My Team 2014: Version 5.1

myteamv30articleThe first four games of round one are complete and the rolling lockout continues through this coming Thursday’s game (7:10pm AEDT start) and full lockout on Friday at 7:50pm AEDT.

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  • Im on 2388 ranked 6th overall with 10mins left in the last game Go macrae junk it up… must admit been a bit worried with him over game. guys knows how to junk it up when it counts.

  • 2429 in the end. Ranked 2nd.. Massive score.. all down hill from here.

  • LeCras you beauty! 2276 RDT. Cheering.

  • 2317 in AFL Fantasy and 217 overall.

    Highest I’ve ever been…can’t believe it, after not taking Langdon’s 105 and playing Matt Shaw instead of David Swallow…coulda been even higher.

    And so now begins the slow descent back to mediocrity…

  • As expected, the % ownership of all my PODs has already increased at least 10% each.. Thanks a bunch ‘free hit’..

  • Shiels/Macrae + Titchell + 150k


    S.Selwood + Wright + 20k

  • Langdon(D6) + Langford(D7) + Griffiths(D8)


    L.McDonald(D6) + Langdon(D7) + Geiorgiou(D8)

  • DEF: Mackie, Enright, Suckling, Swallow, Griffiths, Langdon (Langford, McDonald)
    MID: Pendlebury, Cotchin, Beams, Watson, J.Selwood, Shiels, Dunstan, Tyson (X.Ellis, Polec)
    RUC: Hickey, Sandi (Thurlow, Currie)
    FWD: Gunston, Wingard, Danger, D.Martin, Dahlhaus, T.Mitchell (Rohan, McCarthy)

    Bank: $95,400.

    I’ve gone with cheap rucks and an extra rookie on field in defense, which allows me to stack the midfield and forward line (due to the lack of forward rookies).

    I have a few options here, I could downgrade McDonald to Georgiou and upgrade one of my midpricers (Dahlhaus or Shiels). And/Or I could downgrade Shiels to Young for more cash, perhaps to upgrade rucks.

  • Should I be ditching Ziebell in Supercoach and RealDT, or is it a waste of a trade to axe a premo after one bad game?

    He looked very lazy and out of position so I’m concerned it wasn’t just a once off ‘bad day’ for him. Unless the coach gives him a rocket..

    Also, same question for Kreuzer?.. Hampson appears to have taken the No1 ruck position at the Blues (or at best a 50/50 sharing).


    Is it better to go with this setup for my fwd

    – Dangerfield, D Martin, T Mitchell, J Caddy, L Dahilaus, Rohan (Mitch Honeychurch, J Kennedy Harris)

    REMAINING SALARY – $206,000 in the kitty.


    – Lecras, D Martin, J Gunston, T Mitchell, J Caddy, L Dahilaus (G Rohan, J Kennedy Harris)

    REMAINING SALARY – $2,000, *BUT* Doesn’t make me worried every week on what crap score the only solid rookie fwd will score “Rohan”..

    I’m also worried dangerfield will pump out too many 60’s this year.

    • Also if I went with option 2 I’d consider C Wingard instead of Gunston too..

  • DEF- J Mcveigh, S Mitchell, D Terlich, J Rivers, L Picken, M Suckling

    MID- K Cornes, G Ablett, M White, O Wines, C Jones, S Wellingham, K Stevens, M Crouch

    RUCK- W Minson, A Sandilands

    FWD- P Dangerfield, N Riewoldt, C Wingard, S Crameri, J Merrett, J Daniher

    $9,000 remaining

  • Worth upgrading dunston or tyson yet?

  • Is Tom Boyd a good pick
    I’m thinking Tom Boyd or Sam frost