Lampe’s Price Watch- Round 13

For many of us, myself included, round 12 was a stinker. Luckily, a few good coaches did manage to come out relatively unscathed and with the final bye round upon us, the game is about to become more fun as finals begin to approach.

Here is a look at some of the best and worst options this week.



Jarrad McVeigh ($533,000): Last round, McVeigh gained Defender eligibility and it has significantly increased his Dream Team relevance as a result. Last year, McVeigh was a stalwart in our fantasy back-lines and was an absolute lock. Now that you can pick him as a defender again, the second half of this year should be more of the same. This season, McVeigh has actually increased his average from 97.2 to 101.5 points per game. This includes three hundreds in his last four games. He is also one of the most consistent players in the competition, dropping under 91 just once in his 10 matches so far. With a break-even of 87, McVeigh should have at least another 20 or 30k to rise in price, if his current form continues.

Should easily end up as a top 6 Defender, and he will be a must have in your defense come finals time. With ownership of just 2.92% he could play a pivotal role in league games when other popular defenders have a down week.

Rory Laird ($463,000): I am beginning to become more confident about Laird with each passing week. He is one of the in-form defenders of the competition, with five out of his last six scores 99 or higher. Laird seems to be developing an all-round fantasy game. He can get 25 touches, lays a few tackles and can take a number of marks. This combination and number of facets to his game, allow him to score highly when they all click together. With a break-even of just 60, Laird is one who still has a significant amount of money to make, if he can keep up his present form. The other bonus of picking Laird, is that you can save somewhere near 100k from the most established defenders, while also having a unique option with just 2.5% ownership.

I’m not sure he can be a top 6 defender, but he has the potential to crack the top 10. There is significant risk picking a player in only his third season, who has never truly broken out before, but the greater the risk – the greater the reward.


Brodie Smith ($343,000): He was a 50/50 last week, and he remains so one week later. Smith’s break-even has dropped to 71, indicating that he may have finally reached his basement price. Smith’s last two matches have been solid, with scores of 72 and 80, and he seemed in reasonable touch against the Hawks last Thursday night. However, His five round average is an extremely low 55.4 for a player of his caliber, and as previously discussed, this is mostly due to concussions and poor form that followed. Smith is one of the players that is hardest to put a radar on what he could achieve for the rest of the year, and as such, what value he truly represents. On raw potential alone, Smith must be considered.

Must be looked at if you can put the extra 200k+ from Picken, Mundy, Boyd or Hodge to better use elsewhere. I think he can average about 80 for the rest of the year, but personally, I will be setting and forgetting (hopefully) in my defense from now on.




Rory Sloane ($483,000): Sloane did enough to convince me that he is over his injury woes last Thursday against the Hawks, and as such, he should only improve with each match he plays. It is obvious to all that at 483k Sloane is massively under-priced, and with just 4.97% ownership is one that could come in very handy when league matches begin again next week. With a break-even of 95 and playing Brisbane this week, a team he massacred for a HUGE 160 last time they met, it is time to bring in Sloane.

I will be trading Sloane into my team this week, hoping that I will be getting a top 10 midfielder at a ridiculously low price. At the worst, I would predict a 95-100 average for the rest of the year. The money you save on Sloane will also prove handy in the coming weeks.

Leigh Montagna ($571,000): Montagna is another you must consider this week, due to his brilliant form this year. Montagna has a lowest score of 112 in his last four, and comes in with a five round average of 114.2. For those of us who have played for long enough, we will remember the glory days of Montagna averaging 110+ and it seems he might be having one last hurrah. It’s hard to predict exactly how Montagna will go for the rest of the year, but if his body holds up, he could be a fantastic option.

Another with a ridiculously low ownership of just over 1% and in excellent form. Montagna has the runs on the board, and the only thing I can see stopping him this year is injury, unfortunately something you must consider at his age.


Mitch Wallis ($473,000): I can’t pass up Wallis once again, because he just keeps getting it done. However, having increased in price to just over 470k, you must seriously ask yourself whether you can take the risk on him and what value he still holds. Wallis still has money to make, with a break-even of 44, but he is starting to get to a point where tried and tested premiums are near his price. That being said, he managed another hundred on the weekend, has a great fantasy run ahead and is one of the best midfielders of the last month.

*a small side note* He did bolster his score with three sausage roles on the weekend, but in some ways that just adds an extra dimension to his game.

I’m a bit torn as to whether we should be picking up Wallis this week. He is still a very good option and a lot comes down to how much risk you are willing to take. Personally, I will be setting and forgetting in my midfield from here on out, but that isn’t necessarily the right way to go with an option like this.


Jordan Lewis ($620,000): To be honest, I’m angry with myself and Lewis from last week. I did the classic, change my trade I had planned all week just minutes before lockout. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have got Jacobs instead of Lewis. If only I had listened to my own advice! Other than my own personal woes, there are a number of reasons to pass up Lewis this week. The coaches who have held him since his suspension have endured three games in which he hasn’t played (not including his bye), his lowest two scores of the year, in 75 and 80, and just one hundred in return.  Perhaps the shoulder injury that caused him to be a late withdrawal in round 9 is worse than we all thought, maybe he is slightly down on form. Either way, it is hurting us significantly. Lewis also has the highest break-even in the competition (other than Ablett, who hasn’t played since round two) of 171, and will be well under 600k in a few weeks’ time.

An absolute gun at his best, and you have to back him in if you have him. Those who don’t, you should be able to get him at about 570k in a few weeks’ time.

Steele Sidebottom ($559,000): It has been masked due to the carnage of the byes, but Sidebottom has been one of the most disappointing players of the last few weeks. Perhaps many, myself included, were too quick to jump back on board after his return from injury. He has managed 62 and 89 in his last two, and that 62 could have been much worse, with Sidebottom virtually doubling his score in the last quarter. With the fifth highest break-even of any midfielder in the competition (130), and facing the toughest test in football against Freo in Perth, he should be just under 550k next week.

If you’re playing the break-even game, avoid Sidebottom this week. I am still backing him in to be a top eight mid for the rest of the year, but he must start producing quick for that to happen.



Honestly, with only two on-field spots available to you, I will be giving you the advice to set and forget with one of Jacobs, Martin, Goldstein and possibly Blicavs over the coming weeks. If however, you want to do something different with your second ruck position then here is one option.


The Bombers boys (Giles/McKernan) or Kreuzer: If you are looking to save money in your rucks, then one of these guys could be a Smokey, particularly if they are named alone in the ruck. Giles ($342,000) has averaged 82 in a season before. McKernan ($197,000) could be a good cash cow and will hopefully average 60+, and we all know the potential that Matthew Kreuzer ($266,000) has. All three have very achievable break-evens, and should increase their averages and value, if they play for the rest of the year.

Like I said, I would strongly advice to set and forget in your rucks from here on out. If you are looking to save cash and upgrade elsewhere, Kreuzer has the most upside of the lot, in my opinion.




Nick Riewoldt ($484,000): For a few weeks, I have been saying to hold off on Riewoldt until after his bye. That time has finally come. Riewoldt is once again in terrific form this year, showing why he has been one of the best fantasy forwards for a decade. Riewoldt has three hundreds on the trot, and if you take out his injury affected 26, his average increases from 92.7 to just under 104. Virtually all signs point to Riewoldt as a great forward pick-up this week. He is significantly under-priced, has a low break-even of just 61 and is a great POD in your team, with only 2.19% ownership.

The only significant concern about Riewoldt is his durability, especially after his chronic knee looked very sore in his last match. Hopefully, the extra week’s rest over the bye has him allowed him to recover and he can continue his magnificent fantasy form this year.

Lance Franklin ($498,000): This one is based partly on potential, rather then what he has consistently produced this year. Despite not having his best fantasy season to date, Franklin is still averaging over 93 points per game, the eighth highest of any forward, if we exclude Max Gawn. At under 500k, and cheaper than virtually all of his rival forwards (barring Riewoldt) Franklin presents some serious value. He also has a break-even of just 80.

From round 13 onwards last year, Franklin managed a touch under 108 points per game, significantly higher then his first half of the season. The question is, can he do something similar again?


Jack Gunston ($488,000): Jack Gunston managed 15 points last week! That’s 25% less than Kamdyn McIntosh! At one stage in the last quarter, I saw Gunston sitting on the bench shaking his head. It probably had something to do with what had just happened on the field. However, just maybe, one of the Hawks coaches had told him his fantasy score. In all seriousness, those looking at bringing in a cheaper premium should avoid Gunston this week. In fairness to the big Hawk, he has actually been in good form before his last match, averaging just under 96 points per game and with a hundred in almost every second game he played. However, with one of the worst fantasy performances all year, his break-even has jumped to a massive 147.

A few coaches did jump on board with some great fantasy form this year, unfortunately that hasn’t turn out as planned if you did it recently. He is a very good player, and will bounce back, but there are better options for a bit more coin.


Round 13 advice: Once you’ve carefully thought about your trades (that will hopefully improve your team) stick to them! We’ve all done it before, and I learnt the hard way again last weekend (hopefully for the last time but probably not). Generally, the thought and effort you have put in during the week will turn out to be right, particularly in the long term, so don’t let a few frothies influence your decisions.

Final Thoughts: I’m actually ashamed of my Fantasy score last week.. 1188. I guess that’s what happens when you only have 15 players playing, a few injuries before the round, a couple of vests and six players scoring under 50.

In brighter news for those who struggled this week, round 13 should be the easiest of the bye rounds so far. Most coaches will be fielding 18 players, a number of whom are high end premiums, so scores will hopefully be back to around 1700 for many of us.

Lastly, I have created a twitter account, so if you have any fantasy questions you would like to ask, you can follow me at:


I will either get back to you during the week, include them in my article next week, or if you want to comment below like normal, I will get back to you on this page.

Good luck to everyone for the last of the bye rounds and hopefully your team goes well!


  • Great work Lampe always a great read. Are there any good midpricers under 400k that are worth having a look at other than Smith?

    • Smith all the way. Jack Steele should be worth a punt unless you need to make full 18 this week?

    • scott selwood is 403k i know its a lil over 400k but for what hes capable of hes pretty cheap and is guaranteed his spot every week barring injury

      • I agree with Dardymen on Scotty Selwood. I wouldn’t pick him myself, but after Smith and Steele he probably represents that most value based on potential and past performance. His break-even is 59, so he should at least make you some cash in the coming weeks if you choose to go with that option.

    • Thanks Portpowerr. Smith is probably your best option mate. Jack Steele (Mid/Def) is another good option (although he is a rookie). He also has his bye this week so wait until next week on that one. Kreuzer is the other obvious one in the rucks I have mentioned. Honestly, I would be advising you to go up to premiums at this stage. Smith is the obvious exception though as he is great value at his price.

      • Awesome thanks!

        Would you say Martin in for Lobbe is a better trade than Tarrant for Smith?
        I have 19 playing this week. :)

        • No worries. That’s very tough and actually has me torn. I would probably go Tarrant for Smith, just. Although Martin is a gun and you definitely want him in your side, Lobbe has been good of late (admittedly with Ryder out). In upgrading Tarrant to Smith, you are hopefully really improving your team, getting a player who can average 80+ compared to 40ish of late. Like I said, very tough call and go with your gut, but Smith just for me.

          • Yeah very true, will end up doing both eventually anyway I would think. Thanks a lot for the help and good luck this week!

  • When you think about it Laird has had 3 bad scores. One bad game with a score of 43 back in round 3 the other two bad scores he had were due to injury.

    • He’s had a lot of better scores than Simpson this season, that’s for sure.

      • Yeah, Laird really is having a break-out year so far. I find it hard to back him in over Simpson at a similar price simply due to Simpson’s track record, but he could be the face of the future.

  • I haven’t really had much feedback on this yet so I’ll post it again.

    Def: Newnes, Lumumba, Hodge, Yeo, Kelly, Mundy (Clurey, Goodes)

    Mid: Pendles, Armitage, Rischitelli, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Lewis, Cripps, Kavanagh (Amon, Dumont)

    Ruc: Goldstein, Kruezer(Holmes, Brooksby)

    Fwd: Bont, Franklin, Gray, Martin, McCarthy, Vandenburg(Cox, Honeychurch)

    I have $382 in the tank.. So was thinking McCarthy – Titchell and Kelly/Lumumba – Edwards

    But could consider McCarthy to Fantasia due to the fact he’ll make me money and get Titchell in nek week with another premo.. Any suggestions on what I could do? I really want Sloane in the next week or so.. What do think Lampe? Cheers in advance.

    • Vandenberg to Fantaisa. Vberg is injured, why hang on to him? Then spend that bulk cash Gooodes to premium. BOOM

      • +1 spot on sarge

        • Also a great option, the best one actually. Vandenberg will be out for a few more and you will get far more money from downgrading him.

      • Agreed. For me I would look to trade Kelly to Edwards and Vberg to Fantasia. Give you a lot to play with for next week and look to get in Titchell and Sloane then.

    • Hey Statutory. Nice looking side too mate, for the most part very good. I would probably go with Kelly (presuming that is Jake Kelly from Adelaide, not James Kelly from Geelong) down to Edwards or Pearce and then get Titchell. Will you have enough money to do that though? If not, downgrade Lumumba IMO. Titchell is an absolute gun and should average 100+ and I think Edwards/Pearce is a slightly safer option then Fantasia at this stage. It will also feel great having neither Lumumba or Kelly in your side anymore.

  • Another great read Lampe
    Do you recommend going:
    1. Belly > S.Martin and Salem > Fantasia
    2. Salem > Sloane (DPP) and McIntosh > B.Smith?

    • option 1 matey martin is set and forget and belly is gone for at least 8 weeks

    • I would go Belly to Martin and Salem to Fantasia by a long way at this stage. Belly to Martin is about the best trade you can do in the whole of Dream Team, with Belly out for 6-8 and Martin the premier ruck-men. Sloane should still be relatively cheap next week, so hopefully you can downgrade McIntosh and still have the cash to get him then.

  • Great read Lampe…

    thoughts on
    McIntosh –> Sloane (via Dick)

    A) Newnes –> Smith
    B) McCarthy –> Fantasia

    leaning towards the fantasia trade

    • Id go B man, Newnes is going fine BE of 79 and not sure if Smith will outscore him. More money to be made in Fantasia to, Mccarthy will start loosing money and has the bye.

    • Thanks Oz Lotto. I really like the McIntosh to Sloane trade and I would go McCarthy to Fantasia as well. There is no guarantees Smith will be better then Newnes, and although the cash will be handy, you will get more from trading McCarthy to Fantasia. There is some risk in getting Fantasia, but as long as he is named this week, he is the best downgrade option (other then Jack Steele who is significantly more expensive and has the bye this week) in your forward line.

  • Very hard to decide on Mcintosh to Smith or Laird this week, extra cash saved with Smith allows rookie to gun upgrade in the fwd line next week, but Laird’s scores are hard to ignore.

    • Laird is getting to that price now where you wonder if you should just splash a bit more and get a premo… similar to wallis in my eyes. I would still go him if you can though

      • Yea I agree, he is doing better then Simpson and keeping very close to Mcveigh in points though. Can he keep it up that is the question.

    • Hey Kingzy1, very tough one with the gun forward you said for next week. I would personally go with Smith in your specific case, as being able to get one of the top end premium forwards next week will probably be better as a combination. Hopefully Smith can average 80+ from here on out, and although it will most likely be less then Laird, you have to think as your team as a whole.

      • Hey Lampe, thanks mate that is what I was more leaning towards. Next week will be Clark to Lambert and Mccarthy (on my ground) to Deledio/Goddard/Reiwoldt or Franklin not sure yet.

  • Lampe.
    Edwards or A. Pearce as my D6 for the next couple of weeks to generate cash?
    Currently have Smith, Simpson, Hibberd, Newnes and bringing in Mundy this week. I’m trading Rich to one of Edwards of A.Pearce which one?
    Other trade is Burgoyne to Mundy

    • edwards for sure mate they need the height and strength down the spine and he can swing forward or back pearces JS is a lil shaky IMO he will be the first one dropped in the freo side for returning defenders.

      • Just to add a little extra. Edwards is the better option if he can stay in the side (which hopefully he does) but all of the Dockers defenders are 4-6 weeks away at least. So as long as he can stay healthy Pearce should be in until then. That is why I am going with him.

    • Hey Anth80, I would go with Pearce. I am actually doing this myself this week. The deciding factor for me is his extra job security, with so many Dockers Defenders out for an extended period of time. Edwards will probably be the better scorer and his job security isn’t terrible, but like I said, Pearce for me.

  • Or should I do Rich to C.Pearce? And downgrade Glenn?

    • clancee pearce would be a big gamble i think its more of a sideways trade and will average very much the same as rich in the last 9 rounds

      • I would go with your previous options mate. Clancee Pearce is a bit too risky for that type of trade IMO.

  • sorry for posting here but i was just wondering what people think of andrew bostons job security jeppa listed him as number one for JS but i wonder if the return of ablett, swallow and benell in the next week or two will push him out of the side. on the other hand fantasia and kavanagh seem to have cemented their spots in the essendon side thoughts appreciated.

    • I would go the bombers rookies personally.

    • Hey Dardymen, I think his JS is ok, but with the Suns bringing back those players and maybe a few more in the next few weeks, it can only make it worse. He has been a strong performer in his matches so far, but that doesn’t guarantee him anything for the future. I would also go with the Bombers rookies personally, but Jeppa is great at what he does and maybe he has some info I don’t. So like I said, personally I would go with Kavanagh especially, but I could easily be wrong.

  • Love the site, long time user, first time poster. Need help deciding who to trade out for McVeigh. Rich or Saad???

    • get rid of rich matey saad is a lil champ and when they get some more mid fire power back he should get an easier run

    • Tough call. Im planning on getting rid of both Rich and Saad next week. Only coz of bye rounds I am keeping them this week. I would keep Rich for this week if I had a choice though. Seems the heat has been put on him this week and will sure he will shred as a result of it

      • if you’re trading both out just go by breakevens on who to trade out first. Saad I think can still make some money whereas rich will might drop a bit.

    • Good to see your getting involved with the community Pop. That’s a tough one mate, but I would probably still go with Saad, just. Rich does have a higher break-even, but to me he is still the slightly more consistent and safer option out of the two. Do however consider if the extra 30k+ can get you to a better defender and if it can really help you get to a significantly better player, then go that way.

  • Dardymen would you go A. Pearce or Edwards as D6? Probably fit the next couple of weeks

  • edwards for sure as i said above the bombers need his height and strength in the contest down the spine at the mo and he plays forward and back cant se him being dropped anytime soon. same cant be said for pearce he will get dropped for returning defenders soon enough

    • What are you talking about? Pearce’s JS is so much better than Edwards.

  • MY 2 out of 3 aint bad bye strategy is working this year I tanked round 1 of byes still got 1491 and then scored 1646 last week and moved up 4500 places and this week I have 22 DEFINITE SCORING PLAYERS WITH PREDICTED SCORE OF 1800

    • Well done Euman, that is definitely better then me and I (at least tried to) plan for them. With 22 playing you may even go 1900+ if you have a good week, and your bottom four players will drop out.

    • Will never understand the tanking bye strategy. Maybe it was alright a few years back, but now that it is best 18 cannot understand it. How hard is it to get 18 on the field each week lol

    • I went in trying NOT to tank any round and got 1671 (Rd.11) & 1498 (Rd.12) and now predicted 1800+ for round 13 so yeah I guess it has been ok for you

  • TEAM
    Def: Mundy, Saad, KK, Kelly, Kmac, Oxley (Lumumba, Clurey)

    Mid: Lewis, Armitage, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Titchell, Beams, Parker, Boak (Achee, Dumont)

    Ruck: Goldy, Jacobs (Spuds)

    Fwd: Swan, Martin, Gray, Dahlhaus, Fantasia, Tarrent (Mccarthey, Lambert)

    Was thinking this week in trading Boak – Sloane and Mccarthey – Steele considering i will be already fielding 18 this week. This will give me around 150k for next week which i’ll spend on a premo for my defence.

    Can anyone think of any better trades this week? I only have this week 50k to spend too

    • Honestly Elithen, I would seriously look at improving your back-line. You are quite weak in that area. I would consider McCarthy to Steele (hopefully he plays next week, because he is a jet) and then upgrading either Kelly or Lumumba. For Kelly you should be able to get Brodie Smith, who is not an absolute premium but is great value for his price. For Lumumba, Rory Laird or Simpson, if you can afford him, are probably your best options.

  • Have 22/23 players playing this week depending on selections as only had 6 players with Rd 13 byes. Have be doing trades of non-playing players (Goodes, Krak, Salem & Amon) to rookies (Fantasia, Kavanagh, Hamling & Boston) over bye rds which was given me a $819k bank balance.

    Have already traded Clark > Riewoldt as I had been eyeing him off for several weeks.

    Second trade I was considering this week is McIntosh > McVeigh or Vanders > Titchell.

    However should one consider trading out Jordan and get in either Monty or Sloane? Peoples thoughts?

  • Hey Chatta, great strategy if you are looking at league wins and you should smash this week.

    I definitely like your first trade of Clark to Riewoldt. With your second trade I am not sure who you are referring to with Jordan. Jordan Lewis? Anyway, I would probably go McIntosh to McVeigh. Titchell is the better fantasy player imo, BUT McIntosh will probably go down significantly in price again this week (although he is capable of reaching his break-even of 84, even despite last weeks horror score), and there is some risk in playing McIntosh this week as he may be the sub after last weeks performance. You should definitely get rid of Vandenberg soon though, as he has an extended leave of absence due to injury.

    • Sorry Lampe’s had a brain fade – was meaning Jordan Lewis. Thanks for your assistance but now a bit worried since watching the news that Riewoldt didnt train but Saints coaching staff said he will definitely play – that always worries me. And Fantasia out injured with a groin – arrrggghhhh – story of my season 14 of my first 16 trades were due to injury/suspension. Yep Vanders out next week and was hoping McIntosh was dropped even though I am a Richmond supporter he was putrid last week.

  • Lampe any risks of playing Pearce as D6 for a couple of weeks? Which one out of Mundy, McVeigh or Hodge would you go?

    • Pearce will definitely play for the next month but wouldn’t expect him to go over 50. I would go Hodge, McVeigh, Mundy in that order.

      • Yep, should definitely play barring injury. I agree, it will be hard to average over 50, maybe 55-60 tops. I agree with the order as well.

    • Not for the next few weeks. The only risk I can see is injury, and that can’t be foreseen. I would go Hodge, followed by McVeigh and Mundy.

  • Awesome article, very well written

  • Cheers Lampe.. Just confirms what my gut feeling was to start with but peeps kept talking about Fantasia so I was contemplating Edwards or him. Next week will easily be Vandenburg to Steele and Lumumba to McVeigh..

  • And yeah it was jake kelly. I have more than enough to go McCarthy – Titchell and Kelly – Edwards. Yeah the DT gods haven’t been good to me for the most part as I was a top 600 now I’m all the way back to 13000. It’s been a joke. But I’m on the way back up again. haha

    • It’s time for you to go ‘ape shit’ on the competition.

      • haha you may need to by the sounds of it:P The byes can be tough though mate, stick thick. Yep, they are both good trades IMO.

  • Fantasy

    Def: Simpson, Newnes, H Taylor*, Rich, Oxley, Saad (Hamling, Schade)

    Mid: Lewis, Parker, Neale, Barlow, Wallis, Stevie J*, Bont, Cripps, (Amon*, Dumont*)

    Ruc: S Martin, Goldstein*, (A Downie*, R O’Brien)

    Fwd: Swan, Gray, Dusty, Titchell, Dahlhuis, T Greene* (J Kelly*, Tarrant*)

    Bank: $79k

    After trades will go from 18/19 to 20/21/22 playing – so byes not a huge issue.

    (Rucks & Fwds essentially locked – Greene may be upgraded in future luxury trade. Def & Mids need some upgrade work but generally servicable.)
    Looking to trade Stevie J, Harry T, J Kelly & Tarrant over next 2 weeks.
    (Would love to offload Amon but hoping he will get a recall next week)

    This week torn between:

    1. Double premo sideways upgrade: Steve J –> Sloane & Harry T –> B Smith $110k left (hopefully Steele & McVeigh next week)

    2. Double downgrade: SJ/ Harry T + J Kelly to Fantasia + Kavanagh $425k/476k left (may need to field Kav next week unless Amon dropped & traded)

    3. Down/upgrade: SJ + J Kelly to Fantasia + Sloane $193k left (been drifting back to this all week as it keeps my team balanced for next week in case of carnage; still allows McVeigh & hopefully Steele next week)

    Thoughts welcomed…

    • I like option 3 there gogs. Can’t go wrong with Sloane and a little cash cow like Fantasia

      • Thanks Sarge – seems the best / obvious choice – but keep thinking that boosting the rookie quota on bench may be valuable in 3-4 weeks when cash hard to create and my Barlows/ Wallis/ Bont need upgraded!
        Close to locking that in…

        L Neale as sneaky VC tonight – Go Freo!
        Sloane as backup C if I get him – keen to boost my rank – drifted from 2000-ish out to 8000, now back to 4000.
        Struggled/ lost ground in byes even with 18 each week!

    • Hey Gogs, I like option three as well mate. With a bit of luck, Fantasia will stick around and score well and Stevie J to Sloane should be a good option. In an ideal world, you can then go Tarrant to Steele and Taylor or Rich to a Boyd, Picken, Hodge or McVeigh type next week.

      My next preferences would be option one, then option two.

      • Thanks Lampe – and the others – I will now lock it and leave it as per Lampe’s advice above!

        • Roy is just suggesting that Fantasia may be injured in the Team Chat – I hope not

          If he is out, should I go McKernan as RUC/FWD or get Kav?

  • Gogs I wish I had the chance like yourself to get Sloane in this week. he seems to be the one to get in. If I had your choice there it would be option 3 for sure.

    • Best laid plans!!

      Fantasia is an OUT so…looking at switching trades to:

      Stevie J –> Sloane THIS TRADE LOCKED IN
      Harry T –> S Edwards (considered J Kelly to McKernan or Lambert but neither option excites me)
      +$268k to spend next week

      I will need to play Edwards on field next few weeks (Have Hamling & Schade claiming the 2 bench places) – but have 2 weeks to re-shuffle my defence as I play the worst team in my main league in R14.

  • $220K to spend on my final trade. Whats the best options below:
    1) Upgrade Brett Goodes to Simpson – Backline will be Mundy, Simpson, Docherty, Yeo, Higgins, Rich, Saad, Hamling (DG Rich or Saad to KK next week)

    2) Upgrade Amon to Brodie Smith – Mid will be Lewis, Dangerfield, Heppell, Parker, Ward, Neale, Wallis, Smith Kavanagh, Dumont

    3) Upgrade Dumont to Cripps – Mid will be Lewis, Dangerfield, Heppell, Parker, Ward, Neale, Wallis, Cripps, Kavanagh, Amon

    • 1st option should be Jake Kolo not Kade Kolo

      • I made the school boy error of trading Yeo to Simpson 2 weeks ago after his 58 and apparent role change! But happy to have Simpson sitting in my backline now.

        Have enjoyed Simpson in previous years but he can be a frustrating rollercoaster depending on role/ tag – go him late last year at his peak price in R17/18 and suffered with his 60’s and 70’s thereafter.

        Why not B Goodes to B Smith? Keeps another $130-150k in your kitty which could allow you to get close to McVeigh next week?
        Amon may get a recall next week after Port’s poor showings in recent weeks. I am keeping him just in case. Still time to offload next week.

        • Yup, it’s hard to tell but having Simpson isn’t the worst thing. He can suffer an extreme tag (or his lack of willingness to break it) but he also has a huge ceiling. I don’t mind Goodes to Smith in the defense, but I think fknsarge suggested Amon to Smith in the midfield which i’m not too keen on. I think you should be setting and forgetting in your midfield (barring maybe Wallis) however in your defense you have more leeway for this type of thing, with lower scores and more unpredictability in general. Goodes is also out for an extended period, while Amon is short term (hopefully). Goodes to Simpson is still a better option then Goodes to Smith though IMO.

        • Cheers gogs. Smith could be worth it instead of Simpson. 2 Carlton defenders could hurt.

    • I would go option one bye a significant margin. Option two would be next, then three. however, both of those are not for me.

  • Thank you, Lampe, thank you for admitting publically to scorring 1188 last week – 10 less than I did. It is refreshing to hear someone brutally honest and not doing the “Oh no, I scored only 1930” and keeping stum on their low scores. My season’s been such a bummer I decided to ignore the bye rounds and therefore my overall ranking (which actually went up by 310 and by a similar amount the previous week, so somebody has been scoring lower than I have) and concentrate on building my team for when ladder competition resumes. I’m happy with the way it has gone so far.

    • No worries mate, i’ll try my best to tell it how it is, good and bad. I’ll try not to let others opinion influence my own, as in the end, it’s my opinion. It seems that this year, many of those who ignored the byes altogether have done better then a significant amount of us! It might just be one of those years. If your going for league wins then that is definitely the best strategy to go with.

  • What does everyone think of xavier Ellis? Played 2 games averaging 82 only 365k.. Thinkingof doing a straight swap for Mcintosh

    • I wouldn’t go that way at all Pete, but it’s up to you. If you can upgrade that would be my preferred option, but if you are going to sideways then Smith is the best option IMO.

    • Too much risk in getting injured imo

  • Do I brink in Fyfe or Sloane this week??

  • Who are priorities to get rid of ?

    Who are priorities to get in this week?

    Best rookies to get?

    I am thinking McIntosh to Edwards and Cutler to Smith with $161k left.

    Next week CEY to Steele and Thurlow/Saad to McVeigh.


    • Team are out…No Fantasia!!

      In: J.Winderlich, C.Dempsey, S.McKernan, N.O’Brien, J.Merrett
      Out: P.Chapman (groin), O.Fantasia (groin), B.Howlett, P.Ambrose, T.Colyer (foot)

      • McIntosh to Edwards and CEY to Sloane it is with $128k left. Steele in next week hopefully for McCarthy/Cutler

    • Hey Q Tip. If you still haven’t made your trades, I would get rid of McIntosh this week and trade in Edwards. Edwards is named on the wing and Fantasia has a groin injury. I would trade in Sloane this week with your other trade, probably for CEY. Hopefully this will still leave you with enough cash to get Steele into your side next week (possibly for McCarthy) and McVeigh for possibly Thurlow.

  • Lampe.. the man with a rookie defender name giving advise like a premo. Love the dedicated responses to people, keep up the good work!

    p.s going Edwards over A Pearce as I think neither will be dropped in the next 4 weeks but Edwards should score better. Think A Pearce being a key defender is just as likely to pull a 30 as he is a 60+ which will bring a quick halt to his cash generation.

    • Well looks like I wasn’t even right about the 30! 22… what a stinker. Definetley glad to go Edwards now

    • haha thanks mate:P Looks like a very good decision getting Edwards over Pearce, hopefully he can pull out a big score for you.

  • Great read Lampe, need to bring in 2 DEF’s this week in RDT,out of Hodge Picken Laird Simpson or Smith who would you pick. Cheers.

    • Hey Rosh, if you still haven’t made your trades here is what I would consider. Firstly, I don’t play real DT so I am unaware of prices, etc but here is my best go. I would choose Hodge and Picken, simply because they are the best two. This is especially critical in a format with limited trades, unlike the two we have every week in fantasy.

  • Boston or Edwards/A.Pearce based on JS. Worried about swallow Ablett coming back it may effect Boston

    • Cheers in advance Lampe

    • Hey mate, sorry about the late reply but I was busy late last arvo and today. If you still haven’t made your trades, I would go with Edwards. I agree with Boston having a much higher risk with all the returning Suns but time will tell.

  • Kane Lambert in! Hope he likes the color green.

    • Green is his best mate

    • Wasn’t expecting it, but he did have a huge game in VFL last week! If you still haven’t made your trades and are considering trading him in, then do be aware he is last on the bench and is a big vest risk.