Adelaide AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

Brad Crouch (MID $524,000)

Brad Crouch (MID $524,000)

The self proclaimed pride of South Australia will be looking for redemption under a new coach Phil Walsh. The good thing about a new coach is they provide plenty of options to look at for fantasy.

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The Premium

Rory Sloane: He became a premium fantasy midfield option after breaking through the 100 avg last season.  After averaging 104 this midfielder is priced as the top crow at $592, 000. He was the 5th highest scorer overall in fantasy last year and scored 14 times over 100 including 2 scores of 130+, a 143 and a crazy 160. To be a legit fantasy premium he’ll need to back this year up with a similar season of scores. He’s got consistency and a high ceiling something you want from your premos. Will he back it up? Time will tell.

The Midpricer

Nathan Van Berlo:  A Pre-season injury last year saw NVB miss out all of 2014. Now he’s been heavily discounted at will only cost you $272,000. Many are very excited about the return of NVB for fantasy purposes and look to his 2011 year where he averaged 93 and scored 6 straight 100’s to end the year. The thing about NVB under Sando was he was used as a shut down midfielder and as such only scored once over 100 under Brenton as coach. Does a new coach mean a new role? Possible, but with the likes of Thompson, Dangerfield, the above mentioned Sloane, Smith, Douglas and Brad Crouch who are all quality midfielders it may be back to tagging for the Nathan. I’ll be doing a Deck of DT on him soon. Like midday soon.

The Rookie

Rory Atkins:  He’s spent a few seasons on the Crows list and last season was very impressive at SANFL level averaging 19 disposals a game and even managed to squeeze his was to being an emergency for a couple of games. This left footed midfielder is as the basement price of $120,000 and new coach Phil Walsh has spoken of his desire to add some left footy flair through the crows midfield. Keep an eye on this kid.

The New Position

Brodie Martin:  Not Many Crows players gained new positions but Brodie Martin was one of them. Leaving behind his Def he’s now a Mid/Fwd. For years Brodie’s shown plenty of fantasy potential but never been consistent enough to keep his spot in the Crows line up. In rounds 16-20 he averaged 89, if he’d stayed a defender he’d be possibly more relevant but with the likes of Swan, Goddard, Deledio & Ziebell now forward eligible he’s slipped fast out of fantasy relevancy.

The One to Watch

Brad Crouch: I am a massive fan of Crouch in all forms of fantasy footy, and no it’s not just my Crows bias. It may rival Roy’s love of Rocky & as I learnt yesterday Rainman’s crush of Josh Kelly. At $524,000 he doesn’t come cheap, but this midfielder is $250K cheaper than Tom Rockliff. He’s played only 25 games of footy and yet of those 11 are scores of 100 or more (and he’s yet to turn 21). Wait it gets better, excluding his sub affected game in round one in 2014 (50 in a 1/4) he’s only gone under 90 just 4 times in his past 20 matches. Yes, he’s flying in preseason too and in his 3rd season playing at the Crows it looks like this kid will bust the fantasy doors down.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
RorySloaneAdelaide CrowsMid$592000
SamJacobsAdelaide CrowsRuck$550000
ScottThompsonAdelaide CrowsMid$544000
BradCrouchAdelaide CrowsMid$524000
PatrickDangerfieldAdelaide CrowsMid$524000
RichardDouglasAdelaide CrowsMid$495000
MatthewJaenschAdelaide CrowsDef$477000
BrodieSmithAdelaide CrowsDef$465000
MatthewWrightAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$457000
BrentReillyAdelaide CrowsDef$425000
TaylorWalkerAdelaide CrowsFwd$415000
DavidMackayAdelaide CrowsMid$414000
EddieBettsAdelaide CrowsFwd$386000
JamesPodsiadlyAdelaide CrowsFwd$373000
JoshJenkinsAdelaide CrowsFwd$372000
BrodieMartinAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$367000
MattCrouchAdelaide CrowsMid$350000
RoryLairdAdelaide CrowsDef$346000
RickyHendersonAdelaide CrowsDef$329000
TomLynchAdelaide CrowsFwd$327000
JarrydLyonsAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$314000
KyleCheneyAdelaide CrowsDef$309000
KyleHartiganAdelaide CrowsDef$300000
SamKerridgeAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$288000
LukeBrownAdelaide CrowsDef$282000
DanielTaliaAdelaide CrowsDef$276000
MitchGriggAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$273000
LukeLowdenAdelaide CrowsRuck$273000
Nathanvan BerloAdelaide CrowsMid$272000
AndyOttenAdelaide CrowsDef$266000
JakeLeverAdelaide CrowsDef$259000
CharlieCameronAdelaide CrowsFwd$252000
SamShawAdelaide CrowsDef$227000
HarrisonWiggAdelaide CrowsDef$192000
MitchellMcGovernAdelaide CrowsFwd$166000
HarryDearAdelaide CrowsFwd$142000
CamEllis-YolmenAdelaide CrowsMid$120000
RileyKnightAdelaide CrowsFwd/Mid$120000
RoryAtkinsAdelaide CrowsMid$120000
SamSigginsAdelaide CrowsDef$120000
JackOsbornAdelaide CrowsRuck$120000
JakeKellyAdelaide CrowsDef$120000
ReillyO'BrienAdelaide CrowsFwd/Ruck$120000
KeenanRamseyAdelaide CrowsDef$120000
AnthonyWilsonAdelaide CrowsFwd$120000

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  • Thanks MJ. Crouch rock solid in my team, and very much a soft spot for his younger brother.
    Atkins another one to add to the ever expanding watch list.
    How do you see Hendo fitting back in?

    • Hendo is an interesting one, personally I’m not sure how Walshy will set the Crows up down back. The way i’m potentially seeing the crows line up he may not be a spot for him. Brown, Talia, Jaensch, Smith, Cheney and Hartigan all look likely round 1 starters. His ball use at time has been questionable too. I’d potentially look at Savage whose around a similar price

  • What a brilliant analysis of this year’s premiers!
    I have a lot of man love for Crouchy.
    I’d be interested in your thoughts on Brodie Smith in the back line given the lack of stand outs in that position?

    • We can only hope… Alot would have to go right for the Crows to win the flag.

      I’m keen on Smith too, he along with 3-4 other Crows I’d love to have included as ‘one to watch.’ Was very good in his HB role last year but sturggled with the tag towards the end of the season. If he can work through this and/or get moved higher up the ground into a more midfield based role then he’ll be a real shot at a top 6 defender.

  • Thoughts on Matt Crouch? Sanderson seemed determined to ruin his confidence last year, I’m hoping he gets a fair crack this year and can go 80+

    • He’d need to go 90+ to make the investment worth it. I think you’ll find some better options elsewhere, he’s no lock into the best 22 either.

  • I currently can’t pick between Wines and Crouch in my midfield. If Crouch could fix his kick:handball ratio he would be a lock

  • but the pride of SA play in a turqoise-y colour?

    • more serious, Sloane’s pretty beastly at home (had 8/9 tons from memory last season, and that non-ton was an 87) but is pretty poor away

      • Not sure you can say Sloane was ‘poor’ away from home. Averaged 103.5 from his 10 games away from Adelaide Oval. He had only 1 game over 113 at the Adelaide Oval as opposed to a 160, 143, 131 away from home. His scoring variation was larger away from home (62 lowest – 160 highest) Vs at home (79-130).

        • 103.5 from 10 games with a 160, 143 and 131 in there is poor in my book (86 average those 3 excluded)
          Is basically a lock ton at AO (but not much more as you’ve pointed out) and is too poor away from home (as I’ve pointed out above)

          at his price though, he doesn’t score highly enough for me, particularly when his direct competition is Watson/JPK/Jelwood/Deppell who are all capable of busting out the big scores with somewhat regularity

  • Great right up on a great team MJ! Sloane could be a great POD this year and we all know how much I love B Crouch. Smith is widely tipped to move into the mids which makes him likely to start in the side. Walsh has also said he;s been impressed with Hendo so he’s on the watchlist. Grigg as a M/F is also an interesting proposition. Love your work as always MJ!

  • I have tried to get b crouch in my team but when you’ve got players like s selwood, Griffen and Steven that are cheaper, plus the premiums like fyfe, beams and trealoar, he is really awkwardly priced as he’s not to cheap, or too good to get a spot in your midfield