AFL Teams 2015: Round 12

Sorry – our main teams man Shags is on holidays… and I’m doing the live chat over on Here are the ins and outs. Discuss in the comments. Don’t forget the partial lockout tonight.

Also – if you’re keen on some big cash prizes, there are some Thursday/Friday Moneyball contests to enter tonight.

Thursday, June 18

Adelaide v Hawthorn, Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACSTAdelaide
In: R.Douglas
Out: M.Grigg (ankle)

In: P.Puopolo
Out: A.LitherlandFriday, June 19Richmond v West Coast, MCG, 7.50pm AEST

No change

West Coast
In: M.Rosa
Out: S.Butler (soreness)

Saturday, June 20

Carlton v Port Adelaide, MCG, 1.40pm AEST

In: B.Gibbs, C.Yarran
Out: C.Judd (retired), J.Tutt

Port Adelaide
In: N.Krakouer, K.Mitchell, J.Trengove, A.Moore, B.Ah Chee
Out: M.White (hamstring), P.Stewart (hamstring), A.Young, S.Gray, T.Clurey

Greater Western Sydney v North Melbourne, Spotless Stadium, 4.35pm AEST

Greater Western Sydney
In: R.Palmer, A.Corr, R.Lobb, A.Phillips, J.Steele, C.Marchbank
Out: S.Mumford (ankle), P.Davis (ankle), J.Patfull (ribs), S.Coniglio (shoulder), J.Stewart, W.Hoskin-Elliott

North Melbourne
In: N.Dal Santo, S.Atley
Out: S.McMahon, R.Bastinac

Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions, Etihad Stadium, 7.20pm AEST

Western Bulldogs
In: L.Picken, M.Bontempelli
Out: L.Jong, S.Crameri (ankle)

Brisbane Lions
In: D.McStay, J.Redden, J.Adcock
Out: L.Dawson, S.Mayes, H.Andrews

Sunday, June 21

Geelong v Melbourne, Simonds Stadium, 3.20pm AEST

In: M.Luxford, J.Kolodjashnij, S.Blease, J.Jansen, N.Cockatoo
Out: R.Stanley (foot), J.Kelly (ankle)
New: Jake Kolodjashnij (Launceston), Jarrad Jansen (East Fremantle)

In: R.Bail, C.Dawes, D.Terlich, J.Spencer, M.Jones
Out: J.Grimes (hand), C.Pedersen (hand)



  • just wondering if wallis and picken returning to the doggies may have an impact on boyds midfield role. i feel he may be pushed further back and this may affect his scoring output so i think i will be bringing in picken over boyd thoughts…..

    • Boyd dominated in rounds 8 and 9 with Wallis and Picken also scoring big. I doubt them coming back will have any affect on Boyd’s output and he has been spending most of his time across half back anyway. The only reason not to go Boyd imo is the larger Price tag and the potential for rest due to his old man calves.

    • not so sure he was spending that much time in midfield anyway

      • +1 I haven’t seen much of the Bulldogs this year but I read the reason his numbers are so good this year is because of his new role as an attacking defender

  • Downgraded Saad to Hamling and upgraded Vandenberg to Dangerfield. Thoughts?

  • dont like the idea of trading out saad but vandenberg to danger is gold

  • Trade Barlow? Or nah?

    • I’m looking to get rid of him unless someone can talk me out of it. Won’t cost much to upgrade him and every time he “bottoms out” he manages to go lower. Rage trade

  • Bont, to keep or not to keep?

    • Keep him if you have held this long, especially with the Dogs easy run coming up.

  • What looks better
    Wallis and Steele or
    B Ellis and J Kolo

  • Danger, Lewis or Hodge for the VC scam?

  • What is Hamling’s JS like? I heard someone from his team is back….hasn’t put a foot wrong, should be good for some cash flow yeah?

  • trade amon or clurey out first?

  • Can anyone confirm… I don’t need to make my trades until tomorrow right? It just means I can’t trade a Hawk/Crow in or out after tonight’s game?

    • even if you trade players not playing tonight it can be reversed before full lockout tomorrow

      • Cheers, thought that was the case but didn’t want to make a major error.

        • Yeah you can reverse trade tomorrow, however I don’t think you can rollback team, meaning some DPP trades may not be able to be reversed.

  • Did Cameron just do the James Harden celebration?

  • Lewith you spud

  • Shiels with dat rollercoaster:

    120, 80, 154, 88, 121, 86

    Anyone aboard?

    • A minimum of 80 is fairly consistent imo, get on board!

    • I got him in before he scored the 88 so I have been happy so far with 88, 154, 80 and 120. Had VC on him last night so probably will loophole.

  • Saad –> Docherty


    Oxley –> Simpson

  • Anyone else having trouble taking captaincy of a player with the bye?

  • All good… working on desktop, just couldn’t alter in app.