Roy’s Trade Talk – Finals Week One

The first week of the finals is upon us! For some of us that means the endless striving for a completed team, for others some luxury trades could be on the cards. So whether the dream is alive for the cup or you are battling for the Tit-Ed cup, make the trades count.

As all teams are in different positions and faced with a number of varying scenarios, I’ll throw a few random’s out there that might suit your needs in classic or Elite, as well as a few blokes that I think are worthy candidates to get you over the line.

Who Tha?

These guys are arguably unique for a reason, but I’ll throw the names out there for discussion if nothing else. Having said that, they are well worth considering as scrap heap additions in Elite.

Sam Gilbert (DEF, $357,000) has reappeared this year after becoming a forgotten man. He has never been a superstar, but has shown to be a capable scorer when at his best. His past three weeks has been very impressive with a three round average of 90. He has a break-even of 32 and with some of the misfiring defenders, he may be a high risk option.

Aaron Hall (FWD, $379,000) has embraced some extra midfield time as the injury plagued Suns battle to fill the centre square with players. In the past three weeks he has averaged 104 with 111 and 112 the past fortnight. He has a break-even of 13 and if his role continues, he should continue to tick over some respectable scores.

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The Hunter becomes the Hunted

Lachie Hunter (FWD/MID, $394,000) is the real deal, collecting over 30 possessions in each game over the last three weeks and scoring 122, 127 and 89 in that time. That gives him a three game average of 113 and a break-even of just 22. He is undeniable value and owned by just 2% of the competition.

Going for Gold

Usually I look for some value, but we almost have a Tom Rockliff (2014) moment where a player almost costs 700K, yet coaches are asking if they can afford not to have him. Todd Goldstein (RUC, $673,000) has thrown the most interesting Fantasy curve-ball we have seen in years where he now has the ability to get you the head to head win off his own bat. The big guy has a five game average of 135 and has scored over 130 on eight occasions so far this year and he is currently on a streak of 10 games without dropping under 100 and he has only been under 120 three times during that stretch. This week he officially became the highest averaging player in the competition and he doesn’t look like slowing down. Dare I say it, the second half of this season has him in Goldswine territory.

King of the Hill

If money is an issue in the midfield, an option to consider is Stephen Hill (MID, $481,000). He has had an outstanding month of footy with scores of 116, 96, 97 and 131 in that time which gives him a break-even of just 48. Not traditionally a reliable Fantasy scorer, but in the last four weeks of the year money issues can lead to some less traditional selections if the value is there. His owners should be in for an instant reward in week one of finals as he has a good history in the Derby with 149 and 145 in his last two.

Getting Higgy With It

Shaun Higgins (DEF/FWD, $476,000) is in red hot form leading into the finals on the back of two 31 possession games straight which resulted converted to scores of 118 and 112. With many defenders miss-firing, Higgo is putting his hand up at the business end with a break-even of just 63 leading into his game against the Saints at Blunstone Arena where he scored 119 in his last game at the ground.

Twitter Time

You would have to be very confident of beating this week’s opponent. I wouldn’t do it.

That would have been a perfect trade! So unlucky.

No idea of weekly score, but I finished top 5 one week.

I wouldn’t be bringing Tex in.

I would hold Armo, but trade Yeo. Mitch Robinson is in awesome form but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and I think there are more reliable players that Shuey.

Cheers guys,




  • I’ve got a fair few spuds in me team, who to move on first?

    Parker, Yeo, Smith or Lambert. I’m personally thinking smith as at least Yeo & Parker have a higher ceiling… Thoughts ?

    • Lambert i’d hold as Richmond have an easy run and he should be good for 70’s and a few more price rises. Sydney also have an easy run so i’d back Parker to bounce back. Smith has a be of 61 and yeo at 119, I think i’d go Yeo first, then Smith.

  • Rampe has been incredibly frustrating for me lately I brought him in and he has scored me 110, 59, 65, 106, 68, 68, 127, 68. Sydney have an easy run home and he seems to score well when Sydney wins. He has a high ceiling, but scores low more often than not. Should i consider going Rampe > Gilbert and Colqohuon > Boyd? If not i go Clark > McGuane and Colqohuon > Boyd / Mundy.

    • I think I like the second option. Keep Rampe for an extra week, and with the downgrade you’re doing, you’ll be able to get a proper premo for him (depending on how much cash you have). Gilbert might not even outscore Rampe.

  • Unfortunately I’m $1000 off my preferred trade of Yeo to Fyfe (which also rules out Scott T too).

    Is Hill a better option than Hanley, Sheuy or Armo?

    Hold or fold on Parker?

    • I think think hill is a better option then Armo. And personally im holding parker at this stage, but if you have a luxury trade then you could move him on….

      • I would avoid Hill for finals. has these runs of good scores but then comes crashing back to Earth. I don’t mind Hanley

  • I finished 1st in my league and won’t
    First final so have gone the double downgrade this weekend leaving me 339k. Next week – krezuer > goldy / yeo > to who? Thoughts… Higgins seems to be killing it and I’ll get another decent look at him this weekend… Hmmmmm

  • Yeo and Wallis –> Fyfe and Roberton? Leaving Lambert on field


    N.Brown to Marsh and Lambert to Fyfe? or Krooze to Stef Martin.

    But with Lambert vs Gold Coast, I could hold for another week or 2 before off loading?

    Would you rather- Yeo and Wallis or Lambert and Roberton?

    TBH Yeo is useless and I feel that he really needs to go.

    • If I do option a) then I will be able to offload Lambert next week defs to a premo

      If I do option b) I am stuck with Yeo or Wallis most likely for the season?

      • It sounds as if you’re convinced already. I’d agree that a) is better.

        • I just miss calcuated by 100k… It would have to be Lambert to Sloane next week, all I could do

          • im dumping yeo this week as BE 119 plus crap against WCE last time. It also means one more weke of lambert on field but 70 is fine

            Lambert to Hanley maybe next week in play if sloane is

  • Two questions:

    1. Reid or McGuane?
    2. Who scores more this round: Rich + S.Martin, or Boyd + Kreuzer?
    Brisbane plays Carlton at the Gabba, and the Bulldogs play Melbourne at Etihad.

  • Lambert to Hunt?
    or is upgrading clurey a higher priority?
    110k in the bank
    Suggestions much appreciated

  • which one this week whichh one next?
    1) Parker> selwood
    2) Lambert> hunter

    • If that’s all you have to do… well done!

      Both players have low BE’s.
      Selwood 54
      Hunter 22

      Both players expected to increase in value by about $20k after this weekend.

      Its a tough call… but given the dogs are playing Melbourne I think I’d lean towards Hunter. Just. Saying that, sounds like Selwood will complete your mids.

  • Hi guys, regular visitor but 1st time poster here. Thinking of going eski to j.kelly and yeo to jelwood/dusty/fyfe via hodge DPP. $138k in the kitty. Although i do still have b.smith, kreuzer, and c.daniel on the field aswell. But finished 3rd in my cash league and up against ‘the traders’ this week and was hoping for the win so i could double downgrade on my week off and load up for prelims. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • Mate,
      I really like the Yeo > Selwood trade.
      You really need to get Daniel off your field. The other players can still provide you scores in the 80’s.

      Perhaps you could consider bringing in Hunter for Daniel… he will at least increase in value (and is scoring well) and will get you a bit of value to upgrade in a few weeks if need be.

      Smith and Malceski should be your focus next. Kreuzer is playing well and enjoys throwing it on the boot and tackling.

  • Goldy or Martin?

  • Thanks for the reply MD. Sorry i should have mentioned i have mckernan on the bench so i could’ve upgraded him to hunter and move daniel to the bench but that trade leaves me $20k short for the yeo to jelwood trade. I was also contemplating on trading amon to atkins instead of eski to kelly then next week downgrade mckernan to $120k mid/fwd rook so i could move lambert into F6, daniel at F7 and atkins as cover for my mids and possibly upgrade eski to kelly, shaw or picken. I think i lost myself, does that make sense?

  • Haha!!
    DEF – mundy, boyd, yeo, simpson, eski, smith (marsh, schade)
    MID – hodge, JPK, stanton, neale, parker, rocky, gray (lambert, amon)
    RUCK – goldy, kreuzer (downie, naismith)
    FWD – swan, goddard, bartel, ziebell, titchell, daniel (mckernan, freeman)

    • IMO… My first trade this week would be McKernan to Reid/McGuane.
      Then I’d be looking at moving Gray to FWD’s and Hodge to DEF by upgrading Eski or Smith and Daniel.
      I’d probably keep Yeo for the time being. You have too many other trade to make.

  • Have myself a small problem in Treloar. was going to upgrade Colquhoun and Lambert this week and strengthen my backline but now have to fix up this issue. Between the 2 I have 935,000 to spend on a defender and midfielder. I’m thinking of splitting the two between McVeigh and Hanley leaving me 4,000.

    My other line up is Gibson, Yeo, Boyd, Newnes and Kelly in defence and Pendles, Hodge, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Jelwood, Kennedy, Barlow. Unless I swing one of my forward line into the midfield of Swan, Goddard, Titchell, Martin, Bartel or Gray and bring in another forward? Thoughts?

  • 1. Kavanagh to R.Atkins, Parker to Hanneberry (ave 130 at scg where he plays this wk)

    2. Kavanagh to 120k mid, Gawn to S.Martin?

  • Which of these 4 trades should i do:

    Rich–> Mundy+7K
    Rich –> McVeigh+80K
    Yeo–> Mundy+109K

  • Just being retarded and looking to next year. can imagine spending $3.5M on your 8 starting mids and it looking like this…
    Based on projected ave’s multiplies by $5000 per point

    T.Rockliff (Bris) Starting Price $490,000 proj 120 ave final 4 games
    J.Watson (Ess) Starting Price $450,000 (wada result pending LOL)
    G.Ablett (GC) Starting Price $440,000 10% discount for playing only 6 games
    T.Liberatore (WB) Starting price $425,000 25% discount for playing 0 games
    B.Gibbs (carl) Starting Price $410,000
    B.Crouch (Adel) Starting Price $390,000 25% discount for playing 0 games
    J.O’meara (GC) Starting price $390,000 25% discount for playing 0 games
    M.Crouch (Adel) Starting Price $350,000 proj ave 90 over last 4 games

  • Parker to dangerfield
    Or Parker to sloane or Hanley to free up cash to upgrade kolo next week?

  • Nic Nat and Treloar both confirmed out

  • Is Andrew walker a look in? Isn’t he a gun? I know he’s coming back from injury but he’s always been solid hasn’t he?

  • DEF: McVeigh,Rich,Yeo,Hodge,Smith,Newnes (JKolo,Barrass)
    MID: Lewis,Jelwood,Parker,Heppell,Priddis,Ebert,Barlow,Rockliff (Krakouer,Dick)
    RUCK: Jacobs,Goldstein (Griffin,Naismith)
    FWD: Martin,JJK,Titchell,Swan,Gray,Lambert (Marsh,Obrien)

    Have $81,000 in the bank and somehow managed to make finals in all my leagues and finish top 4 in 4 of them despite my woeful team this year.
    Obviously needs a lot of attention so any thoughts or ideas ???

  • Hi guys, scraped in to the finals and sitting on 8th and have bugger all $!

    Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Not sure who to trade but I’m still currently fielding C.Daniel and Lambert in FWD.

    My oppo’s uniques include guys like Rockliff, Motlop, Steven, Neale, Kelly. Goddard, Boak and Jacobs.

    DEF: Boyd,Mundy,KK,Newnes,McVeigh,Yeo (Pearce,Schade)

    MID: Hodge,Pendles,Lewis,Ebert,Heppell,Priddis,Parker,Jelwood (Sneeze,Amon)

    RUC: Goldy,Martin (Naismith,Phillips)

    FOW: Swan,Martin,Gray,Titchell,Lambert,Daniel (Knight,Dale)

  • Worth getting an extra rookie on the field to bring in Goldy? Currently got Edwards as my only rookie.

    a) Edwards > Sloane, McKernan > Cox (no rookie on field)

    b) Yeo/Barlow/Parker > Dawson, Kreuzer > Goldy (dawson/edwards on field, but no unique Goldy)

    Goldy vs saints, opponent has him.


  • Def:Shaw, Mundy,Yeo,Mcveigh,Simpson, Mackie (barass,hamling)
    Mid:Steven,Priddis,Rockliffe,Selwood,Fyfe, Parker, Wallis,Lambert (dumont,knight)
    Fwd:Swan,Martin,Dahlhaus,Bartel,Gray,Bont (Daniel,Edwards)
    37k in the bank

    Option 1: downgrade daniel to 120k rookie and yeo to boyd/Hodge/picken
    Option 2: yeo to kelly and Wallis to deledio/sloane/ebert/shuey
    Option 3: daniel to 120k rookie and wallis to premo mid.

    Please give me some advice or a better option.

  • Trade 1: Knight to McGuane leaving me with $159k
    than either trading Maynard or Lambert, Maynard will have to be traded out to a defender, while lambert can be traded out to a Midfielder or Defender
    Leading towards going Lambert to Hunter, or Lambert to Sloane

  • Is it worth getting in Stefan Martin instead of Goldstein?