NBL Dream Team: Round 10 Preview


Plenty of big scores left most people smiling, unless you traded in Josh Childress, like I did. The number of trades left is also becoming a consideration for many as the extra forced trades are starting to take their toll.


Reviewing Round 9

Round 9 Champions

Torey Craig (106) was a close runner up for most points this round, but there were plenty of players delivering the points as all of Thomas Abercrombie (92), Chris Goulding (88), Jermaine Beal (78), Nick Kay (78), Jordair Jett (76) and Anothy Petire (74) pumped out big scores. Torey Craig was also the third best value pick due to his huge score, just behind Leon Henry (42).

Round 9 Disasters

While Rhys Carter was mathematically the worst value pick, the bad luck of Josh Childress felt like a punch in the guts to everyone who traded him in. There weren’t too many bad scores overall though which meant results from players who were well down on their average hurt all the more. Cameron Gliddon (20), Todd Blanchfield (22) and Ebi Ere (14) all failed to reach their average with the sum of two matches, while Tim Coenraad (8), Oscar Forman (10), and Jason Cadee (14) had sub-par single games.


Get Ready for Round 10

I keep getting put into situations where I have to make trades and my attempt to avoid this by trading in Josh Childress the week early has completely backfired as he’s now out injured again. Hopefully you don’t have too many forced trades coming up, but remember that this week has Adelaide’s last games before their byes, so if you have more than two 36er’s then you need to consider starting to offload them now. Daniel Johnson is prime for trading out as he looks set for another big drop in value this week.

Round 10 Premium TT

Many of the premiums now have found their price range and it’s as much about trading for structure as about getting the guys above who should be going up in price. In particular, look towards Round 12 where Cairns, Illawarra, and Townsville all have a bye and plan to ensure that you have 5 decent players that can start on court.

Round 10 Bargain TT

With any of these bargain players you’re looking at someone who can give you some short term cash gain and hopefully points along the way. If you need a minimum price player for an upgrade, who you’re going to have to keep for a while, then look at Greg Hire or Igor Hadziomerovic, both average about 10 ppg and are getting sufficient court time that they should maintain that average.

Round 10 Captains

Kirk Penny was unlucky to miss out on the above list given his current hot streak, however with two games against Cairns it seems likely he might score slightly less. Jerome Randle and Casey Prather could also have made the list but there an unknown factor about their opponents this round. Julian Khazzouh and Daniel Johnson are the second and third highest averaging players but neither have scored above 30 in their last three matches and I’m not confident that they’re about to bounce back.

With Melbourne and New Zealand the only teams to be playing single games this week then get their players onto your bench. As much as there are a number of player in those teams who could pump out huge scores, they’re all prone to the risk of a low score too, so I’d be playing a double over them unless that means putting someone on court who is averaging less than 10.


  • Cheers for your fine efforts as always Tristan. Two rubbish weeks for me trade-wise: Conks & now Chill. DJ goes this week (along with Chill). AJ finally in & (I’m 2K off my preferred option: Knight), so it’ll be Garlepp. Then hopefully Kay to Knight next week.

    • Childress will be the fourth player this season that I’ve traded out the week after I brought them in, so many lost trades :-(

      I’ll also be trading out DJ and chill this week, but I’ve already got AJ, so I can afford anyone however I don’t have a Fwd/Grd link so I can’t get Goulding like I really want. Almost tempted to leave Chill on the bench and get a donut, but I’ll have to weigh up the point I think I’ll lose in the short term, vs the long term gain.

  • I’ve got zero confidence is starting Gliddon on court and Holt is on single.

    Might flip Pranther back to guard and go holt to garlep.

    Bring Holt back for Round 12.

    • Cairns players are really tough to judge again this year, but Gliddon has been more consistent than most and you would be really unlucky to get two bad doubles in a row from him.

      Holt has the potential to post huge scores, but he’s too good a team player so he hasn’t exploded yet. I’m just waiting for him to his “breakout” game. Hold him if you can afford to.

      • Yeah i’m torn, Holt handy in round 12 but ugly around that, have trades left that i can consider in and outing him.

        Also considering a DJ to Knight take the 20k and play knight or kay on court. Versus chance of DJ going big this weekend

        • Im also toying with DJ/Prather AJ Lisch/Gliddon and doing nothing

          • You know whatever you do, the opposite will most likely do better. That’s DT for me anyway. I’m definitely ditching DJ. I reckon he’s gotta go after those gutless efforts & will leak further this week, blinder or not (BE 106)

          • I ended up going Holt to Garlep

            I had Gliddon to Warrick but decided against it. Will bring in Warrick and Holt for round 12

  • start beal on the double or holt? beal gives me the heebeegeebees! how many trades are you operating with for the remainder of the season? i really gotta conserve a few, DJ will have to hang around another week. Double against townsville might be good for him points wise?

    • makes sense to start him on form, but you know there’s a minus 20 coming.

    • I’ll be starting Beal on court – he’s form is solid at the moment as opposition are focusing on Prather and Martin’s return really helps him too.

      I’ll be down to 13 left after I make my trades this round and then I’ll need to make two next round also, so I’ve got to plan super carefully as need to have a week or two without trading at all very soon if I’m going to have trades left for the end of the season.

  • Should I be dumping Coenraad and Ere? Don’t see them making cash and they are Bye impacted

    Vukona looks interesting, bit more than I want to spend on a Cash Cow

    This is my team
    F John, Knight (Coen, Walker)
    C Ogilvy (Kay)
    G Holt, Webster (Ere, Carter)

    Want to grab Lisch, but will wait till after the bye. Then my attention will turn to NZs Jacksons

    • Ere only has doubles this week, Coen the next two. Dump Ere out of them.

    • You’re pretty safe ditching Coenraad and Ere, both have a breakeven over 50 so they’re not going to suddenly rocket up in price. Plus there’s talk Adelaide might be changing one of its imports, and you’d be betting that Ebi will be the one to go if that happens.

  • Anyone taking a gamble on Khazzouh this round?

    • With a breakeven of about 90 and no-idea whether he’ll bounce back from his form slump or how Sydney is going to play, I think it’s pretty safe to wait on him this week.
      They’re playing NZ and Perth too so he’s unlikely to smash out a super huge score.

      • Good points. After getting rid of Chill I’ve gone for:

        Out: Chill/Gliddon
        In: Knight/Lisch

        Could also bring in Ch Jackson instead of Knight. Would result in less points but more $$$ could be made. Hard to work out what Ch Jackson’s ceiling is though

  • Hi Tristan.

    Thinking DJ to Lisch this week.

    Team will be
    Kay. Penney.
    Prather. Lisch.

    Res : Majok. Weigh. Burston. Gliddon and Goulding.

    Thoughts. 14 trades left after this one.

    • really solid looking team and DJ to Lisch is a great move. I’d be doing the same except I don’t have a Grd/Fwd link unfortunately

  • The centre the Crocs sign will hurt Young surely.

    Nahzee Mohammed signing with Kings, interesting to see what that does to Zhou

    • Definitely, even though Samhan doesn’t sound the most awe inspiring signing. Pretty checkered pro career by the sound of it. Crocs financial dire straits must be pretty bad.

      Supposedly the Kings have gone with Daimon James.

      • Jones a better get than Nahzee who would be pushing 40 easy he was 39 at bulls.

        Samhan’s stats at Saint MArys look great but yeah seems like bargain signing, hopefully it helps Kay stats.