Richmond AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

Brett Deledio (FWD/MID, $22)

Brett Deledio (FWD/MID, $548,000)

Every year the Tigers offer plenty of Fantasy value, but with a great early draw we’ve got plenty of things to consider.

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The Premium

Dustin Martin: For the second season in a row Dusty averaged 97 and again will be selected heavily as we can still grab him as a Mid/Fwd. At $553,000 he’s one of the most expensive forwards, but that’s because he’s one of the best. 11 times he punched out a score of 100+ and a further 3 in the 90’s and I’ll be expecting a similar output in 2015. The great thing about Dusty is he doesn’t deliver horrid fantasy scores, his lowest score last season was 71. Yes, it’s not ideal, but it’s not a 40 or 50 that can really sting. Only injury will prevent him from being a top 6 scoring forward this season.

The Midpricer

Nick Vlastuin: While some would say last season wasn’t as ‘impressive’ as his first 7 games where he averaged 87 including a massive 131, i’ve been very impressed with his work ethic and contribution to the teams success. The Tigers love this kid and as a Mid/Def at $370,000 he’s got some value, flexibility and the skill set to be a premium defender in 2015. Value for money is key in Fantasy especially in our backlines with limited safe premiums. If Vlossy can sneak some extra midfield minutes he’ll be a good investment.

The Rookie

Kane Lambert:  He could be Anthony Miles version 2 as   Kane has dominated the VFL for seasoans and is a competitive ball beast. In 2013 he was 1 vote away from winning the Liston Medal. At a basement price of $120,000 this dual position mid/fwd will need to be elevated from the rookie list to be considered. But if he does keep an eye on him, in last seasons semi final Lambert gathered 32 touches, 17 clearances, 15 inside 50s and booted four goals.

The New Position

Brett Deledio:  We may have lost plenty in the forward lines from last season but Deledio is one of the great gains. Now selectable as a Mid/Fwd at $548,000 he is a must. Last year was one of Lids’ worst seasons of recent history (due to an injury that affected him playing and his scoring output.) 2014 was the first time in 7 seasons he didn’t play every game. When the Tigers clicked in the second half of the season so did he, his opening 9 games he averaged 83 and scored over 100 twice. However, in his final 9 he averaged 109.5 and scored 6 times above 100 including the final 5 games. If that’s not enough, in those last 9 games his lowest score was a 90. Seriously, lock him away he’ll be one of the best (if not the) scoring forwards this season.

The One to Watch

Brandon Ellis : The beauty of the Tigers team is you could argue a case for nearly a dozen of them being placed as one to watch, for me this time I’ve landed on Ellis. He’s flying again this preseason as he has for the past few seasons. He started 2014 slowly with only two scores above 67 in the opening 5 games. From then Ellis switched on and only went below 79 just once. From rounds 10 – 16 Brandon registered 7 hundreds in a row including 4 over 115. As an owner of him during that time it was a beautiful thing to enjoy. He’s pricey at $544,000 but has the potential to add nicely to his average.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice

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  • Does anyone know if the prices will be higher this year? You mentioned that Dusty has had a 97 avg for the last two years, and yet this year he starts at over 550k vs $526k as last year’s starting price.

    Is it just the starting prices that are higher, or will the values be higher throughout the year? i.e. a higher price for a 100avg this year than last year.

    Dusty at 550k seems overpriced, but if 550k this year is the equivalent of 525k last year then I can see the value… this is confusing, and has thrown off all my conceptions of a players value for my starting squad >_<

    • The game is a bit harder this year. Still a $10M salary cap, but it will be harder to pick our starting squad… which is a good thing for the game, especially with two trades per week, every week.

      • Yeah, I noticed that the starting prices were definitely higher, but is it just starting price? If a player performs the same as last year, will they just drop in price? Or will the same scores as last year be worth more money this year?

        I’ve never thought of Dusty being the type of player to keep his value up at 550k. But if they’ve changed the values so that lower scores are worth more money, then everyone will have to reevaluate their idea of value. And comparing prices with previous years will mean nothing.

      • but Warnie, surely it (the salary cap) should increase based on the MN increasing?

        Last Years initial MN was around the 5300 mark,
        whereas this year it’s 5660

        means that last year’s 10m would be worth 10.6m this year, which is around the same price as RDT (unless fanhub don’t believe in inflation :P )

        • RDT go with the official AFL salary cap. Since FanHub took over the official game, they have decided that a flat $10M is the way they’ll go each year.

          As for the magic number, RDT and AF are pretty close to the 5660 figure… however the games are played quite differently. With and extra $600K in RDT, you can possibly fit one or two more premos/keepers in your initial side – but you only have 30 trades to get your ‘Dream Team’. With AF, you have ’44’ trades to get to your ultimate team, so the powers to be have decided to make it harder to pick an initial team and therefore it’ll take more time to get to your ‘Dream Team’ in that game.

          I like it.

          • It once again shows the differences between the games. People will have their own personal bias towards a gaming style platform, and although the scoring is the same the strategies are vastly different.

  • Think Ivan could be good value, especially in RDT where it’s set and forget Rucks.

    • agree mate – every team I have seen has leuy and kreuz, I think Stef Martin and Leuy will share the load more this year so I am considering a Kreuz/Maric combo

  • Dusty and Lids for me. Maric presents value so half an eye on him. I like Lambert but will take injuries for him to get a run.

    • Arnot was placed on the rookie list due to injury; if he can come good then I would expect him to be promoted first.

      Maric is an interesting case, depends on 3 things
      # Is there a role for Hampson in the side?
      # What role is Vickory to play (Fwd or Fwd/Ruck)?
      # What role is Griffiths to play (Fwd or Fwd/Ruck)?

      Depends how the Tigers setup in the preseason and they do want to move away from Maric being a single point of failure (e.g. early 2014).

    • Nice choice of fwds, Maric is a pass for me although he presents value. He’s had chronic back injuries for the best part of 2 seasons and they normally don’t get beter as you get older.

  • Being a Tiger tragic, I have 4 in the side
    Nick Vlastuin
    Dustin Martin
    Brett Deledio
    Brandon Ellis

    I thought Brandon Ellis could have been a bit of a smokie due to Rocky being the main man for Rnd 11 midfielders.

    Brandon Ellis is seriously good, besides being an endurance beast he is also down the list of who to tag first.

    Cotchin seems to be the resident taggers sofa; he is sat upon that much.

    Nick Vlastuin is spoken about as a future captain of the club, that is how he is regarded down at punt road.