Lefty Leftfielders – Scorecard

Hello all,

Ugh. Fair to say this year has seen the worst start in many years for a lot of us, and its not really much different in a lot of my 2015 Left Fielders, lets have a look how we are travelling.

For those of you who want to, this is the link to the original post which will go through how/why I selected a few of these players.

On a side note, whatever happens this year jump on Maric to go nuts next year. In 2013 I selected Stefan Martin – he did nothing special then exploded in 2014. In 2014 I selected Brodie Grundy – did nothing then this year has started like a train. Clearly I am forgetting that Rucks take longer to develop than other players lol


Andrew Mackie – Fail (so far…)

0, 55, 0, 0

Obviously injury has killed the start of Mackie’s year – but put him on your watchlist as he will be ridiculously cheap after he comes back – especially if the Cats follow last years management plan and sub him in the first 2 or 3 games back. Could very easily slip down to around $350,000 at which price I will be seriously considering getting him in as D6/D7 for the second half of the year

Jarryn Geary – Win

90, 74, 57, 97

Geary is ranked 22nd overall in the defenders but is only 24 points behind 10th and has scored more points than early season team favourites like Newnes, Shaw, Pearce, Ibbotson and Burgoyne. I am happy I started him over Hibberd in my squad – yes Hibberd has scored 8 more points but given ‘Hibbo’ has lost $44,000 and Geary has made $46,000 that’s a combined $90,000 win so far – sorry Warnie I had to throw that stat in there…

Sam Butler – Win

76, 0, 63, 135

Yes Butler has missed one week – but with a season average of 91.3 he is currently the 6th highest averaging defender (who have played at least 3 games in 2015). Now whether last week was a fluke I guess we will find out in the next month – but I personally think we will see a few more of these big scores from Butler this year. As talked about in earlier article he seems to really like that link role between defence and midfield – the issue will be whether the Eagles persist with him as the loose man or they attempt to get experience into a younger player.


David Mundy – Win

108, 152, 102, 97

The 4th highest scoring midfielder so far has really started well in 2015. With the expected extra attention going to Fyfe and Hill, “Barra” has been allowed to free wheel even more so far this year. Thankfully to date Ross Lyon appears to have chosen Barlow as the Freo mid to make way for the new crop like Lachie Neale and Mundy seems to be spending just as much time in the midfield as last year. The $50,000 he has gone up so far isn’t to be sneezed at either!

Bradley Hill – Big Fail

64, 84, 0, 51

Yuck. I really got this one wrong and about all I can see if anyone still has him is jump off now. Don’t even think about it just call it a blessing he missed a week so he has only gone down $16,000. Get rid of him quickly and wash your hands afterwards.

Trent Cotchin – Fail

54, 111, 119, 85

Cotch has not started the year as we had hoped – then again not many of our elite midfielders have! He has lost $39,000 mainly on the back of a horror round 1, I personally have held him – although has been more to do with other issues taking precedence every week! If we just look at his last 3 weeks he is going ok – keep an eye on him but for me will be left in my side as long as possible as you just know the week you trade him out he will score a big 130

Brent Stanton – Win

57, 92, 115, 130

Still only owned by 0.5% of the competition, Stants had a horror in round 1 but has worked hard to get back in my good books since then. Between Lewis and Stanton I reckon I reckon I changed my mind over who to captain last week about 30 times last week – only for the 2 of them to both knock out a 130!captain last week about 30 times last week – only for the 2 of them to both knock out a 130! It is not too late to bring Stants in – and with the Bombers draw leading up to the bye going Saints, Freo, North, Lions, Tigers, Cats and then Eagles I can see more of these 130 scores coming our way…


Ivan Maric – Fail

91, 68, 67, 105

The Flying Mullet has had a bit of a slow start to the season, however I will be sticking with him for now. Big Sauce and Goldy do look the standout Rucks of 2015, but with Kreuzer due to come back for Carlton soon I think I will be leaving my ruck upgrades for a bit later in the year. Plus that stare from Maric just frightens me too much to trade him out at this stage – talk about stone cold…


Luke Dalhaus – Win

The number 1 forward of 2015 in both average score and total points, Dalhaus has been fantastic. What I cant understand is why he is in under 5% of teams still?? That is less than 1 team per league on average – are you guys not checking scores or something? 5% REALLY?? Get him in now and enjoy watching him go to work. A real good mix of inside and outside player, hard not to like his game and quickly becoming one of my favourite players to watch. PS I hope a certain rookie guru is reading this – he was incredulous I picked Dalhaus for our cash league…

Dale Thomas – Epic Fail (think Hurleys ‘manbun’ – yep that bad!)

4, 0, 0, 0

Injured in first contest in first game of the season was very unlucky. I thought he showed some balls getting up and sprinting off to try and do the right thing by his team – good luck with the recovery Daisy.

Justin Westhoff – Fail

75, 97, 68, 79

Something doesn’t seem right with Jesus this year – not sure if he is carrying something or if the introduction of Ryder is cutting down on his marks? Either way it is time to move him on if you have not already done so, I cant see the big scores of 2014 returning any time soon.

As always cheers for reading, hopefully you started with some of the winners and not too many of the losers, keep an eye out soon for a weekly trading article we will be doing. We will list the vanilla trades of the week and I will provide a few different options to try and get the jump on your oppositions.




  • I started with Mackie…..

    • ouch – me too. like I said keep an eye on him and may be a great D6/D7 for under $350,000 second half of the year

  • So glad i started with Dahlhaus and not Bartel

    • I ended up starting with both – Bartel then became Swan….yeah that’s looking like maybe a mistake at this stage……

      • I was Bartel only, then moved him to swan!
        if he doesn’t shake that boot he’ll have to be moved to Dahlhaus!

  • wish i started with dalhaus. was all about the dahl last year, but then he finished the last few rounds on my bench thanks to a massive second half of year fade out (avergaed about 100 pre bye, 80 post bye). This made me scared to pick him this year, but damn he is killing it with griffen and libba out of the mids.
    wish i could find a way to get him in! but i have no issues with my forwards… still, might try to DPP salem next week (if he gets def) and work it out…

  • I still have Westhoff, but am waiting for the byes to unload him. I’m really heavy on round 11 byes ATM

  • Interesting that Dahlhaus has already become a highly sought after forward. We should have listened to you Lefty!

    I wish I grabbed Stants. Gosh! <3

    • I was bound to get a few right I guess mate. Not too late to join the Brent train with his run up to the byes looking very points friendly – oh and he plays Collingwood in fantasy GF week – Stants loves pies!! 143, 150 and 130 are his last 3 scores against them

  • Harry Taylor has been good for me, guaranteed 70+ and last 2 scores 82,82. Thoughts lefty?

    • Harry has been a Left Fielder before and I admit to being a fan. The worry is when he has to play lockdown on a key forward – he is likely to get Jack Riewoldt, Travis Cloke and Buddy/Tippet next 3 weeks which concerns me a bit? Very capable of going big – and lets face it this year defenders are a nightmare to call so far.

  • Pretty happy with the Mundy pick! Also grabbed Stanton + Maric who’ve been great.
    Mackie let us down, but so have the majority of defenders this year

    Cheers much!

  • Cotchin hasn’t been that bad. Another premo that started week 1 with an injury cloud, had a bad first game, a couple of tons and an 80 something.

    • yeah not the worst I agree – he probably should have got “Pass” haha. Hopefully he can build from here

  • With all the talk about players being turned to DPP – does anyone know whether this will happen in RDT?

  • Geary is the only one here that I have (apart from Dahlhaus who I have just traded in). But I have my own collection of failures – I mean you Lachie Neale, Parker, Lumumba and Bennell (just gone for the Haus).

  • My Biggest POD, not a player but a unique team structure, was a fail.

    Started 3 ruck midpricers, with the idea they would all go up a bit in value, and actually have bench cover (you know, the lack of ruck rookies actually playing)
    Hopefully peak over byes (where I automatically had actual rucks on bench playing)

    Z.Smith (Fail) Berger (Fail) Belly (Pass).

    Still have berger on my bench, and in trading out players like gaz upgraded to Jacobs.
    I could have had another premo in my mids. Berger not playing means his cash sitting on my bench earning nothing.

    Hopefully he gets another game or two. Might be nice to cull him if Clark magically becomes a DPP ruck.

  • Steven Ellis and cogs all winners

  • wondering now if butler will be a good pick