The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 19

Welcome back to another edition of the weekend wash-up. I’m pretty worked over with the new English Premier league season kicking off in a couple of weeks, but with finals just around the corner now is not the time for slacking! Let’s take a brief look at the weekend wash-up.

The Legends

Barlow (124) – The legends were few and far between this week, a long way off last weeks lofty standards. Never fear, when in strife Mr Dream Team is here. Anyone who locked him in as their VC would have been very satisfied. Anyone who chased Rocky’s score, I just hope that didn’t cost you a league spot. You did the right thing. VERDICT: You need reliability during finals, and this guy has it in spades.

McGlynn (115) – Those who took the punt and brought him in for Buddy, good on you. He doesn’t look like slowing, a season average of over 100 is incredible!!! VERDICT: Gun.

Jacobs (108) – He deserves yet another mention, there’s no doubt who’s been the best premium ruck option this season. His average of 97 is brilliant, and discounting Martin’s incredible cameo he has been the best ruck option this season. VERDICT: You’re taking a massive risk going into finals without him. Consistent.

Selwood (137) – This makes me sick with rage. Selwood is one player I have never picked at the right time. Since I traded him he’s gone absolutely ballistic, a great POD to own for finals. VERDICT: Fantastic POD.

Caddy (111) – If you’re after a cheap F7, then Caddy is your man. He’s been super since returning from injury, however we’re close to missing the boat. VERDICT: Could be a great cash grab if you have the luxury.

Martin (114) – What more can I say about this bloke? He just doesn’t stop pumping out tons, what an incredible story. I seriously hope every single person reading this article has him, if not it’s probably best you throw in the towel for the year. VERDICT: Stefan Martin is currently the 6th highest averaging player in the comp. I have no words.

Beams (136) – There was plenty of Beams doubters around last week, and it was justified. He had averaged just 94 over the past 6 weeks going into yesterdays game, but my word did he make up for lost time. 32 disposals and 7 tackles propelled him to a massive 136, great reward for those coaches who held faith. VERDICT: He looks primed for finals.

Sidebottom (142) – What a fantastic POD to have going into DT finals. A 5 round average of 124 says it all, the man is a DT machine. He loves the wide open spaces of the MCG and should be great in the run home. He seems to be enjoying a bigger role without Swanny hogging all of the footy! VERDICT: Definitely worthy of picking up if you have an under performing mid.

Crisp (96) – Those who took the plunge on the 200k rookie will be laughing all the way to the bank. After backing up his 97 on debut with a 96, he will make some huge cash leading into the pointy end of the season. VERDICT: Great pick.

The Losers

Pavlich (7) – It was hard to pick out the legends, but the losers were everywhere. If anyone happened to own Pav as a POD, my heart goes out to you. At least it wasn’t next week! VERDICT: Obviously trade, can’t risk him going into finals.

Goddard (68) – God please return us our ever reliable Goddard, it seems prolonged spells up forward are killing his DT potential. Unfortunately it has helped the Bombers take some massive steps forward, so there’s no real reason for them to change a winning formula. VERDICT: Very risky holding him for finals, but with some easy fixtures it may be worth holding him if you don’t have the spare cash needed to upgrade him.

Stanton (65) – I don’t have much to add here. VERDICT: If anyone seriously has this bloke as a POD for finals, I suggest you go under suicide watch. That being said, he’s coming up against his favourite team to score against this week. Resist the temptation.

Carlisle (53) – Ah well, you win some you lose some. In reality he was never going to pay off against Sydney at the SCG in slippery conditions. This week could be a different story however, his fixtures mean he could still make some more cash, or even be held as a POD! VERDICT: If you’re on board, hold on for at least one more week.

Miles (43) – Yikes. My one good pick all season and come back to strike me down. He used to be one of my most reliable players, now he’s one of my most hated. He may as well have bypassed the rooms and left for the station early the way he was plodding around, this hurt. VERDICT: Hold him as an M9, drop him as an M8.

Kelly (56) – DPP gone wrong. The situation is pretty simple, cut your losses. VERDICT: A shut down role has killed his scoring potential, perhaps the return of Caddy and Christensen to the mids has hurt him.

Johnson (67) – First things first, if you for whatever reason don’t own the new DT pig, take a good look in the mirror. If you did and decided to captain SJ over him, take an even closer look. If not, move on from this week and forget it ever happened. VERDICT: Remain calm people. He’s too damaging not to own.

Swallow (57) – He was brave in returning from the rooms, but couldn’t replicate the same scoring output that he has produced all season. We have a big call to make, but it’s too early in the week to jump to conclusions. VERDICT: Wait for an injury prognosis before making trade plans.

Murdoch (-2) – Shout out to Brodie Murdoch, who played 41% of the game against the Suns to amass a grand total of 0 disposals. In fact his only influence on the game was a free kick for and against. Yes, the free kick was played to advantage. When it’s not your day, it’s not your day.

Zorko (57) – The Zork was simply disgusting against the Dees, and there was no obvious tag either. Those went to teammates Rockliff and Hanley, who both produced tons. Take a good hard look at yourself, “The magician”. Think about how you will redeem yourself going into finals. VERDICT: Massively risky option, I’d be looking to trade if at all possible.

Gray (45) – Finally it was Robbie Gray’s turn to produce a shocker. Let’s all pray that our players just got this bad one out of the way before finals, because the chopping block is overloaded. I think you have to back Gray in. VERDICT: He’s been solid all season, don’t crack now.

This Game Sh*ts Me

You didn’t think I had forgotten good old Sammy Mitchell did you? He has been reserved a special cook this week. Why you may ask? Because I have owned him for 2 weeks this season. In 2 rounds of AFL, he has managed to accrue me a grand total of 7 points. That’s an average of 3.5, some tough maths indeed. In all seriousness, that is just taking bad luck to whole new levels. Not to mention now that my season is cooked, I have to put up with 4 weeks of banter whilst others compete for the League title. And that is why this game sh*ts me.


Here are this week’s stubby nominations:

Beams – This was some overdue reward for those who have kept faith in our pre-season lock. The fact is he’s no lock come Round 19, so to start reproducing his best footy is a great effort. Well deserving of a vote.

Sidebottom – Steele owners must be over the moon with his contributions, he’s as consistent as they come. Reliability is key. Definitely worthy of your votes.

Selwood – He’s not worthy of a glancing look in my books, but that’s just because I’m a butt hurt, bitter old coach. Certainly deserves his owners votes.

Barlow – If you had this guy locked away as your VC, surely he gets your vote. It just shows how unlucky SJ was last week to be frowned upon with a 145!

Martin – If you’re like me and you didn’t nail any of the previous 4 options, then there’s only one place where your vote should be heading. If anyone could challenge Rocky for the Stubby, it’s this guy. Hes been immense.

Golden Stubby - Round 19

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The Other Bits and Pieces

Now to the best part every week when people laugh with contempt at my score. 2074 for me… Hahaha… Haha… ha… *gun shot*.


With my season crumbling into an utter disaster, I’ve had the return of the EPL to keep me going. If you haven’t heard of FPLaddicts before, a few guys from this site decided to kick off our own website dedicated to providing people with some knowledge for the most popular fantasy game in the world, Fantasy premier league (Or FPL). The Off-season can be a long and boring 6 months, why not have something to keep your fantasy addiction satisfied? And don’t worry, we all started off with no idea about soccer as well. Don’t listen to the diving haters *cough* Lindsay Thomas *cough*. We’ve built up a brilliant community who are all willing to help each other out, and many have come from DTTALK. They were all new to soccer just like most Australian’s, but hesitantly gave it a shot. We’ve had some great results, with 2 Aussie blokes managing to get into the TOP 25 MANAGERS IN THE WORLD. That’s out of around 3 million particpants if you were wondering. If you’re interested, just come by and check us out. It’s always a fun time to go head to head in a league with your mates, whether it be for cash or just bragging rights.

I’ve set-up a DTTALK league, solely for us AFL fanatics turned EPL enthusiasts. The league code is 3543-211186. Hope to see you there! The address is simply Thanks for reading!


  • Hey Matt, thoughts on Stevie J against Crowley next week? Trade or Hold….

    • Cheers mate, I reckon Crowley will go to Selwood. I’m holding

      • Any particular reason you think that? Past history suggests he goes to SJ unless SJ’s not playing and only then does he go to Selwood.

  • Good write up btw.

  • Thanks Matt! Great to have the roundup to read on a Sunday night!

    Who would you bring in out of Boomer or McGlynn?

  • Hey Matty great article! Which two would you trade out of Goddard, Enright and Zorko mate?

  • Better to get Simpson and Cloke or Jaensch and Duncan/Riewoldt

    • If they’re on ground, Jaensch & Duncan/Riewoldt. Scary to have Cloke on ground during finals…

  • Should I hold Dangerfield?

    • Absolutely! Unless you have no other issues in your team. The Crows have a great run home, and he did score 84, which isn’t that bad.

      • plus danger was on track for a ton (75 ish at 3QT) until he went to full forward for a lot of the last quarter. nothing to worry about his form

  • Hey matt who best option j selwood, sidebottom or jpk

  • Hey Matt, best unique fwd for round 23?

    I have Buddy, McGlynn, Parker, Motlop, DMartin and Zorko (who is going)

    Opponent has Gray, DMartin, Harvey, Danger, Jack, Duncan

  • please answer!!!1
    will i be able to do trades even though i am in a league with no finals and only goes up to round 21. will i be able to do trades for round 22 and 23?

    • Yeah you should be fine until round 21. No idea after that.

      • You’ll be fine the entire time if you’re talking about Fantasy Classic. You might still be going for overall position and they won’t stop you from continuing with that.

  • Surely… I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t…

  • He Matt, ignoring my name who should I get for Dahlhaus, McGlynn,Jack,Duncan or Harvey, I already have Danger,Gray,Parker,Martin,Gray and Zaha

  • NFL Fantasy

    1 spot left in 10 team league.

    To register go to

    League number: 2295958

    Code: WAFFLE

    First in, gets it!

  • Also Swallow is set to play

    Swallow’s left calf and Achilles were heavily strapped following the first quarter incident and he continued with an awkward running gait for much of the game. He finished with 11 touches and a clutch third-quarter goal.

    “You can go and tell him he needs a rest because I’m not,” McKenna said when questioned after the match.

    “He was certainly banged up. He hasn’t been running well over the last month. For him to stay out there with what he’d done, and stirred up his old injury, (it was) a super effort.”


    • McKenna said he was substituted so he could start treatment sooner and “be there wearing his jumper next week”.

      • Fair call, I’m still concerned. If they get subbed it means they are in some trouble. I’m not gonna be convinced until teams are announced.

    • Like The Traders said, even if he plays (which he probably will), the injury has affected his scoring & will do so for the rest of the season.

  • Cheers again Matt. Already in the FPL Addicts league will join this one as well. Traded Mitchell in this week and stupidly left myself no cover, still got 2147 so not all bad. Going to bring in Crisp this week for X Ellis and then have to deal with Kelly or Zorko. Think Zorko will keep as he’s back at the Gabba next week.

  • Matt you know what shits me in DT. For the second year running i have topped my very competitive league (aka great blokes who sledge each other mercilessly… spell check) and have finished 5th on the same points as second on percentage. This changes your finals options and strategy a lot. Can anyone explain why DT runs on for and against given that you cannot effect the scores against you? My thinking is that you get hit twice……… so you lose more games because random teams in your comp have performed above average when they played against you but then you get hit again on percentage….. anyone?

  • Bring in Barlow or mCglynn?

    if I go mCglynn I still have dpp with fwd/mid

  • Sam Mitchell cost me top spot in my league. I hung on by % to finish 2nd in a 3 way tie. I lost by 53 with a donut. I’ve traded out James Kelly ahead of Goddard. Got Pearce Hanley in

    • why didnt you have bench cover for mitchell? Jaensch’s handy 95 from the bench saved me from a truly disgusting score, but it was still a shite round

  • what would be the better combination for the rest of the year?

    Priddis and Zaharakis
    sloane and mcglynn

    thanks guys

  • Hey Matt. Thanks again for the article. My team has the double chance in all 4 of its leagues but has 3 main problems.
    1. Some doubts on Franklin & D Swallow for this weekend, although word is they will both play.
    2. Bench cover is weak (backs: Langdon & B Martin; mids: C Beams & Shenton; rucks Derickx & Thurlow; forwards Kersten & Cameron (I copped Kersten’s useless 22 for Franklin on the weekend and I suspect his days in Geelong’s side are numbered).
    3. Tyson at 89.1 is my only on-fielder averaging under 90 but I’m also worried that Gray is off the boil.
    I have only $20k in the kitty.

    At this stage I am thinking the bench cover issue is the biggest concern so, injuries permitting, I am thinking trading out Shenton & Derickx, bringing in Sam Mitchell & a $115k ruck, moving Mitchell into defence and Swallow onto the mid bench. Although that leaves me without any forward bench to speak of but, with the double chance, I think it is worth the chance to get Mitchell at his cheap price. Hopefully next week I tackle the forward bench, perhaps Langdon or Martin and Kersten out for a base priced mid plus a forward of about $400k. What do you think?

    • Not bad, but I really think you need to fix up Tyson ASAP. Perhaps getting Mitchell in sounds like a solid idea this week, but I’d be looking to upgrade Swallow/Tyson to a premium next week. It really depends if you win this week. If you get the week off, definitely upgrade the forward bench. If not roll the dice.

  • 50 Cent <3 hehe ;)
    Great article Matt you put me off on Mitchell though was just thinking of bringing him in!

  • Hey Matt would love to join the epl fantasy, bit confused can you link me to the sign up? Cheers

  • Caddy as a DPP M9/F7??

  • Since Ablett has gone down, Swallow’s game has dropped.

  • malceski,hodge or dalsanto

  • great write up matt!!

    finished top on 3 out of 3 leagues so kind of a free hit this week…

    I am tossing up with my FWD line atm.
    I secured a nice $100k profit on Carlisle in the last 2 weeks and surprisingly Zorko has gone up. but both are going due to inconsistency! with $100k+ in the bank!

    with my FWD line looking like – danger, boomer, dusty martin, jack, Zorko, Carlisle

    Carlisle OUT Parker IN
    Zorko OUT Duncan IN

    I also have Swallow in the back line which is a bit iffy.
    is Carlisle worth keeping this week and shifting him to DEF and trading swallow out? or keep swallow and pray that he is 110%

    all advice would be fantastic!!
    thanks in advance

    • Until Swallow is ruled out, keep him and dump Carlisle

      • Shall do! unfortunately like many others though I have swallow and Stevie J. At present.. I’m straight swapping Stevie J for Sidebottom.. reckon that’s the best option?

    • I’d keep Zorko & trade Carlisle & Swallow…

  • already have 4 swans in my side mcveigh parker jack and kennedy. question. should i bring in mcglyn or buddy to my fwd line or does anyone have another better option?

    • I’m Loving McGlynn in my team. I’m not concerned with how many Swans I have,as long as they all point. My only concern is the immanent return of Dan Hannebery.

  • carlile and zorko more important than swallow.look at mcglyn

  • Best Midfielder for under 556k for miles

  • Lukaku or Dzeko?

  • NFL Fantasy

    1 spot left in 10 team league.

    To register go to

    League number: 2295958

    Code: WAFFLE

    First in, gets it!

  • Which one: Prestia, Jack, Libba, Duncan, Motlop?

  • Hey matt great article … Sam mitchell and not keeping barlows score for the loophole cost me my must win game to get in to the finals by… Wait for it… 2pts! 2 pts can you effen believe that. So angry