Split round – Ep. 19, round 18B

Calvin and Warnie discuss the first weekend of the split round and catch up with their mate, retiring Collingwood premiership captain, Nick Maxwell about all things NAB AFL Fantasy.

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  • No Milansta yet to criticise something I said… gutted.

  • Cheers for the podcast boys, great as always ;)

  • Cheers Warnie & co, great podcast again! Thanks for answering my question too! Feel quite privileged to get a mention on your show.

    I think I had already decided to make rocky captain as I didn’t want Shenton’s score. Thanks for clearing that up! Swan to JPK this week for me!

    Thanks again.

    Elliot Clare

  • Don’t worry Warnie we got your back!
    Great work as always boys. Love your work

  • Maxy you Legend! Great podcast boys. Will be loopholing Stevie J’s score with Charlie Cameron.

  • Haha. Ta! ;)

    For any Maxy haters, they should spend 10 mins (from about the 20 minute mark) listening to him chat Fantasy. He knows his stuff and is a great bloke to boot.

  • Loving your work lads… Golden boy Roy is obviously still off giving his man crash Rocky rub downs. Rocky will be ready to go, lock in a 130+

  • If anyone’s keen, I’ve got an NFL fantasy league up and running.

    Have 6 starters at the moment and need 4 more – would prefer to have some local Aussie players, rather than just get topped up with unknowns from the states.

    So, if you’re looking for something to fill that “fantasy football” void, known as summer, feel free to join.

    League code: 2295958
    Password: WAFFLE

    • Hey Arthur, me and a mate would be interested. Both first timers to nfl fantasy but follow the sport religiously!

      Is it over the nfl website??

    • I’m in mate. Go Pats!

  • I wasn’t gonna post but since you taunted me out :P

    If you wanted to talk about something from the Carlton-North game:

    Cameron Wood – Forget it.

    I would have mentioned how this is the time to start thinking about picking up K.Simpson if you don’t have him. He has dropped 100k+ in the last 5 weeks or so and looks to be close to bottoming out after that R14 shocker vs the Giants. (Get him for cheaper than anyone else in your league this season)

    <3'ing Dal Santo since his DPP switch, solid consistent 90+'s is what you dream of from defenders.

    Dont panic over Goddard he spent most of the game foward because of Joe's late withdrawl. I'm not sure if that affected Zaharakis as a flow-on effect but I'd not panic there either.

    Maxy good job on a solid career. This is hard to say coming from a West Coast man. Smart comments about Dane Swan, he isn't going panic stations on us.

    On a parting note, locking in any player for a 130, even Rockliff, is a joke with the current weather. Probably one of the biggest factors in an open ground like the Gabba is how hard its gonna piss down with rain during our Aussie winters. I'd check the forecast first!

    Milansta out!

  • By far your best post of the year. Kudos.

    • Nice work on the podcast.

      Lucky for you Sandi was omitted so you couldn’t trade Hibbo back in! I feel for Calvin on that one, he’s in my daughter’s RDT team…I was pretty chuffed with his 25 at quarter time, but it fell apart pretty rapidly from there.

  • Don’t forget that Rocky is a wet weather pig-in-waiting.. Round 14 against the Kangaroos he sloshed around in the wet for 28 disposals, 10 tackles and a lazy 122 Fantasy points.. Week before that he was over at Patersons playground against the fantasy kryptonite Dockers in the wet and windy west and managed another laconic 45 touches and 12 tackles for a humble 172 points…

    So you watch that forecast. Better yet, do a rain dance…

    • Boom! Go Rocky!

      (There must be some rule that will dispute all of that from the great Milansta, but giddy up… he should be 120+ regardless).

  • Would it be better to keep Steve Johnson as the VC and take his 145 or put the C on Rockliff and hope for a higher score?

    • I’ve got that situation. I’m going with StevieJ’s 145 providing Derickx gets nowhere near playing this weekend. If Derickx is named as an emergency I’m not so sure.

    • You take 145 if you can… you take 120 if you can. Don’t get greedy!

      • I reckon you can change your rule to a 125-130 cutoff if you got Rocky!

        • Hmm… possibly, but geez… 120 is still a line for me that I would take. My aggots are small!

          • Look at his name though Warnie. With a name like that I’m surprised he didn’t say 140. 120 for me as well.

          • Gamblin my way to the top! @ Tim, lol you’d be surprised… there is no gamble at all in my team.

  • A slightly different loophole conundrum for me. I’m one of the 15% who still own Tyson at M9. He’s my E. If Scott Thompson (Adelaide) plays and O’Brien is named as an emergency then the only way I can guarantee to get his 130 is to wait on trading out Swan. Is it worth it?

    • Yeah – 130 is a very good score. Do you think you’ll get that from the Swan trade? Tough one to bank in. As long as your other trade can be used positively (gain points and make your side better for finals), then holding Swanny is a good one.

      • Thanks Warnie.

        Was thinking Swan to JPK, who may well get me 130. But I might simply go Thompson to JPK instead. That way I’ll get JPK and Tyson’s score instead of JPK and Thompson and will also avoid Thompson’s inevitable price drop. I doubt Thompson will return to his 110 ave from rds 4-15 following his hamstring issues, so may be a good time to trade anyway.

  • Looks like a lot of people in the Stevie J or Rocky loophole dilemma like myself.
    At the end of the day its only a game so I think you can’t lose either way.
    In a situation where R = Rocky and S = Stevie J how bout we liken it to R = Rock and S = Scissors so therefore Rocky wins every time haha !!

  • NFL Fantasy – spots left.

    League code 2295958

    Password WAFFLE

  • Hey Arthur, joined up and ready. Just a question with the live draft, is it set at 1:00pm WA? I’m really keen for this, me and my mate were practising live draft yesterday etc. was wondering whether you could change it to 8:00pm same day or something. I’m sure it doesn’t suit you, so if not then that’s cool I’ll set my team to auto pick! Cheers mate

    • Hey ETC,

      Not my doing unfortunately. The good old USA thinks we’re all on the same time zone as them and they don’t offer what amounts to the wee hours of the morning for them and consequently, the late morning, early afternoon and early evening for us.

      Am trying to work something at the moment and may be able to get us a Saturday morning draft.

      Will keep you posted.

      In the meantime, we have 2 spots left for anyone else who is interested!!!

      League No.: 2295958 / Code: WAFFLE

  • Also ETC – make sure you go into “My Team” and under “Settings” choose a team helmet.

  • Crouch or Dalhaus? Or any other mid and / or forward at circa that price??