Reshuffle – Ep. 2, round two

Round one is over and The Traders look at collectively their best round ever. They catch up with the overall NAB AFL Fantasy Classic leader and look ahead to locking their sides in for round two.

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  • Not happy about this pricing change. We’re going to be blindly downgrading rookies later on in the season.
    Pretty sure we were told that players were going to change after two games…

  • Confused about the price price changing. Other than price changes after 2 rounds, how is it different from last year.

    So I assume that price changes are calculated on two round performance instead of three? Also the guys were talking about the most recent score will have the greatest effect. Is it calculated differently, putting more weight into the most recent score?

    As Pauline would say ‘Please Explain…..’

    • This is one for The Traders:

      Agree. how is it calculated?

      The first price rise is after round two – yes or no?

      The first price rise is after round three – yes or no?

      Again, how is it calculated?

      • Also unless I misunderstood? even if a player didn’t play round 1 but plays round 2, their price will change even after just one game?

        • from what I understand prices change after round 2. This is only due to the free hit round. Scores will begin to change after rnd 2 even if they have only played one game.
          It isn’t based on their last 3 scores anymore. It is based on their entire seasons score (or at least a large majority) with highest weighting to their most recent game and decreasing weightings as you go back further games.

          I believe this is right and hope it makes sense

  • What happened to Hutchings (WCE), why didn’t he play? Had a smashing pre-season, surely better then half the eagles mids Masten, Ellis, etc.


    Team Value…$4809700


    • Just checked again and his/her team value is now $3,456,000. (side note that earlier when I had a look at the rankings it actually let me look at his/her team but then when I checked again just now it won’t let me view it).

      Ok AFL Fantasy, we’ll play along, this is a big joke right? We’re all meant to laugh at your elaborate joke of a game/website right?!

  • Shiels (M6) and Patton (F6)


    Michie (M7) and Higgins (F6)

  • RDT is the far superior competition, no other way to put it

  • Is Joel Selwood worth it is a POD over Ablett?

  • Is just me who thinks unlimited trades is absolute bullshit?

    • It’s a different game… I am hoping a lot of people get sucked into picking guys off one game. We should back our pre-season research.

      My problem is with the fixturing – a split round not only sucks for viewing, it screws things up for an accessible fantasy game (there are other options out there for people that want a more traditional ‘challenge’).

      • Come on answer the question! unlimited trades is $100 bullshit!
        And you say back your research, thing is as we know prices are gonna change any premos that didnt score well I have booted for premos who have. i.e liba for Jobe then you can pick up premos who have dropped in price later. Obviously rookies as well and mid pricers who you were iffy on who played through the mid and scored well have to be considered now.

        You guys need to make a hard call after this season and affiliate with your name sake THE REAL DREAM TEAM!!!

        AFL fantasy sucks, they have completely butchered a proven and well received formula. look at how much participation numbers have dropped. Its been over complicated in some aspects, and then dumbed down in others.
        I am a long time fan and watcher of DT Talk and have been here since the beginning and it’s unfortunate that you wont be real with real DT’ers!
        Stop defending this shit truck game and actually grow a pair and admit the complete cockup Afl fantasy is. After all it hurts your community so it hurts your bottom line in the end.

        • +10,000,000

          • Yeah RDT all the way, I don’t know how you could accept money to promote a dog’s breakfast of a game which is totally fcuked in every way.

            So does the price change c.rap apply to RDT or do they still have normal pricing?

          • For RDT “Each player’s price will vary based on their most current performance from round to round. A rolling average is used to determine how a player’s value changes and they must have played at least 3 games in order for their value to increase or decrease.”

          • awesome cheers Brak

            changing prices after two games is yet another major fcuk up in AFL Fantasy, the world’s worst fantasy game

          • +1,000,000.00

        • post of the decade air. Hats off. That’s what really irks me, much respect for the guys who run this site…but they are showing the DT community a lack of respect by defending or failing to criticise what they know FULL WELL is a heap of crap

        • Thats unfair on the boys. 10 years of free content and now they are the spokespersons for the AFL game. Did you read that? THE OFFICIAL AFL game. You might think its inferior, as do a lot of others, but the personal attacks are unwarranted. As is your whinging. I’m playing both. I prefer the RDT format and rules that go with it, but you cant turn your back on the AFL’s own game (I will if they move to SC scoring). Realdreamteamtalk is still available as a .com and so off you go son, show us what you can do. Just as a side note there are 160,000+ fantasy players versus 30,000+ RDT players.

          • 10 years of free content so now they can take their 30 pieces of silver to kill the game off? Most of those 160,000 didn’t exactly know what they were getting into because they weren’t warned by the sell-outs running this site. It won’t be long before Readdreamteamtalk is up and running and the likes of Warnie and co will be consigned to history.

  • Wow – a few up and about regarding the price changes!

    We’ve covered this a fair bit on the site since knowing about this earlier in the pre-season. Listen to the podcast we did a few weeks ago when I caught up with Andrew from FanHub:

    Here’s a quote from the rules on the website:

    The Players’ Prices will change based on a formula that takes into account their past performances. All games played by the Player since the start of the season are taken into account in the calculation of their Price changes, with a sliding scale of weightings with the most recent game receiving the highest weighting, as well as a component of their performance last year – if they played last year!

    Whilst it would be great to know what the formula is, we don’t… as we didn’t when Virtual Sports introduced their three round rolling average price changing formula thing. And to my knowledge, they’ve never publicly published it.

    We might be able to crack it after a couple of weeks, but for now just know that prices will start changing after this round, and will be every week from here on REGARDLESS of how may games they’ve played. Eg. If they debut this week, their price changes.

    A new challenging element to the game.

    Don’t fear change…

    • Golden Stubby to whoever cracks it.

      • I’m tipping the bloke who does the nixtrader spreadsheets – is he still on board for 2014?

        • Yep I’m still on board, and thanks to Warnie, Roy and Calvin for allowing me continue to contribute to this site.

          I am only playing AFLFantasy – 1 game and 1 team is enough for me. So there will be spreadsheets for AFLFantasy eventually but have to try a sort a few things out first. We probably won’t have a completely accurate price prediction at first – and to be honest nobody did with the old game either. There was always more happening in old formula than 1 magic number and average of last 3 games.

          However, I am not sure what people are complaining about – it seems to me DTTalk this year has provided the best leadup coverage ever which is the leading 25% of coaches’ scores are so high.

          Also Will be doing more fantasy cycling later in the year.

          Meanwhile still on twitter – @NixTrader

    • Thanks Warnie,

      Thats cleared a few things up. Hope the Fantasy Freako can provide break-evens for us again this year.

    • Did you mention it in anything else other than that podcast?

    • don’t keep defending crap

    • I actually have requested price changes after every game for a while now, the quicker the cows fatten, the quicker we can take them to market.

    • I’m not complaining about the changes. I’m just surprised that this is the first I’ve heard of it. You haven’t replied to my question but I don’t usually listen to your podcasts so I didn’t see any news of this change. Spoke to a few mates who do DT and frequent this site and they were surprised too…
      Not mentioned here ( ) either

  • So let Me get this Straight The Prices Change after Every Player has Played 2 Games
    Or do the Prices change after Round 2 No matter How many Games we have Played

    • Wow – that’s a lot of capitals way out of place!

      Yes, correct… the prices would have changed this week if it was a regular round (not a split and therefore free hit round).

  • Great listen boys, but what is going on with your app?
    It shows supercoach articles instead of fantasy ones?

    • The app guy is making changes… not sure what’s happening. Our mobile version of the site works quite well though!

      • Hey Llama2, I have the same issue and notified the boys via email last week. Still getting ‘Supercoach Paige’ apps since the last app update. Hopefully will be fixed really soon.

        • + 1.

          Keep up the good work guys. Unfortunate timing more than anything – the year the AFL finds enough sense to sign you lads up they cock up the game completely. Try playing AFL Fantasy on a mobile device overseas; near on impossible. RDT works fine.

  • Gee Wizz people hate change.

    Lots of complaining here and elsewhere. People dont like the ‘blind trading’ caused by the new price change system yet also hate the unlimited round changes because its too easy.

    Wonder if they still plan on making more changes at the begining of next year.

  • Wow, AFL FAN is such a inferior comp. RDT is where it’s at. Still play both as I’m in cash leagues but from next year it’ll be RDT only for me.

  • Wow, AFL FAN is such a inferior comp. RDT is where it’s at. Still play both as I’m in cash leagues from next year it’ll be RDT only for me.

    • totally agree. It’s just become a complete farce. All well and good dressing it up as a “new challenge” but we all know what is happening. The game has been changed purely for commercial reasons..and they have messed it up…and people have voted with their feet already if you notice how people have walked away.
      RDT all the way.

  • Lol, guy on the podcast said no to Danger and Mitchell. They’ll be top 3 in their positions come seasons end.

  • it’s exactly the same as in previous years. only difference is everyone will have the same team by round 3. we won’t have to wait until round 20 to play mirror image teams.

  • AFL Fantasy – 167386 teams
    RDT – 31704 Teams
    Supercoach ? I haven’t played for years but would like someone to post.

    • currently 230702

      • I tried doing all three this year, but it’s just too much, especially with such varying prices for the same players.
        Fantasy is just a little too easy and supercoach just a little too different for me. Not surprised fantasy numbers are down about 50000.

    • 31704 is an awesome result for a ‘new game’ that has been given zero publicity, meanwhile the AFL game has dumped a massive 50,000, a disastrous result… won’t be long before RDT overtakes the cr.ap AFL game which only the sell-outs Warnie and co will be playing in five years’ time.

      Maybe they should have unlimited trades every week, wouldn’t that get a few more bogans in lol

    • Last years figures for round 1.

      Supercoach, 281995
      Dream Team, 204021

      Over 51000 less playing S/C, huge figures.
      Over 36000 less playing DT/Fantasy.
      31704 players playing the original DT game run by the original operators.

      Advertising has a massive impact on the above numbers, one run by the Herald Sun, another run by the AFL and Virtual Sports don’t have the audience of the other two.

      FWIW, Real Dream Team for me.

  • hahahaha definitely laughed more than i should’ve at Roy’s “Bird poo” haha #outoftheblue #random #immaturebutfunny

  • I haven’t been here for a long time now but i thought it was time to say a couple of things for the r-tards that don’t understand some things.

    Drik diggler, dt is dead, and any others bagging out my mates – how f-ing stupid are you? Dumber than a pinata full of dog shit.

    The boys have a job with the afl. Something they’ve worked at for 8 years. I’m proud of them and am happy i was part of it from the start. I dont think they’re going to come on here and bad mouth a poduct they are getting paid to spruik no matter how you feel about it.

    My advice to warnie is not to even reply to these muppets.

    So you know. The boys dont make the rules of the game. They put in their opinions but they dont decide on them or make them. But as for ‘defending this crap’ as you put it what are they suppose to do?


    • Well said Chopper – if they don’t like the game they DONT have to play it and can piss off elsewhere.

    • Hit the nail on the head mate, its pretty black and white in my eyes. Instead of all these f#*kwits whinging and complaining about how different AFL Fantasy is and its not the same, bla bla bla, SIMPLE…piss off and leave !
      Im not going to go and join a shitty gym and then whinge about it 24/7, if u dont like it, DONT DO IT !!
      Rant over….

      • That logic is seriously flawed.

        Let me put it much simpler and logical context for you…

        I love playing Texas Holdem Poker (I don’t, but hypothetically speaking) at the Casino, I love that it’s challenging, I love that it’s a game of luck and skill (like DreamTeam), I love that invest time at becoming good at it and that this gives me an advantage over others. Now let’s say that the casino decides to change the rules of the game I love to allow all players to see the “flop” before betting. That’s a kick in the teeth! Now players with half the skill get an easy leg up. Ok, so there’s still some skill involved in knowing what cards are likely to be available for the “turn” and the “river”. But wait, now the casino has decided to turn over all 5 cards before betting commences! WTF is this shit!? Now everyone with half a brain and the ability to walk and breathe at the same time can play a game which used to be challenging and take a fair amount of skill.

        Would I whinge about this, bloody oath I would! Why should Dream Team be any different. People feel strongly about the game and enjoyed it for what it was. Now this has changed people are expressing there regret in it changing. It’s called feedback. Now no one with any intelligence is going to blame Calvin, Roy and Warnie for the changes (it’s clearly not in their control) but it doesn’t mean people aren’t annoyed at the changes, which inevitably leads to them getting called sell-outs (people like placing the blame somewhere). I still say good on the three for getting paid for something they’ve worked hard at for a long time, but also expect some criticism (deserved or undeserved) from people too. Hopefully next year they can be more involved in the rule making process and make some positive changes. I think SuperCoach has well and truly proved that you don’t need to dumb down the game to make it popular.

        • No mate, your logic is seriously flawed.

          While all out there have seen the flop and are pushing all-in because they have top paired an ACE with offsuit A-6 (lets say this week they choose both midfield Jones’ for the rest of the season because they both scored 140s and costs less than $500k) I’ve got pocket 3s and have hit trips (Those who know how to play are still playing GnR and have picked say Langdon, Ellis and Polec).

          These players with half the skill might win early hands but if they stick around long enough, we’ll take their chips. The same basic premise still applies.

          Now, stop your whinging.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one then pal.

          • Here’s a suggestion… DT Talk lads run their own game next year and users pay to play. If you don’t have the coin, play the free one. That way the boys get paid, we all get the game we want and people can vote with their feet if they don’t like it.

            Remember the fantasy numbers are skewed this year… many of us have a team in each.

          • I’m with Jesse, AFL Fantasy has been dumbed down beyond recognition, I deleted my team one day after logging in for the first time. So now guys like me are helping the migration over to the RDT game. AFL Fantasy has already dropped 50,000 players but not all have gone to RDT so it’s up to guys like me and Jesse to spruik the better game and get everyone over there and also hopefully someone will come up with a new and better RDT talk site which is prepared to criticise the AFL now and then and promote the much better game, the REAL DT not that you guys are playing.

            The reason for all the whinging is that all this was so unnecessary, we had a good game so what happened to it? And why didn’t Warnie and co take a stand with the AFL to protect it rather than take their 30 pieces of silver?

            So defend them all you like you sycophants, this site is on the way out so may as well get it all off your chest while people are still actually reading.

          • Aye-Aye – this site will continue to provide coverage of AFL Fantasy AND the Real Dream Team. For obvious reasons Roy, Calvin and myself will be speaking positively exclusively about the AFL Fantasy games that we are being paid millions to promote.

        • The difference is that AFL Fantasy is no longer ‘Dream Team’. Rightly or wrongly, through business decisions, the AFL salary cap game is different in 2014 (and it was much different in 2013 as it was in 2012… following the evolution of it to make it more accessible for the masses – not something that is popular in the opinion of the hardcore coaches here).

          If you’ve followed the politics of it all, you’ll know that Dream Team still exists – albeit in a different form to what it has been in the past – via Virtual Sports. So the game that you love is still there.

          This is probably the point. Maybe the AFL should have made even bigger changes… so it was a completely different game? Would people accept that more?

          If it wasn’t for a split opening round, there wouldn’t be unlimited trades this week. As for the price changing, I honestly don’t see this as a big deal – a new ‘skill’ to master; I would have embraced this change regardless of the competition to ‘mix’ things up a bit. Just remember, VS have never published their formulas… but they were ‘cracked’ by others in the past.

          The problem is, Jesse, some unintelligent people are saying that we shouldn’t keep defending the game. Do they not understand what our role is in our position?

          As with anything the sellout call can be just, but it’s a shame that people who have frequented this site for years for free information, advice and entertainment throw it around in such a derogatory manner.

          Ugh… anyway, potatoes gonna potate.

          • If the game’s been made more accessible to the masses how come 50,000 less people have decided to access it?

          • Probably some of it wasn’t by choice, haha… hasn’t been the greatest of starts for FanHub. But it’s the changing nature of the games though. Registrations have been decreasing over the last 3-4 years in both SC and DT/AFL Fantasy.

            Not sure exactly why – our DT Talk numbers are still growing, and engagement in the community still seems to be very strong.

            The byes have really put a lot of people off. A lot have out grown the games (probably prompting some change… there are only so many times you can play monopoly as my girlfriend says). Draft games are more popular and with more options out there. The addition of extra leagues to join might mean that ‘mum, dad, dogs, etc’ don’t have a team these days…

          • all these heads are just jealous that you are making $’s off your DT addiction and they are not.


          • Very well said…You guys deserve credit for the work you’ve done over the years and are now livin tha dream..Embrace the change..Play the game..Dont hate the player..Tomatoes gonna tomate.

          • Well said Warnie.

          • nothing wrong with the site Warnie…no one is having a crack at that.
            People are having a crack at the new format and I would suggest that had this format been released by some other company with whom you had no affiliation with then you would also be bagging the crap out of it.
            You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do I guess

          • I’m with you warnie
            I feel for you guys getting slammed about the changing face of AFL Fantasy when you have no say in it. People degrading it on this site are achieving nothing as DT talk have no say in the structuring of the game.
            This is purely a site for sharing fantasy info with each other and getting opinions. It doesn’t need to turn in to a review site for something which is completely out of their control.
            It’s a shame people are ruining the site by discussing the negatives of the rule changes instead of what it is meant for… helping our fantasy teams
            Cheers lads for all the articles and advice you have put in over the years and I will be sticking by you

          • Some people are cranky – they didn’t get a reasonable round one score.

        • Yes Jesse dont blame the boys they do a good job…Well done guys….But this game is being really dumbed down.

    • You look dangerous chopper……

    • bullshit Chopper the only thing stupid is this stupid game and the ones full of dogshit are the ones promoting it

  • I love fantasy sports, basketball, cricket, afl, hell i’d probably even play fantasy lawn bowls if it existed. Now there is 3 different games to play, it just gives me more teams, different rules and different strategies to play around with (more chances to win too).
    Granted it has been a sketchy start to fantasy this year (I hope they get rid of the free hit thing next year) but once it gets into the season hopefully it gets more into the swing of things.
    I don’t understand why people seem to get so negative abour it. Its a free game with prize money, don’t like it don’t play but I don’t want to hear whinging about it all the time. I love sites like dt talk and the others but it is really starting to suck the fun out of it with all the negativity. Sites like this are to pass on information and strategies not whinge about why you hate the game we are all hear to play.

    • 99 problems but winning 50K ain’t one, eh Hook?! ;)

      People are venting, which is understandable. Every year the game changes and evolves. Some stick with it, others let it pass them by. I’m probably one bad week away from chucking in the towel myself.

      The game’s fractured more than ever and I can’t decide which one I hate more any more. I’ll play them all and make a choice for next year. No way I’m running three teams every year.

      Would love to see the Real DT Talk Dream Team next year tho… *plants seed*

      • lol Fair enough, I get the need for a good vent but just not every second post on every article.
        I do agree all fantasy sports in Australia may need a bit of an overhaul(been thinking of doing something myself with some of the prize money.)

    • +1 Hook. Some of the cockheads here need to give the DTtalk boys a rest. They have put countless hours in FREE OF CHARGE to help the general public out with AFL dreamteam/fantasy or whatever you want to call it.

      And as for the people who come in and say that the rule changes are taking the skill and strategy out of it. Well if that is the case, then why the fuck are you on this website??? To get a helping hand and to get information about dreamteam that you dont have to research.

      • yeah i agree! leave the boys alone they have been given their just rewards for their efforts but at the same time this has been absolute bullshit to say the least.

        just coz its a free service it makes it ok?? if i volunteer at salvos does that mean i can piss in their charity bins?

      • Im not attacking the boys they do a good job ….But I am voicing my comment about the system….Its silly.I still play it because I play all three….this one takes the least skill to play.Everybody gets the same players because everybody can read and understand stats and everybody can easily copy the leaders with 2 trades per week no worries….If you need the game dumbed down for you then this is the game for you.If you want more of a challenge the other 2 would be better.

  • AFL Fantasy Prize Night 2020: “And the winner is… [opens envelope]… EVERYONE!!! You’re all winners!!!…”

    • :)

      Who is responsible then? Who at the AFL came up with these bright ideas – free hits, changes to pricing fluctuations, trades every week, cheap website… who is getting a pat on the back from Gillon for these wonderful changes which have already seen a massive exodus?

      The same guy who came up with Sunday Night footy?

  • Funny, I remember last year when 2 trades a week came in, many coaches complained about how easy it was going to be etc etc – then with the injuries, bye rounds, etc etc it didn’t seem so bad, and the competition was still competitive.

    Whilst the free hit this week seems like overkill, its not the end of the world, yes coaches will catch the hidden rookies or mids that played well in round 1 and we may have very similar teams this week. But thats only one piece of the puzzle – anyone can pick rookies and generate cash – its what you do with the money/trades which counts. Who do you upgrade to, when to you jump on a player (or jump off), how do you structure for the byes – are you lucky with injuries. All these elements are still there – and it will still be fun – it just means all our preseason research has given us a one week advantage.

    And some chump coaches will pick up some fools gold this week based on one performance.

    • ^That^

    • I loved the two trades per week. The issue was that this was brought in AFTER player prices were decided. These could have been upped to make things a bit harder. This year, the prices could still be a bit higher, but with the rookie inflation, it’s a different game. The price changes will most likely make movements slower – both ways.

  • Hey boys, great listen as per usual!

    Two questions, do you think Jones of Melbourne is worth a punt – in the past he has been good but certainly not elite. I wonder if the new coach and captaincy can help get more out of him?

    And how about Patton, good enough to start on the field?
    Thanks boys!

    • Ah – nice… a compliment about the podcast and a question! Thanks!

      Jones – I don’t like it really… just because Melbourne will be quite inconsistent this year. He’s been good, but he won’t be giving us the premium numbers on a regular basis. And plus, he had a game a couple of years ago that he was on like 16 at half time and finished on 9 or something – much to Roy and my amusement when Calvin had him in his side.

      Patton – if you’re picking him… probably best to play him. Expect a 65ish average.

  • There’s only been two problems with this year. The AFL firm for making round 1 a split round. and 2, Fanhub not having the website and app functional, clean, easy to use and able to hold the amount of users. You could throw a third in there for AFL having byes this year but most could say thats forgivable.

    There shouldnt really be any complaints about anything else, the DT boys have been sublime. Grats on the big scores too!

    • Yep – if it wasn’t for the split round, there would be no free hit. Unfortunately FanHub haven’t had a great start with server and functionality issues and that has really affected the enjoyment of a lot of users – including us! Hopefully it’ll all be good from here on.

      And thanks… we have probably be doing OUR best work of our ‘fantasy careers’ over this year… culminating in a great first round score! Haha. We all got lucky with our group think! Interestingly, we had quite a few different players and all three of us had different captains making it even more crazy.

  • ‘sell-outs Warnie and co’

    You mean those sell-outs that provide you with free access to a DT site so you can spend the next six months whining about a free game? Yah, sh$t, they must be raking in the cash. Warnie, how do I get some of that sweet sweet action?

    • Dammit all. That was in response to a previous post. F’ it. I’ll rant at myself instead.

    • Sorry – was just out polishing my new yacht with some golden fleece.

      But seriously, it’s nice to be a part time fantasy coach now – it’s not life changing, but I’m not spending as many hours at night doing the fantasy thing that I had for next to nothing for a lot of years. Thanks to those who don’t begrudge that.

      • Surely anyone who has been a reader over the past few years couldn’t begrudge that! The juice was worth the squeeze.

      • Dilemma:

        Who do I select:

        Trent Cotchin

        Michael Barlow

        Jibe Watson

        And why, if possible.

        • Make that Jobe – thought I was cleaning Warnie’s yacht

        • Barlow. Never has a game.

          • Thank you.

            Was wondering whether to keep Jobe Watson or Trent Cotchin.
            Cotchin mainly for the loophole.

            Any one else with ideas?

          • Had Barlow in and out at least 10 times today – I’m wasting my life!

        • Not to throw a curve ball at you, but why not all three? Barlow is consistent as and Cotchin/Watson are two of the best value elite midfielders available. If you absolutely have to choose just the one, then yah Barlow.

      • Mate as far as I’m concerned if you can talk fantasy footy and get someone to give you buck for it, then good on you. You’ve clearly worked damn hard to get this site up. It’s good to see you get recognition. So long as you throw some loose change Dr Dreamteam’s way after he’s finished polishing your Bentley (not an innuendo), then you’re keeping it real in my books. And the fact that you can get these articles out so often after spending each night in the high rollers lounge at Crown is pretty impressive.

        Personally, I like the two trades per week. The reason being that I play the game for shits and giggles and I like being able to tinker with the side each week. It still requires strategy, it just requires a different strategy than it used to. Even the free hit and building the round 2 side require strategy. People might prefer other formats of the game, and fortunately for them, there are a variety of options they can choose from. I just don’t get the vitriol and whining about it. Is there only one type of beer because that’s the one that’s good for everyone? Do we only have one make of car for the same reason?

        • I’m on the same page… I can understand the whinging, but because there are other options that suit them out there, they shouldn’t be as concerned as how they are coming across on here. I want it to be successful because it might turn into more than just a part time job for me, maybe they’re looking out for people like me? Thanks, if that’s the case!

  • Hey guys. I need a little advice.

    So, at the end of round 1 my team had scored a total of 1868 and I am ranked somewhere in the 60,000’s after dropping from the 20,000’s earlier in the round. Plus, I was stupid and put Langdon as a bench in my MID and not even emergency as I only picked him up because he was cheap.

    My team for that round was:
    DEF: Toovey, H Shaw, Hodge, Mitchell, O’Shea, L McDonald INT: Cameron, L Delaney
    MID: Gaz, D Martin, Nicky Dal, K Cornes, Polec, Cotchin, Fyfe, D Swallow INT: Langdon, Ellis
    RUC: Sandilands, Mcevoy INT: Currie, Longer
    FWD: N Riewoldt, Danger, Kennedy-Harris, J Riewoldt, Rohan, Roberts Thompson INT: Butcher, S Frost

    My FWD was weak and a few players let me down so I switched it up a bit and wanted to know if people think my new look team will fare better:

    DEF: R Shaw, H Shaw, Hodge, Mitchell, D Swallow Langdon INT: Cameron, Langford (Hawks)
    MID: Gaz, N Jones, Jobe Watson, Swanny, Polec, Cotchin, Pendelbry, Dom Tyson INT: Dunstan, Templeton
    RUC: Sandilands, Mcevoy INT: Currie, P.Mitchell (SYD)
    FWD: N Riewoldt, Danger, S Frost, D Martin, Rohan, Chapman INT: Ambrose, Kennedy-Harris

    • Liam, your new look team is a vast improvement on your round 1 team. But, you have 4 midfielders sharing the round 8 bye. That should be changed. Templeton may not play this week, Joey and Lenny back.

    • Lucky for the free hit Buddy

  • Hi guys,

    I’m a bit late in going over to RDT, but just madea team/league and need players.

    code 119094

  • WARNIE!!!
    $221,400 on an F6…who do you think?

  • I have been playing this Game for a while now and feel like I should give some feedback on what I think about this new game with its new format.Firstly I am only playing this game now because I am in a private League with friends.
    You say the free hit trading is only because of the split rounds….But all the other games dont have this free hit benefit.I agree with others who think that this is really dumbing the game down.And I agree teams will be nearly the same by round 3 now because of this dumbing down free hit.Of Course people will look at the stats and choose the best value players and these players are the ones that will be in most peoples teams if they want a good start to their season…. any PODs will be rare and mainly exist in the midfield area where there are more choices and players who performed ok in their first rounds….I think that who ever thought up this free hit thought it would entice more people to play so the owners of the game could make more money by over simplifying the game for the Mums Dads and familys…..Ok if thats what they have decided to do fair enough, nothing we can do about it except give them our feedback.But game will be boring if everybody has very similar teams helped of course by the free hit scenario.

    • If it wasn’t for the split round, there would be no free hit… and rightly or wrongly, that decision was made for simplifying it for the masses – or as you put it, dumbing it down.

      Does that make the game easier? Maybe, but for ‘good coaches’, they will adapt to get an advantage. Just like the two trades per week last year. Hook won, he isn’t a hack – he has had a lot of great results over his career… coaches in the top 3-5% all knew what they were doing and most of the people in those positions at the end of the season all would have been there no matter what the rules were.

      I bet the round two cookie cutter sides wont be the ones that win it this year.

      • Im not attacking the boys they do a good job ….But I am voicing my comment about the system….Its silly.I still play it because I play all three….this one takes the least skill to play.Everybody gets the same players because everybody can read and understand stats and everybody can easily copy the leaders with 2 trades per week no worries….If you need the game dumbed down for you then this is the game for you.If you want more of a challenge the other 2 would be better.

  • Oh I forgot to mention the 2 trades every week in combination with the free hit will most likely ensure that we most likely will have close to the same teams by round 3….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • I predict that if this over simplification of this fantasy game continues then more people will treat it as a joke and this game will be only be used as a joke.

  • From my perspective, the performance of the FanHub platform is ruining the game experience this year.

    The site is little short of a shambles and simplistic to an almost laughable degree. The capabilities of the site are well below what’s been available in the past. Making the game more accessible is no justification for dumbing down the website.

    Specific issues (and not especially original observations) that I can think of straight up:
    No bye predictor
    No value predictor
    No historic career stats
    The ability to see other players’ teams midweek (has this been resolved now?)
    No auto-filling of leagues

    It’s all very well FanHub saying they’re working on fixes- it should never have come to this at this point in the season. Bugs should all be gone by now.

    I dread to thing what’s going to happen when we get to the head to heads and a lot of people are trying to follow their scores live. At least numbers are well down yoy, so that is a help to FanHub.

    With regard to pricing, I don’t think there’s any issue with changing the formula if the objective is to reduce price volatility (was it really that bad before) but to use terms like “special sauce” and “grandma’s recipe” suggests they’ll be making it up as they go along. The previous methodology had the benefit of clear objectivity. FanHub’s performance so far has absolutely not earned them the benefit of the doubt regarding this absolutely key aspect of the game. And, yes, whilst the previous formula wasn’t published, it was freely available on this site. If the site operators “crack the code” for this year, will they publish? Given the shifted allegiances this year, I’m interested to know.

    Warnie, I know you are in the tent now and therefore have to temper your comments but to describe FanHub’s efforts as “not off to the best start” is disingenuous to a high degree. What has happened here is little short of a disgrace.

    The AFL has put a key piece of marketing into the hands of a bunch of people who are clearly well out of their depth and the chorus of protest here and in other places should worry the decision makers.

    It beggars belief that they charge the same price for Assistant Coach when the product is manifestly worse under the new platform. That’s not really how things are supposed to work.

    Actually, worse than that, it beggars belief that the AFL awarded a contract to this crew, presumably in order to save a few dollars. It can’t have had anything to do with their credentials or capabilities.

    The sad thing is that there is clearly a huge amount of passion out there for the game. As noted above, the visits to this site are increasing, suggesting that people are looking to engage more, not less, with the game. Does that suggest that dumbing down the game is a good strategy?

    As well as a Fantasy Team, I have an RDT but I spent a lot less time on preparing it, which is a huge regret because I’d drop my Fantasy team right away otherwise.

    • I agree with a lot of your comments, but to say “is disingenuous to a high degree” in regards to saying that it’s been a less than ideal start for FanHub, is a harsh call to make. What am I supposed to say? Or maybe I should have taken Chop’s advice and shouldn’t say anything…

      • “Not off to the best start” is the mildest form of criticism for something that goes way beyond. It also hints at some expectation that matters will improve and I don’t think there is any evidence for that. The silence from these clowns is deafening.
        I would like to echo other comments here about congratulating you guys for being able to commercialise your hard work. You have more at stake therefore than almost anyone else on here in making the Fantasy game a success. You pointed out above that people should stop whinging and go to other forms of the game. I think you will see that effect not this year but next. Many of the issues with the FanHub platform only become tangible as the season starts and we haven’t even started the head to heads yet.
        I honestly don’t know if I will continue to play this year out but one thing I know is that I won’t sign up next year because, for sure, FanHub will have a multi-year contract to manage this game.

    • Also, I wrote the stuff about the ‘special sauce’ because it’s not my place to publish their formula. As said before, the VS formula was never published by them… it was ‘cracked’ by others.

      I had no idea in my first year how it worked, but had a basic idea based on the information available. The whole price change has been blown way out of proportion in my opinion. It’s just a new way of prices changing; if a player out performs their ‘breakeven’ (ie. What they’re currently priced at) they will increase in price, and vice versa.

      • The main issue in my mind re pricing is that FanHub have proven to be so incompetent to date that I have no faith that they will apply their pricing formula even halfway correctly.

        I have a strong sense that there is going be a “let’s just add $10k to that price” or “let’s reduce by $15k” to maintain some price stability. Try telling me that isn’t a justifiable concern given what’s gone on before.

        The other thing I worry about is some people knowing the formula or at least being familiar with its details and continuing to actively playing the game. That would just be wrong.

        • They have a formula that has been tested and passed off by Telstra/AFL, so I would be confident it will work. Isn’t everyone in the same boat though? I don’t know the exact formula apart from what’s bee provided via the site, our articles and the podcast we did with FanHub.

          After a week or two, it will probably become reasonably clear… the basics is though, if they hit their breakeven (which will be published) then their price will be mostly stable – and when I say mostly, there is more to it than just a BE number… just like in DT and SC. No breakeven is accurate, due to what happens in the round with total scores, etc.

  • Excellent comment Copperhead. Warnie if you had nothing to do with AFL Fantasy-gate then why are you taking all the heat? Give us a name, a manager or even a department at the AFL and let us horrible trolls do the rest.

    • I’m taking heat because I posted this and my credibility is being questioned. I work for the AFL to provide content surrounding how to play/advice and to entertain. Some people here don’t understand that my role isn’t to badmouth the game but to promote it. Pretty simple. I didn’t build the game and I don’t run the website. However, I want to back it in because I’d love this job to continue… just as I don’t go around unprofessionally bagging out the Education Department; my employers.

      Whilst a lot of criticism is fair, there are some things that need backing up when quite a few are clearly just fearing change (the price changes is one thing). Even explaining rules I cop it about ‘defending’ it.

      There is a contact us link on the AFL Fantasy site, email grievances there.

      • The link on there unfortunately goes to a FanHub email address and they are clearly not going to be motivated to flag these issues to their clients at the AFL and Telstra.

        I’ll try to find an address at the AFL Media Dept or something more useful and post.

        • See if you can find out who owns Fanhub, bloody mystery… is it Demetriou? The Traders?

        • I’ve has some communication from FanHub today. According to them, Bye Detector and Value Predictor will be available “in the next couple of weeks”, which is hardly inspiring or committal on their behalf. I suspect people have been hearing that line for a while.

          They did acknowledge that it would have been “important to have these before the start of the season” but “unfortunately, for this season it was not possible”. So, basically, “we bid on a contract that was far too big for us and blagged it enough that the clients didn’t work out what was going on until it was too late”.

          Career stats will not be in Assistant Coach this year but they are, apparently, planning an archive which will be much better than anything in the past. I guess seeing is believing given the utter mess of the platform right now.

          To make up for the diminished value of Assistant Coach, they said they had enhanced League Settings. I genuinely have no idea what that means. Maybe it will be clear once league play starts.

          Given the mess they made of the start of the NRL fantasy season, I don’t know whether to be grateful about the way AFL Fantasy has started or worried about what’s going to happen on Thursday and Friday night before lock-out.

          • I’m so looking forward to the Thursday/Friday instalment of Fantasy stuff ups, gonna get some popcorn and sit here and read the comments all night, there will be some major hissy-fits!

  • Quick one:
    Who do you think will go up in value more – Caddy or Pav?
    In same respect, who’ll produce more consistent high scores? I’m a little bias to the great man ;)

  • Some questions regarding AFL Fantasy Coach:

    1. Why does the bye detector tab not work? This is the point of the season it will be most critical.
    2. Why doesn’t it show the player’s average against their upcoming opponent, only the next 3 after that?

    There are other annoying quirks that I can’t think of right now.

    Wish I had realised it had changed from VS to Fanhub before I had paid for the fantasy coach thing. They should have made it clear as they duped me $20.

    • Also when looking at the stats for say defenders it doesn’t list every defender only a top 100 of whatever you’ve decided to order them by (price, break even etc.) do their servers not have the capacity to list every bloody defender or am I doing something wrong?

    • FanHub are saying Bye Detector will be available “in a couple of weeks”, which I suspect has been the case for quite some time and is hardly definitive or reassuring. And yes, it’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
      I know for a fact that the AFL have had words about the quality of the execution, although they feel limited in what they can achieve given Fantasy is outsourced to Telstra, who in turn appointed FabHub.
      What’s increasingly clear is that FanHub have won a contract which they had no business winning and they are so far out of their depth it’s not funny. You have to wonder how a company with limited history and no obvious credentials (their website is a load of guff) wins a contract like this (and the NRL game).
      Watch Fantasy user registrations fall below 100k next year because of this.

      • Good detective work… Telstra hey, that explains it, biggest cheapskates in the land. Thank goodness my league had the foresight to dump Fantasy for RDT but I feel sorry for those others who were ambushed and are stranded. Putting aside the different rules for a minute, constant and ongoing glitches in fantasy football are inexcusable.

  • hello, i am really confused, so lets say lecras will go up in price after this round ( round 2) so getting in lecras because he will go up is a good move? could someone please clear this up

  • Last comment on the new system……Im not attacking the boys they do a good job ….But I am voicing my comment about the system….Its silly.I still play it because I play all three….this one takes the least skill to play.Everybody gets the same players because everybody can read and understand stats and everybody can easily copy the leaders with 2 trades per week no worries the same and worse for the new free hit joke….If you need the game dumbed down for you then this is the game for you.If you want more of a challenge the other 2 would be better.

    • I agree, there’s only two reasons you’d want to play it:

      1. You’re a fkn retard, or
      2. You’re getting paid to promote it.