The Big Dance – Ep. 24, round 23

And then there were two. Roy, Calvin and Warnie look back at an eventful preliminary finals weekend and get thinking about the one weekend in August, the Fantasy Grand Finals.

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  • Thanks for all the advice guys made all but 1 Granny this year. Good luck to everyone this week, hope the carnage doesn’t strike again.

  • Great work guys.

    According to Fantasy/FanHub. Lockout is in 3 days 5 hours. This ends up being Thursday 10pm AWST, or Friday 12am AEST. Does this mean we won’t get final teams ect. for the GF?

  • Great podcast boys! Thanks for answering my question! It has been a year of ups and downs for me, trading in Ebert for Cotchin when Cotchin went on that hot run!

  • Great show fellas. U guys got me into 4/5 gf’s this year as a 2nd year player, cheers

  • Great work guys, another entertaining (and informative year). What happens with the Match Day prize if 2+ people get the same score? I guess this would happen pretty often considering the limited possible combinations of players.

    • I don’t think it happens that often surprisingly. If it did it might go to the better ranked Match Day player or the person who registered first.

      • From the T&Cs.

        “In the event of a tie between two (2) or more Eligible Participants for a position on the scoreboard after any Round (for a Round Ranking or an Overall Ranking) the Eligible Participant, from the tied Eligible Participants, who registered to participate in the Game on the Website first in time, as determined by the Promoter, will be ranked higher.”

  • Robbie Gray or Zorko?

  • Gray should be better, only question mark is crowley?

    I’m a hawthorn fan but I hope they rest a few this week, my opponent in tje gf has hodge, mitchell and Lewis, I have mitchell but think he is highly doubtful for another spell where as the other 2 are due for a bit of general soreness! !

    • I think you have to still back him in. Zorko vs Geelong isn’t too appealing either
      I remember Hodge saying a couple of weeks ago that its the best he has felt at this stage of the season and he was subbed out for a rest a few weeks ago. Lewis is the only one i would be concerned over as Mitchell missed plenty of footy before.

  • Great work lads, great season… While the debate about who is the better DT player and who exactly is behind the wheel of the karma bus remains unsolved – what isn’t in dispute is that Warnie is the winner of the best sulker out of the 3.

    Roy is the emo golden child who somehow (and ridiculously) manages a positive spin in the face of DT carnage all season long – then cracks the GF! The zen Buddhist of defeat.
    Calvin is pure rage in defeat. Making sheds even less safe for DT men whilst conjuring cunning plans to ensure enemies fail where he couldn’t succeed. Spite is a therapy.
    Warnie is the ranting angry ant. Outlining the litany of whatcouldhavebeen whatshouldhavebeen and cracking a nice tanty for a solid week… Frantically reviewing his number crunching and spreadsheets because he “should” have won.

    Warnie is the sulking pig of DT – pure comedy gold lads… Pre-season starts now (except for Roy – but nobody cares about that)..

    • Haha… very good summary of Season 1 of the Traders’ podcast. Might have to steal that for the iTunes store when the ‘best of’ goes on sale.

  • Good work this year, you all have been very helpful.
    @WarnieDT my first year playing DT and thanks you you 3 I made the last weekend in August. (not quote the same ring to it) I had 2193 and I need some help to win this last one. I have brought Harvey off the bench and traded to Robbie Gray which leaves me $21,138 left. I’m really happy with my team so the second trade is really a lux trade. Do I trade k.Simpson to Bartel or L.Dahlhaus to LaCras? assuming I have no other outs.

  • Cheers for the year lads! Appreciate the time and effort you put in as i think it is grossly underestimated. Unfortunately there is no trip to Perth this year for me to buy you a beer or 20.

  • i’ve only played “match day” once this year a few weeks ago, but when i click on the match day tab just now, i cant select a round 23 team. am i doing something wrong?

    • No Match Day for this weekend (because of T&C’s with the fixture not being finalised at the start). Back next week with $1000 up for grabs in each finals game and $3000 for the Grand Final!