St Kilda AFL Fantasy Prices 2015


Jack Steven (MID, $491,000)

2014 was a season to forget for Saints fans, but from a Fantasy perspective the likes of Dunstan in our midfield was a gold mine. Which Saints are fantasy relevant in 2015?

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The Premium

Jack Steven: Although not the most expensive Saint at $491,000 Jack looms largely as the highest scoring this season. Last year he suffered a pre season injury and never quite was able to recapture near his 2013 average of 98. Price at an average of 86 Jack’s every chance at sneaking over the 100 average for season 2015.

The Midpricer

Jarryn Geary:  I bet this wasn’t the name you expected to see here was it? Priced at $333,000 and although historically not a huge points scorer in late 2013 and early 2014 he started to move more into the midfield. His final 3 games of 2013 saw him average 111 and prior to injury in 2014 he was just starting to find his feet in the midfield under new coach Allan Richardson. The saints will need experience around the ball this season as the young kids continue to develop, Jarryn could well be their answer and ours for fantasy too.

The Rookie

Daniel McKenzie:  With a starting price of $233,000 Daniel is a handy addition to the Saints with many recruiters comparing him to a young Luke Hodge, Starting with dual position eligibility of Def/Mid this will provide handy flexibility early. Has a great mix of endurance, speed and agility and will see games early.

The New Position

Shane Savage: Priced at $370,000 the former Hawk struggled to find his feet early in 2014, however a move to the back half saw his first seven game average of 57 jump over 20 points with a final seven games average jump to 80. Priced for an average of 66 he will deliver well over that, perhaps a handy mid-price stepping stone for your backline.

The One to Watch

Blake Acres: Priced dirt cheap at $166,000 dollars this former top 20 pick could round out your on ground midfield in your starting squad. Had a few games  last season that were sub affected in the 50’s before an in game injury ended his season. With the saints blooding plenty of youngsters this kid will be given every chance to play.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
LeighMontagnaSt KildaMid$518000
NickRiewoldtSt KildaFwd$516000
DavidArmitageSt KildaMid$502000
JackStevenSt KildaMid$491000
FarrenRaySt KildaMid$472000
JackNewnesSt KildaDef/Mid$464000
LukeDunstanSt KildaMid$422000
SamFisherSt KildaDef$414000
AdamSchneiderSt KildaFwd$410000
SeanDempsterSt KildaDef$386000
JackBillingsSt KildaFwd$379000
ShaneSavageSt KildaDef$379000
TomHickeySt KildaRuck$376000
MaverickWellerSt KildaMid$356000
SebastianRossSt KildaMid$347000
BillyLongerSt KildaRuck$342000
JarrynGearySt KildaDef$333000
JoshSaundersSt KildaFwd$314000
JimmyWebsterSt KildaDef$305000
PaddyMcCartinSt KildaFwd$303000
TomCurrenSt KildaFwd/Mid$299000
CameronShentonSt KildaDef$296000
JoshBruceSt KildaDef$276000
DylanRobertonSt KildaDef$266000
SamGilbertSt KildaDef$257000
ArrynSipossSt KildaFwd$256000
NathanWrightSt KildaDef$239000
HughGoddardSt KildaDef/Fwd$236000
DanielMcKenzieSt KildaDef/Mid$233000
LukeDelaneySt KildaDef$215000
DarrenMinchingtonSt KildaFwd$207000
EliTempletonSt KildaFwd$204000
BrodieMurdochSt KildaDef/Fwd$202000
TomSimpkinSt KildaDef/Fwd$200000
TomLeeSt KildaFwd$194000
AhmedSaadSt KildaFwd$180000
JackLonieSt KildaFwd$173000
BlakeAcresSt KildaMid$166000
SpencerWhiteSt KildaFwd$166000
TimMembreySt KildaFwd$165000
DanielMarkworthSt KildaFwd$120000
LewisPierceSt KildaRuck$120000
JasonHolmesSt KildaRuck$120000
BrentonPayneSt KildaMid/Fwd$120000
JackSinclairSt KildaMid$120000

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  • Welcome to DTT, MJ, nice article. Markworth and Membrey are both interesting prospects- bigger bodies that have been in the system for a couple of years. Already looking forward to Round 1 teams!

    • Thank mate, it’s nice to be back writing about fantasy footy again. Bring on 2015! In 2 days you’ll see an ever better forward option that Membrey & Mackworth :o

  • With the saints I am only looking for lower priced cash cows. I have added 2 or 3 players to my watchlist.

    • I agree, my draft team (which is very draft as only 2 teams prices out) has J Geary in DEF on the field if fit and can maybe sneak into Mids like at end of last year is most tempting, but is dependent on his role. B Acres sits in my mids on the bench (again is early days and plenty other players to look at). T Membery is on bench in my Forwards. Theo nly other guy in Saints catches my interest is new kid McKenzie touted to play and in modern Fantasy his price at 233k is reasonable (compared to 300 plus for some).

  • Good start to the season MJ. A couple of names to watch.

  • Will it be a $10m budget again? These prices seem stupidly high for such poor players.

    • if it does, then it’s going to be a little difficult

      based on these prices: Rocky is 762k, Gaj 670k,

  • I missed you MJ <3

  • My thinking about the budget. I think it maybe 10% higher than last season.

  • I was a bit disappointed to see Goddard priced as high as he is given he was pick 20.

  • U18s championship numbers:

    McCartin – 3 games, 23 disposals, 18 kicks, 5 handballs, 7 goals, 4 behinds, 12 marks, 3 tackles, 2 frees for, 1 free against, 158 total DT

    Goddard – 6 games, 61 disposals, 51 kicks, 10 handballs, 3 goals, 2 behinds, 25 marks, 12 tackles, 5 frees for, 5 frees against, 306 total DT

  • Membrey the obvious target here, nicely priced for someone that the Saints chased hard and obviously want to plug in immediately.

    Savage as a defender and Steven as a 2nd-tier midfielder will get a look, particularly as sleepers in standard draft formats.

    • Membrey yes it would be hard to get into Swans team, but surely get a run with Demons. I like Geary in Def too if fit

  • Sinclair is one to watch, too. He’s on the rookie list, so would need to be elevated, but he averaged 100 DT points in 15 TAC Cup games this year with a low of 72 and high of 136 – excellent consistency.

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