The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 7

I knew it was always going to be an uphill battle going into this week, but their was one event to cap off my season. Hang on… It’s only Round 7! Injuries, beltings, injuries, upsets, spuds and injuries really highlighted this weekend’s footy, are we ever going to get through a Round unscathed? I feel it’s like that game you used to play in Primary school. Not only would you trip a bloke up, it would then be the funniest thing ever to keep pushing them over as they hopelessly attempt to stand back on their feet. Trust me, it was tiring! Let’s wash-up the weekend shall we…

*It was a busy weekend on the farm*


Heppell (125) – We need more Heppell’s going around. After a couple of 80’s, it was almost guaranteed that he would go big this week. Safely a top 8 mid, gun.

Ziebell (118) – Ziebell looked awesome on the weekend, and it wasn’t for the first time this season. He has averaged 100 in the 6 games he made it through, concussing himself on 7 in Round 3. He is severely underpriced and looks set for a 95+ average this season. The problem? It’s a guessing game as to which body part will he manage to injure next week. For those who like to gamble, he is due a suspension…

Dangerfield (122) – It would be a weird selection, but credit to those who have risked bringing in Dangerfield. I’m still not convinced, but he is a game change when he hits form. This marked his third 110+ score in his last 4 games. Who knows how long it will last…

Roughead (139) – All I can say is I hope you didn’t run into ‘that guy’ with Roughead this week…

Treloar (133) – Treloar has been under par this season, yet he still remains a serious contender to become a top 8 mid. This score could be his turning point. He is priced nicely thanks to one shocker against West Coast, definitely give him a look!

Mitchell (121) – I love this kid. Tom Mitchell was probably born with a footy in his hands he finds it that easily. Forget Longmire’s personal vendetta, he is in the guts and looks like staying there. Sydney won’t want him to go and this is his time. Let’s pray he remains fit, he’s a gem up forward!

Parker (166) – Bare with me as I try to stop myself from being sick. What a beast! Everyone knew Parker would be back, but 166?!?! That’s out of this world, and awesome reward for those who held the faith. His price is straight on the way back up, get on board.

Thurlow (100) – Amongst the carnage there are some saviours, and Jackson Thurlow is just that down in the backline. While our pre-season picks spud it up, Thurlow notched up his second consecutive ton. Priced at 364k with a BE of 18, he’s definitely worth a look!

Priddis (155) – You don’t win a brownlow medal by fluke, Priddis is an absolute superstar. By his lofty standards he had a slowish start to the season, but after 3 consecutive tons he took things one step further with a monstrous 155. Having worked his way into the season he is now prime for the picking! He averages 102 against upcoming opponents St Kilda.

Yeo (150) – Get. Him. In. It was obvious to every Eagles fan 2 weeks ago that he was a steal down back, now the whole world has cottoned on. Yeo is not only playing in the guts, he is playing like Nat Fyfe. Don’t take that the wrong way but he is big bodied, great above his head, tough to beat in a one on one and finds plenty of the footy. He will be a dominant figure of the AFL over the next 10 years.

Masten (144) – I wouldn’t be seen dead with him in my team, but Masten deserves a shout out after his 20 disposal final term. He has the potential to be a serious DT slut if he can add consistency to his game.

Deledio (137) – Even though Lids is clearly not 100%, he is still a bargain for what he can potentially produce. Priced at $481k and carrying an average of 115 over the past 2 seasons against upcoming opponents Port Adelaide, he has to be on our radars. Great value.

Cotchin (131)  – Cotchin was a legend for many in this weeks league match-ups, but don’t buy the candy. I’m sick of Cotch showing such fantasy potential before continually disappointing. He posts below standard scores way too regularly to become a top 8 mid, count this as a one off. I’d need to see a lot more before even considering selecting him.

Ellis (127) – Brandon Ellis has been just about my only good pick this season! The best part about his game is I can guarantee a 90+ score from him. His consistency is unreal. Not quite a top 8 mid but he’ll get there soon enough.

Swan (117) – Oink. The Great Dane has gone about his business this season in the manner we all expected. He is averaging 103.4 and looks like he can average around 105. Not bad for a forward! Also, thankyou captain! Perhaps for one of the final times, thanks for everything Swanny!


Bellchambers (47) – I guess this is what you’re really here for. What a liability. I have to be honest I didn’t see much of the game, but seriously… There is no reason he shouldn’t be an 80 average ruckman, what he has dished up has been pathetic. Unfortunately getting rid of him is a luxury I can’t afford, not even close!

Stretch (22) – It looks like asking the kid to play over a half of football was a bit of a stretch… Don’t expect me to show myself out.

Riewoldt (26) – It looks as if Nick Riewoldt is ok, thank god. Incidents like those make you feel sick, Brent Reilly proves how fragile this sport and life in general can be. He will be a bargain pick up around the byes!

Jaensch (65) – Sport isn’t fair sometimes! Same goes for Fantasy. Considering how poorly our defenders have been performing, picking Jaensch would have been a brilliant move. So unlucky…

Birchall (58) – After a few promising signs, we got the same old Birch. Sure he will average 85, but where’s the fun in that?! He will never be anything more than that guy.

Salem (12) – Cruel banter, this was. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down, and I’m not just talking about Salem and the Dees! It’s unfortunate as he was finally finding his feet in the AFL. More importantly he was a vital cog for me linking my forwards and backs until the byes! He sits on my pine this week, Taylor Hunt’s time is well overstayed.

Vandenberg (43) – Many (like me) are relying on Vandenberg to hold our rookie structure together at least until the byes. His round 13 bye is perfect, but we need more than this! He is still averaging 70, which is well worth a spot on your ground at F6.

Lumumba (44) – If anyone was still getting away with riding this wave, this was a huge wake up call. He goes before any injuries are fixed! Hunt goes in the same bracket. Seriously, these two must be my worst picks EVER. I traded Lumumba (Just before his one and only ton) to Hunt, losing 61k between the pair and getting an average of 57. Yes you read that correctly! In the weeks I didn’t own them, they have a combined average of 79. In fact this week was the only time I had it the right way around, and that’s only thanks to Lumumba’s severe lack of ability to do anything. *facepalm*

Griffen (45) – Nobody actually owns the attack dog, right? Right guys? I didn’t expect anyone to own up anyway…

Clark (40) – Not really sure why but I played Clark over Krakouer this week, and that will be the final time I make that mistake! Place him on the ruck bench and let that be that. He will be handy during the byes, then cull him.

Smith (21) – Just when you think pre-season couldn’t get more irrelevant, remember that we were considering Zac Smith as a cheap ruck option… *shakes head*

Mundy (67) – Unfortunately our new shiny DPP Mundy took a heavy knock during the third quarter and struggled to halt the bleeding. As a genius non-owner, I can say this is the danger of buying someone at their max price. Unlucky guys. That is of course complete ass, if it was the other way around I’d be digging my own grave by now. At least his knock won’t be long term!

Honeychurch (26) – He should have been gone weeks ago. It’s been fun but sorry Mitch, it’s time to wave goodbye. Thanks for your service!

Hunt (60) – I actually got excited when I saw him on 53 at half time. I may have more injuries than I can count on one hand, but I can’t wait to get Hunt out of my life. I might be able to catch up on some sleep!

Ebert (64) – Will the real Brad Ebert please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. Finally! What did I say about Ebert’s first 6 rounds? With an average of 71 against Richmond over the past 2 years, Brad’s run at the top may be coming to an end. At the end of the day what do I know, he has been awesome so far and still has time to turn it around after this weeks disappointment.

Duncan (63) – … I’m just going to save this for later. Trust me I’m not happy about it!

Bloody injuries are the real losers this week. Not only were players going down on the field, they were crumbling off the park as well! Isaac Smith and Patrick Cripps were both huge late withdrawals for vastly different reasons. Smith due to his new found DT supremacy, I reckon he could’ve pushed 150 against that Dees outfit. Cripps just because he screwed half the competition over by tweaking his ankle on Friday! Yes it happened before lockout, but what do we deserve to know. Seeing as I’m probably the only player to actually own Kade Simpson, can I just say ANY DANGER OF SOME CLARITY? I can’t find any solid news on how bad his injury is, if he’s not back this week I’m going to need therapy. I probably need it already to be fair…

The Mark Stevens

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You’ll go a long way to find a more ignorant and arrogant manager than John Carver. You won’t find one worse! I’ve gone away from AFL this week, but the Newcastle manager labelled himself “The best manager in the EPL (English Premier League)” a couple of weeks ago. This was during a period of 8 losses in a row, a club record. This weekend apparently the “hot climate” (18 degrees) played a factor in their defeat against the second bottom side. Spare me!


The nominations were flying in this week, however I think we have a clear winner…

Yeo – There were some huge scores this week, however Yeo stands out. It was obvious that he was a bargain down back last week, even so nobody could’ve seen that score coming. Huge!

Priddis – He raised the bat at half time, and would have scored even more if it wasn’t for a stint up forward late. I guess the lazy 39 disposals was enough.

Mitchell – It looks like this could be Tom Mitchell’s time. He gets my vote by default, but well worth it for those who risked bringing him in!

Thurlow – One that has snuck under the radar, I’m sure any Thurlow owners will be happy to give him their vote! One of the few midpricers who can hold their head high.

Parker – Let’s be honest, Parker was clearly the player of the round! Those who gave him a second chance to prove himself have been rewarded in spades. Get voting!

This Game Sh*ts Me

So… As I said, it was always going to be a tough week. I didn’t need any help, but the Fantasy Gods gave it to me anyway. Where to begin. Cripps! When your team is struggling, luxuries are hard to find. This includes luxury trades, none of which I could afford to give myself bench cover this week. Having not used any of my emergencies over the first 6 Rounds, it was pretty clear what was about to happen. Sure enough the Cripps rumours spread, and he became a late out. Big… Fat… ZERO. I wasn’t the only one though, others felt that pain. It’s about how your team scraps to save their pride. Salem was next to go down. Not ideal of course, but once again a lot were in the same boat. No use complaining there.

That would have been enough, but sure enough there was one last blow. Lining up my trades last week, I had to pick between 2 players. Mitch Duncan and Luke Parker (Do not scratch your eyes). It honestly wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. Even though I pumped up Parker last week, Duncan is a vital cog in Geelong’s midfield and probably their second best player at the moment. On the back of consecutive 130’s and a BE of 25, he seemed the perfect POD to carry me up the rankings. At half time all was going well, Duncan was even in the running for BOG. The rest was a blur. Honestly you could’ve asked for a worst case scenario and what occurred wouldn’t have been in my wildest nightmares. Not only does Duncan fracture his foot and possibly miss most of the season, he does it at the start of the third quarter whilst flying towards another ton! Painful, yes. Not as bad as having to watch Luke Parker go and rack up 166!!!!!!! Unbelievable. 103 point difference AND ANOTHER TRADE gone. I’m probably the only person in Australia with that problem, and that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The Other Bits and Pieces

Sigh. Scored 1788, thanks to all of the above. I’m starring at an injury list of Kade Simpson (wtf), Glenn, Saad, Salem, Duncan and there’s no way Taylor Hunt is getting another reprieve. Unfortunately, I’d need a month to fix these problems and there’s bound to be new issues that arise before then! Forget upgrading my squad, fixing it is priority number 1 and I’ll need everyone of those 44 trades. Easy game, eh?

Luckily, we’re only 7 weeks into the season. As much as things suck, there’s a long way to go.  Don’t worry, if you’re having a sh*t weekend then I’m probably having a worse one (if that’s comforting in the slightest). Roll on next weeks carnage!


    I am pulling out of the 2015 season because of a ruptured ACL (Afl Crap League). The first 6 rounds constituted my worst ever run in 10 years in fantasy football. I spent them either replacing injured players or coping with supposed premo’s sub-60s scores. By the conclusion of Round 6 my average was a pathetic 1746 and I was ranked somewhere below 46,000 (after finishing 161st overall last year). But I decided to struggle manfully on. Then came this week’s mayhem. 3 players from my Round 6 team missed selection because of injury and another was dropped. But the fun had only started! Two of my players were late withdrawals. Another didn’t make it to quarter time. That’s a loss of almost 7 of my Round 6 players. And to add to the pain I brought in this round the ultra-reliable Pendles and made him captain. Result? His lowest score for the year.

    So I have decided to refuse to worship at the altar of the football gods until 2016. If they want my obeisance they have to work for it. Yibbidy yibbida. That’s all folks.

    • When the going gets tough, Henry gives up. #disgracetotheDTcommunity

    • I feel your pain dude.. I finished last season in the top 500 yet am languishing in 23000’th. Fielding 2 0’s last weekend. I posted my seasons trading in a thread last week and it looks like it will make interesting reading again :P

      Round1 – Sidebottom & Rockliff
      Round2 – Ablett & Burger -> Jacobs (my 1 luxury)
      Round3 – Wines & Bartel
      Round4 – Wallis & Malceski
      Round5 – Hodge & Lewis (would like to have kept lewis, couldnt field a full team tho)
      Round6 – Sloane & CEY
      Round7 – Mitch Duncan & Salem & Brodie Smith ?

      I just have to laugh :P

    • with all the careful planning and research this year I recorded my lowest score ever this week … 1703…. one thing i’ve noticed this season if a rookie has a really good week he is almost certain to have a really crap week the next or get injured…. and i can’t remember a season where so many premos have underperformed been injured or been suspended in a space of seven weeks … but hey thats why we love this game

  • My other punch in the testicles this week came from the player involved in the clash with Roo, Brodie Smith with a score of 8. The image is burned into my retina from staring at the computer screen willing it to change. I hope he is ok and all, but wowee

  • 2127 if only I didn’t play Clark and pendles (c) fired up !!! Avoided most of the carnage for once

  • 1788 Matt, what I would have given to score 1788 (said in Monty Python style. But seriously not only was there a big fat 0 under Cripps’ name I also had the fortune and luck to have traded Lewis to I.Smith :( so two donuts in the midfield = 1760. Lucky I held Parker.

  • I’m not a swans supporter, but I’m surprised every week by the lack of love for JPK. A solid 121 to follow his 136 last week and not even a mention.

    • I know right, but shhhhh. We don’t need everyone knowing about.

    • I did mention him last week :) I’ve seen this before from him and he never seems to maintain it unfortunately

  • I have Simpson, Cripps, Saad, Salem, Yolmen :(

    Simpson was listed as test last week so will surely be back this week…I hope

  • Oh and I’ll take your 1788 and raise you 1690…and that’s WITH cover for Hogan and Cripps

  • As desperate as it sounds with the likes of hunt and lumbum leave them in your squad till after the byes. At least you know they will play. Fix your injuries and just make sure you get big players in. That’s how spud bum is surviving in my team.

  • Hibberd and B Smith lucky not to be losers..

    • Argh I missed Smith! Hibberd just escaped because I’ve mentioned how deplorable he has been before. Smith’s concussion was a killer

      • Smith has killed me, not playing this week either :(. Good article as always nevertheless mate

  • Good call on John Carver for the Mark Stevens, although he’s probably a good fit for the most deluded fans in the EPL.

    • but it’s all about the mind games

      note that Carver said it after a run of around 8 winless games (ridiculous right?) but it takes off the media pressure from the abject performances

      maybe Mick should try that too (that he’s the best coahc in the AFL)

      • also note that Fergie blamed the referee after 5 minutes of injury time was added on (5 minutes was INCREDIBLY generous watching that game) which detracted from the very poor 1-0 loss that they suffered (because they were talking about the incredulity of the injury time call, rather than the performance)

      • I see what you’re getting at but dont think it worked. Just made himself a complete laughing stock, with a group of players who dont seem to have an ounce of respect for him.

  • yep when you’re holding CEY and lewis on the bench you really can’t afford to be starting glenn, cripps and macrae and then have duncan get injured. my midfields injury and omission list was bigger than my starting list!

  • The Mark Stevens should be renamed the mick malthouse at this stage for, firstly, continuing to be tightlipped about injuries and, secondly, saying that he couldn’t see where carlton would lose a game this year and then coaching the most defensive and boring brand of footy imagineable. Lets just have a bit of kick to kick in the defensive 50 and man up on the rest of the team. Definitely the best way to win a game. Genuine flog. At this rate, the RD13 match between them and the Suns will be the tightest contest of the year.

    • Suns actually trounced the Lions in Rocky’s KO match, who then beat Carlton

      genuinely think that Carlton will go 1-22 this year (having already beaten StKilda in NZ)

    • Haha. I can’t do that to one of the games greats!

  • Best move ever trading Brodie Smith to Elliot Yeo. Got 150 out of Yeo and he rose 50k. Now have to look at getting rid of Hibberd possibly for the inform Jackson Thurlow.

  • Hunt to yeo and honeychurch to mitchell? I’ll still have cripps, Glenn, Salem, saad and AnAnderson after these trades…

  • Too many rage trades this week to even start. Ranking fell from 5896 to 11451 with a spud score of 1681. FMDT.

  • In order of priority, which 2 should i trade in RDT out of:

    • Bellchambers

    • salem – injured has to go
      kmac – hasn’t had a good score in ages and 65 b/e
      bellchambers – his worst game of the year because of mckernan, if he doesn’t play belly will be decent.

  • Feeling the pain,2 donuts Salem,Smith,Duncan,Ebert (C) still holding Newton, Lewis, McKintosh. Bellend must be the worst No1 ruck in the history of AFL.On a positive note the 3 mid bench spots in RDT helped,up to 144 overall this week, my team looks so much better in the limited trade version, no silly sideways trading just because, plus making money is slightly easier with a chance to wait a couple of weeks on rookies instead of jumping on 1 gamers (Glenn comes to mind) and no 4th ruck spot gathering dust helps.

  • Last week i needed Rich to score 55 or more as a POD to win in my cash league- fail.

    This week i trade Rich to Isaac Smith and lose by 28 points after the guy i played had Rich as POD and i copped Smiths donut.

    I swear the dt gods are laughing somewhere…

  • Which two to get rid of first:


    • Injuries first, so Duncan and Salem.

      Duncan probably out for months unfortunately.

      • Might depend on how long Salem is out for

        • Wouldn’t expect Vandenberg or Bellchambers to leak too much cash though.

          Salem subbed out with a hamstring, so I’d say it would be at least 2 weeks, probably more.

  • yippee lewis is back held him for the period thinking I had cover (Salem/Cripps) ahhahahahhahah

  • I had 1865 this round. Salem 12, Vandenberg 43, Belly 47. I had Tarrant on the field instead of Clark. But I had the C on Parker until a few minutes before lockout. I put it on Goddard. I traded in Duncan and he wasn’t much chop.. What could have been..

  • To the west coast supporters saying get on Priddis he loves the wet thank you.

    Ended up keeping McCarthy and Rich to cover all my bench holes, and they both made their BEs. Copped a Cripps donut but got to 1996. Think I was very lucky. Even got away with Neale an out there captain choice.

    Ebert captain in RDT not so lucky.

  • So, Mitch Duncan is out for three months with a broken foot.. Let the nightmare continue.. For fu*k sake..

    • Sorry to ask un fantasy related questions, but how I get a profile pic?

      • Get a globally recognised avatar at
        This site’s platform is WordPress.

  • Salem > Amon
    Lumumba > Rockliff/Heppell/Fyfe/Boyd

    Please help!

  • Trade out gibbered or can he improve?

  • Playing RDT, have 247k in the bank, what trades should I be doing?

    McIntosh, pittard Oxley, newnes, geary, Mackenzie,Goodes, saad)

    Lewis, pendles, beams, Ebert, rich, danger, nvb, krak( vandenberg, dumont, freeman)

    Mummy, belly( gorringe)

    Swan, buddy, bont, Schneider, Salem, Gray ( Clark,lamb)