Round 9 Lockout Chat

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Friday 7:30pm

Friday 6:35pm

Friday 5:49pm

Put your $20 on the line and take us on in the Friday Fever contest at Moneyball. Pick your team of 7 players to share in $1800 for tonight’s Swans v Blues and don’t forget to get involved in the the other contests over the weekend, including the $4500 Saturday Slam, the $1.8K Sunday Funday and the FREE ENTRY comp, Showtime Sunday. Click here to have a crack.

Friday 5:32pm

Don’t miss Warnie, Roy and Calvin’s video up on now. Click image to view.

Friday 5:11pm

Our mate Stu has given us his best bets for round 9. Click here to read them.

Friday 5:02pm

Sunday teams are in.

Friday 4:45pm

Shags has provided us his regular Friday arvo weather report.

SCG , 7:50pm AEST Friday, May 29
mostly_cloudyMostly Cloudy
TIO Traeger Park Oval Alice Springs, 1:40pm ACST (2:10pm AEST) Saturday, May 30
mostly_cloudy (1)Partly Cloudy, a high of 28.
Aurora Stadium Launceston, 1:45pm AEST Saturday, May 30
possible_shower (1)Medium (60%) chance of showers, most likely in the morning and afternoon. Windy
Etihad Stadium , 4:35pm AEST Saturday, May 30
Etihad iconUnder cover
Adelaide Oval , 7:10pm ACST (7:40pm AEST) Saturday, May 30
mostly_cloudyMostly cloudy, slight chance of showers late in the game.
MCG , 7:20pm AEST Saturday, May 3
mostly_cloudyPartly cloudy. Light Winds.
GABBA , 1:10pm AEST Sunday, May 31
mostly_cloudy (1)Mostly cloudy, very slight chance of a shower.
Domain Stadium , 2:40pm AWST (4:40pm AEST) Sunday, May 31
clearMostly clear.
MCG , 3:20pm AEST Sunday, May 31
possible_shower (1)Cloudy. High (80%) chance of showers, most likely in the afternoon and evening.

Friday 2:10pm

Jeppa has been getting the same rookie questions on Twitter. Check out his answers to some FAQs in his tweets below.

Friday 2:00pm

Check out the live scores via DT Live this weekend.

Friday 12:45pm

Friday 11:35am

It is worth noting that Box Hill play on Sunday.

Friday 11:00am

Download the brand new pdf from the guys; Trade Hard. It is the first in a weekly series that gives an overview of the week ahead in AFL Fantasy. Click here to download.

Friday 9:00am

Watch the Friday round 9 preview video from Roy, Calvin and Warnie. Click here.



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  • Tosh almost tonning

    • mcintosh to lewis. terrible move in hindsight…

      at least jacobs is tanking and could drop some $$ to trade him in this week.

      • Traded in Jacobs but fully expect this to be his worst week of the season

  • Dangerfield robbed of that goal. Fuckin yellow c**ts

  • NVB!!!

  • 1530/16 Rocky, Pendles, Jelwood, Oxley, Swan, Clark to go. Hoping for 2100.

  • 3 weeks since my captain has scored over 93 :”( (Parker)

  • 1418/14(C) Newnes, Higgins, Rich, Oxley, Pendles, Rocky, Goldstein, Swan to come

  • 1554 with 5 to go

  • Sorry to all those that have me in their teams, felt disappointed in myself too, hopefully I can get a big score next week against the Cats.

  • CEY has a severe case of the nervous 90s!

  • Warnie has said what needed to be said.

    We don’t need to follow their advice, they give ideas, for free, to help us make informed decisions.

    The only real problem with this site is the douches that are pretending to be actual players, it’s pretty pathetic

    • Why does it matter that I make my avatar and name that of a real player that I like. Fantasy is all for a bit of fun.

    • You’re the douche mate if you think they seriously think that…

  • 1195/13… still have heaps to play Rocky Priddis Pendles(c) Ox Newnes Beams Grundy Swan Clark… hope they all perform well

    Cant believe Cameron McCarthy 27 after back to back 80s… really 27 in a full game ??

  • Bont had a slight adductor strain. Beveridge said he will be touch and go for this week.

  • Was on track for a really big score but thanks to Kelly and McCarthy on field and mcintosh on bench I’m now only 1460 with 6 left. Oxley, newnes, Seedsman, beams, rocky and Steven. Will be lucky to get 2000

    P.s. FK u belly, Jacobs, Bennell (scored like 15 points in the whole second half)

    • Same boat only lucky I had McCarthy benched for hogan. Kelly has spudded. I’m praying ox, newnes, beams, Rocky and Swan go biggggg but this week has been bad so far. That being said, it’s my birthday so I expect everyone tons up today! Lol

    • You should scrape 100 if steven and rocky go 120+, which they should

  • To Warnie Cal and Roy:

    Sincere thanks come your way from the majority of people including me on this site. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anyone know whether Beams or Rockliff getting the tag?

  • Beams beasting early

    • And sustained it!

      Glad I kept the faith in Dayne Beast. Although, I can’t take all the credit. Think I’ve probably had 2 luxury trades all season.

  • This is putrid N00ns

  • Took the C off Armiatge this week and gave it to Rockliff….half time stats: Armo:65, Rocky:34

  • I love it when Beamer goes hooooooooge

  • Ummm hello pendles where are you?!

  • what the hell is Ox doing?? getting thumped and cant touch the ball in defence?

  • Scott, all I need is at least 80 from you, and I will win my league… Why don’t I feel confident?? Oh I know why, because you look horrible today!!

  • This weeks trade in aren’t seeming too bad. Fantasy Barlow and Amon, RDT Honeychurch and Bont > Titchell and Amon and in SC Titchell and Stevie J. Decent scores and some value added to my rookies:)

    Scotty Selwood maybe next week in some formats I think, Oxley gone and happy I stuck with Grundy when so many seemed to be trading him out after one bad score!

  • Can’t wait for geelongs bye, jelwood becoming a liability!!!

  • At the start of the day I was on 1533 with 6 players to play and expecting a 2050+ score I will be struggling to get past 2000.

  • M Clark -12 wtf? Need 22 from him to crack 2000. Such a dumb week of DT.

  • Maybe luck is finally on my side. All premos I trade on seen to get injured or suspended. Decided to hold off on getting Lewis & Rocky back until after bye. Lewis late withdrawal, Rocky below par & broken another rib. Certainly can sympathise for those who’ve been hit by this! Hopefully Rocky out for one game at most…