The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 9

Round 9 was supposed to be the easiest of the bye Rounds, however if you didn’t have 20 or more on the field you will have likely struggled. Some key late withdrawals played havoc with our Round, in particular a bug sweeping through the Brisbane camp which I have a bone to pick with. Let’s take a look at the weekend wash-up.

The Legends


Dangerfield (135) – What poor history? Danger was the first person to beat up on Macaffer this year, now that he’s hit form there doesn’t look to be a tagger that can stop him. VERDICT: Must have up forward now.

Langdon (105) – Oh the regrets of people who traded this kid, he’s an absolute jet. Play him with confidence this week then re-assess his spot in your side after the byes, I’m not really sure he will be a keeper. VERDICT: Don’t get carried away, he’s not going to score consistently enough for D6. He should be milked for every cent.

Jaensch (90) – His owners who stuck with him during his bye were rewarded handsomely with a solid 90. He’s been extremely consistent all season and looks to be a keeper. At least he’s a better scorer than he is a doctor. VERDICT: Keeper. Top 6 defender? He’ll be up there.

Goddard (117) – Everyone could see he was brilliant value a couple of weeks ago, however his bye has come at a nice time for those without him. If you need a midfield upgrade after the byes, here’s your man. VERDICT: He should push an average of 110 for the rest of the season, just over 500k is a steal.

Kennedy (139) – JPK is the form player of the competition without question. He hasn’t dropped under 27 disposals since Round 1 and has had over 33 touches in 5 of his last 6 games. Six consecutive tons, highlights by 139 two weeks in a row. Now that’s what I call form. Will he keep it up? That’s another question. VERDICT: You’re now paying a premium for him, surely teams will start to lock down on him.

Parker (119) – Every week this hurts. I don’t really want to talk about it. VERDICT: Gun. Get him in ASAP after the byes.

Lloyd (92) – This would have been a relief to all his owners after last weeks vest. A very handy score to have unexpectedly during the byes. VERDICT: He has plenty more cash to make yet.

Tyson (112) – Hold of the year. Troll of the year? He’s now busted out a 3 round average of over 109 and averaged 114.5 over the byes. Jobe Watson was my only Round 10 bye player to score more, he’s been ridiculous. VERDICT: The big decision is whether to dump him with such a low BE. I saw yes, his job his done.

Harvey (144) – The perfect Round 8 bye acquisition. Those who brought him in for Merrett saw a 100 point turnaround, a ton would have made a successful trade. 144 from 39 disposals was legendary. How does he still do it! VERDICT: Certainly worth selecting as a keeper.

Gibson (126) – Flying under the radar is North’s Sam Gibson. He’s dropped under the ton just once in his last 7 and has a 3 round average of 126. Ideally we would have picked him up earlier when he was cheap, but I’m sure the Round 8 bye put of most. I’m on the fence as to whether he’s worth 540k. VERDICT: Not convinced he’s worth getting now, still a great POD. Loves some uncontested footy.

Nahas (110) – I’d love some debate over this one. I can’t make my mind up. On one hand Nahas is an experienced player and has the class to make it at AFL level. He’s building his fitness base and has great scoring potential. On the other hand he has great potential to ruin your season. He’s inconsistent, is a vest risk and has plenty to work on. This score came against Brisbane at their lowest point, which is pretty hard to reach. VERDICT: Flash in the pan.

Selwood (138) – I posed the question during the week, the midfield upgrade debate was clearly Selwood v Swanny. I made a bold call which I may still come to regret, I think the Pig has past his uber premo days. Selwood has them ahead of him. It’s only 1 week in, however Joel is taking the cake so far. VERDICT: We all know how he loves a monster second half of the season. Currently a bargain.

Kelly (103) – In his first outing as a defender in fantasy, he didn’t disappoint. After being on just 40 at HT he picked it up with a huge third term. He’s great value down back. VERDICT: He’ll be a POD for the time being, in my opinion a top 6 defender.

Ablett (127) – Here’s a scary thought. He’s getting better. Perhaps not DT wise, but he’s taking his game on the field to new levels. This weekend he notched a lazy 4 goals straight from 37 disposals, 22 of which were contested. He’s kicked 18.2 in front of the sticks this season, the best conversion rate in the competition. I know we don’t speak of that other game, but an average of over 150 tells you all you need to know. He leads the competition for average disposals and sits 9th in the coleman. Dare I say it? I wouldn’t put it past him to kick 70 snaggers from the forward pocket. Best player I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching grace the football field. VERDICT: We all have him, right?

Swallow (115) – Finally I finish off with the man I believe has taken Gold Coast’s game to a new level. He is a beast in the clearances, with an ability to win the contested ball just as well as his brother. He was the number 1 pick a few years back, then became the best secret in the AFL learning the game from half-back. Gold Coast have just unleashed their super weapon. Swallow, O’Meara, Prestia and Ablett. I’ll let that sink in GWS fans. There I said it, can’t remember the last Premiership won thanks to a power forward line. That’s a debate for another day. VERDICT: That put the keeper doubters to bed.

The Losers


Swan (79) – Those who brought in the pig will have been extremely disappointed with his lack luster performance. I’ll be honest, it’s how he looks most weeks. I’m not sure what’s happened but his midfield time is still there, he’s just not winning the footy like he used to. I’ll be willing to make the call that his uber premo days are beyond him, 110 looks his limit and I’m not even sure he will hit that. VERDICT: His owners will be relying on a huge month with some kind fixtures, it’s now or never Swanny!

Crouch (20) – This surprised a lot including myself, I thought Crouch would be well rested after his bye and ready to put in another solid performance. The vest surprised us all. Let’s hope he bounces back with a start next week. VERDICT: Hold him this week, then it might be time to trade.

Cloke (57) – Looking for a cheap forward option? Look elsewhere to key forwards playing like spanners. VERDICT: Eugh.

Merrett (44) – Speaking of spanners, here’s one tool that’s past its expiry date. VERDICT: Mistakes happen. Cut your losses.

Hooker (47) – Hooker didn’t score well against Franklin. Football is a game played on an oval field. VERDICT: Normal service has resumed.

Salem (33) – This was extremely disappointing for his owners who were backing him in to shred the vest. He did so, but failed dramatically in his first full game. 33 from 4 quarters of footy is never a good sign, he doesn’t look to be worth the extra cash from a DT perspective. VERDICT: Check out Jeppa’s review of him on Wednesday.

Griffiths (63) – Haven’t seen a turnip play football? Well now you have. Ok maybe that’s slightly harsh seeing as I haven’t exactly played AFL, but 16% disposal efficiency from 6 disposals. If my maths is correct that’s one effective disposal during a 120 minute game. I’m not sure what else there is to say aside from Vickery has to play by default. VERDICT: You can guarantee he will be back in the VFL next week.

Zorko (14) – I honestly can’t look at this score  next to Zorko’s name seriously. A 40 would have been bad enough, but 14? Gastro or no gastro, that was bloody pathetic. He has a lot to make up for next week! VERDICT: I’ll be holding. I can see this turning out exactly as it did last year. The good news is there’s no long term concerns, aside from his 3 round average of 51.

Rockliff (0) – Shed doors around the country were opened and locked on Saturday afternoon as Rocky was named as a late out. He was many people’s captain and rightly so, North Melbourne go head to head in midfield and Rocky feasts on those battles. Spare me the captain hindsight comments. VERDICT: He’ll be back. It was better this way than playing ill for a 60.

Johnson (56) – Johnson has a lot to learn about a tag. He’s easily the best DT scorer in the competition, however he has been tagged to 56 and 69 way too easily. He needs to focus less on the attention he’s getting and move on with the game. I avoided getting him last week with the Crowley tag imminent, however he comes in for me this week. Forget the BE, it’s irrelevant. He plays North who don’t run with tight tags, so he should run loose for a monster score. VERDICT: He followed his 69 with a casual 168. Don’t be surprised if he does something similar this week.

Montagna (53) – Monty confuses me. He looks so dominant for his 130+ scores, then literally disappears for a few weeks. He didn’t even get tagged on Sunday, he was just extremely poor. 13 touches and 1 tackle, poor doesn’t even begin to tell the tale. VERDICT: That’s why he isn’t an uber premo.

Riewoldt (64) – Finally it’s with regret that Saint Nick must return to the losers column. I’m hoping like many that he will turn his form around and become an upgrade target, however he looks out of sorts. Whether injury is getting to him or the Saints horrible play is undermining his scores is hard to tell. I’d say it’s a bit of both. The ball isn’t going into their forward line much, however I’ve hardly seen Roo up the wings at all recently. When he’s in form and fit you’ll see him taking chest marks across half back. VERDICT: Avoid for now. It would be a gutsy decision to hold.

Talking Point

With all the cutting edge technology, medicine and extreme care taken with modern day players, surely a club could contain a gastro bug to one player? Clearly not. Brisbane not only let the virus spread, but had 2 of their best players fall down with the bug. They weren’t just 2 players of course, it was Rockliff and Zorko who were affected. Thankfully Rocky pulled out and saved us a shocker, Zorko didn’t take such liberties. This decided your round, you were either like me and relying on both of their scores, or had neither and cruised to 1900. Shocker.

This Game Sh*ts Me

Timing is everything in this game. With most of our premiums in play I didn’t think too much back-up was necessary this week, so I gambled on having 19 players. Turns out I had Rocky and Zorko’s scores to replace, meaning I had to take Zorko’s 14 which ended up in disaster. I’m going into Round 10 with 21 players, and I reckon chances are we’ll go through un-harmed. Ok so that comment is probably going to f**k us all over, but I maintain that timing is everything. And that’s why this game sh*ts me.



Kade Simpson stole the stubby from our boy Rocky last week, let’s take a look at the 5 new nominees:

Harvey – He’s just scored 144 at the ripe age of 36! Surely worthy of a vote! Somehow he’s still extremely DT relevant, it’s a credit to his fitness levels.

Ablett – He played one of the best all-round games you will see, those who played it safe with him captain will have been delighted with this score. He gets my vote even without the armband.

Dangerfield – When in form he’s a top 3 player in the comp. Let’s just hope he maintains these dominant displays. His 135 was inspiring and helped the Crows to victory.

Tyson – Tyson has been immense for those who held him during the byes, a very worthy winner.

Kennedy – Finally JPK’s recent displays cannot be ignored any longer, he gets a nomination for his second consecutive score of 139.

Who will get your vote?

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The Other Bits and Pieces

I finished on a pretty average 1736, purely down to the Brisbane gastro bug. Yes the joke it’s given us the sh*ts has been overused, but it’s true. My team suffered as a result, however 21 on the park next week points to brighter skies ahead. Good luck for the final round of the byes next weekend, I can’t wait to get back to normal footy!

If you enjoy seeing me rage and want a punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter@MattCraigDT. My views are honest, mostly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Hit me up with your weekly Golden Stubby nominations, and mainly what gave you the sh*ts! I value everyone’s opinion


  • Danger for the stubby! He just shrugged off macaffer and eventually caf just gave up! The one thing we say to the macaffer tag – ‘not today’.

  • Great read Matt. If we’re one of those people who own Montagna, is he worth keeping? Can pump out huge scores but then goes and scores crap even without a tag!

  • Love your work Matt. Got some tough decisions to make this week. Downgrading Dunstan is easy but urgently want GAJ too. My trade out options are Tyson, Aish, Crouch or Polec. All have cash to generate still. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated…

  • Shannon if you have Monty it’d be an ultra luxury to trade him out, especially if in RDT. He’s likely to still be top 8 mid by years end so ride it out.

  • Or, to tag onto my previous post, do I trade out KK to Bews and go Dunstan to GAJ?

  • Great work Matt!
    Surprised to read you’re keeping Zorko. According to Dream Stats his BE is 147 (they’re not greatly reliable – ball park figure at best). I’m trading him out for Jellwood. Tossing up for my second trade – out either Hooker (next week if not this) or Billings (to get Tex before his price jumps).
    Considering I had Zorko & Rocky as captain, I was pleased with 1761 and wins in 3 of my 4 leagues.

    • I wouldn’t worry about Tex’s price jumping – even when he exceeds his B/E by over 20 points it still falls…

    • Thanks Henry :) If you can trade him to Jelwood then it’s a no brainer haha. I still think he’s a keeper so break evens and price is irrelevant. Carlton Bulldogs Giants is a soft next 3 games, I have better trades to make.

  • Thanks Sam. Always helpful when we get others opinions.

  • I thought tanking round 8 getting Dangerfield and Stevie J in was a master stroke and was happy watching every player on my side score 100+ then Richmond got pumped, Rocky as my captain got sick and I watched my team slide into the abyss. Thank god for Ablett and Swallow to get me over 1800.

  • Cheers Matt.
    Thinking of these 2 trades:

    Zorko > Boomer
    Crouch > Jelwood

    If Mumford is named should i go:
    McIntosh > Mumford
    instead of the Jelwood trade???

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Great recap thinking of a triple downgrade this week

    Cutler to Bews
    Imp to Cameron
    Merrit to Walker

    Giving me 400k to spend

  • Who’s first priority to upgrade to in the forward line? Boomer or dusty?

  • Great read like every week Matt!
    Should I trade merrett zorko or montagna

  • Good read. Few points guys
    1. Couple weeks ago Watson was the no.1 trade out at this bye. Then bang. Now a hold
    2. James Kelly is a must have for defence
    I’m glad I got him. Get him in
    3. I’ve decided to hold zorko. Should turn the corner and saves me a upgrade later on
    4. Stevie J, Barlow and Goddard all look tasty cheap options next week. Who to pick ?

    • 1. i was planning to trade jobe out this week for selwood… this has got me confused now..
      4. Stevie J is a must.. i already have him.. planning to do ollie wines to barlow after the bye.. goddard also looks good but think id pick barlow over him.

    • dont see how kelly is a must have btw, afew rookie-like scores in the past 5

  • Stevie J has a 168 BE and already down $33,000. Looks set to fall to around $580k next week

  • Sandiland to mumford worth it?

    heres mt team:

    DEF: K.simpson, Swallow, Enright, Birchall, Suckling, Langdon (Bews, Langford)

    MID: Ablett, StevieJ, Pendles, Beams, Swanny, Cotchin, J.watson, Ollie wines (Lloyd,hallahan)

    FWD: Dahlhaus, Gray, Danger, Dmartin, L.Parker, Lloyd (Cameron, Ambrose)

    300k in the bank (thanks to cameron and bews downgrades i did last week.. happy with that!
    Sandilands to mumford? Watson out for Selwood? Suckling to Bartel? which ones seem more important? thanks

    • oh btw my rucks are jacobs, Sandi (currie, Derix)

    • I would definitely upgrade wines, probably to selwood. All the other good mids have their bye. I would upgrade enright before suckling and you can upgrade lloyd but his b/e is about 30 i think.

    • Wines to Selwood (should have triggered last week!) and Lloyd to Harvey would be my trades.

  • I agree that JPK may get more attention now but he is up there with Dangerfield in extracting the ball under heavy attention so I don’t think he will suffer too much.

    My Monty experiment has gone balls up so may go Monty -> JPK next week.

    My trades this week:

    Shaw -> Bews

    Crouch -> Jelwood

    Wright -> Danger

    9 trades :/ 170k bank.

    • Oh, and JPK -> Tex next week leaving Hallahan as the weakest link in my side.

      • Also looking at Lenny as a cheap premo option, he’s on a tear and actually tackles unlike soft Montel.

  • I mean JKH > Text

  • Zorko, he’s got the bye, leaking cash and must surely have a massive BE

    • Dorko’s BE is supposed to be about 147 (AFL Fantasy). Down $43k this week and he will like cash for the next couple of games at least. He’ll be gone from mine (for Selwood).

  • Why would you trade Zorko out now at his lowest price? He’s a 90 average forward (not many of them about), he has a huge ceiling and he only flunked because of illness. He has a fortnight to get well. I’d hate to be sat there watching him score 90+ every week after I sold him for the price of a Matt Wright.

    • I see where you’re coming from. For me, I’m already regretting not dumping his ass last week for Dusty. I don’t have a lot of cash in the bank so I just can’t afford to keep him due to his bye and he’ll likely drop to under $400k soon with such a high BE. He was averaging less than 70 prev 2 weeks before last weeks disaster

      Would rather get points from someone else and then worst case, trade him back in (unlikely) if he finds form again. more consistent options out there, but depends on your team structure

    • Agree. Way too many trades wasted going sideways, I’m looking to upgrade/downgrade and fill my field with premiums before looking to patch up.

  • Whats everyone’s thoughts on Rory Sloane? has only gone under 90 once this year. is he worth having as a POD?

  • I just think Watson will have a lowish BE and has hit top form. With a weeks rest will come out firing. I’m holding for now. Kelly is a solid player and will become a popular trade over next month. U know he can go decent and should be consistent.

  • There have been a few power forward lines in recent Premiership teams. Everyone remembers the Brisbane midfield for good reason but Lynch, Brown and Bradshaw when he was up there was pretty good.

    I think North and Essendon are remembered more for their forward lines. Carey and Longmire (though I think Horse missed one of the two through injury) with Scholl as a handy third tall. Lucas and Lloyd with Hird floating up there.

    Blues had Sticks, Earl Spalding, Brad Pearce and Matt Clape in ’95 with Diesel playing in a pocket, that worked pretty well.

    • There’s no doubt been some crackers, however I can’t really remember any myself where they were the focal point of the team. Brisbane’s midfield in those Premiership years was ridiculous. Not in the last 15 years of me following football anyway! The game has moved on. It will be a debate for the future

  • Lenny Hayes doesn’t get a mention?

    • He’s been brilliant recently both for the Saints and in DT, however are you going to pay 520k for a 34 year old midfielder? Risk of injuries etc. is too great

      • got him at the start of the year when he was cheap so i’ve been pretty happy with his peformances

  • Good article as usual Matt !
    Do u think I should trade Hampson to Minson and Matt Crouch to Hallahan?

    • Not sure about trading Crouch just yet, reckon he can bounce back. Surely you have a Rd 10 rook to downgrade!

  • thinking of trading Rohan to Cameron and Merret to dahlaus. Danger to expensive at the moment

  • Does anyone know if the magic number has changed? Taylor walkers decrease doesn’t make sense.

    His price decreased this round by $5986 even though he scored 79 points I would expect him to work up to a price of between $350,000 and $380,000 for that score.

    • yeah i don’t know about that either his break-even was 50 odd i think so no idea

    • It changes every round depending on how high the scoring is. It’s a rough estimate. Players playing in their first game should have their BE ignored, the formula is clearly adjusted for game 1

  • Boomer for the Stuby. Can’t believe he is so good despite he is 36 years old.

  • Matt you said that 110 looks to be Swans limit now and “not even sure he will hit that.” His last 4 round average was 118.5?

    Plays weagles, saints, dees and dogs in next 4. Common mate.

    • I’m talking about over a whole season mate. I’m not saying he can’t score over 110 and he had a great month, what’s his 5 round average? 110!!! I know his next 4 fixtures are great, hence this has to be the time he smashes it

  • Has anybody read the article on Tom Mitchell about his NEAFL game on Sunday? He collected 64 disposals (28 kicks, 36 handballs), four goals, five tackles, 14 marks – equating to 243 Fantasy points!!! Maybe someone that should be back on our radars.

  • Great read Matt. Just wondering if I’ve missed the boat on Jacobs- desperately need Hickey, not sure who to get though?

    • you might have missed out the price rises but he’ll still get you the consistent scores that you’re after

  • Great read as always Matt. I was thinking of downgrading Zorko to Nahas then Riewoldt > Danger as I need to clear out my r10 bye players. Was thinking of choosing Ben Lennon over Nahas but saw that Nahas is not much more expensive and has a BE of -11. Lennon’s BE is 42. What are your thoughts?

  • Thanks matt love the merret comment it’s so true it’s not even funny.
    Sitting in quite a good position for this round with 19 players playing and if I did these trades (Robertson-Jelwood and Gary rohan- Charlie Cameron I would have 21) thoughts?
    And yes I still have Gary rohan…

  • just putting it out there but titchell got 28 kicks, 36 handballs, four goals, five tackles, 14 marks, 12 clearances, 27 handball receives and 16 hardball gets and a lazy 243 fantasy points

  • Hey guys thoughts on these trades?
    Montagna to pendlebury
    Merrett to tex
    Also, who is a great downgrade option mid.

  • Thoughts on my two trades?

    Zorko to Tex Walker
    Macrae to Rocky