Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 20


Can I just say… Calvin’s Captains is not soley about ‘captains’. I also use it as a guide as to who to trade in each week, anticipating a big score if the stats line up correctly. There are certainly some great options that fit into this catergory and some of these guy may be massive this week.

FULL ARTICLE HERE (it’s a biggy this week, so check it out over at AFL.COM.AU)

Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 20?

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Righteo, here we go again.

Let’s talk about Stevie J and what looks like, a long day out for him when he meets the Dockers this week.

Firstly, let’s get it clear that Crowley has tagged Stevie in 3 of their last 3 meetings. Holding him to scores of 56, 75 and 68. The odds of Crowley going to Stevie are huge this week and I’d hate to be the man betting against this from happening. Yes, Selwood has been in great form and Cowley may go there. What are your thoughts?

Who will Crowley tag this week?

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One thing I have learnt about taggers and it’s that they like to go back to beaten prey. If they have been successfull against a certain person, then that person better be ready for it to happen again. Crowley is a great tagger, one of the best have been going around for many seasons. Make sure you have checked out the FULL Calvin’s Captains artcile on the AFL site that goes into this with way more detail.

What will Stevie J score this week?

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  • Just red the full article on Look fwd to it every week – thanks Calvin. I’m bringing in Bartell this week (for D Swallow). Altough his scores have been modest lately (ave of 80 over last 3 weeks), he likes playing Freo and averages a whopping 127 points at SS this year! He should also be considered.

  • This is the week for a POD captain

    Adelaide have only conceded 4 scores over 120 to the best midfielder since rd3, which isn’t good news for Rocky owners (and the curse-of-the-pig continues?)
    Macrae plays StKilda, and while they do give up LOADS of points, they don’t give up big individual scores (WB on the whole may rack them up, but it’ll be loads of players scoring 70+s, rather than big captain-worthy scores)

    Also no mentions of Gibbs/Murphy, who (quite frankly) play a GoldCoast side that are leaking Big scores like CRAZY since Gaj went down, worth a punt there

    nor anything on Ward/Treloar, who face a North side that don’t really tag, and give up some big individual scores (5 scores over 140 since rd10 speaks for itself)

  • To be honest quite surprised there is no Joel Selwood in your top 5.

    He’s in ripping form with a five round average of 122.7, and coming off a score of 137. I would have thought with Stevie getting the tag* and being at Skilled he could go nuts.

    Stevie to be tagged:

  • Jelwood actually has a poor record at Skilled this season (last-3 average of 82, even if he has turned the corner) which is probably why he’s not mentioned

    my top 5 (in order) would be: Priddis, Rocky, Ward, Gibbs, JPK
    with honorable mentions to Jelwood, Beams, Sidey, Treloar

  • Strongly considering trading Stevie to avoid Crowey affected score, currently killing it in fantasy and a chance at top spot.

    • Im considering going Stevie J > C.Ward and then trading Libba > Stevie J in next week or two

  • Who would be the priority 2 to trade out… Goddard, Cotchin, Chappy or
    D swallow?

    • Not Cotch. He loves playing Essendon. And you want to be cheering him on this Friday night, not cursing as he racks up easy pozzies. Swallow is injured, suffering from GAJ’s absence and Carlton are a hard team to score DT points against.

  • I think Beams is a little hard done by. Back in good form, will avoid tag and has lowest score of 113 in last 4 v Collingwood.
    As much as i love Calvin and follow his judgement, i am concerned by Rocky this week (and Pendles with his poor form and Hutchings tag)and am looking at Beams instead as i don’t have the other 3.

  • anyone think PRIDDIS might get Mcaffer tag? He did nto tag him last time but Selwood was playing?

    • Surely he’ll go to shuey or gaff due to their outside run. It would be great if he tagged priddis this week because my opponent has priddis. He’ll get 115+

  • going Brad Crouch for captain in an all out yolo

  • I’m goin Macrae

    Check out RICKY PETTARD last three game average 110 I think he deserves captaincy. In fact his scores have been 111,122,97 in his last three also he’s only gone under 110 once in that time! Oh Calvin PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!