Can we start again… please?! – Round 1 Review

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Team Name:
Round 1 Scores:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • Best place to get BE data from lads?

    I’m looking at chopping off KK… no way am I trading Lumumba… look dangerous and did all the right things – he was at least around the footy!

    Very nervy about who to bring in for KK though… not sure whether to go Geary or a bonafied premo (thinking Hibbo and cash in his poor first round)!

  • So is the general consensus that KK has to go before Newnes? KK was a tagger, which is deplorable. Newnes was just wank and on the periphery, much like Dusty.

  • Daisy finished the round with a PPM of 3.37. Absolute jet

  • Since Rich’s be is 5 and he will go up heaps. I was thinking of trading him in. He is also playing North Melbourne who got thumped by the crows.
    The trades i will have to do to get him in are sidebottom> rich which will give me around 350k to upgrade nelson (150k mid bench) to a 600k player.
    Is this a good idea or am i getting hyped by his round 1 game? cheers

    • I reckon its a good idea. Maybe Nelson-Parker if you don’t have him already. Only worry is that with rocky out. Rich will get more attention. Where did you get the BE’s from by the way?

      • Yea i already have parker. Which out of these second trades would you do?
        Kolo or lumumba to geary?
        Ablett to sloane?
        Z smith to leunberger?
        and if bartel is out i will be going bartel> zorko or dahlhaus

        The breakevens are on

        • I would say Ablett to Sloane. love Sloany as a player and i think Ablett will leak heaps of cash. get Ablett back in after he gains more match-fitness and drops in price

          • ok cheers man. Also do you reckon kk and lumumba will come back in form because if not there are out haha .

            If you want you can tell me your trades and i will give you advice?

          • Cheers for the BE’s mate. I would hols kk and lumumba because i reckon they’ll hit form soon. However if kk tags this week he’s gone for me.

  • What do these trades sound like.
    Ablett – Barlow
    Sidebottom – Parker
    Got $45,000 in the bank if i do these. Giving Kolodjashnij one last chance, if he fails then i will get rid of him.

  • My boy, Luke Parker, will be the next FANTASY PIG #callingit

  • Thoughts on my trades

    Sidebottom – Ellis

    Newnes – Simpson

    have $45,000 left in the bank after these trades.

  • 2 Questions:

    1. Swan vs Dahlhaus
    2. Heppell vs Sloane

    Would appreciate any response with a reason :)

  • This is my team I was just wondering what trades I should be doing this week, if anyone has any suggestions please reply! Cheers

    Back: Geary, Malceski, Goodes, newnes, kolo, Oxley( saad, smedts)

    Mids: pendles, Ablett, Newton, beams, van berlo, vandenberg, griffen, wells( yolmen, freeman, dumont)

    Ruck: Mumford, Bellchambers,( gorringe)

    Fwd: Gray, swan, Bartel, Salem, lamb, walters( Clark, Kane Mitchell)