$3,000 guaranteed for AFL Grand Final

Here it is! The AFL Grand Final is happening this Saturday and it’s our last chance to roll the Moneyball for season 2015!

There are two big contests to get involved with.

Multiple entries are allowed in both contests.

Don’t miss the other head to head competitions as well to take on your mates. The friends feature makes this easy. Also there are plenty of NRL, NFL and EPL contests and we’re getting especially excited about NBA coming up.



  • Goal 6 pts
  • Behind 1 pt
  • Kick 3 pts
  • Handball 2 pts
  • Mark 4 pts
  • Tackle 4 pts
  • Clanger -3 pts
  • Free For 3 pts
  • Free Against -3 pts
  • Hitout 1 pt


Prices are a little different to what we are used to in AFL Fantasy. In your salary cap of $60,000 you need to choose 9 players (2 forwards, 1 ruck, 4 midfielders, 2 defenders).  Be smart with picking your team as there are plenty of bargains to help you fill your squad at an average of $6,667.

Sign up and get all registered to take on us in some different games. Just search up DT Talk and you will find a couple of different options each week.

We will add more contests when others fill up.

Click here to take part.

* 18+ only and please gamble responsibly.


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