Collingwood AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

Dane Swan (FWD/MID, $531,000)

The Magpies are one of the most fantasy relevant sides of 2015, when you take a look at the prices and positions you’ll see why.

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The Premium

Scott Pendlebury: It’s hard to believe but last season Scott had his worst fantasy season since 2009. This midfielder still costs a pretty penny at $614,000 but only 2 tons in his final 5 games brought his seasonal average down. In his opening 15 games only twice did he not get a fantasy ton and both of those times he scored in the 90’s. The magpie skipper has been a picture of consistency scoring 47 times of 100 or more in his past 65 games. Not many can boast that level of consistency and for that reason he has to be seriously looked at. he finds his own ball and gets tagged each week so the absence of Beams (traded to Lions) won’t hurt his numbers.

The Midpricer

Taylor Adams:  I’ll be honest when I saw Adams was eligible as a forward as well as a midfielder I nearly fell off my chair. But for good reasons, Taylor has been dubbed the air apparent for former pie Luke Ball. Taylor loves the contested footy and a jump of up to 20 scoring points on average (71 in season 2014) is highly achievable as his final 7 games from 2014 saw him average 89. For me i’m locking him in!

The Rookie

Ben Reid:  While not a rookie in games this forward eligible pie is priced at a tasty $146,000.  The development of Langdon, Frost, Keefe and returning from injury Nathan Brown will likely see Reid start forward for the Pies. Regardless of where he plays he’s best 22 for the Pies and job security is key with our cheap players. At worst he’ll likely only average slightly above 60 but you’ll take that from someone priced under $150K. 2 weeks ago he injured his calf, but he should be back on track by late Jan so he’ll have plenty of preseason before round 1.

The New Position

Dane Swan:  OINK! 2014 was Dane’s worst fantasy season since 2007,that was the last time Swan had averaged less than 100. Even in his “putrid” season he still managed to average 93 from 17 games. As a midfielder only, that’s yuck but as a Mid/Fwd and at $531,000 he presents some serious relevance.  In 2014 only 8 forwards averaged higher than 93, and the top 3 (Stefan Martin, Luke Parker, Ben McGlynn) aren’t forward eligible this year. So even if  the original Pig of fantasy footy can’t recapture his uber premium numbers of 120+ or even a straight 100 (which he should safely) he’s still gonna be a top 6 scoring forward even if he is ‘putrid’ again. This is not a dream, Swan is a M/F, enjoy the benefits of it.

The One to Watch

Nathan Freeman: A range of injuries saw this clearance beast miss all of last season. Blessed with the rare combination of blistering pace and elite endurance this youngster will set you back $174,000. Already having a successful preseason impressing the coach and winning the 2km time trial Freeman is one of the easiest rookie picks this preseason for me. Personally all 5 of these Pies look destined to be in my starting squad.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
Jordande GoeyCollingwoodMid$285000

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  • Good article. I have seen that people are interested in Scharenberg but isn’t he out for most of 2015 due to a knee reconstruction.

    • From Collingwood website: “Matt came back from the off-season in fantastic condition, we couldn’t have expected more from a guy coming into his second year at the club. The way he presented himself was fabulous. We’re not going to rush him.”

  • What do you think about Steele Sidebottom. Will he score about his average in 2014, therefore making him a handy POD in 2015?

    • I’d look to him as an upgrade option. Too many questions about the Pies midfield (entire line up actually) to make him a safe starting squad option.

  • Great write up MJ. Pendles, Swan and Freeman for me. Also very keen on an underpriced Ben Kennedy. Lots of puzzle pieces in play around how Bucks rotates the kids through the midfield

  • Hmm… Ben Reid with a 6 week (old man) calf injury. Still plenty of time until round one. Still sitting on my backline pine. Does he sit next to Nathan Brown there?

  • Great write up MJ. Thoughts on Karnezis? Will he be in Pies’ 22 in 2015? Cheers.

  • Karnezis is very tempting. I would keep an eye on what role he has in the preseason games. I would think if he doesn’t do anything in 2015 he maybe let go or traded.

  • Karnezis had OP last pre-season and took a while for him to be right to again after it. Think he is fighting with a lot of other guys for the same couple of spots in the team, so job security would be a big worry with him in 2015.

    Scharenberg certainly won’t be fit by round 1, nor would he be in the seniors straight up anyway. One to watch for late in the season as a possible def rookie downgrade.

    Great article MJ, some very interesting Pies on the radar for 2015. Guys like Maynard & Manteit also potentially get games as Def rookies, so are a couple to watch for.

  • What about Jack Crisp? Looked good late last year.

  • Jack Crisp is too expensive. There are cheaper players who could put out the same output.