Round 4 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

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  • What an absolute joke.

    I been tracking fantasy scores on afl app and there is a rediculois amount of points being missed. I’ve seen Tom Mitchell and mcveigh put in 2 tackles each which were both not added to their scores. In addition to Tom Mitchell’s 2 handballs which were also not added. Fkng joke whoever does these stats. Not happy.
    Happened last week with pavlich too

    • they were tackles… but unfortunately the ball was disposed of and ended up in a north players hands so they dont usually get counted. although i think i saw one bounce a couple times before a north player picked it up and it still didnt get counted whihc i thought it should

      • Guys, the tackle has to result in a stoppage for it to be statistically counted (a free kick awarded, or a ball up).

        If the ball bounced out and was picked up the North player, and the ump hasn’t blown a whistle, it’s just playing on

        • if it causes an ineffctive disposal its a tackle, if it falls to the ground and bouces a couple times before being picked up by a player it should be counted as ineffective

          • They aren’t mutually exclusive aspects – a player can drop the ball (improper disposal) accidentally in a tackle if no prior opportunity exists to disposal of it.

            And although ineffective disposal can be caused by a tackle, counting it doesn’t mean a tackle is automatically recognized. As already said, a tackle is only marked down when it causes a stoppage. The additional explanation (bigfloppy provides) doesn’t alter this whatsoever. In the last example, if the ump blew the whistle for ineffective disposal, it’s still a stoppage.

          • tackles arent only counted in dt if its a stoppage

    • If a game can make you that angry, I suggest you re-evaluate your priorities, although it may be frustrating…after all it’s just a game

  • Great start to my Sunday! (Thnx Currie)!Titchell lift! I really need McVeigh to junk it up…

  • Wow I dodged a bullet….Like many I had Mumford, and also like many, on my ruck bench I have Currie.

    My other ruck bench is Dericx. Yesterday I was looking at my ruck bench and noticed I had the ‘E’ on Dericx. I was thinking why the hell did I put the ‘E’ on him instead of Currie. Currie averages a small amount more so I usually would of put the ‘E’ on him.

    I think it was on Dericx from the start of the year when I figured it didn’t matter which one I put it on. But very lucky, if I had a look at my ruck emergencies I’d say I would of made Currie emergency.

    • I guess that was karma, announcing to the world how lucky I was to have Dericx as sub. Oh well 31 beats 0

  • RDT – Scooter captain, Griffiths/Hanley/Caddy all onfield, Polec on bench
    AF – Scooter, Ward, Caddy, Hanley

    yeah…. I don’t need to say anymore

  • Mitchell making himself a candidate to be subbed out again.

  • Mitchell now up to 10. Breaks the drought.

  • Rohan-Lloyd with Caddy on the Field


    Caddy-Lloyd with Lloyd on the Field


  • I’d prefer Rohan-Lloyd with Lloyd on the field

  • And of course derickx is subbed off

  • GREEN VEST: Mitchell avoids it.

    Derickx gets it

  • Considering whats happened this round I feel like Sandi could be a late out

  • I am so fucking pissed. Chapman a late out leaves me with 20 from Rohan who was the subsitute, then mumford a late out means that i was supposed to get curries score, but he was a fucking late out meaning that i go from 200 to about 20.

  • I was getting nervous hearing the commentators talking about Wright going down the race and sub activated…..til I realise the Saints have a Wright too…phew!

  • Hello Goddard upgrade around the byes!
    Subbed off for 13… does anyone know the extent of his injury?

    • Leg problem..apparently he had it at the start of play, but Essendon tried to get him to play through it.

      May be a costly move for Essendon, as Goddard and Chapman have been in awesome form lately.

    • Sshhh James!

  • What’s going on with Sandilands?

    23 hitouts won, but only 36 points —- basically 13 points only if he was a non-ruck

  • Had a donut in the rucks thanks to Mumford and Currie’s late withdrawal.. 36 and 37 from Caddy and Griffiths respectively, but am still somehow on track for a 2200+ score!
    2097 at half time on Ess/Freo game, with Merrett, Watson and Sandilands in play

  • Traded Gleeson out for Crouch this week…d’oh. Kept him in RDT though.

  • How about touching the ball, Merrett?

  • 2154 with a doughnut, went from 189th to 188th overall Yeess!

  • Thought I did OK considering Chapman, Hickey, Currie all were injured and below par scores from Watson, Sandilands, Cotchin, Tyson, Roughead, Griffiths, I guess 1977 isn’t too bad really.

  • What did everyone think of Nahas, subbed out on 79 is pretty good, whats his job security like?