Mare of the Week- Round 4

What a cruel game fantasy can be. Your team somehow piles together 2000, and you feel as if you are on the right track. You make two trades, further strengthening your unit that you are beginning to like. All of a sudden you get hit with a score of 1700 and it’s back to the drawing board. If you have been following my weekly article The Numbers┬áthen you may have picked up on a weekly segment called the “Mare of the Week”, where i give you the chance to point the finger at one player who had at absolute nightmare of a round. Normally i’d give 5 options, however this week is an exception. I had a hard time nailing it down to just SEVEN players who are all deserving of MOTW, but now it’s up to you to pick one.


Sam Gray: A season average of 81.5 is not horrible, but if you traded him in after a stellar round 1 you would be very disappointed with a three round average of 69. On the chopping block, and would be a deserving recipient

Stefan Martin: Would be a bit harsh to vote for Stef considering he was on track for 120, but there is no denying that he had a nightmare of a game. May is about the last person person you would want to be bumped in the head by (OK, 2nd last behind mumford)

Ryan Davis: Against a depleted Lions team he should have snagged a solid 3 goals and 15 touches on his way to 70 fantasy points. Should Have. 31 on the field is a killer, especially if you backed him over Mills (92(

Clay Cameron: Similar story to Davis, after scoring 90+ against Carlton many would have expected a similar output against the lions. Never came.

Tommy Sheridan: Had the Dockers been 4-0 i think he would be averaging 90+, but if they don’t get the ball he can’t collect his junk. A score of 57 pushes his average down to 75. This is not sustainable on the field, let alone at D1 or D2 where some teams were trusting him.

Mark Blicavs: What a horrible year for the rucks (Aside from Max Gawn who seems to be piecing together some form). Many would have used a free trade this week to downgrade to the steeplechaser, and a score of 57 against the Dons is not what they would be expecting.

Tom Mitchell: If you’ve had him all year it might be a bit harsh, considering his average of 111 is still impressive, but if you traded him in this week, or worse captained him, then you’ve definitely had a mare. Swans lose, Titch gets 60. Coincidence? I think not.


  • Has to be Tom Mitchell. He was outscored by Frost by 26 points and Frost genuinely struggles to get 26 points most weeks.

    • Very true, poor performance from Titch, but an equally great effort from frost. Great for non-owners though, Titch’s BE will be sky-high now

    • Will Frost do this again? That’s the question owners want to know.

  • Steven May should win it in a one-horse race (see what I did there) IMO.

  • Put Clay Cameron on field for the first time over Tippa not happy with 34

  • traded jacobs for blitz. i selected blitz…

  • I had the first 4 of the first 5 of those in my team and cameron on my bench. Still managed to scrape through with 1890, God bless Sam Mitchell

  • Davis on the field instead of Mills – tick…Stef Martin – tick…Titch (only thing that saved me there was poor the big C on Hall) – tick…another unmentionable was the injury to JJ – tick…yep had him too & those 4 cost me…I lost my most important fantasy matchup by 12 fantasy points!!! WTH!!

  • The others were so bad I forgot Sheridan hiding in my backline…there’s 7!!

  • Can i give a shout out to the guy who does the numbers…. 92… The 4th time in a row that matty boyd has scored that… Cheers

  • Haha. I don’t have any of them. A nice 2231 to keep me in top fifty.

    Everyone picking the same players. No wonder no one is doing well!!!!!


  • Do we even consider benching Stef Martin for a week (assuming he’ll miss atleast 1 week) and play …. Sam Frost ? Hope like hell he produces something nice like this week, not his usual 15-25.

    Kinda sick of having 2 forced trades week-in week-out.

    • You can’t trust frost on the field. He played collingwood, who are fast becoming the worst team in the AFL. This week he is up against richmond, who are actually probably the 2nd worst team. Change of mind… play frost!

    • Stef Martin will be off my team for some of the gold the Goldstein, I give up, but he bounce back surely some time.

  • I will play Sam Frost in this scenario. 25 is possible but I’ve too many holes to fix (Barlow, Sam Gray, Wilson). Right now I can upgrade Barlow to Hanneberry and Wilson to Fantasia. No brainer for me..

  • Gaz was my Mare. 166 is not enough for a captain’s score

    • Agree, but considering other popular option Titch got 60 it would be a bit harsh giving him a nomination

  • Yes a mare of a week dropped from top 6000 to just in the top 8000. Thank god just before lockout I saw Sam Mitchell’s average at Aurora and took the “C” off Tichell and put it on Sam the Man – thank god for small mercies. Now to sort out the Carnage of Stef & JJ plus the multitude of other under-performers!!!