Daniel’s Dilemma: Double Trouble (DPP’s)

Welcome back to Daniel’s Dilemma! Another week, another dilemma and the constant arm wrestle with the Fantasy gods continued throughout Round 4. Coaches who scored around the 1850+ range would have taken the carnage on the chin and ran, considering that the majority of us are still struggling to come to grips with the amount of poor scores that our Defenders and ‘Set and Forget’ premiums dished up.

With last week’s shocking scores now behind us, I don’t want to rabble on too much with the details of the carnage as we have some much brighter news that will be sure to pique your Fantasy interests!

Finally, today we will focus on the new Dual Positioned Players that will be presented to us soon. There is still some speculation surrounding who will be selected as a DPP, however, with heat-maps being displayed to the public regularly over the last few weeks we can start planning in anticipation for the final decision from Champion Data.

Below are the most Fantasy relevant players that I believe have the greatest chance of obtaining a new position in Round 6.

1. Matthew Boyd – ADD DEFENDER?

hm_boydWithout a doubt, Matthew Boyd will find his AFL Fantasy ownership rise greatly next week as the Western Bulldog’s midfielder adds another string to his bow in terms of Defender status. He has played a major role for the Doggies in Defence so far and once he is considered a DEF/MID he will be the 2nd highest averaging defender in the competition!

However, Matthew Boyd isn’t getting any younger, having ticked over 32 years of age this year. He has already showed signs of his old legs having an impact on his playing time by being sidelined in Round 3 for calf soreness.

Age aside, Boyd is a must in AFL Fantasy. You can’t ignore his scoring potential, with Boyd only dropping under the triple figure average once in the last 6 years!

The Fantasy gods have gifted us DT Royalty here, so make sure you fiddle and re-structure your side to get him in!

2. Christian Salem – ADD DEFENDER?

hm_salemChristian Salem is another player that is in the box seat for a positional change in the next couple of weeks. Fortunately for most of us, we won’t need to adjust our sides to trade him in as he is currently situated either on the pine or on the field in our Forward lines.

However, this specific positional change adds even further flexibility across your ground especially if you have Ciaran Byrne ($121,000) in your backline. Having the luxury of both players’ means you can shift and swap as you please throughout the season, decreasing the headache of picking rookies to play on your field from week to week. With Oxley and McIntosh proving they aren’t invincible with scores of 36 and 47 respectively, having Salem as an option means you don’t have to ever rely on Brett Goodes to dig your team out of trouble in the future.

Salem has also been in reasonable form as of late as well and showed his Fantasy potential against Richmond last weekend playing off half-back, scoring 76.

3. Mitch Clark – ADD RUCK?

hm_clarkAt this stage it is all just mere speculation; however, Mitch Clark has been seen rotating in the Ruck position early on this year, which could indicate miracles for us Fantasy coaches struggling for a third Ruckmen.

Champion Data haven’t released any certain information but for coaches with one premium (Jacobs, Goldstein and Nic Nat) and Tom Bellchambers ($336,000) in their Ruck, this is encouraging signs as we could finally have some flexibility in the Ruck department.

However, if you don’t own Bellchambers, having Mitch Clark floating across both lines adds instant stability, in case of injuries or players being dropped (Leuenberger!)

Unfortunately, Ruckmen have been a very black and white subject this season for AFL Fantasy with no real signs of Rookies coming through and staking a claim. With Mitch Clark now being rumoured to obtain a DPP status, this makes our decision making much easier if one of our ruckmen are ineligible to play in the future.

 4. Luke Dahlhaus – ADD MIDFIELDER?

hm_dahlhausLuke Dahlhaus has been in stellar form lately and having the option of placing him in your Midfield enables you to be flexible with your selections from week to week.

If you traded him into your forward line last week to replace the injured Jimmy Bartel, then your trade just becoming that little bit more valuable as the Doggies star could possibly feature in your midfield if players like Beams ($523,000) and Barlow ($526,000) continue to struggle.

For the coaches who don’t currently have Dahlhaus in their sides, I wouldn’t be looking to bring him in ahead of your already planned moves this week. He isn’t a necessity as such, but if he does obtain MID status and continues his current run of form then placing him in your Forward line would be very handy; considering picking consistent premiums this year has been a near impossible task.

5. Aaron Vandenberg – ADD FORWARD?

hm_vandenbergAaron vandenBerg had me eating my own words on Friday night after his very impressive 112 against Richmond. I wasn’t sold on vandenBerg throughout the pre-season and he showed no signs of Fantasy potential during the opening rounds but he stepped up and was pivotal in the Demons’ destruction of the Tigers.

He has played further up the ground recently and bagged a few goals because of this positional change. This could lead Champion Data to naming him as one of the initial DPP’s this year, which means that we can pick and choose where to put him from week to week.

A popular choice could be sending him forward in the place of a under-performing premium and then upgrading your midfield to someone like Dyson Heppell ($621,000), who has been on fire lately!

Nobody says no to added flexibility in Fantasy, so the possible addition of vandenBerg in our forwards lines could only strengthen our sides on a weekly basis.

Luckily, there are more names that are in the mix to get DPP Status. Below are some of the other names that YOU have mentioned on Facebook and Twitter over the last couple of days.

Other Rumoured Additions

  • Daniel Rich ADD DEFENDER? – Don’t ditch Rich yet! With a slight possibility of DEF status up his sleeve he could be a very useful pick if our current defenders keep producing the same scores!
  • Luke Parker ADD FORWARD? – Luke Parker has been spending some additional time in the forward line which has lead coaches to believe that he may be adding the FWD position to his name. It is unlikely at this stage, but could be very useful if Robbie Gray continues to perform poorly in the front line.
  • Kamdyn McIntosh ADD MIDFIELD? – Started the season on absolute fire, to then come down like a ton of bricks against Melbourne on Friday night. Would be a welcome addition to the midfield as he has played on the wing with the Tigers so far. Added flexibility is a bonus to all owners.
  • Taylor Hunt ADD MIDFIELD?Likely to gain MID status next week with his additional time in the centre for the Tigers. Same Boat as McIntosh, however, you don’t need as much cash to upgrade to a premium defender (or midfielder if you decide to switch him there) if his scores start to drop rapidly. Watch out for his niggle he picked up on the weekend!

At this stage we aren’t sure how many players will gain DPP next week however these are a few names that will be floating around to possibly gain a new position.

Feel free to drop a comment and state your opinion on the new DPP’s as they are released! Also if you have any other possible additions or questions hit me up on Twitter or mention it below in the comments section!


  • Great write Daniel
    Can’t wait to get in Trusty old Matty Boyd in the Def. I remember the days when he was in everyones team to start with, absolute jet! Rich getting Def status would be awesome, would allow me to upgrade one of my def rookies to a massively underpirced Stevie J

  • How about the following:

    Stef Martin: Mid or Fwd

    Jack Martin: Mid

    Nat Fyfe: Fwd

    Matt Rosa: Def

  • Robbie Tarrant – Def

    • Yeh, and Bruce FWD.

      • and possibly Gunston def/fwd
        got to think there’s some legs to it with him willingly going back there to help out

        we’ll see how things pan out this week

  • Gonna be a juicy week of trading next week thats for sure. Im so tempted to go Barlow to Boyd and swap him with Newnes next week thus uprgading Newnes to a premo MID. But that will backfire on me knowing my luck this year

  • Do these DPP changes came out next week before round 6 or the following and after round 6?

    • Next week, so they will be ready for round 6. Last year they were added in the early hours of Thursday morning. We will definitely have some ‘leaked’ ones to announce on the podcast. Daniels list looks good (his 5 anyway)… a couple of those others mentioned at the end are a bit iffy.

      Rooks grabbing DPP will be handy. Such as the no-so-rookie Clark to whack on the ruck bench. At least we will have some cover.

  • Pick 2: Newton, Cripps, Vandenberg and C.Ellis-Yolmen.

  • Cant wait to get in Boyd and Mundy in my DEF next week :)

    • Mundy in def? lol what you smoking on Rocky?

      • haha that good shit my man.

        nah all seriousness i think he will get dpp check out his heat maps, and AFL posted a post about comparing him to burgoyne for his new durability.

    • Mundy? Is he going to get DPP?

      • I’m sticking my neck out and saying he won’t. Happy to be proven wrong though. He has had some monster scores so far

  • I’m pretty sure Tarrant will get FWD/DEF DPP status,

    But would someone like Jaden McGrath (Brissy FWD rookie) be a chance to qualify for DPP status to FWD/DEF even though he succumbed to injury? Why do I still have him? Been covering injured premo’s these last few weeks…

  • Mundy a decent/good enough chance to make DEF/MID status with his heatmap as @TRockliff has stated. If he does, will try to get him and Boydy in the next couples wks.

  • Who are everyone considering of getting rid of to allow for Boyd, Newnes?

    • lumumba possibly

    • Double downgrading this week. Hopefully will have enough $$ to double upgrade the Def.

    • Oxley, McIntosh or Saad for me, depending on any of them failing again. Otherwise Hunt or Geary, depending on failure. I think people my regret bailing on Newnes, remember last week he was tagging, he sucked at it, and Weller is back, he won’t get that role again. I’m thinking rounds 2 and 3 are more along the lines are what we can expect from him and that’s good enough for me, although I guess DPP’s may make that sort of 85+ avg less worthwhile.

  • Any chance Whitfield gains DEF status? I have him in my team at the moment, and he’s on the chopping block, but would it be worth holding him one more week in case he gains DEF?
    Otherwise I’m not sure what to do, I could go Beams to Heppell or Newton down to a rookie like Dumont, or Tarrant via DPP. Thoughts? Cheers guys

    • Whitfield won’t feature in the announcement next week. Beams to Heppell is slightly sideways but his numbers are too good to ignore. Tarrant is a tough call. You have to jump on him quickly before you miss the boat or you get him in and he coughs up a lazy 60…

      • Ok cheers Daniel! Great write up by the way. Good to hear Whitfield isn’t gaining DPP so I can trade him out with surety. I understand Beams to HepD would’ve been a bit sideways but Im a bit fed up with his rubbish numbers, hopefully he can lift. I’d be getting in Tarrant at F8 so I think I might take the punt, hoping he can make a bit of cash and even possibly get DPP status to help out the backline

    • He has to be a chance. 63% in the back half. I bet Calvin will be sending messages to the team at CD as he picked him up a couple of weeks ago… haha. He loved his vest this week! ;)

  • How do you change your profile photo?

  • Boyd in for NVB this week then swap for one of my muppets back there once they topped out. Then a Heppell or discounted Rockliff in the guts

  • There is one advantage to having such a dismal team……I can bring rookies in as an UPGRADE!

  • McVeigh should get DEF status you would think…

  • I remember fox footy showing a graphic saying stevie j has spent 57% game time forward as of a couple of weeks ago, plus 2 goals as a sub last week. Any chance of fwd status?

  • Can’t wait for new DPP’s

  • What does R. Tarrant’s heat map actually look like? Anyone know?

  • How many games do we expect Boyd to play? He has already missed one. I don’t want to bring him in if he’s going to be in and out of the team all year with old man injuries

  • Thoughts on Toby Greene for MID/FWD? Has 62% of season’s disposals in forward half

  • What percentage do players have to play in a certain half to gain DPP?