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  • TEAM NAME: Round Two Onwards (AFL Fantasy 2014)

    Site Expected Total: 2127
    Def: S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, D.Swallow, M.Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (M.Fuller, J.Laidler)
    Mid: G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, J.Watson, D.Beams, M.Murphy, B.Ellis, D.Thomas, D.Tyson (X.Ellis, J.Polec)
    Ruc: B.McEvoy, A.Sandilands (B.Longer, D.Currie)
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, L.Franklin, J.Gunston, J.Lamb, M.Clark (G.Rohan, N.Bock)
    CASH LEFT: $4,700

    Thoughts are much appreciated!

  • Savages – First Draft

    Mitchell, Bartel, Hanley, Suckling, McDonald, Laidler (Kolodjashnij, Fuller)
    Swan, Rockliff, Beams, O’Meara, Murphy, Ellis, Thomas, Ellis (Beams, Polec)
    Grundy, Sandilands (Longer, Currie)
    Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kennedy, Franklin, Clark, Fasolo, (Garlett, Rohan)

    Used: $9,997,900 (100%), Remaining: $2,100 (0%)

    Thoughts greatly appreciated

    • Brandon & Xavier Ellis*

    • Very expensive R3 in Longer!! Fasolo might not be in best Woods 22.I dont think O’Meara will get you the money you want & Swan in under injury cloud with ops on wrists.

  • Who in order out of Gaz, Pendles, Swan and Stevie J? Money is no issue. Cheers

  • Gaz, Swan, Stevie J and Pendles

  • TEAM NAME: ALL FOR ONE. (AFL Fantasy 2014)
    Used: $9,968,700 (99.7%), Remaining: $31,300 (0.3%) On Ground: $8,798,200 (88%), On Bench: $1,170,500 (11.7%)
    Expected Total: 2120, Site Expected Total: 2115
    Def: J.McVeigh (98), S.Mitchell (100), K.Simpson (92), M.Suckling (83), K.Kolodjashnij (68), L.McDonald (67) (M.Fuller (60), C.Howard (60))
    Mid: D.Swan (120), S.Selwood (115), T.Rockliff (115), J.Watson (104), D.Beams (115), M.Murphy (103), J.Martin (75), V.Michie (70) (C.Beams (65), J.Polec (70))
    Ruc: B.McEvoy (85), A.Sandilands (80) (B.Longer (65), D.Currie (50))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (105), D.Martin (105), L.Franklin (95), J.Lamb (70), M.Clark (75), G.Rohan (60) (M.Honeychurch (55), S.Kersten (55))

  • TEAM NAME: Try3. (Super Coach 2014)

    Used: $9,856,500 (98.6%), Remaining: $143,500 (1.4%) On Ground: $8,846,500 (88.5%), On Bench: $1,010,000 (10.1%)

    Expected Total: 1766, Site Expected Total: 2077

    Def: J.McVeigh (106.14), S.Mitchell (104.19), C.Enright (93.96), P.Seedsman (78.87), M.Suckling (57.88), J.Hunt (21.75) (T.Cutler (21.75), M.Fuller (21.75))

    Mid: S.Pendlebury (126.64), K.Jack (109.27), S.Selwood (103.78), M.Murphy (92.38), D.Beams (92.18), J.Polec (32.00), V.Michie (32.00), L.Dunstan (24.53) (L.McDonald (33.80), L.Taylor (21.75))

    Ruc: M.Lobbe (86.10), J.Witts (57.60) (D.Currie (22.97), T.Nankervis (21.75))

    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (112.90), N.Riewoldt (105.14), D.Martin (101.82), J.Lamb (45.33), G.Rohan (32.67), T.Broomhead (22.97) (D.Garlett (21.75), M.Honeychurch (21.75))

    After listening to the boys latest podcast I put this SC team together.

    McDonald is a reserve in Mids to cover Back DPP.

    I would love some thoughts on it please.

  • My team:
    Team name is: TippettIsOverrated
    Remaning salary: $344,000
    Thoughts appreciated


    DEFS: McVeigh, Mitchell, Suckling, Murphy, K Kolojashnij, J Laidler (Fuller, J Hunt)
    MIDS: Ablett, D Beams, Rocky, Murphy, R Griffen, X Ellis, J Polec (B Jack,D Tyson)
    RUC: Cox, Lobbe (Currie, Longer)
    FWDS: N Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Roughead, Dusty Martin, G Rohan, Bock ( Honeychurch and Kersten)


  • when does the original dreamteam begin????????????????

  • had a look at my team from scratch, thinking as it is the year of the mid pricer, might have a look at something different….

    TEAM NAME: We Got Big Cox. (AFL Fantasy 2014)
    Used: $9,986,600 (99.9%), Remaining: $13,400 (0.1%) On Ground: $8,864,700 (88.6%), On Bench: $1,121,900 (11.2%)
    Expected Total: 1746, Site Expected Total: 2121
    Def: A.Walker (86.72), K.Simpson (85.22), G.Birchall (80.50), R.Henderson (80.28), D.Swallow (69.56), M.Suckling (58.01) (M.Fuller (28.01), J.Battersby (21.25))
    Mid: T.Rockliff (103.10), T.Cotchin (94.34), D.Beams (92.03), M.Murphy (85.52), B.Ellis (79.21), S.Savage (67.32), D.Thomas (63.91), A.Carrazzo (62.69) (X.Ellis (25.00), J.Polec (25.00))
    Ruc: S.Mumford (78.04), A.Sandilands (45.11) (B.Longer (35.87), D.Currie (21.25))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (98.65), L.Parker (84.69), L.Franklin (78.69), J.Caddy (63.38), M.Clark (39.35), P.Karnezis (39.24) (G.Rohan (25.54), N.Bock (25.07))

    Have I lost the plot?

    • No. I feel this as good a start as most teams. A round two total of 2,121 is will only leave others for dead and, I guess, will go higher before the season starts.

      Not many rookies, but could be squeezed in if you wished.

    • Hate to say it but yes you have lost the plot. I assume this is your round 2 team btw because it makes no sense having Longer and Bock on the pine round 1. Of your midfield, Murphy, Ellis, Savage, Thomas and Carazzo won’t be there come years end. Cotchin may not be either. I think theres better choices for your D1-D4. I like your rucks and forwards but you’ve O.D’d on looking for value in your mids. Pick one of Ellis, Thomas and Savage but not all 3 man. You need more set and forget players in your mids. Too many forced trades come with this squad.

  • TEAM NAME: Far Cup Champs. (Dream Team 2014)
    Used: $9,588,400 (99.5%), Remaining: $43,600 (0.5%) On Ground: $8,465,300 (87.9%), On Bench: $1,123,100 (11.7%)
    Expected Total: 2064, Site Expected Total: 2054

    Def: S.Mitchell (95), J.Bartel (93), B.Houli (90), J.Watts (67.38), M.Suckling (80), L.McDonald (65) (M.Fuller (60), A.Georgiou (60))
    Mid: S.Pendlebury (110), T.Rockliff (110), J.Watson (110), D.Beams (112), M.Murphy (105), D.Thomas (90), J.Martin (70), D.Sheed (67) (L.Dunstan (60), M.Honeychurch (55))
    Ruc: T.Hickey (85), A.Sandilands (85) (H.McIntosh (80), M.King (40))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (103), C.Wingard (90), L.Franklin (88), J.Caddy (90), N.Bock (73), G.Rohan (72) (J.Paine (66), S.Kersten (60))

    • ok side but take into account Wingards injured. Defence is ok but not keen at all on Bartel or Houli personally. Mids are very nice! Rucks- Hmac on the pine= madness!! I like the Hickey pick, number 1 ruck gig now so will make you some dough. Your forwards are a little weaker than most. Good job but needs work imo

      • lol lol your kidding right about bartel sorry I am a cats fun might sound one sided but as a fantasy scorer he is awesome he scores better then sam Mitchel sorry but I would never touch Mitchel every again and some sites are saying put jimmy in he will score out of the box in the first few games and mate you do relize he has been playing hurt last 2 years if you want a smashing score get him in he is 100 percent fit and by the way look at him for the brownlow again or griffen if jimmy has 6 great games in a row that’s all I have to say

  • Thoughts? B.Martin at B6 is in there cause I have no clue who to put there right now.
    $72,600 in the bank

    S.Mitchell J.Bartel H.Shaw N.Vlastuin K.Kolodjashnij B.Martin (M.Fuller, LRT)
    S.Pendelbury T.Rockliff P.Dangerfiel D.Beams B.Ellis D.Thomas J.Martin V.Michi (B.Jack X.Ellis)
    H McIntosh B.Grundy (A.Sandi D.Currie)
    D.Martin C.Wingar L.Franklin P.Chapman M.Clark P.Karnezis (R.Nahas G.Rohan)

  • Def: S.Mitchell, J.Grimes, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, L. McDonald, K.Koli (L.Delaney,L.Plowman)

    Mid: D.Swan, S.Selwood, J.Steven, J.O’Meara, T.Greene, D.Rich, J.Martin, J.Kelly (D.Tyson,J.Polec)

    Ruc: S.Mumford, A.Sandilands (B.Renouf, T.Nankervis)

    Fwd: P.Dangerfield, J.Roughead, T.Walker, M.Clark, J.Hogan, J.Billings (R.Nahas, T.Boyd)

    $25k left.

    Thoughts? Any idea what I should change?

    • midfield looks a bit weak i recon steven o’meara could have second year blues greene, isnt worth what you pay rich not proven, same with martin and kelly and better options than scott selwood, up foward walker may not play round 1 same with billings, defence is very nice though but grimes can be injury prone.

      • Changed up the midfield and bits of other areas.

        Def: S.Mitchell, J.Grimes, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, L. McDonald, K.Koli (Fuller, B.Martin)

        Mid: D.Swan, S.Selwood, G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, D.Thomas, D.Beams, J.Martin, J.Kelly (D.Tyson,J.Polec)

        Ruc: S.Mumford, A.Sandilands (B.Longer, D.Currie)

        Fwd: P.Dangerfield, J.Roughead, T.Walker, M.Clark, J.Hogan, J.Billings (R.Nahas, G.Rohan)

        $10k left. Better looking team now? Or anything else I should do?

        • MUCH better looking squad! Was about to pick your other one to shreds before I saw this. Personally I think Laidler and Howard are better choices than Koli (never heard of him) and Martin. Rucks are identical to mine so obviously I like them :) Roughy’s past his prime imo and Hogan and Billings are complete unknowns with hefty pricetags. Clark is a great pick! Unrecognisable from your last effort and a squillion times better!! Well done!!

          • “Koli” is kade kolidashnij don’t know how to spell his last name so I just shortened it.
            Rookies (Kelly,Martin,Hogan,Billings) What are some other options? As I just went with highly drafted rookies.

          • Went Fuller and Martin to Laidler and Howard
            Then s.selwood,Hogan,Roughead and Billings to stevie j,Franklin,Robinson,Bock
            7k left
            . Better?

          • Another reply, Another change. Josh Kelly- Claye Beams. Jack Martin- Shane Savage. Nahas-LRT

          • personally I think Stevie J is way overpriced. He’s on the wrong side of 30 now and despite being remarkably talented, I can’t see him replicating his incredible 2013. Theres never been so much value in underpriced and due to explode mid premos as this year and I’d definitely leave stevie J as an upgrade target only. By keeping Scooter instead you could upgrade Robbo. Buddy and Bock I like :)

        • Tex Walker in your forwards may be an issue. given some of the reports, it’s touch and go if he will start round 1

  • Team Name: Bloodbath N Beyond

    Good to be back boys, this is my rough sketch

    DEF: j.McVeigh, M.Suckling,P.Hanley, M.Scharenberg, K.Kolodjashnij,L.McDonald, (D.Gardiner, M.fuller)

    MID: Swan,Gaz,Joel,Rocky,Jobe,Beams,Dumont,Michie (Barrett,polec)

    Ruck: Sandilands, Lobbe (Currie, Thurlow)

    FWD: Danger, Martin, Buddy, Billings, Taylor, Chapman (Kersten, Fantasia)


    • McDonald and Kocacola are overpriced in FF imo but much cheaper in RDT. Personally I’d downgrade one to Laidler or Howard and upgrade the other to a decent keeper, however I’d have no hesitation starting both in RDT. Kersten is injured so would bail him off. Nice squad with a few uniques thrown in :)

  • My team feedback would be good.

    DEF: Mitchell, Simpson, Suckling, Swallow, McDonald, Kade Kolodjashnij (Fuller, Shaw)

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Hannebery, Thomas, Carrazzo, Tyson (Beams, Polec)

    RUCKS: Nic Nat, Sandilads (Longer, Renouf)

    FOWARDS: Dangerfield, Wingard, Franklin, Darling, Clark, Rohan (Bock, Harper)

    Please reply with some feedback :)

    • Nice rounded team :) sounding like a broken record… but Wingard is injured. Also see my comments re your D5 and D6 under Ryans team. Nice to see Hanneberry grace a team for the 1st time I’ve seen. His game seems to be more suited to SC but power to you! Is a massive POD and could be a master stroke. Overall very nice team :)

  • when are all the rookies going to get faces? I’m pretty OCD about these kind of things…

  • Def : McVeigh, S.Mitchell, Hanley, Hodge, K.Kolo, Howard, (Fuller, laidler)
    Mid : Ablett, Swan, Fyfe, D.Beams, Watson, D.Thomas, C.Beams, Michie, (Morabito, Polec)
    Ruck : Sandilands, Mumford, (Currie, Nankervis)
    Fwd : D.Martiin, N.Riewoldt, Dangerfield, M.Clark, Broomhead, Honeychurch, (Kerston, Nahas)

    Please leave some feedback, im not too sure on some of my young players

    • What is your “site average projection” score if you have been on the drawing board?

  • what are peoples thought on yeo pretty cheap and around break out time for him?

  • anyone for pittard either?

  • Def: Mcveigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Suckling, Fuller, Kolodjashnij, (Laidler, Howard)
    Mid: Pendlebury, Ablett, Fyfe, Beams, Murphy, Thomas, Tyson, Beams (Polec, Ellis)
    Ruck: Leuenberger, Sandilands (Longer, Currie)
    Fwd: Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Pavlich, Clark, Rohan (Bock, Kersten)

    $350,000 remaining and not sure how to spend it.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • you have mitch Clarke there don’t know when he will be playing there hoping for round 1 but he has not done much running 350000 maybe try use some of that cash and get say a grffen in or steven

  • Team Name: NMB Blues FC

    Cash Left: $130,800

    DEF: S. Mitchell, J. Bartel, J. McVeigh, M. Suckling, L. Mcdonald, M. Fuller (K. Kolo, B. Martin)

    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett, K. Jack, R. Slone, T. Cotchin, D. Thomas, L. Dunstan, D. Tyson (J. Polec, X. Ellis)

    RUCK: A. Sandilands, H. McIntosh (B. Longer, D. Currie)

    FWD: P. Dangerield, D. Martin, L. Franklin, T. Walker, L. Taylor, G. Rohan (R. Nahas, M. Honeychurch)

    – Looking to go reasonably expensive in the Midfield and the Defence as I see most value there
    -Rookies are not set, either are premiums (will come down to pre-season)

    finished 68th last year and 37th the year before! Hoping for top 10

    Any Comments would be greatly appreciated :)

    • yeah walker wont be playing till middle of the year that’s what the crows are saying as he has pushed it to hard and sort hurt it again god team though and be carefull with McDonald the kanga have a sorta stubid rule they don’t like playing there rookies hardly every so with there coach cant see him playing much but who knows with him

  • Team Name: KYBO’S KILLERS
    Cash Left: $36,700
    DEF: Mitchell Bartel Hanley L.Mcdonald K,Kolo scharenburg (langdon,schade)
    MID: S.Johnson Swan Ablett Rockliff Beams J,Martin J,Kelly D,Sheed (R,Knight Honeychurch)
    RUCK: Lobbe Sandilands (Currie Lowden)
    FWD: Dangerfield D,Martin N,Reiwoldt J,Hogan L,Taylor B,lennon (N,Bock Kersten)

    any feedback would be great!!

  • Thoughts on F.Thurlow from the bombers for a ruck option? No Hille, Bellchambers and Paddy is the only soild ruckman, would essendon elevate Thurlow off the rookie list?

  • team geelong rocks2014
    41000 left

    DEF j McVeigh j bartel brett goodes kk mttt fuller j ladler t cuttler
    MIDS s Johnson ryan griffen beams jack steven dale Thomas Dangerfield jack marten james ash bench x ellis taylor
    Rucks McIntosh b longer d currie f thurlow
    FWDS nick reiwoldt d martin j roughhead lance franklin d zorko Kerstin bench garlett m honeychurch

    now you will think I am crazy nt having swann pendles ablett not there but I am planning on a run for the cash this year I have a great fwd line and when these big players drop in price I will bring them in so what you think of my team I think its a real winner and I will do great this year