Brisbane Lions AFL Fantasy Prices 2015


Tom Rockliff (MID, $763,000)

12 months ago the lions had the plague, this year they’ve landed 2 big trades + getting an elite kicker back. Things are on the up for the lions, but do they have fantasy friendly players?

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The Premium

Tom Rockliff: This will be the debate all preseason and within the opening 6 rounds we’ll know who got it right. Can you afford to start with Rocky? Or can you not afford to pass on him? $763,000 is a massive chunk of your salary cap. Does the inclusions of Beams, Christensen plus the returning Rich impact his scores? Only time will tell, lets hope we’re all on the right side of the equation.

The Midpricer

Daniel Rich:  Plenty of coaches were hoping that Rich may sneak dual position status and be eligible as a defender, sadly not. Regardless at $268,000 he’s nearly $30,000 cheaper than #3 draft selection Angus Brayshaw and given a tasty discount due to missing most of 2014. In 2011 & 2012 he posted seasons averaging 80 & 85 and right now he’s priced about half that.

The Rookie

Josh McGuinness:  He was picked late in the draft at #81, because of that he’s priced at $142,000. This defender could be 2015’s Tom Langdon. Averaged 26 touches at nationals  and is very clean with his marking as well as his use of the ball. A handy 3rd tall option for the lions too who are needing some youth in the backline.

The New Position

Allan Christensen: A new club, and now back to dual position status of Mid/Fwd after spending 2014 selectable as a midfielder only. He’s promised to break out for years at Geelong but at $440,000 he’s priced nicely enough to serious consider. If he can get over his back injuries he’s every chance of knocking around a 90 average for fantasy coaches.

The One to Watch

Matthew Leuenberger: Last year we were blessed with Aaron Sandilands in our rucks, a once proven premium at a bargain price. In 2011 he averaged 92 playing 22 games, the following he only managed 5 games. 2013 he played 20 games for an average score of 85. As you can see when Matthew is fit he’s one of the better ruck options around (Berger looms to be one of this years ruck bargains at $277,000.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
TomRockliffBrisbane LionsMid$763000
StefanMartinBrisbane LionsRuck$635000
DayneBeamsBrisbane LionsMid$609000
JackReddenBrisbane LionsMid$598000
PearceHanleyBrisbane LionsMid$558000
DayneZorkoBrisbane LionsFwd/Mid$498000
MitchRobinsonBrisbane LionsFwd/Mid$469000
RyanLesterBrisbane LionsMid$442000
AllenChristensenBrisbane LionsFwd/Mid$440000
JamesAishBrisbane LionsMid$420000
RyanHarwoodBrisbane LionsDef$411000
JedAdcockBrisbane LionsDef$409000
TrentWestBrisbane LionsRuck$384000
SamMayesBrisbane LionsDef/Mid$381000
LewisTaylorBrisbane LionsFwd$373000
RohanBewickBrisbane LionsDef/Mid$361000
MitchGolbyBrisbane LionsDef$339000
JoshGreenBrisbane LionsFwd$325000
MattMaguireBrisbane LionsDef$321000
MarcoPaparoneBrisbane LionsFwd/Mid$313000
ClayeBeamsBrisbane LionsFwd/Mid$298000
NickRobertsonBrisbane LionsMid$293000
DanielMcStayBrisbane LionsDef/Fwd$281000
JordonBourkeBrisbane LionsDef$281000
MatthewLeuenbergerBrisbane LionsRuck$277000
ZacO'BrienBrisbane LionsMid$272000
DanielRichBrisbane LionsMid$268000
DarcyGardinerBrisbane LionsDef$254000
DanielMerrettBrisbane LionsDef/Fwd$251000
BrentStakerBrisbane LionsFwd$245000
JustinClarkeBrisbane LionsDef$240000
TomCutlerBrisbane LionsDef$232000
MichaelCloseBrisbane LionsFwd$215000
JacksonPaineBrisbane LionsFwd$169000
LiamDawsonBrisbane LionsMid$163000
JoshClaytonBrisbane LionsFwd$142000
HarrisAndrewsBrisbane LionsDef$142000
JadenMcGrathBrisbane LionsFwd$142000
JoshMcGuinnessBrisbane LionsDef$142000
JoshWattsBrisbane LionsDef$142000
JonathanFreemanBrisbane LionsFwd$140000
LukeMcGuaneBrisbane LionsFwd$120000
ArchieSmithBrisbane LionsRuck$120000
HughBeasleyBrisbane LionsDef$120000
BillyEvansBrisbane LionsMid$120000
MatthewHammelmannBrisbane LionsFwd$120000
CianHanleyBrisbane LionsDef$120000

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  • I just can’t start with Rocky. Too much coin. Rich and Leuenberger are locks… and I’m sure I’ll end up with a few other Lions.

  • I am thinking about the tagging order of other clubs against Brisbane.

  • Brisbane have 3 out of their first 4 games at the Gabba…if you don’t start with him he may be further out of your price range!

    • The pros and cons of starting with Rocky is going to make for some entertaining reading and discussion. I think we might have to dedicate a whole podcast to a Rocky-Debate!

  • Rocky’s currently priced at an average of 134. Even if he goes 140 in his opening 4 matches his price will barely rise. For AF & RDT different strategies are needed, for me in AF I can make a better use of my starting salary cap.

  • Hammelman could be an invaluable F8 if he gets early games, was a marking machine in the u18s (and especially because they don’t have a standout forward)

  • With Rich and Redden returning, plus the additions of Beams and Christensen, I personally cannot justify spending $763000 on Rocky. There is no doubting the guy’s ability to rack up the points, but I would rather pick him up at some stage during the season. For mine, I feel he will ave around the 115 / 120 mark.

    Obviously first player picked in draft leagues.

  • do you think Rich will get tag playing HBF? He’ll be playing there more the the mids like he did early last season.

  • Plenty of questions about how Leppa will use his lions. The inclusions of Beams & Bundy will be interesting to watch the impact it has on Hanley, Rich & Rocky especially.

  • Rocky is a lock

  • Until we see if there are any rule changes and what that impact will be on AF, I am waiting on locking Rocky. I saw today that Supercoach has changed the ruck rules to only have one Ruck bench and an extra Mid bench – something like this would make it a lot easier to get Rocky in.

    The impact of Beams and fully fit Rich will also need to be considered – you are daft if you think you are locking Rocky in until we have at least seen some football.

    Remember that last seasons points are not an indicator of next seasons

  • Definitely some cheap values there Rich and Leuy

  • Would really appreciate your thoughts on the team I made on the drawing board…

    TEAM NAME: Lewo’s Legends. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,993,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $7,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $9,043,000 (90.4%), On Bench: $950,000 (9.5%)
    Expected Total: 1717, Site Expected Total: 2081
    Def: L.Hodge (97.17), H.Lumumba (71.02), B.Waters (60.25), G.Ibbotson (59.36), B.Whitecross (45.76), Z.Jones (27.74) (J.Hamling (21.20), N.J. Brown (17.67))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.08), S.Pendlebury (108.48), D.Heppell (106.89), J.Selwood (106.54), N.Fyfe (102.30), N.van Berlo (48.06), D.Rich (47.35), I.Heeney (39.93) (J.Wagner (21.20), A.Vandenberg (21.20))
    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (48.94), M.Kreuzer (47.17) (J.Griffin (22.97), M.King (21.20))
    Fwd: B.Harvey (99.65), D.Martin (97.70), B.Goddard (97.17), R.Gray (96.29), M.Clark (39.40), B.Reid (31.45) (N.Krakouer (21.20), R.Tarrant (21.20))