The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 9

There will be two categories of people this week. You either had Heath Shaw or Jarrad McVeigh. Goldstein or Gawn. Dea or Mills. McPherson or Petracca. You get the point… Some people will be absolutely laughing, others will be finding a shovel. I’m here to help you find that shovel. Hang on. *Give you a reason to put away that shovel*. It’s time for the weekend wash-up!



Tippett (129) – There was sound logic behind selecting Tippett this season, and those 9% who have need a round of applause! That’s a brave pick, but he continues to dominate in the ruck and up forward. Considering the struggles of our other popular rucking options, this form can’t go unnoticed! He’s proved me wrong this season, gun.

Sidebottom (131) – Sidey is all class with his disposal, and Collingwood know it! They get the ball in his hands as much as possible which is exactly what you want from a Fantasy perspective. He has a 6 round average of 117, yet is still owned by under 5% of teams. Come on people! Top 8 midfielder for sure.

Duncan (122) – I’ve had my reservations for Mitch, but this was clearly his best performance this season. Not only did he collect plenty of outside ball, he laid 8 tackles! I saw him in plenty of centre bounces and he seemed to be getting amongst the stoppages, which is great news for his owners going forward. Dunc has 6 tons in 9 games this season, an awesome strike rate, yet he’s still priced under $500k! Value for sure. Having said that I’d be targeting top 8 midfielders at this stage of the season, and there’s a few names that would come ahead of Duncan in my long term trade plans.

Currie (90) – At what point do we just decide that Currie is as good as most rucks this season and spend the cash elsewhere? If you’re a Leuenberger owner like me you make that call this week! I’m downgrading Leuey and playing Currie, he looks capable of comfortably averaging 70+. He’s doing more than enough to hold his spot in the side.

Gray (111) – Even though Gray still has a high B.E, I’d be looking at jumping on board in the next week or two. Under $500k for a forward easily capable of averaging 100+ through the midfield. No brainer. He looked fantastic for his 111 this week, he’s back to his best.

Lycett (136) – Boom! I’m still kicking myself for not picking him in Fantasy, but picking him up in my draft league this week made up for that. The ship has well and truly sailed by now, but the Eagles backup ruckman has now averaged 102 in his past 5. More than filling Sinclair’s shoes!

Goldstein (138) – If it wasn’t for a thousand forced trades I would’ve got Goldy in this week. He was always going to monster Carlton’s depleted rucks this week, but that 100 point final half was a thing of beauty. Definitely your number 1 ruck option and good value at $544k. Plus he has a handy Round 15 bye! Legend.

Kerridge (104) – This score cannot be underestimated, it was vital for us! With numerous problems surfacing across our teams (especially Wells) having Kerridge holding up a forward spot will be required until at least the byes. This ton should ensure he keeps making money while he does it. Legend!

Byrne (87) – Sometimes, things just go your way… If he was on your field I couldn’t look at you straight in the eye this week. But hey, you make your own luck! What a fantastic score in a time of need. Legend.

Blakely (91) – Here’s another rookie who stepped up when many of his owners would have been relying on him. I’m sure a score of 60 would have been acceptable, so this is a massive bonus!

Neale (149) – Massive. Neale has added the consistency that his game needed this season, we already knew he had a ridiculous ceiling. Now averaging 113 with a 5 round average of 120, he looks likely to become a top 8 midfielder this season and step into the uber premium category. Well done to those who backed him in! No doubt Fyfe going down, Barlow dropping out and Mundy playing down back has helped him take the next step, he’s now Freo’s main ball winner! Gun.

Cotchin (127) – We tend to wrongfully kick him when he’s down, so it’s only right we give him praise when it’s due. Cotch had 39 disposals and 7 tackles in Richmond’s win over Freo, and his stats shocked me when I looked at his season history. He now has 5 tons in his past 6 games, including 2 scores of over 125! Of course the 57 against Port was less than ideal, but at $519k you could do a lot worse. Consider.

Bugg (108) – I wouldn’t touch him in Fantasy, but Bugg was another inspired draft pickup for me this week! I suspect he’s taken in most leagues, we haven’t gone too deep into the pool. Congratulations if you snagged him late! He looks capable of averaging 80+ this season, which is handy as a defender…

Petracca (106) – Sigh. We all knew he was a beast, but I couldn’t swallow paying over $280k for a ‘first’ year player. Those who did are being rewarded handsomely, he will make a solid F6 until the byes. Great pick! If only he could kick straight…

Steven (138) – I mentioned Steven as a trade target last week and he didn’t disappoint, racking up 40 disposals against the Bombers. He’s now priced at $527k and is an absolute BARGAIN. Steven now has 6 tons this season, incredibly bettered by only Dangerfield and Riewoldt. He does have a 57, but we can write that off thanks to Ben Jacobs. Without that score he is averaging 112… Get on board.

Ross (137) – Seb Ross just continues to get better, now averaging 114 in his past 5 games! To think he started the year at UNDER $400k, we have missed an absolute gem… Well done to the 3% who own him!

Kelly (137) – James kelly delivered in spades for his owners this week, pumping out a huge 137. He has a low score of 82 and is averaging over 100 as a defender, as a McVeigh owner I can tell you I’d love figures like this!!! Jet.

Dea (122) – I feel physically ill. On the back of 48 and 38, Dea looked like he had to go. Somehow he has since averaged 94, do not scratch your eyes. Ninety-Four… That is a joke. He might even make it to $400k, I don’t want to think about it any longer. A salty well done to those who held…

Riewoldt (112) – I have an unhealthy obsession with this bloke… His pure gut running and willingness to get me +12’s (C) every week brings a tear to my eye. 6 tons on the trot and he doesn’t look like slowing down. He’s out of reach at almost $600k, if you’re a non-owner you’re waiting for an injury! He just doesn’t look like having a down day. LEGEND.

GWS – Start making room, because the GWS train is picking up steam with pace. The Bulldogs are no Fantasy pushovers, but they still managed 1895 points with 2 blokes injured for under 10! Where to begin… Their captain Ward (139) is an inspiration, and also great Fantasy value at $530k. Unfortunately he’s unlikely to be a top 8 mid. However Coniglio (136) might be! The similarities between this season and last scared me off, but you can’t argue with his form now. 6 tons on the trot and a 5 round average of 121 is hard to argue with, what a beast. Shiel (122) is also pumping out some huge numbers lately, he just doesn’t quite have the same scoring ceiling as the other blokes. Williams (113) looks brilliant off half back, I reckon he’s still reasonable value at $412k. He is vulnerable to the odd shocker however. Lastly Greene (108) continues to reward his owners faith, returning from injury to post another ton and take his price above $500k. Get some Giants into your team ASAP!

SHAW (176) – Oh. My. God. Wow… It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words, however I think Heath Shaw has just become the perfect Fantasy player. It still doesn’t sound right, but you bet your ass it’s true! I honestly couldn’t imagine being able to watch the Giants without owning Shaw in your team, you’d feel sick. Every single time he drops off for the easy +6. EVERY kick out is taken to himself. And the junk time. My lord the junk time… He added 27 points in the final 3 minutes of the game, because why not? Not to mention he kicked the ball 36 times (Most since 1981) at 100%. I’m scared a tag is coming, but until then let’s enjoy the ride… he should be owned by 100% of players, but paying over $600k for him is simply not an option. LEGEND!



S.Mitchell (53) – Who would’ve thought that tagging Hawthorn’s best midfielder and clearance player might hurt them?! The difference between Mitchell and blokes like Dangerfield around the stoppages is clear. Mitchell relies on his smarts to win the ball, and when he’s allowed time and space he’ll hurt you. However if tagged he doesn’t have the power in his 33 year old legs to break through it. Good luck tagging a bloke in his physical prime such as Danger. Mitch will be great value in a few weeks, if he’s ever allowed to run free again…

Lewis (73) – If Mitchell and the Hawks are to bounce back, they seriously need a lift out of Jordan Lewis. He’s so far out of form he probably wouldn’t get a game in a few AFL sides, it’s hard to fathom. Surely he will bounce back, but in Footy there’s no guarantees. I’m waiting for a vintage 35+ disposal game before considering bringing him in. Not good enough.

McVeigh (58) – Lord give me strength. First half Longmire decided to play McVeigh as a forward. Seriously? He’s not quick, he’s not strong… If anything he’s a great organiser, surely suited to a half back role! He then filled in down back after Ted Richards was concussed, and even that didn’t help. I don’t get it. It’s not like he’s too old. McVeigh is usually reliable for a 95+ average. Now he’s suddenly pumping out 50’s?! Joke. Current owners have to stick with him, I’ve learnt my lesson with Bartel. The rest of the competition will pick up a bargain (If he ever remembers how to find the footy).

T.Mitchell (87) – This could go one of two ways. If you haven’t already heard, Mitchell supposedly played the ‘best’ game of his 48 game career on Friday. Unfortunately for us it was tagging. Does this mean Longmire will start to have faith in him and throw him in the guts? Or will Tom become a permanent tagger for the season… I couldn’t see his talents being wasted in that role for long, but we need him winning the footy again NOW! At $517k you have to hold, let’s just hope he’s released from Longmire’s shackles…

Selwood (70) – Have to say I saw this coming, he does it every year! Death, Taxes and Joel Selwood getting tagged out of a game. He’ll be back to his best soon enough, enjoy the rollercoaster…

J.Smith (46) – I still like Smith’s role, however those first 2 scores look to have been massive outliers. I’ve had him on my field for the past 3 weeks for an average of 56. Hardly worth $200k! Heading to the bench for me this week.

MacPherson (42) – It’s just not fair. MacPherson was on 42 and heading for another solid 70+ score. NOPE. Gone for the season with a knee injury. Awesome. I do love a good forced trade though so cheers Fantasy Gods, there’s no shortage of them. At least he made $25k? Yeah, it doesn’t help the pain at all.

Gaff (44) – Riddle me this. One bloke runs back with the flight of the ball, demonstrating tremendous courage and taking a mark. Another bloke then throws a wild elbow into his face and knocks him out. One team if left a man down and the other has an advantage. Plot twist, the guy who’s stretchered off is the team with a man down. It’s seriously a no brainer, suck up the old footy traditions and get red cards into footy. It should be the easiest decision the AFL make going into next season. You simply can’t argue against it. Reserved for only the worst case scenarios of course. Anyway… Gaff will be a bargain in 2-3 weeks time so get him on your watchlist immediately!

Byrne-Jones (49) – That knee injury looked horrible, but somehow DBJ managed to get back out on the ground on continue to play! Kudos to him for playing on, but unfortunately he’s now leaking cash and should be traded anyway… He’s been great if you snagged him for under $150k!

Menadue (42) – Getting real sick and tired of saying Menadue is ‘due’… Last words I’m writing about him. See ya later.

Walters (61) – If I’m to gamble on a bloke based on a role change, I like to see them play live first. I haven’t watched much of Freo lately, has Walters been a pure mid? Did his role change on the weekend or was it just a bad day? There was merit to trading him, just not at nearly $500k… Not much value in him.

Gawn (47) – Wow, part of me is thankful I missed this clash of the potatoes, another wishes I had seen what happened! Gawn now has three scores under 61 and two over 138. Go figure that… He comes up against Jackson Trengrove next week, surely he can go big again. He owes it! Simply have to get to 80 Maxy…

S.Martin (58) – I usually write these scores down next to a players name, funniliy enough I almost always have to re-check which Martin spudded in that particular week. This week it was Stefan. Do I blame Trent West for this? Sure it’s not ideal, but Stef played with Leuey last season. Is that an excuse to score 16 in the first half? I’ll give you a hint. It’s bloody well not! So far this season he has tonned up against ONE team, Port Adelaide without a ruckman. Disgusting. I’m stuck with him and I’m not happy about it. To think we paid $640k for him… Ugh.

Mohr (10) – If you traded him in, here’s your D8 for the rest of the season… I guess you could have hoped for “Mohr”. *Fist pumps*

Fantasia (40) – If you reckon that was lame, this was lamer. That word doesn’t look right written down but I’ll roll with it, because it fits Fantasia perfectly. The worst thing about this score is that it was recovered late on thanks to him moving back onto a wing! As a proud Hunt/Fantasia double owner, I’m happy to say I recovered some credibility by trading him 2 weeks ago… To McVeigh. F**k it.


Nominations for this weeks stubby can be seen below.

H – H for Headache.

S – S for Seagull.

H – H for Hero.

A – A for Arousing.

W – W for WINNING!

What does that spell?

This Game Sh*ts Me


What could have been. That’s all I seem to ever be saying when it comes to my Fantasy team. Would’ve. Could’ve. Should’ve. Didn’t. I had about 5 trade options last week, most of which involved bringing in Petracca. Of course I ended up picking the worst alternative of the lot and upgraded to Montagna (Now apparently a defender). I had Shaw, huge! BUT didn’t captain him. I chose MacPherson over Mathieson. A few weeks back I traded Dea instead of Mills. WHAT?! Every week I seem to figure out a perfectly logical way of me scoring an extra 200 points, but it never happens. It’s all in the thrill of the chase though, right? And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The Other Bits and Pieces


*When you have 10 forced trades*

2028. Not bad, but not good. Story of my year. It’s going to be vital that we have a clean slate of injuries this week, I’m not sure our squads could survive another week of carnage. As for those players expected to return this week, I’m being careful with my expectations… We could be in for a Thursday of disappointment. There were positives though. Many of the top form players are proving to be the real deal with guys like Conoglio, Riewoldt, Gibbs, Neale and Treloar continuously pumping out huge scores. We may have a very different looking best 22 come finals time! I’m all for change… Good luck rage trading this week, there are a few statements that need to be made.


  • 1958 with ablett, wells, laird and hall on the pine. I’ve got mcveigh as well :(

  • Do I trade menadue for the extra cash and bench McPherson?

    • Need to hear injury report after scans any more than 2-3 weeks Mac has to go

    • As much as I hate Menadue stinking it up, he’s pretty much plateaued in price and his BE is hovering around 46, so he probably wont lose more money and if he could somehow scrape a 60 out, he’ll actually go back up in value to around $250k.

      I’d be looking at upgrading people like Mills, Fantasia, Papley, MAdams etc. as you can get a rookie to produce the scores they are delivering for a lot less.

      • Problem with that is you don’t want to be carrying Menadue through the bye rounds.

        • Don’t want to be carrying Fantasia through any rounds… hard to give advice when can’t see whole team. Menadue is rubbish and you def want all your bench playing, just saying Menadue IS playing every week and has bottomed out in price, so unless he starts pumping out 30’s (in which case he’ll get dropped), he’s only going to stay around that price or go up, where as the other people I mentioned are actually losing money from week to week.

          Also depends what you can do with the money – me trading out De Goey & Mills meant I can pick up Boyd & Mathieson for my bench.

    • I’m not making MacPherson a priority until byes. Have way too many rookies to cull that are worth more.

  • Menadue to Mathieson and Gaff to Coniglio. Thoughts?

    • Wait for further news on Gaff. Adam Simpson’s response to how Andrew Gaff is “How is Andrew Gaff and what is your take on what happened? He’s fine. He’s okay. He’s up and walking around and he’ll fly back tonight. He’ll be okay.”

      If he fails concussion tests he might miss a week, but even if he is out for a week consider using the money you make from your downgrade to upgrade elsewhere and bench Gaff for 1 week

      If we keep sideways trading guys that are out for a week we will never finish our sides

  • Great read as always Matt. Ruggles was a legend for me this week. He may have only scored 58 but his late inclusion saved me and probably quite a few other people a donut

  • Who’s the best defender who’s not called shaw, docherty, Vince for the rest of the year?

  • Why wasn’t Aaron Young in the legends

  • mills and kent > broad and gray, thoughts?

    • I’d wait another week on Gray. Broad who?

    • I like it, but Broad is risky because he’s only been listed as an emergency once in 9 games, so there’s a chance he’ll sit at D8 for the rest of the season wasting a bench spot. If you really think he’ll get games, do it – otherwise pick a player you think might get games.
      Collins for Freo could be a good one at <$140k will get games with Zac Dawson bound to get weeks, Pearce breaking his leg and Ross giving younger players a chance…

      • stop telling everyone that one bro was my sneaky downgrade target this week haha spot on tho should get a gig for sure tho he will play key lockdown defense wo wont score big probs average around 40

  • Another pearler write up Matt, highlight of the week.

  • Too late to get Petracca? He’s just getting better every week, could average 85ish

    • In terms of money making potential it is quite late, however in terms of picking up a solid F6 who will score around 80 till post byes he is still a fine pick-up.

    • I wouldn’t do it. Rookies and premiums for me from now on.

  • Goldstein is the only premier ruckman left standing.

  • Thanks for the write-up, Matt.

    Which one of these to bring in: Blakely, Mathieson or West??? The latter two are almost identical in price, score & be but I’m tempted by West’s fwd/ruck dpp.

  • Source on DMacs injury?
    Cant find anything that says hes gone for the season.

    • I’m with you, McFirth. this morning reports: “Darcy MacPherson appears to have strained a medial ligament in his knee. MacPherson stayed off the ground after being carried off in the second quarter. He will have scans early in the week”.

    • If it’s a medial ligament strain I doubt it’ll be a season, could be 6+ weeks though

    • Yeah probably jumped the gun on that one. I’ll have to do some research and fix it, will be long term though I’d suspect. Can’t see him coming straight back in either.

  • Luck I scraped 2048 and sit 1570 overall. I have had Shaw since day one and did he play a blinder. Boyd and Wells on the pine..

  • Have 153K in the bank.

    DEF: Shaw, Bartel, Vince, Tippa, Byrne-Jones, Hartley (Laird, Adams)
    MID: Hopper, Titchell, Hewett, Macpherson, Mills, Hunter, Viney, Blakely (Wells, Hall)
    RUC: Goldstein, Gawn (Cox, Currie)
    FOR: Martin, Kerridge, Merrett, Kennedy, Milera, Petracca (Kommer, McCarthy)

    Want to get Docherty or Kelly in the backline but not sue who to trade. Cheers for the help

    • I think M.Adams > Collins from the dockers, making you about $170k

      Then McCarthy to a premium forward, Monty, Zorko, Gray etc.

      If you really want Docherty or Kelly, DPP Tippa forward and then get the Def.

      • What’s the skinny on Collins from Freo?

        • Wrote about him further up the comments – basically doing great in the WAFL team, will get game time with Pearce injured and Dawson suspended/awful.
          Won’t score huge, but for less than $150k will get games. Good for bench, not for your ground.

  • great write up matty i do agree luey should be trade out and roll with curre but disagree with the notion of offloading luey this week as i think suns vs westcoast at subiaco will result in currie getting a spanking by nic nat and lycett. luey on the other hand faces richmond whose ruck strength is poor at best i recon hold luey one more week then i shall be pulling the trigger on that trade. Thoughts appreciated

    • Agree in theory.

    • Agree with the sentiment, however with Currie’s -19BE, it may not be much of a downgrade if you wait a week. Even if he struggles against WC and scores 60, he’ll be worth about $300k next round.

      At least now you can make $85k with the move…

      • I already have Currie on the bench as matt does we were talking about downgrading Luey to a cheaper rook pricer like Trent West and roll with Currie on field I just think he will get towelled up by nicnat and lycett I think Luey will score better against the tigers

        • Yep, Break evens irrelevant. Both have Currie on the bench and considering dropping Leuey to West or a dud. At this stage I’m in the $125k boat, taking the cash and running!

    • Richmond’s ruck strength poor ??? Hampson gave Griffin/Clarke a bath on the weekend. Noted that the Freo pair are second stringers, but it wont be a walk in the park for Luey who is a similar ruckman, but inferior athlete to Hampson !

      • Clarke and griffin are crap ruckmen at least Luey is a genuine tap ruckman and plays the sole ruck not shared like Griffin and Clarke should get to 70/80 I would think Currie would be lucky to get to 50 against wce IMO

    • Cheers mate, you probably have a point. Could be worth holding Leuey for 1 more week but can’t see him doing much better. He rescued his score against Hickey in the last quarter! Something to consider though…

      • Very true tho I do think Hickey is a Lil underrated as a ruckmen he does run hot and cold Luey to get the chop next cpl weeks I was trying to hold till the byes be nice to have 4 scoring ruckmen through tough and weeks

  • I Had gawn as captain!!! Still overall scored 1987 which isn’t too bad

  • Crawled to 1836, mostly due to Sam Mitchell stinking it up as the C among a variety of donuts.

    Dropped almost 9000 spots in a matter of weeks, absolute mare of a month.

    • Was thinking “Did I write this?” Fortunately avoided the donuts, but still have dropped 12000 spots in the last 3 weeks.

      I got 1823.

      Looking at trading Fantasia and Mills if I don’t have any other forced trading to do.

      Hoping Laird will come back, would then also pick up Trent West. I’m thinking he can take Currie’s R3 spot if and when Currie’s BE ever catches up with his average.

    • Carnage has cost me 6000 places in 2 weeks. went from 9712 to 15511.

  • Playing RDT!!

    Need help with trades this week, have 189k in the bank, suggestions on what trades I should look at doing?

    I think macperson is injured so probably downgrade to hopper or another rookie on the bubble.

    Shaw, Biggs, Birchall, kolo, Wagner, trengrove(dea, Cameron)

    Danger, Pendles, Tmitch, Selwood, Ablett, liba, Rockliff, smith( Gresham, macperson, Davis)

    Goldy, Gawn( grimley)

    Rvolt, Barlow, kerridge, hall, wells, patracca( cox, brown

    • Gresham to Hopper would be one trade then maybe update Biggs or Wells?

    • Solid team Liam with good bench cover.

      Gresham playing, Macpherson out for either 6+ weeks or even the season. Exact scenario tbc. IMO that makes Macpherson a higher priority.

      A full squad playing becomes the priority in the next 3-4 weeks leading into Byes.
      Hopper definitely the trade target though.

      Priorities after that I believe are; (1) Wells and (2) Birchall.
      All your other rookies still have $ to make.
      Assume you are backing in a return to form for Ablett and Rocky.

      I also have Birchall and his ceiling this season seems to be no better than 80-85. He needs to become Simpson or Docherty !

      • Yeah I’m backing Rockliff and Ablett to get some form back haha, my trades will be McPherson-hopper but don’t know about the other trade yet, depends how much longer wells is going to be out??

  • Hey fellas, does anyone know when Marcus Adams is set to return?

  • Is J.Long worth a crack to bring in this week if named??

  • Thanks for pointing out the injustice with Gaff. This happens quite a bit & will decide a final one day, if not fixed.
    (Or maybe a side loses a player to thuggery in a prelim, still wins but runs out of legs in the GF.)
    If they start sending players off for this stuff, I think we’ll stop hearing what “great blokes & clubmen” they are leading up to the tribunal hearing, (which would be reason enough for them doing it.)
    Injuries seem to be at an all time high in the game without guys getting taken out like this, the May bump, & the Yarran/Lewis/Hodge punches.

    Sometimes just changing an embedded rule is difficult. If the rules were being written from scratch today, you’d have to think sendoff would be in.

    • Sounds good in theory but look how many ‘on the day’ reports are thrown out once the blind mice have reviewed the TV footage. Also umpires are so biased and inconsistent between each other, it could cost someone a GF or final by wrongly being sent off. Maybe only sent off by reserve umpire after viewing footage?

      • Too many butthurt West Coast fans. It happened, get over it. He’ll do his time. That’s what the MRP is for.

        Umpires get enough wrong as it is, I don’t want them having the power to remove players from the field for an ENTIRE game. Keep the red card nonsense to the pussies sport, soccer.

  • Mills to Mathieson and Menadue to Petracca. Bench Gaff and Macpherson. Thoughts?

  • Am I crazy?

    I have traded out SMartin (moved Luey from F5 to R3 and put Currie as R2) and brought in Dusty.
    Traded Fantasia to Trengrove (I know a bit late but don’t have much cash and last 3 weeks only been trading injured players and still have held Rocky, GAJ and Barlow).

  • Is anyone else having trouble performing trades on the app?

  • OPTION 1… my rucks are Goldy, Naitanui (currie, frost)… downgrade naitanui to a 200 or less player and play currie on my field, then upgrade to weller to a promo.

    OPTION 2… Stringer > Mathieson (via Davis)…then Weller to Shiel
    OPTION 3… M Adams > cheapo…then Weller to Shiel

  • Any chance of Billie Smedts playing this week? Been playing great in the VFL. Geelong are bound to axe a few after their performance last week.

    • Doubt it. Smedts a back flanker, so he’s pitching for Ruggles spot.
      Lonergan to return this week, so they’re backline is well stocked !

  • Upgrading S.Martin to Goldstein (I’ve had enough of Martin), and Josh Smith to, (yes-i’ll give him another go), Rocky! (if he plays.) Any thoughts?

  • Is it too late to dump Biggs….I picked him up at max price too!
    My two options

    Kent to a 125k er Dump Biggs to Kelly
    Kent to a 125k er Dump DeGoey to Gray

    I am leaning towards Biggs as Gray will have a high BE and will drop some value again and I will get him next week.

    • Also a Biggs owner, what a shocking pick he’s been. Lost 70k and dished up nothing bar one good score. He has to go, I only see him averaging about 65-70 from here. I think Kelly is a great option man, I’m looking at that trade myself. Also considering trading him to Steven/Neale via some DPP

  • Dump stef? play Currie instead for at least a couple of weeks.