William Hill’s Pick the Ladder


William Hill’s AFL Pick the Ladder promotion puts your AFL knowledge to the test. For a $5 bet, if you pick the correct order of the 2015 AFL ladder to win up to $100 million. Click here to take part.

Here are our ladders we have entered.


  • 1st Hawthorn
  • 2nd Sydney
  • 3rd Port Adelaide
  • 4th Geelong
  • 5th North Melbourne
  • 6th Gold Coast
  • 7th Richmond
  • 8th Fremantle
  • 9th Brisbane
  • 10th West Coast
  • 11th Adelaide
  • 12th Greater Western Sydney
  • 13th Collingwood
  • 14th Essendon
  • 15th Carlton
  • 16th Western Bulldogs
  • 17th Melbourne
  • 18th St Kilda


  • 1st Hawthorn
  • 2nd Sydney
  • 3rd Port Adelaide
  • 4th Fremantle
  • 5th Geelong
  • 6th Adelaide
  • 7th Gold Coast
  • 8th North Melbourne
  • 9th Richmond
  • 10th Brisbane
  • 11th West Coast
  • 12th Collingwood
  • 13th Greater Western Sydney
  • 14th Essendon
  • 15th Melbourne
  • 16th Western Bulldogs
  • 17th Carlton
  • 18th St Kilda


  • 1st Hawthorn
  • 2nd Port Adelaide
  • 3rd Sydney
  • 4th North Melbourne
  • 5th Fremantle
  • 6th Geelong
  • 7th Gold Coast
  • 8th Richmond
  • 9th Brisbane
  • 10th Essendon
  • 11th Adelaide
  • 12th Collingwood
  • 13th Greater Western Sydney
  • 14th West Coast
  • 15th Carlton
  • 16th Melbourne
  • 17th St Kilda
  • 18th Western Bulldogs

* Over 18s only. Please gamble responsibly. DT Talk is affiliated with William Hill.


  • Anyone know the actual odds of winning?

    Oh, by the way, I joined William Hill the other day at the promise of a $700 free bet. No dice, it’s a scam.

  • If you just looked at all the different combinations it would be calculated, n! = n(n-1)….(1). In other words, you just multiply the number in order of decreasing integers.
    Here’s an example:

    4! = 4*3*2*1=24

    5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120

    So the number of different combinations would be 6402373705728000. But that doesnt take into account that some teams are better then others.

    • Yeah, broke my calculator after I’d picked the top 8. Literally no point having a crack at this, despite knowing which teams are better than others. If you gave one combination to every person who’s ever lived you still would only have one in a billion chance of winning. You’re about a million billion times more likely to win the lotto.

  • Or you could do what I am going to do and bet on Carlton to win the wooden spoon at 20 to 1.