Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 2

Hey guys, I’m back to talk trades after a massive round 1! Unless you have forced trades, this week is a great opportunity to patch up any mistakes on your team, or maybe just grab that guy you wanted, but didn’t have the balls to do it until watching them play for premiership points. I will start by looking at my personal two biggest hype players of the pre season. If you don’t have them, you better hurry.

Whoops, stuffed that one up 

Aaron Hall (FWD/MID, $442,000) I still don’t understand why everybody didn’t start with Hall and it surprises me he is only in 27% of teams. As was predicted, he dominated against the witches hats for 36 touches and two goals for 125, just 9 behind Ablett. Yes they were bad opposition, however, what more could this bloke have done over his last 10 games. Gun.

Sam Gray (FWD/MID, $443,000) Sorry for the ‘I told you so’ feeling of this article but I don’t know how many people I had to justify my promoting of this guy to. Worse than Hall, he is only owned by 15% of couches, which must have left 85% pulling their hair out as he dominated against the Saints with 37 touches… yes, 37, 5 marks and three tackles for 118. And yes, he is available in the FORWARD LINE! Absolute machine.

What? Who? How? And where the hell did he come from?

Tom Hickey (ruck, $337,000) Big Hickey has gone from somebody you want to hide from your Mum to someone  you want to proudly display to your whole family and friends! After plodding along at .62 points per minute during the pre season, he went off against the Power with a whopping 56 hit outs, to go with 20 possessions for a score of 120! I am not saying to downgrade Stef, or anything silly like that, but definitely have a scrounge through your elite scrap heap! 56 Hit outs!

Must Have

If you are one of the 55% of the competition that decided to take a punt and not start with Patrick Dangerfield (MID, $600,000) start working out how to rectify that. Yes, I understand the Hawks paid him very little attention, however, I am not sure there is a human alive that could have slowed the beast this week. He has taken his game to a whole new level by the looks and this game plan will not only take his Fantasy to a whole new level, it will also win him a Brownlow (Which is still paying $7 at William Hill) Cha ching. He uncharacteristically missed two sitters in front of goal which would have seen him top 150 on debut from his 43 touches.

Pig farm

If you are looking for a piglet, the pick of them is George Hewett  (MID, $158,000) and you need to hustle to get him after a sensational debut in which he scored 95 and increased by 33K. He has a break even of -33, so if you don’t move quickly, he will be a chubby mid pricer.

He’s back

Luke Parker (MID, $548,000) was back to his best, either crashing packs, or sitting on their heads taking hangers. He had 134 from 40 touches, 8 marks and a goal and looks once again set to elevate his Fantasy game to the elite bracket after injury derailed his progress last year.

Was that a once off? 

Is it Malinga, is it Eagleton? No it’s Jason Johannisen  (DEF, $444,000) and for all I care, he could have worn his undies over his shorts and not been questioned after an unbelievably dominant performance against the Dockers where he had 35 touches, 9 marks and a goal for 121. For this price, he is a bargain for even having the potential to do it on the off occasions but after this game followed a similar performance in his last NAB Challenge game, it may actually happen with some regularity. My slight concern here is the inflated numbers for the Dogs defenders with Biggs and Murphy also recording over 30 possessions. JJ is owned by 7% and has a BE of just 49 and looks a bargain to strengthen defensive stocks.

Hope that got the trading juices flowing, remember to use the comment section to throw your trade ideas off everyone else who is getting involved in there.



  • def – Shaw – Simpson – rosa – kolo – Cameron – Dea (Brown – broad.)

    mid – Ablett – rocky – hunter – hannebery, dahlhaus, oliver – mills – hewett (caff – Davis)

    Ruck – Mumford – Nicholls (Currie – S frost)

    Forward – Hall – barlow – dusty – greene – Simpkin – mccarthy (tipuwuti – mcgovern.)

    Had a dissapointing start but I am happy with my team. kms

    was thinking of going

    greene – s gray
    Simpkin – papley.
    103k left after those trades.
    Anyone know what Mumford was doing on the weekend? and what is the injury status on Kolo and hannebery?

  • Robinson > Gray locked.

    Thoughts on

    Simpkin > BenKen or
    Tip > Cameron/Byrne/Mullet/Tucker (whoever looks good when teams are named)?


  • Great article! Thanks Roy.
    Dilemma is this.
    Steele to Hewett – no brainer.
    M. Crouch to J.Steven or other premo or
    Strengthen a weak defence instead with Johannisen?

    Thanks in advance folks

  • Should i get Sheridan for Brodie Smith for the low breakeven?

    • Yes Smith as a crows Fan Smith will be locked down too often to be relevant

  • Hey guys im stuck on few options. Robbo is def trade but howe is a maybe so i need help on 2 options?

    If howe plays!
    Robbo to parker DPP with menadue and then mills to hawett?


    Robbo to viney DPP with menadue and then davis to hawett?

    If howe doesnt play!
    Robbo to hewett DPP with menadue and then howe to jj or premo def


    Robbo to viney DPP with menadue and then howe to wilson?

  • DEF: Harwood Sheriden Lonergan Howe Shaw Houli : INT Cameron Broad

    MIDS: Ablett Danger Steele Cripps S.Gray M.Crouch MIlls De-goey INT: Davis Menadue

    RUCK: Lobb Gawn INT: Cox Curry

    FOWARD: Martin Barlow Kerridge Franklin Wells Hall INT Gault Mcgovern

    Cash $38000.

    2108 round 1.

    Unsure what to do about Howe, broad, Steele and Gault? Any ideas?

  • Hey people, I need to trade Robinson out but I’m not sure if I should straight swap him for S. Gray (is he a must have) or if I should look to strengthen a somewhat shaky backline:

    Def: Laird, Suckling, Lonergan, Dea, Harwood, M. Adams, Brown, Tippa
    Mid: Rocky, Titch, Gaz, Barlow, Hunter, B.Crouch, Kerridge, Mills, Hewett,Davis
    Ruc: Martin, Jacobs, Currie, A.Smith
    Fwd: Dusty, ROBBO, Hall, Wells, BenKen, Kent, Menadue, McCarthy

    I’m looking to bring in Simpson or maybe a mid pricer such as Rosa or Johanisen if Gray isn’t essential.

  • Gray, JJK or Dusty ?

  • Simpkin -> B Kennedy
    Leuenberger -> Lobb


  • who to get in:
    Sidey and Robbo out:

    SGray and Titchell/Parker/Ablett in.

    who out of the last 3? Currently have Parker, but still toying with the other two….

  • If you were to start a team from scratch starting from this week how would your team look? List a current BOG lineup based on this week’s pricing.

  • Hey guys looking for opinions on my best trade options for the week. My current team is:

    Def: Shaw, Laird, Sheridan, Lonergan, Howe, Dea (Adams, Cameron)

    Mid: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, M.Crouch, Oliver, Mills, Menadue (Hewett, Davis)

    Ruck: Martin, Smith (Frost, Currie)

    Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Tipingwuti (Papley, McCarthy)

    I’ll be swinging Adams forward for Tipingwuti using some DPP action. However unsure how to best use my 2 trades – considering trading out Howe, Tipingwuti or M.Crouch with Wilson, Tucker/McGovern/Broad/Hartley and B.Crouch/Gibbs/Duncan/Hunter/Kerridge all options

    Any thought and opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • What do you guys think if I went mills to hewett? Gives me $100k and I think hewett can average just as much if not more then mills?

    I don’t have hewett as I have Ellis and Davis on the bench and would like to get him in before price goes up to much

    • If you need the cash to upgrade another mistake on the ground then make the trade

  • Somehow my team was not locked in prior to the partial lockout but was prior to full lockout. As a consequence my first round score does not count but i do have unlimited trades still so can essentially start over with my team for my league. If you were in my shoes what team would you put out if you had the $10M to start again?

    • You want someone to do your whole team for you?

      Just go back over the scores from last weekend and include Danger, Gaz, Titch, Hall etc

  • Def: Houli, Suckling, Smith, Sheridan, Harwood, Dea (Tippa, Adams)
    Mid: Rockliff, Gazza, Dangerfield, Viney, Zaka, Crouch (M), Mills, Davis (Hewett, Menadue)
    Ruck: Martin, Smith (Cox, Currie)
    Fwd: Barlow, Greene, Gray, Hall, Kerridge, Wells (McCarthy, McGovern)

    I scored 2151 which was pretty solid and my only downside apart from rookies was Greene. However i wanna give him another week and i’m trying to get Harwood to Nathan Wilson. I currently have 54k in the bank so i need another 25-30k and i’m clueless where to get that money from

    Someone pls help!?!?

    • Only way is to downgrade Tippa to a 125K, maybe Broad or someone playing.
      Greene was seen training with the NEAFL he might not even play this round, Id check this

  • Thoughts on the following trades:

    Robbo to Gray is an easy choice.
    Second trade –
    Berger to Hickey
    Tippa to Papely at F6. (If not this option Tippa will be moved to D8 and Adams F6)

  • Does Robinson -> Lambert have fail written all over it in RDT?

    • Keep in mind that Lambert got that score without Grigg and Lids in the side. He should definitely improve on last year, but is a big risk in RDT

      • Cheers, there’s too much doubt over it for me to feel confident in it, I think.

  • Houli to Sheridan and Robbo to Gaz
    Robbo to Hall/Gray and Tippa to Dea?

  • hardwood to sheridan
    howe to clay cameron


  • If you had the choice who Would you play this week Luke Dahlhaus or Jesse Hogan