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $2,000 Bombers vs Suns Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Dockers vs Crows Special ($10 entry)



  • anyone having trouble sub trading in afl fantasy tonight?

    • T.adams.!!! Absolute Muppet. Brought him in 3 weeks ago and now he pretends he’s never played afl! Joke,absolute Joke!!Done nothing but drag my team down. Top 500 in fantasy for this joker! Never again!!!!!!!!

      • Averaging 105 over the last 3, and gets 80 with a niggling injury AND playing in defence.. What more do you want?


    which option>

    1) Gray>Lynch(crows) and Scully>Sidey/Viney/Jones/Jelwood

    2) Reid>125k +Hanley>simmo/Boyd

  • Latest article about Danger possibly playing deep forward, is this a concern for captaincy or nothing to worry about ?

    • Nah, he’ll just kick 10 and rest in the midfield.

      I’m tempted to pick a Friday Captain for the first time in years. Hunter or Adams… must resist…

  • Sloane or danger?

  • which 2 to bring in out of roo, gray, hall and dahlhaus? Still unsure because while roo is great there’s a chance of rest, gray was poor and doesn’t have a good run. Hall could be great especially with essendon this week. At this stage I’ve got dahl in for sure due to price and I think he’ll be great especially with their run. Thoughts?

  • Bit stuck lads, any help would be appreciated!
    I only have 4K and was thinking maybe Stef to Gawn but I don’t wanna regret it, thanks!!

    DEF: Shaw, Bartel, Simpson, Laird, Docherty, Cowan (Hammelmann, Newman)
    MID: Neale, Lewis, Dangerfield, Parker, Sidebottom, Steven, Rockliff, T.Mitchell (Gore, Foote)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Martin (A.Smith, Pittonet)
    FOR: Martin, Montagna, Merrett, Zorko, R.Gray, Silvagni (Close, Apeness)

  • cheers bucks for playing adams in defence, there goes my hopes for the 25k

  • Thanks Grundy justifying my Naismith trade which puts me in a handy lead in my final

  • Went Scully>Sidey this week and Sidey was 72 at Half time to only get 91 is f**king pathetic. Can’t get 28 points with a picken tag.

    Bloody hope my trade of Gray>Lynch pays off.

  • Ballantyne to west coast??? WTF

  • Good night last nights game Co V WBullies, I score 326/3

    Grundy, Hunter and D’house

  • BEZORKO love him and the pig (oink)

  • Two really close league finals this week that I think may come down to captain choice…I left the c on Danger this week while my 2 opponents…you guessed it went with the Pig and with 94 (188 for my opponents) at half time I reckon its fair to say I may well be right up a well known creek without a bloody paddle…Just gotta hope that Danger is on and interested tomorrow…

  • Can this be true?
    12 goals to half time
    move goals than behinds kicked
    Merrett 2 contested marks and only one clanger in a half of footy.

  • had rocky captain, check my app to see Danger captain. brb gonna cry

  • Oh. No. My finals opponent has C on Rocky. I have Danger. Good night

  • Almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Gunston fmdt

  • I was 7 points off the maximum 922 match day points for the Bris Car game.

    D – Simpson, Doc
    M – Rocky(c), Curnow
    R – Kruz
    F – Zork, Robbo

    Kruzer instead of Martin: -4
    Doc instead of Tuohy or Hanley: -3

  • I’ll blame the umpire. 5 frees against for Kruzer. Take 2 of those away I’m only 3 pts off the maximum.

  • Heath F%^&*G Shaw!!! Traded out Vince for Docherty’s 74 which may be bad enough but to think I was contemplating Shaw instead of Vince!!???!! And on top of that Goldstein in for Jacobs?? What a crap week for trade ins on my behalf. Yep, I’m mad!!!

    • lol, and I will stand corrected if he manages a good second half. When I wrote this a few minutes ago he was sitting on only 20 and lowest scoring Giant at around the 30 minute mark of the second quarter:)

  • Isaac Smith <3

  • Is Titchell running with Steven? Great way to run my Mids…

  • Tsk. *ruin*

  • Haha

    Nearly choked on my juice from laughing at the title “Wingard on ice”

    44 players in the game and Wingard is the one to get injured. Fucking marvellous.

  • 1900 with 6 to come. Enright, Danger, Salone, Jelwood, Merret, Dusty.
    If i had Max Gawn over Stef Martin. I’d be confident in topping this round :P

    • Big scores coming up, need Danger to beat Rocky, unlikely :(

    • That is massive! Thought I was sitting pretty on 1951 with Laird, Danger, Merrett and Dusty. May not even move up (1600 before Friday)

  • Into Grand final in one league I am calling it early 1800 with Dusty Danger Z Merret Sloane Menegola Duncan to Play.. my opponent 937 with 11 to go 5 players the same as mine.. Looking at 2300 2390 Happy with that..

  • Also does any1 remember the ruck discussion i brought up a few weeks back. About Rucks for 2017. I was saying Max Gawn was a must pick. Then the 2nd pick was up for grabs. Alot of people were saying Stefin. And some where saying not if Archie Smith is in the team it’ll be the same as when Trent West was there. Well if Brisbanes game was anything too go by, that looks like thats what they’ll be doing. I mean come on, they beat carlton… I don’t think Brisbane will go back to solo rucking when they desprately need a big forward. And if a swapping archie smith from forward to ruck is the best brisbane have then it looks too stay that way. Grundy as number 2? I like him, we can all see improvement, but in the games i’ve seen him play, he gets beat too much for taps. You may say we’ll pick him for his around the ground work. But isn’t that what we all did this year with Stef? I dunno. Open to discussion… (Goldstein could have a better year next year than this) :)

  • Got Duncan against Jelwood in my matchup, any danger Mitch :'(

  • Fuck you danger, that is all.

  • Have u ever seen a bigger flop than Ty Vickery

  • geez, only one in the top 10 that put the c on rocky! c’mon Sloaney I’m counting on you for a big 2nd half!

  • Not happy. Had c on Rocky till I rolled back my team to change my trades. Forgot to make him captain again so ended up with Dangerfield as captain. Bugger. I’ve slipped out of top 1000